Boon Satyr

Boon Satyr

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Enchantment Creature — Satyr


Bestow 3GG (If you cast this card for its bestow cost, it's an Aura spell with enchant creature. It becomes a creature again if it's not attached to a creature.)

Enchanted creature gets +4/+2

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Boon Satyr Discussion

thenba2kgod on Temur Budget

23 hours ago

Thanks so much for the feedback Ryx .

So. . Boon Satyr is a great idea my friend recommended him as well. We also agreed together to move away from the original temur control idea we had (removing the Dissolve and Silumgar's Scorn) and moving into an easier deck for my bro to use.

The thing my bro wants to use the most is Sarkhan Unbroken since that is his first planeswalker so I'm trying to build around him..

I have Yasova Dragonclaw in the sideboard since we only have one and would prefer two for consistency.I definitely share the same feeling with you on Frost Walker it is too easy to rid of.Polis Crusher & Temur Sabertooth totally slipped my mind. I love the synergy sabertooth ability and Temur Ascendancy have together.Uh-oh on Frontier Siege we have been using it wrong.. Never seen it used at our meta so I didn't know the 2g goes away after leaving 1st main. Yeah I'm digging Stubborn Denial to counter planeswalkers.We definitely need some card advantage so I like the idea of adding Treasure Cruise & Anticipate!

Once again thanks so much for the help!!

Ryx on Temur Budget

23 hours ago

A good Temur starter deck, in my opinion, is essentially red/green monsters dipping into blue for protection.

Start off by adding a lot more monsters, preferably with 4+ power to take advantage of the Ferocious mechanics. Alpine Grizzly and Boon Satyr are a fine place to start. I'm not a big fan of Frost Walker but it does exist as an option, the x/1 thing on top of being an illusion is just too much downside to me.

Yasova Dragonclaw is another option, something to do with late-game mana, especially if you can make her bigger. She doesn't see much Standard play, but I think she's a fine card.

Polis Crusher is another budget-friendly option, 4/4 trample with upside that you should be able to pick up cheap.

Temur Sabertooth another four-drop, saw play already thanks to G/w Devotion, but it's a very solid card on its own without the combo shenanigans. 4/3 for 4 mana, lets you pay 2 mana to protect your best creature by bouncing it to your hand in response to removal/sweeper, and makes the cat indestructible as a by-product.

Definitely recommend filling out to a full playset of Heir of the Wilds, 2/2 deathtouch bear with upside for having Ferocious, which you want to have in Temur.

As for spells, a few Lightning Strike & Wild Slash should be the removal of choice, also a couple copies of Roast for dealing with larger stuff on the ground. Can also throw in a pump spell or two like Tread Upon or Epic Confrontation

Icy Blast becomes much better as a finisher when you can build up a decent boardstate with Ferocious up, and I can't talk Temur without mentioning a personal favorite: Stubborn Denial. The more 4+ power creatures you run in your deck, the better denial gets, turning into a one-mana negate.

You don't want to run too many spells though, as I said before: R/G Monsters with blue for protection. More spells means less creatures, and I am a firm believer in the saying "There are wrong answers, there are no wrong threats."

I don't think Frontier Siege is that great, Khans needs a solid mana outlet for that two-mana each mana phase (remember, the mana from your first main phase empties when you move to combat), and Dragons is just a little too fickle, especially since you're not running a lot of flyers. I'd recommend replacing it with a couple copies of Temur Ascendancy - Gives all your creatures haste, and turns all the 4+ power ones I'm recommending into cantrips.

Monastery Siege is a sideboard card to me, but I could see including it one-of in a budget deck. Khans mode for card advantage, Dragons to deal with Burn and Control decks.

Treasure Cruise as another one-of, just because it's a good late draw when you're out of gas.

Recommend taking out the double-blue stuff, Silumgar's Scorn will be a pain to cast, and there's not enough dragons in the deck to turn it into a hard counter to make up for the tempo loss in the early game when the force spike would be enough. Anticipate is nice, but Temur would rather be building out its board in the early game. And 27 lands is control's range, I think 24-25 (keeping the 7-drops in mind) is more feasible.

I'm not going to hate on the dragons, I'm a dragon-lover myself, and if that's what your brother wants to play, let him have his mana-hungry beasts (Thunderbreak and Stormbreath aren't budget-friendly, unfortunately).

magnetcrocodile on I'm poor but I want Dragons. What should I do?

1 day ago


I mainly use him for ferocious enabler. But he only shines turn 4. Maybe I could replace it with another glass cannon like Gore Swine, Boon Satyr, or even a Thunderbreak Regent lol

So, yeah. I'll see what I can do

TheDevicer on I need help with building ...

2 days ago

Well, looking at what you have, there's not much to build on. What you really ought to consider is what colors represent you the best. There's way to build pretty good decks for cheap, so don't worry about that. We can help you for build something for $30, for example.

Let's say you really like G/W and that's your thing. Well, in standard, you should consider cards like:

paulbmoore1980 on 2015-05-06 update of G/W Scales ...

2 days ago

I have tried Aegis of the Gods specifically for that purpose (my local meta is heavy with Thoughtseize) and I noticed that as soon as he comes out he gets targeted with removal. Once he is gone, you lose said hexproof. In order to make him work for you in that capacity, you'd need to run 4 copies and, quite frankly, you lose out on valuable space for your better heroic creatures. More than likely, your opponent will side in the Self-Inflicted on game 2 after they sees how your deck operates.

