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Perpetual Doomsday Machine

Legacy* BRG (Jund) Creatureless


Technically not "creatureless" from a purist perspective, but there are absolutely no summon/creature spell cards in this deck whatsoever. You're looking at the only one of mine that fits this description.....

My Mission with this deck is to be able to prevail against 2 or more other creature-full decks in a multiplayer setting!

Perpetual Doomsday Machine is a reminder that time might not always flow in a linear direction; here, its more of an infinitely twisted mobius loop that keeps bringing your creatures to the worst day of their lives. Kind of like that Bill Murray movie "Groundhog Day", but with lots more fire & blood.

Wave after flesh-boiling wave of Total Critter Annihilation

Starring: Pyroclasm Puppet's Verdict Crux of Fate Jokulhaups Destructive Force

Featuring: Death Pits of Rath + Simoon


I. ASSEMBLY - A) Fuse Phyrexian Processor to Thran Turbine using Talisman of Impulse as connector device. B) Attach Magistrate's Scepter , Dingus Staff and Icy Manipulator to access points on main housing of Processor. C) Twist Eye of Doom into circular depression in center of Jeweled Torque , and fasten both to base plate of Manipulator. D) Secure four corners of Tapestry of the Ages to front panel of processor using Caltrops .

II. OPERATION- A) Thran Turbine mana generator can pay for other artifacts (i.e. charging Magistrate's Scepter, drawing cards w/ Tapestry) as static effect. B) Similarly, Torque can compensate for one-time Processor life payment (usually 5 or 6 life, varies...) C) Under ideal conditions, mimions 8/8 or larger can be pumped out each turn (if combo w/ Talisman) for only 1 land mana! D) However, since this is essentially a creature punishment deck, you might not necessarily want to use Processor at all as it could end up being a serious detriment to your own game, which brings us to...

III: TROUBLESHOOTING- A) Use extreme caution when choosing to power up Processor unit. Even if its in your initial 7-card draw it might be wise to keep it in your hand for a long, long time, maybe even until after a Jokulhaups reset. B) Doomsday Machine will function in absence of Processor, minus creature-generation capability. Consider refraining from activating Processor if one or more of these cards are already in play: Glacial Chasm , Burning Sands , Repercussion , Death Pits of Rath . C) You'll remember that Jokulhaups and Destructive Force resets dont affect enchantments here, so you can go ahead and get those out asap!



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