Angelic Gift


Format Legality
Pre-release Legal
Tiny Leaders Legal
Frontier Legal
Vintage Legal
Penny Dreadful Legal
Custom Legal
Commander / EDH Legal
1v1 Commander Legal
Magic Duels Legal
Brawl Legal
Block Constructed Legal
Standard Legal
Arena Legal
Canadian Highlander Legal
Leviathan Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Unformat Legal
Limited Legal
Modern Legal
Highlander Legal
Pauper Legal
Pauper EDH Legal
Legacy Legal
Casual Legal
Oathbreaker Legal

Printings View all

Set Rarity
Core Set 2020 (M20) Common
Battlebond (BBD) Common
Battle for Zendikar (BFZ) Common

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Angelic Gift

Enchantment — Aura

Enchant creature

When Angelic Gift enters the battlefield, draw a card.

Enchanted creature has flying.

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Angelic Gift Discussion

Unbelievalee on Battalion of Centaurs (Part I: The first clash)

1 month ago

First of all, I would replace Angelic Gift With either Gryff's Boon or Rancor , just like you said in the description. Why? Because Rampage of the Clans would destroy it, and it gets returned to your hand/battlefield whatsoever. Then, I would highly recommend a few copies of Collected Company , since it can be cast in an opponent's turn. Did it occur to you that red als also some great centaurs? For example, Burning-Tree Shaman , Stonebrow, Krosan Hero , Nikya of the Old Ways and Fanatic of Xenagos . Utopia Sprawl is in my opinion better than Verdant Haven . Then there's Conclave Cavalier , which is totally bonkers, although that strategy would not be effective when running Collected Company . Rosemane Centaur is also a good addition, but mainly if you run lower CMC creatures. And even though Genesis is not a centaur, flavourwise it would be a nice addition to this list. Maybe one copy of Fated Intervention for some instant-speed pressure. Tribalwise, I would highly recommend Metallic Mimic or Adaptive Automaton to replace the Stoneforge Masterwork , and you can even sacrifice them to Rampage of the Clans , for more value/pressure. Maybe a Mirror Entity to boost your crew in mid/lategame? If your having trouble getting the right creatures at the right time, maybe Eladamri's Call would be a nice tutor in this list. For fun, I would maybe even run a copy of Descendants' Path . You could also add some artifacts that suit nicely in any tribal deck. Think of cards like Icon of Ancestry , Obelisk of Urd , Bow of Nylea , Eldrazi Monument or maybe even Coat of Arms . Maybe even add a Selesnya Signet for fixing. All artifacts which you can even sacrifice to Rampage of the Clans . Also consider some Changelings, since they're basically just Centaurs... Chameleon Colossus . You could also add Oath of the Ancient Wood , if you're planning on running this amount of enchantments/auras. Then there's lands. I realize you want to keep this list budget, that's ok, in your case I would still run several Canopy Vista , Fortified Village , Temple of Plenty , Mutavault (which is a centaur), or Oran-Rief, the Vastwood . Chronicler of Heroes goes nicely with Lagonna-Band Trailblazer . Centaur Omenreader is also a pretty solid card by simple making your creatures cost 2 less when it's tapped. You also need cardadvantage. Think of cards like Harmonize . Also, in this meta, you'll need some hard removal. Think of cards like Dismember , Path to Exile , Generous Gift or Beast Within . You can also consider some allround lords and anthem effects. Maybe cards like Wilt-Leaf Liege , Always Watching , Glorious Anthem , Gaea's Anthem , Radiant Destiny , Hall of Triumph , Force of Virtue , Beastmaster Ascension or Collective Blessing . Maybe even a Song of Freyalise ? Yet again, all cards you can eventually sacrifice for Rampage of the Clans . You could even add some retrieval in this list, think of cards like Noxious Revival , Regrowth or Eternal Witness . Sideboard wise, I would highly recommend cards like Rest in Peace , Stony Silence , Dryad Militant , Krosan Grip , Damping Sphere , Grafdigger's Cage , Leyline of Sanctity .

This is it for now. When anything relevant comes up, I will let you know.

Keep up the good work.

musicman3310 on CATS!

3 months ago

I would drop Angelic Gift and put in Leonin Warleader since you have no 4 drops.

LuciferHex on Alesha and fun

10 months ago

Also some suggestions. Unquestioned Authority is better than Angelic Gift.