Valorous Stance is good removal, but situational at best. The caveat to having to have a toughness of 4 or greater means that utility creatures like Sidisi, Brood Tyrant, or something nasty like a Boon Satyr can't be targeted. in those cases, Banishing Light may be a better option, not to metion the versatility of being able to target a pesky artifact (like Whip of Erebos), enchantment (like Jeskai Ascendancy) or planeswalker (Sarkhan, the Dragonspeaker and Ugin, the Spirit Dragon come to mind).

Funny, Anafenza comes out almost every game that i playtest. I can tell you that I like it when she is on the field and I can stick a Collected Company. If you are lucky enough to put 2 creatures on the battlefield, her bolster ability triggers twice, once for each creature that ETB. The only creatures in my deck that the company can't pull is Daghatar, and I only run 2 copies of him.

Now that you mentioned the word hydra, I do believe you were thinking about Genesis Hydra. If so, his ability is similar to Collected Company except that it can pull any non land permanent. If you save this for a late game bomb, you could cast a 4 or 5 point hydra and cheat in an Ajani Steadfast or Ajani, Mentor of Heroes.

JundGrixisNayaBantEsper on Frontier Company

2 days ago

What about Rabblemaster? I play a R/g Collected Company list, and use Fanatic of Xenagos (still wondering on him), Boon Satyr, Den Protector, Yasova Dragonclaw, and Goblin Rabblemaster for aggressive 2-3 drops. Rabblemaster is great on their turn to surprise and hit with him next turn. Also get him with Surrak, and thats a Rabbler swinging with Surrak, and I always like that =)

Anyways, +1 and love to see another Collected Company list!

JakeKita on Green Red Aggro

4 days ago

I was actually looking into Boon Satyr to rank up my 3 drop slot but, not sure what I would take out.

Ragamander on temur flashy

4 days ago

If you think you've got enough support for 4x Stubborn Denial, you should definitely consider Flamewake Phoenix, unless you're specifically trying to limit red to a gentle splash. I personally think Stubborn Denial is a little dicey in this deck, what with only seven reliably ferocious creatures. You might consider running Frost Walker or Yasova Dragonclaw just to increase the count.

With 30 relevant creatures, you could easily play the full four copies of Collected Company. I'd actually encourage it. It would be cool if you could find room for Silumgar Sorcerer, but 1UU is a little awkward. Oh man, playing Silumgar Sorcerer with Flamewake Phoenix and Collected Company sounds really fun...but also really janky and unreliable...

Anyways, I'd probably also go up to four Elvish Mystic; since the deck has so much it wants to do at three mana, getting there a turn early is extremely potent.

I've found that Temur's worst match is against red aggro and blue-white heroic, as they are going to try to ignore your early blockers and will punish you for the typically-very-painful Temur aggro mana base. Main-decking some form of anti-aggro is pretty critical in Temur; I ended up running as many as ten burn spells (including Crater's Claws), but you could definitely start off with three or four copies of Magma Jet, since the Scry 2 is helpful even when the two damage isn't. It is possible, however, that I'm underestimating the ability of Collected Company to stabilize you against aggro, since I haven't played the matchup.

Because I'm a pretentious jerk, here is a revised list for your consideration:

Temur Company

Creatures (29)

4x Elvish Mystic

4x Rattleclaw Mystic

3x Heir of the Wilds

3x Den Protector

3x Boon Satyr

4x Deathmist Raptor

4x Goblin Rabblemaster

4x Savage Knuckleblade

Noncreature Spells (8)

4x Magma Jet

4x Collected Company

Lands (23)

4x Frontier Bivouac

2x Mana Confluence

4x Yavimaya Coast

1x Shivan Reef

4x Wooded Foothills

5x Forest

2x Mountain

1x Island


3x Reality Shift (versus heroic, primarily)

2x Encase in Ice (versus red or green)

3x Hornet Nest (versus aggro)

2x Reclamation Sage (versus artifacts/enchantments)

2x Stratus Dancer (versus control)

3x Disdainful Stroke (versus whatever)


4x Frost Walker

1x Yasova Dragonclaw

4x Flamewake Phoenix

2x Silumgar Sorcerer

4x Stubborn Denial

3x Crater's Claws

The countermagic has been moved to the sideboard, since I think you can maintain sufficient tempo with Collected Company, Deathmist Raptor, and Boon Satyr. I love Stubborn Denial - it can and will blow out some opponents, regardless of whether ferocious is online - but, without a lot of similar spells, you're opening yourself up to some tragic timing errors; if you don't have at least one in hand the very first time you need it, the entire slot is pretty much pointless. The nail in the coffin is that this is a Collected Company deck, which struggles to free up space for answers. If you can't always have them when you need them, why run them at all?

Power / Toughness 4/2
Color(s) Green
Cost 1GG
Converted cost 3
Avg. draft pick 2.22
Avg. cube pick 2.48


Format Legality
Standard Legal
Legacy Legal
Vintage Legal
Commander / EDH Legal
Modern Legal
Duel Commander Legal

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Set Rarity
Theros Rare


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