Boon Satyr

Boon Satyr

Enchantment Creature — Satyr


Bestow 3GG (If you cast this card for its bestow cost, it's an Aura spell with enchant creature. It becomes a creature again if it's not attached to a creature.)

Enchanted creature gets +4/+2

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Boon Satyr Discussion

apeisland on Starfield of Nyx interactions with ...

3 days ago

What about bestow cards like Boon Satyr that come back from the graveyard to the battlefield with Starfield of Nyx can they bestow for free?

youngmachete88 on Angel Cake

3 days ago

Maybe Banishing Light instead of Lightform? Also, Spectra Ward could be great. And I completely understand if this is abandoning your theme/idea, and you just want to keep it mono-white, but adding in green would allow you to play Herald of the Pantheon, Eidolon of Blossoms, Courser of Kruphix and Boon Satyr!

elkion on I need help

4 days ago

First, I gotta say that the overall construction of this deck is pretty good. It seems like you have a good grasp on deck construction. You have a solid curve and a clear game plan, which is a lot farther than a lot of people get in their deck construction.

That said, if you're looking to take this to any semi competitive event like your local FNM, very few cards in this deck are suitable for competitive play. For example, Impetuous Sunchaser is unlikely to do very much in an actual game. Best case scenario, you play it on turn 2 before they get a flier up and it bashes in for a few points of damage before running into a flier/reach creature and dying.

Pheres-Band Raiders is on the other end of the spectrum, it has a reasonable impact on the game but comes down way too slow to do anything. Compare it to cards like Dragonlord Kolaghan which is another aggressive card which also costs 6, but has a bigger body, can attack immediately, and punishes the opponent with a powerful ability. Dragonlord Kolaghan doesn't see play anywhere, even in the relatively common RB dragon deck. If you're going to pay 6 mana for something, it has to pretty much take over the game. See Elspeth, Sun's Champion for an example.

Some cheap cards I'd recommend:

Dragon Fodder and Hordeling Outburst: If you really want to utilize cards like Trumpet Blast, token generators are the best way to take advantage out of them.

Lightning Strike and Wild Slash: Direct damage spells are very good, especially in aggressive strategies since they let you remove blockers and can go to the face to finish off an opponent.

Alternatively, if you want to play a bunch of big guys then cards like Elvish Mystic and Rattleclaw Mystic can get you casting them a lot sooner.

War-Name Aspirant and more Heir of the Wilds are more strong cards to fill your 2-drop slot with.

Polukranos, World Eater is a 5/5 just like Pheres-Band Raiders but costs a full two mana less and has a powerful ability that can make him huge and wipe an opponent's board.

Flamewake Phoenix: is a flying, haste attacker, just like the Sunchaser. Where the phoenix is different is that it has 2 attack, a substantial difference, and it can repeatedly return itself from the graveyard making it difficult to deal with.

Shaman of the Great Hunt: Another hastey threat that can get in for a surprise attack or just sit back and refill your hand while boosting your team.

Yasova Dragonclaw: A powerful attacker for a low cost, Yasova helps you trigger formidable/ferocious while clearing out small blockers.

There are countless good cards you can get for cheap like Boon Satyr and Ashcloud Phoenix. Look into what's available! But if you're looking to play this in Standard, make sure to read about the upcoming rotation.

braydin72 on Abzan Starfield

4 days ago

I got to thinking last night and I may pop in 2x Boon Satyr or 2x Whip of Erebos and move 2 of the Silkwrap to the sideboard, because I also began to wonder if 8 white removal was too much. I played a similar version of the deck last Tuesday and seemed at times to have removal in hand and nothing to remove with it.

MattStar on Untouchable Force of Nature

6 days ago

your build is really Aura-heavy and kinda creature-light. i feel like you might get a lot of starting hands without creatures to enchant. maybe you could replace some enchantments with some 'Bestow' enchantment-creatures like Eidolon of Countless Battles, Flitterstep Eidolon, Hopeful Eidolon, or Boon Satyr.

also, 'constellation' cards can get some pretty crazy interactions with a deck like this, particularly Eidolon of Blossoms, Strength from the Fallen, and Skybind.

Also also, Bruna, Light of Alabaster goes absolutely bonkers with aura based decks if you can make the game go long enough to get her out.