Return to Dust and Crush Contraband are worth testing out.

You should cut Chastise and add Swords to Plowshares as it's super cheap and a lot better. Path to Exile is also a pretty great option.

Knight of Grace and Malice, Blinding Angel and AErathi Berserker are just balls of stats that are really not strong enough for EDH.

Liliana's Shade and Celestial Crusader aren't very good in three color decks.

And Agent of Masks and Bounty Hunter are too slow.

Then again if you are running any of these because their pet cards or you like the art or enjoy peoples reaction to them then, by all means, run them. But assuming you're looking for power level i'd cut these.

eyes2sky on Jethro Thrull: Orzhovlung

10 months ago

-4 Lifelink, +4 Angelic Gift. You have plenty of lifegain. The gift gives you card+evasion=the gift that keeps giving.

LoyalPaladin on Heliod

11 months ago

Hey, man. Finally got the chance to look at it, thanks for linking it to me. Here are my suggestions:


There are a few really good upgrades you can make on the cheap. I'd say almost all the upgrades below are strictly better except Divine Visitation which is new to MtG, since it's a part of the new Guilds of Ravnica block. Trading out Sigil is just personal preference.


You've got too many enchantments eating up space for things that are more important like your land base. White has a really hard time ramping and tends to be the most costly color, so you want to draw as much of it as possible. I'd aim for 35 lands minimum, but 36 is probably preferable. Every land counts.


Six of the eight add-ins below are lands. You need a hard to deal with board wipe like Wrath of God and I'm really surprised you didn't immediately go for Riot Control, since it's a table staple. If you really don't want it, I'd go straight for the Path to Exile.

Expensive Upgrades

Mono-colors can get some crazy mana numbers going, but white has terrible ramp, cards like Land Tax and Thawing Glaciers will help you get lands on the board, while the multiplier artifacts will keep your mana plentiful.

Gattison on クリリン: Krillin, the Strongest Earthling

1 year ago

eyes2sky: went with 2x Temur Battle Rage because it's less mana, and I already have evasion with Angelic Gift. Also testing a Tormenting Voiceless build, now, cuz why not?

Suns_Champion on Intro to EDH, Budget Zur

1 year ago

Hello! I play Zur also, so I'll definitely be able to help!

First thoughts: Welcome to commander!

You can probably cut 2 lands, going to 25, and from now on focus cutting high CMC stuff. Zur likes it mean and lean. You're missing Orzhov Signet and Fellwar Stone in your mana base, I'd add those.

I like the early pillowfort stuff, but you don't want Kismet or Imposing Sovereign no no no... you want Authority of the Consuls and Blind Obedience. Enchantments my friend.

Pick up Necropotence. $5 for the most busted card in EDH. And Zur happens to be the #1 best commander for it. Good deal. Solitary Confinement goes very well with this.

Swiftfoot Boots and Lightning Greaves are both commander staples that you'll want in 90% of EDh decks, so if you plan on continuing to make decks grab a few.

Rhystic Study and Mystic Remora are both very good draw sources.

Cuts: try to focus on Zur more. Cut stuff that isn't useful with him. Also as you play more you'll figure out why some cards are better than others in EDH.

  • Cut most or even all of the hexproof creatures that serve as back-up to Zur. You can instead add stuff to buff Zur or give him hexproof/indestructible etc.
  • Sigil of the Empty Throne - comes down too late, your usually getting enchantments with Zur, not casting them, lowers curve.
  • Angelic Gift Zur already has flying
  • Sygg, River Guide belongs in merfolk tribal, probably not here.

Here's my Zur list. It's got a very janky win-con, but in it you'll also find a powerful(non-budget) enchantment package, a slightly more optimized(but still fairly budget) mana base, and a powerful instant-speed interaction package. All important things in commander: IntruZur Alarm | Zur EDH

Hope some of this helps! good luck and welcome to commander again!

Angel_Zero on Life smackdown

1 year ago

cool deck idea, some suggestions: maybe take out Angelic Gift? it doesn't synergize with the lifegain theme, and maybe add Bloodbond Vampire ? although it competes for the 4 drop slot. I also would recommend looking at Survival Cache, Consuming Vapors as they can trigger pridemate multiple times. lastly, maybe Souls of the Faultless ? idk just some ideas.

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