Blinkmoth Well

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Format Legality
1v1 Commander Legal
Archenemy Legal
Block Constructed Legal
Canadian Highlander Legal
Casual Legal
Commander / EDH Legal
Commander: Rule 0 Legal
Custom Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Highlander Legal
Legacy Legal
Leviathan Legal
Limited Legal
Modern Legal
Oathbreaker Legal
Planechase Legal
Quest Magic Legal
Tiny Leaders Legal
Vanguard Legal
Vintage Legal

Blinkmoth Well


: Add .

, : Tap target noncreature artifact.

Profet93 on Kozilek - cEDH

18 hours ago

haki2022 +1

Voltaic + rings + Everflowing Chalice (4 counters) =

Scrap Trawler + Myr Retriever + Krark-Clan Ironworks + Sol Ring + Junk Diver - Combo

Scrap Trawler + Sculpting Steel + Krark-Clan Ironworks + Foundry Inspector - Combo

Blinkmoth Urn = Ramp, add Blinkmoth Well to make this asymmetrical + politics (which also is synergy with winter orb)

Karn, Legacy Reforged - Ramp

Have you thought of swapping out Void Winnower for Emrakul, the Promised End? Given you're in colorless, it can be hard to interact with the board at times. Emmy is a powerhouse which can potential be cheaper to cast that Void, not to mention it's potentially high ceiling. To sweeten the pot, Gerrard's Hourglass Pendant is synergy with it and helpful on it's own given your potential for over-extending (assuming no flash enabler).

Phyrexia's Core > Treasure vault(?) - Core acts as a sac outlet to prevent artifact theft, exile and most importantly, remove The One Ring. Ironworks is the only other card that can remove it. Having another card (a land which can be tutored for) is an additional form of redundancy that you might find more useful than treasure vault if you meta is on the more competitive side.

Potential cuts....

  1. Blast Zone - Too slow, especially for potential higher powered or cEDH games.
  2. God-Pharaoh's Statue - Unless you ramp into it, it's not that impactful. Given you already have a lot of redundancy, this is your weakest card in the deck IMO. You could potentially swap it out for another control card such as Ward of Bones but you're better off lowering the avg cmc of the deck.

Very solid deck and low avg cmc, great job

Profet93 on Rumblin' Bumblin' Stumblin'

4 days ago


Blinkmoth Well - Synergy with blinkmoth urn + politics

Gerrard's Hourglass Pendant - To recover after a wipe.

Mystic Forge - "Draw"

Although not on theme, given the lack of draw, perhaps a Kozilek, the Great Distortion?

Profet93 on How to lose your friends (Kozilek Edition)

1 month ago

Junjun1216 +1

Blinkmoth Well - Synergy with blinkmoth well + interaction

High Market > Gallifrey Council Chamber - Same tapland argument as above. You mention you wanted a way to destroy your commander to destroy more cards, this does that easily, with a sprinkle of light. It is also synergystic with Klayer of loyalties and even wurmcoil engine.

Maybe Phyrexia's Core - High market for artifacts/Sac outlet for Mana vault, blinkmoth urn and the one ring. Also prevents artifact theft.

Sanctum of Eternity > Zhalfrin Void - Synergy

What does Vesuva copy, an opposing Cabal Coffers? Another card to potentially add is Thespian's Stage, perhaps for The Grey Havens? Seems unimpactful. You mention you want a lot of ramp and it's a early-mid game deck but these tap lands (particularly Havens) seems to go against that. Do they really warrant an inclusion/provide that much benefit to the deck?

Karn, the Great Creator > Portal to Phyrexia - Portal costs 9 mana and IMO, doesn't provide that much impact. It needs to survive a turn to be able to provide value which doesn't always happen. How has your experience been with it? Karn is great because 1) 1 sided null rod to slow down faster decks for when you don't have ramp early game 2) Animate opposing artifacts to eventually remove + politics, 3) Recursion for the exiled artifacts that buried ruin can't recur. Not to mention it's cmc is much lower. Would love your thoughts.

Gerrard's Hourglass Pendant - Synergy with Emrakul + mass recursion for artifacts get destroyed from a wipe. Anti synergy with your extra turn card.

