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Boon Satyr

Enchantment Creature — Satyr


Bestow 3GG (If you cast this card for its bestow cost, it's an Aura spell with enchant creature. It becomes a creature again if it's not attached to a creature.)

Enchanted creature gets +4/+2

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Boon Satyr Discussion

HumanOverlord on Monsters that kill

4 hours ago

What's your opinion on Abrupt Decay ? I think it's definitely worth a place in this deck, if not in the MB then at least SB. It screws over big ticket items like: Ajani, Caller of the Pride , Ashiok, Nightmare Weaver , Domri Rade , Brimaz, King of Oreskos , Boon Satyr , Courser of Kruphix , Nightveil Specter .. the list is pretty much endless.

kg77wiseguy on Feed the Troll

5 hours ago

Have you considered a Deadbridge Goliath en lieu of the Boon Satyr ? They are both sweet versatility cards, but the bug does better on the chance that you have to Grisly Salvage it in favor of something better. Plus, it's just straight bigger.

Good deck though, +1 for sure!

Anublet90 on Under-Handed Heroes of Kruphix - Need Some Help

7 hours ago

Boon Satyr Flash-ing in an Aura is a cool trick, especially one as powerful as deck, in a deck like this, in the curve like this.

Centaur Battlemaster Wazzat? Boon Satyr and Aqueous Form the turn he swings? Sure.

Eidolon of Blossoms Card-draaaaw!

Hero of Leina Tower Holy crap, what!? Talk about a great mana-dump!

Horizon Chimera Stalling with card-draw so that I can focus on attacking. Would love this to be a 4-of, but I'd like to avoid ramping, if possible.

Nimbus Naiad Either to provide a defense against other fliers, or for an offensive unit that is at least 4/4, assuming she was Bestow'd.

Setessan Oathsworn For two Devotion and a pair of counters per spell cast on him.

Triton Fortune Hunter For the card-drawing. Hopefully he gets a Nimbus Naiad Bestow'd on him, then we've got a flying defender.

Triton Shorestalker For the early unblockable dude, he's not meant to be buffed. Probable ends up as a blocker after turn 3.

Wavecrash Triton A neat skill, he doubles as both pseudo-evasion and defense. Very cool card.

Gaffa on I can stomp my hooves

22 hours ago

I'd take out Boon Satyr , Voyaging Satyr , add in Burst of Strength and Savage Surge and take out 1 Courser of Kruphix and 1 Pheres-Band Raiders for 2 Centaur Battlemaster . That way it would be a pure tribal that has some heroic triggers along with untap stuff for some good combat tricks with the inspired. Haven't tested any of these but it seems like some powerful combos. Also +1 from me for Standard Tribal Centaurs

AKR on Selesnya and the Cats

1 day ago

I like the idea of Boon Satyr I will add it, but as far as Druid's Deliverance and Selesnya Charm I am going to try and play it, and if it doesn't work I will take your suggestions! Thank you! I really appreciate it!

sonicorigami on Green-Black Golgari Domination

1 day ago

Here is my current Golgari deck I threw together last night Soylent Green Is Centaurs!. Not really a Scavenge deck, but it has the ability to Scavenge with Varolz, the Scar-Striped . Say my opponent is about to kill one of my creatures, well I can just sacrifice it to Scourge of Skola Vale or use Devour Flesh to kill my own creature, off set the loss with some life gain, and then I can just scavenge it again later with Varolz if i need to. The Golgari are all about the environment man. They're sticklers for recycling. I mean, Scavenging a Polukranos, World Eater is fun. Another good Scavenge card is Boon Satyr . Four +1/+1 counters for three mana, plus it has Flash and Bestow. You can attach it to something, let the enchanted creature die, make Boon Satyr a creature, Scavenge the dead creature for counters to put on Boon Satyr . Not to mention that Erebos, God of the Dead is able to be Scavenged as a creature in your graveyard so five +1/+1 counters for four mana is pretty good. With that said, Nylea, God of the Hunt is six +1/+1 counters for four mana. And trample and more counters. Good luck!

zandl on Selesnya and the Cats

1 day ago

It makes no sense to be playing a creature-based deck and want a Fog ability, too. It might as well be another card that will kill your opponent. The populate is nice, but you already have plenty of it.

Selesnya Charm 's usefulness doesn't really become apparent until you've used it IRL. It's very good and always has a use.

Not every deck is running a God, so you wouldn't want to be playing Deicide in your 60. You probably don't need Revoke Existence or Sundering Growth main, as their targets still aren't that common. Consider Banishing Light as it gives you far more versatility.

You need more creatures, I think. Boon Satyr is a very good one and it great against control.

sheamagic on New World Enchantments

2 days ago

I know he's pretty fun and all but you might just want to take out the Ajani's. He's pretty slow, and doesn't do much if you don't have a board presence. A card I would consider replacing him with would be Dictate of Heliod . That card seems really powerful in this deck, especially with Boon Satyr having flash as well. Just a thought though, I like the deck. +1 Price

Low Avg High Foil
$0.9 $1.88 $4.99 $4.96
Power / Toughness 4/2
Color(s) G
Cost 1GG
Converted cost 3
Avg. draft pick 2.45
Avg. cube pick 2.33


Format Legality
Standard Legal
Extended Legal
Legacy Legal
Vintage Legal
Commander / EDH Legal
Modern Legal

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Set Rarity
Theros Rare