Really like where this deck is going, good luck with it. +1d, and if you like crazy enchantment interactions, then check out my deck Screams from the Fallen, might give you some fun ideas :D

joecross on The Limit's In The Sky

6 days ago

I don't know if you would be interested, but I run a black green version that runs Nyx Weaver in order to fill the grave for Strength from the Fallen. It also allows you to return a card from grave, and gives you a reacher. Have blocked a lot of dragons with him, and flashed a Boon Satyr for a Strength from the Fallen pump before damage. I also run Pharika, God of Affliction, and Nylea, God of the Hunt.I would run Nylea in place of the Emmisary, and possibly Satyr Wayfinder to avoid color screw, and fill grave. In the final of DTK Gameday, I swung 13 with a Satyr Wayfinder on turn 3. Has not happened since, lol. I have not updated that deck with any new cards, but you may have inspired me. Thanks!

UpsetYoMama on A Field of Stars, The Reanichantment

6 days ago

So I started playing with this deck on untap to see how it would work. Some interesting things, I guess.

First of all, this deck is super grindy. I mean like, be prepared for hour matches and then possibly lots of overtime and even draws.

I played one game against U/W control. There are some problems with this matchup. First, Nyx-Fleece Ram is a dead card. Your deck is fairly slow, so they just sit there and counter stuff. Evolutionary Leap was ok in this matchup. Starfield of Nyx led me into an hour + battle with the other deck. I was too exhausted to go to game 2. The problem is that the Starfield is actually both really good and bad against control. You can return an enchantment, but they just board wipe and you lose everything, including your Banishing Light etc. because they turn into creatures. I lost this game BTW. He finally got an Ugin, the Spirit Dragon out and wiped the field.

I played an entire match against mono red aggro. I suspected the deck would be very strong against mono red, which is true to a certain extent. There are a lot of life gain creatures / big blockers such as Nyx-Fleece Ram, Courser of Kruphix, and Herald of the Pantheon. I ended up going 2-1 in this matchup. Going first is still huge here, which is more or less why he got the second game off of me.

The round still took almost a full hour. The reasons are the following:

1) Lots of dead cards floating around that are absolutely worthless early game: Nylea, God of the Hunt, Sigil of the Empty Throne, Citadel Siege, Starfield of Nyx. I was able to get rid of some of these post game 1, but you have to mulligan hard to get a good hand. More or less mulligan until you get a Nyx-Fleece, almost.

2) The enchantment search sorceries are also very slow and not very great in this matchup.

3) Eidolon of the Great Revel really hurts. Even casting a Banishing Light means you're taking 2.

Based on the games I have played so far, I suggest the following:

1) Cut Citadel Siege. I never played it once, and when I drew it it was more-or-less a facepalm. It's too bulky and your creatures will just eat a fat removal spell in most cases.

2) Cut down on the Commune with the Gods and Kruphix's Insight. They are fairly slow and sometimes get you want you want. A lot of times it almost felt like a wasted turn.

3) The deck does need to be faster. I would recommend trying 4x Elvish Mystic to speed it up. Otherwise control and midrange are going to eat you alive. You could also try Font of Fertility, not sure how that would work.

4) Evolutionary Leap is more of a sideboard card. It's good in some matchups, not so great in others.

5) I'm not sure if you have enough removal. Basically, you only have 4 cards that can eliminate a potential threat from the battlefield.

6) Boon Satyr is a house and awesome combat trick. He can also have a cheaper bestow cost due to Herald of the Pantheon. Consider going up to 4.

7) If you keep either of the sorceries (and I think maybe going down to 4 copies from 6 is the right choice), one or two copies of Become Immense could be considered as you are dumping a lot into the yard.

8) There are an insane amount of triggers in this deck and it is very, very easy to miss something, whether drawing a card or gaining a life. These triggers also slow the game down somewhat.

9) The possibility of splashing black for Doomwake Giant is enticing, but you'd have to rework the entire deck at that point.

10) A few copies of Auramancer might be good in here.

DrkNinja on Throne of nyx

1 week ago

Firstly, you are missing Boon Satyr, it's like a necessity in these enchantment decks. Secondly:

  • Elvish Mystics are a MUCH better one drop than your white one drop,
  • The spirits just aren't good in general because you are gonna constantly hold the card til you can play another enchant behind it. and if you do play it late it's whole purpose is shot.
  • The spears are seriously NOT needed, there are so many better cards that could be there in its place.

Lastly, Nyx-Fleece Ram is so good... consider it.

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