Dissipation Field


Format Legality
Modern Legal
Legacy Legal
Vintage Legal
Commander / EDH Legal
Duel Commander Legal

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Set Rarity
Scars of Mirrodin Rare

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Dissipation Field


Whenever a permanent deals damage to you, return it to its owner's hand.

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Dissipation Field Discussion

MagicGALAXY on Big Brother is Watching And His Name is Neb

1 minute ago

Rzepkanut Actually that's a fair point. I think that Boomerang out for Recoil is a good idea, so I'll try that. As for AEther Barrier and Dissipation Field, that might also be a good decision, especially AEther Barrier is a downside for my opponents and I while Dissipation Field is more versital.

Rzepkanut on Big Brother is Watching And His Name is Neb

1 hour ago

You could try switching Boomerang with Recoil and AEther Barrier with Dissipation Field. Those cards are kinda similar to each other.

MagicGALAXY on Big Brother is Watching And His Name is Neb

1 hour ago

Rzepkanut No problem! I had Recoil in an earlier decklist and am still somewhat debating whether or not it should have a spot. Dissipation Field is a great enchantment that does synergies while with my commander and my discard prison theme. However, I am not certain what I would replace it with. While those two spells are debatable, I decided that Painful Quandary was painfully (pun intended) not great in this deck. I think it is too expensive for what it does and found it a lack luster of a card in conflicting situations. Thanks for the input!

Rzepkanut on Big Brother is Watching And His Name is Neb

5 hours ago

I know its not very exciting, but Recoil could be nice synergy. Dissipation Field and Painful Quandary seem like they would be quite annoying for opponents too.

Panas on Fort Treva

1 day ago

Alright, I'll make a list of pillowfort cards that you may want to consider. Remember that a pillow fort is not just about taxing people that attack you, it's also about making clear that it's to their disadvantage to spend their resources on you rather than someone else. Taxing is extremely effective early, but later in the game it becomes less relevant.

To counteract this, you can include some cards that demonstrate that when something happens to you, the one who did it has major repercussions (aka rattlesnakes). Take Aura Thief, Archon of Justice and Academy Rector, as well as your Karmic Justice as prime examples of this. Another good one is the white equivalent of grave pact: Martyr's Bond. Michiko Konda, Truth Seeker fulfils a similar role. Last but not least is Dissipation Field.

Then you also have true protection. Cards that specifically state that you cannot be harmed: Solitary Confinement is the best example, but you also have lite versions in Crawlspace and Teferi's Moat. Stormtide Leviathan can work too, but it's very expensive and colour heavy.

The last point I wish to make concerns Privileged Position and its interaction with Sterling Grove.

Overall, the list looks very nice! It's just that people now understand that taxing them is your way of earning time and that you should be considered as a potential big threat late in the game. So the best course of action is to take you out first. No pillow fort can handle a coalition of 3 other players just by taxing.

On a sidenote, how does the deck win???

entheogeneral on Could you please help me ...

2 days ago

You probably know these but my little brother's Nekusar deck runs smoothly Temple Bell Howling Mine Chandra Ablaze (her second ability makes 'em draw lotta cards. Skyscribing Spiteful Visions Fevered Visions Black Vise Otherworld Atlas Dictate of Kruphix Dream Fracture Prosperity are just some of the basic cards. If do properly, they'll often have to discard a lotta cards so cards like AEtherize and Crush of Tentacles work really well. Other cards that just go well with this deck include Nightscape Familiar Chandra, the Firebrand Torchling Prognostic Sphinx Cruel Ultimatum Blasphemous Act Dissipation Field

Chandelier on 5C Superfriends

3 days ago

Crawlspace Norn's Annex Teferi's Moat Blind Obedience Narset, Enlightened Master and Dissipation Field are all cards you could consider. I like the deck but just know that the planeswalker will be your only friends when you play this lol

Winterblast on Only Time

1 week ago

I just realised that Dissipation Field is nice with Mana Vault...it deals damage to you in the upkeep and you can replay it and get to use it each turn. I'd include much more acceleration in general, also Paradox Engine so you can easily cast the huge spells if Jhoira doesn't live long enough.

Clockspinning does also work great with Planeswalkers, to kill your opponents' or to boost your own. I managed to ultimate Jace and kill the whole table with Paradox Engine and Clockspinning in my Jhoira deck. It's quite a surprise and before that game I hadn't even thought about that possibility...

Playing mainly blue and not using counterspells at all is a bit weird, especially as there's nothing that prevents you from using them effectively in this deck (would be something different if you played Stax in blue for example).

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