El señor de las montañas, bosques, y pantanos

"What are terrenos?", you may be asking, Non-Spanish speaking reader. "Terrenos" means lands/terrain, but in Mexico is used to colloquially refer to tracts of land/terrain that are bought and sold as property, and often left as inheritance. "Windgrace's Lands" in English just doesn't really have the same pop to it. Realistically speaking, I think the only terrenos that I will likely own in my lifetime are Windgrace's, for this deck.

This deck is the successor to my Zimone and Dina deck, [Retired] Sacrificial Symposium. The more I played that deck, the less I enjoyed it, as it felt more durdley than what I typically enjoy. I figured switching to Jund would allow me to be a bit more proactive, while still utilizing most of the Lands-matter pieces from that deck. There is still a chance that I may switch to Soul of Windgrace as the commander, since he was at the helm when I originally brewed this deck list.

Based on my Moxfield deck list. This deck aims to generate value utilizing Landfall triggers to:

  • Send group slug damage around the table.

  • Create creature tokens to protect Windgrace, or swarm offensively

  • Search for answers and combo pieces.

The deck has a variety of different combo combinations which may get trimmed down through more play-testing. The combos that I include in my decks usually fulfill a few personal criteria for inclusion:

  • Aren't 2 card "win on the spot" combos.

  • The lines have some overlap, providing for redundancy in potential lines, but also contingency plans if pieces are removed.

  • The combo pieces are good on their own, and aren't dead draws if used outside of the combo.

Kodama of the East Tree lines

1.Golgari Rot Farm + Kodama of the East Tree + Tireless Provisioner / or Rakdos Carnarium/ or Gruul Turf - Combo explanation

Outcomes: Infinite Treasures, infinite food tokens, infinite colored mana, infinite lifegain triggers, & infinite Landfall triggers.

2.Golgari Rot Farm + Kodama of the East Tree + Scute Swarm / or Rakdos Carnarium / or Gruul Turf - Combo explanation

Outcomes: Infinite Scute Swarm tokens and Infinite Landfall triggers

3.Field of the Dead + Gruul Turf + Kodama of the East Tree / or Golgari Rot Farm / or Rakdos Carnarium - Combo explanation

Outcomes: Infinite Landfall triggers, infinite Zombie tokens, & infinite ETB triggers.

4.Greensleeves, Maro-Sorcerer + Gruul Turf + Kodama of the East Tree / or Golgari Rot Farm / or Rakdos Carnarium - Combo explanation

Outcomes: Infinite Badger tokens and Infinite Landfall triggers

All of these combos can be furtherer augmented with the additions of Altar of the Brood, Retreat to Hagra, or Spitfire Lagac to take advantage of the infinite Landfall triggers.

Summoning Marit Lage

The deck does feature the old Dark Depths + Thespian's Stage combo. The various land tutors and recursion effects in deck make this possible to pull off.

  1. Have Dark Depths, Thespian's Stage, & at least mana available to activate Stage.

  2. Activate Thespian's Stage, & have it become a copy of Dark Depths.

  3. The Thespian's Stage copy will sacrifice itself since it doesn't have any Ice Counters on it. The original copy of Dark Depths will sacrifice to the Legendary Rule.

An important component of any deck, but especially so in a landfall based strategy. The ramp in this deck works with various aspects of a lands matter strategy:

Mana Dork

  • Birds of Paradise - Helpful for early game set up, but also for protecting Windgrace as needed.

Searching for Land

The 2 mana spells are helpful for early game ramp, but everything here is useful at any point once some Landfall effects are on board.

Additional Lands are helpful

Mana Acceleration

  • Deathrite Shaman - Graveyard hate with an option to ping opponents for life.
  • Tibalt's Trickery - Flexible instant speed interaction to give cover for whatever value or combo we are assembling, or to try to prevent an opponent from popping off themselves.
  • Tiller Engine - Although this will be mostly used to help lands enter untapped, Tiller Engine does provide the option to tap down nonland permanents.
  • Price of Glory - The only land destruction currently in the deck. Mostly to dissuade instant speed interaction in a manner that I can break parity with.
  • Retreat to Hagra - Can be added to landfall combo loops to machine gun the table down, or ping opponents incrementally over time.
  • Spitfire Lagac - Ditto as Retreat to Hagra.
  • Omnath, Locus of Rage - Punishes opponents for removing Omnath or any the elementals on my board. Damage can be directed at faces or potentially to remove creatures.


The effects in this section are mostly land recursion to act as redundancy with Windgrace.

In the context of this deck, the tutor effects are primarily used to find multiple lands simultaneously, as a means of enabling any of the combo loops listed above.

  • Crop Rotation - One of the few single target tutors in the deck.
  • Elvish Reclaimer
  • Realms Uncharted - Although opponents can choose which lands are kept, the land recursion on Windgrace and in the 99 make this less of a drawback.
  • Insidious Dreams - A card I've had in my binders for a while. I like that as an instant, it can be used on the endstep before my turn to set up a combo as needed, and can pitch lands which can be recurred.
  • Scapeshift


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