Boon Satyr

Boon Satyr

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Enchantment Creature — Satyr


Bestow 3GG (If you cast this card for its bestow cost, it's an Aura spell with enchant creature. It becomes a creature again if it's not attached to a creature.)

Enchanted creature gets +4/+2

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Boon Satyr Discussion

Arorsthrar on Lifted Research Group [Post Rotation]

7 hours ago

Playtested the deck against some of the accepted Tier 1-2 decks in the format (played 3 rounds of best 2 out of 3):

-Abzan Midrange/Control: Lost all 3 rounds, all 0-2. I felt like there was absolutely no way for this deck to beat Abzan midrange. Each game he had the removal to take out my early drops, and once he landed a single Siege Rhino or Tasigur, the Golden Fang, the game practically ended. I managed to Banishing Light them occasionally, but my opponent always had more threats that this deck just couldn't beat. Along with that, any resolved Elspeth, Sun's Champion were simply unbeatable.

-R/W Midrange: 0-3. After being completely destroyed by Abzan, I was hoping to have a better matchup here, but found out quickly I was to be disappointed. Burn spells clean up most of the creatures, and he resolved Goblin Rabblemaster and the lack of removal or efficient creatures made Rabbles take over the game.

-U/W Heroic: Out of every matchup, this was the most humiliating. Can't remove his creatures, can't race Ordeal of Heliod or his 7/7 unblockable. But I guess that's what Heroic does against most green decks.

-Mono Red Aggro: Finally, a deck that your deck stands a chance in (went 1-2 in rounds). Drawing multiple Brimaz won me the second round.Other than that, we were easily outraced, making this deck stumble and fumble all over the place. Stabilization is next to impossible, and the creatures in this deck match up extremely poorly against Hordeling Outburst and similar cards.

-U/B Control: 0-3. This deck seems aggressive, so I had high hopes for this one. The Ajani's Presence and everything seemed great, until I realized I was protecting some of the most mediocre threats ever. Each creature can't hold its own, and every creature but Brimaz felt like a bad top deck. AEtherspouts and Perilous Vault were houses against the deck- this deck doesn't apply enough pressure to make those cards inefficient and lacks the card advantage to have staying power in the matchup.

G/X Devotion: Played against one Mono Green Devotion, one G/R Devotion, and one G/B Devotion (Constellation). This deck lacks the raw power and removal to contain their board. Nykthos started churning out a lot of mana, creatures, removal, and blockers. Couldn't get any of my opponents down past 13 life. Brought in End Hostilites from the board, but cards like Whisperwood Elemental and Ugin would often reach the board first and make the wrath seem awful. Out of the 8 games played (I was 0-2'd each round), End Hostilities showed up 3 times, and one of those three times it actually worked as a board wipe. He untapped and deployed a medley of ramp while I threw a Soldier of the Pantheon down (Whee). He then proceeds to play Polukranos and destroy my life.

Now though my report of the decks performance sounds abysmal (because it is), there were a few advantages. I found myself out of rounds quickly at Wednesday/Friday Night Magic Tournaments, giving me more time to run downy he street to Taco Bell. I also consistently didn't win any booster packs, allowing me to not have to put cards into my trade binder. Last but not least, not winning any games for a couple of weeks made me the laughingstock of the store- and I enjoy bringing a smile to other peoples' faces.

How I would improve the deck. This deck doesn't have the raw power to win any matchup against any deck that has every top 8'd a tournament. After I look past that, I would take out all of the one drops, the Spirit of the Labyrinth, and all instants and sorceries except the Banishing Light. Valorous Stance is useful. Creatures should be: Seeker of the Way (maybe), Boon Satyr, Polukranos, World Eater, Arbor Colossus and the like. There needs to be more evasion to get damage through. There needs to be more raw power.

I hope you take my advice :)

treyton.m2 on Paul

1 day ago

With Frost Walker, I'd be tempted to add some Temur Sabertooth just because he makes Frost Walker more of a threat later on. You can also get Boon Satyr back in order to rebestow him if his creature dies.

sylvannos on Bad prints in standard

1 day ago

What in the fuck did I actually just read?

"No one plays Limited."

"We should just lower the mana cost on everything."

Is this kid for real?

You realize if we lower the cost on everything to "make it playable," then it doesn't actually fix everything? If I ban every creature in Modern except for Ashcoat Bear and Grizzly Bears, guess what? Ashcoat Bear replaces Tarmogoyf, hits $20+, and becomes the new metric for 2-drops in the format. All of a sudden, Shock is playable because it kills 100% of the creatures in the format.

You can extrapolate this idea beyond two cards. Just look at Reaper of the Wilds and Deadbridge Goliath. Two perfectly playable cards that never saw any play in Standard due to Thragtusk, Polukranos, World Eater, and Siege Rhino.

If you drop the mana cost on Reaper of the Wilds to make it "viable," it's better than Loxodon Smiter, Herald of Torment, or Boon Satyr. If you make Deadbridge Goliath a 6/5 or lower the scavenge cost to 4, it's miles ahead of any of the other four-drops because of shock lands. It presents a 3-turn clock instead of a 4-turn clock. Or make it a 5/6? It's just a blocks Thragtusk and Polukranos, World Eater and just doesn't give a shit.

We can go on and on and list every card in every set and it will just come down to "None of these are better than Black Lotus or Ancestral Recall."

The only reason people don't play Limited is because they don't always have the money. For most people, it's their favorite format (drafting is my 2nd. favorite behind Vintage). Drafting is far more skill intensive than Legacy, Modern, or Standard. You're delusional if you think otherwise.

thewyzman on Kitties, Soldiers, and Humans, Oh my!

1 day ago

Goja - Thanks, but Suspension Field only hits guys like Yasova Dragonclaw, Boon Satyr, or a buffed up Anax and Cymede in the format. There are much less guys like that under 3 CMC than not, so S-field would be inconsistent, thus a sideboard card, at best. I've got PLENTY of removal as it is now in Path, S2P, Last Breath, Smite and O-ring.

adbirk on G/W Aggro

1 day ago

I would have to say the land is pretty good. If I have 2-3 lands in my hand I can usually play everything on time. Also Boon Satyr is rarely a turn 3 play (In fact I have only hard cast him twice at actual FNM). I usually mulligan any hand with one forest or one plains and no one drops. Also if I don't get the 3rd land on turn 3 it is fine I just play out my hand until the Spear of Heliod comes down eventually. I suggest play-testing to see how it plays.

malfeischylde on Standard jund [4-0 FNM]

2 days ago

Why not Stoke the Flames instead of Boon Satyr? It is not something you need to worry about whether or not a creature is blocked. I mean, yes, the Satyr can do damage multiple times and needs to be double removed, but stoke can be cast for free. Just a thought I was thinking while looking this over. Otherwise, I love Jund, so great ideas. +1

arcorax on 2015-02-20 update of selesnya, Sneak ...

2 weeks ago

The Sunblade Elfs and Boon Satyrs don't really tie into the counter theme they are just good cards that helps speed up the deck a bit. Also Abzan Falconer>Tuskguard Captain because flying is better that trample. And try to stay 60 cards for a more consistent deck.

arcorax on 2015-02-20 update of selesnya, Sneak ...

2 weeks ago

Try running a couple Reclamation Sages or Back to Natures in the side Honor's Rewards are a good sideboard card against rdw, Jeskia tokens and Bw warriors, Tormod's Crypt I've found to be useful against any reanimator decks that you might play against it really depends on your meta. Glare of Heresy is a amazing sideboard card right now though. If you want to make it faster try cutting Shamanic Revelations, Wardscale Dragons and Brave the Sands for Sunblade Elfs, Fleecemane Lions and Boon Satyrs

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