How has The One Ring been playing for you? I see only Kuldotha Foremaster to remove it should it deal too much lifeloss to you.

I disagree yet respect your decision to exclude rings, I understand it's not what you're going for. A quick note, in your description, you mention it combos with manifold/voltaic key, however, it only combos with voltaic given manifold states another artifact, not allowing you to untap it with rings. Not that it matters given you're not running it but good to note. I do think that you should definitely test rings a lot and see if it eventually warrants an inclusion.

This is a great deck, I love Kozilek Distortion and have always wanted to build a deck around him. I look forward to your response to each suggestion.

Profet93 on Liberator of Cinnamon Rings

1 month ago

Sanctum of Ugin - Tutor

Eye of Ugin - Tutor + Ramp

Buried Ruin - Recursion

Mystic forge + Sensei's Divining Top + artifact cost reducer = draw your whole deck

Basalt Monolith + forsaken monument =

Rings of Brighthearth + basalt + 2 mana = + top = draw + cast your entire deck

Rings + voltaic key + Everflowing Chalice (4 counters) =

Metal worker + voltaic key + rings =

Scorched Ruins + Rings + Deserted Temple = . Temple has the added benefit of politics or ramp with urza land.

Emrakul, the Promised End + Gerrard's Hourglass Pendant = Strong synergy, each piece is good on it's like (like many of the combos I've listed)

Karn, the Great Creator + lattice = Hard lock

To synergize with darksteel monolith, you could add some flash (which also has the added benefit of limiting your overextension into a boardwipe) such as Vedalken Orrery/Liberator, Urza's Battlethopter/Skittering Cicada

Blinkmoth Well + Blinkmoth Urn = One sided ramp. Well can deal with opposing artifacts and urn always makes you ahead. Should you feel inclined, Winter Orb might be worth it (if you don't like friends) as you can break parity with it. Even if you can't, you use primarily artifact ramp anyways. It can help slow down the faster pace decks.

Profet93 on Karn on the Cob

1 month ago

outofnothing0 +1

I agree with the above user, Rings of Brighthearth is a powerhouse that enables so many combos. Voltaic Key + Everflowing Chalice (4 counters) + rings = + Top to draw and cast your entire deck

Karn, the Great Creator - One sided Nullrod, helps you deal with opposing artifacts, recursion for important combo pieces and lock with Myconsith lattice.

Blinkmoth Well - Synergy with blinkmoth urn + politics

Basalt + Forsaken =

Gerrard's Hourglass Pendant - Recursion from the inevitable wipe. Also synergy with Emrakul, the Promised End

Profet93 on Talk to Me Like I'm Big and Colorless

1 month ago

dragonblackheart +1

I'm sorry I missed your reply. Regarding combos, it appears you already have plenty in the deck as well lol.

Blinkmoth Well - Goes with winter orb. If you're feeling for some light stax, Storage Matrix might work given all your artifacts.

Gerrard's Hourglass Pendant - Recur all your artifacts after a wipe and synergy with emrakrul

How has Orb of Dreams been working for you?

Mycosynth Lattice - Artifact synergy + hardlock with Karn

Profet93 on Blinking Contest

1 month ago

KCisSICKnasty +1

Deck is SOLID AF. Given your deck is very reliant upon your commander, do you feel you have enough ramp to bring him out quickly enough? Mind Stone might be a potential consideration to increase your artifact count that could bring him out more quickly from 5 to 6. Maybe swapping out commander sphere or better yet, desertion? The former is great but doesn't bring your commander out sooner. The latter is fun but holding up 5 mana and being restricted to only getting creatures/artifacts, one that might not have synergy with your overall plan might not be ideal.

Maybe Mother of Runes? - Protection

How has Inventors' Fair been treating you? Given you have about 14 artifacts or so, do you trigger it reliably? Perhaps maybe swap it or even the exotic orchard which doesn't necessarily tap for your colors for Blinkmoth Well? Blinkmoth can mess with opposing artifact synergies and most importantly, make your Static orb one sided.

Fierce Guardianship in your maybeboard seems amazing given it can protect your commander at 0 cost, since your reliant upon your commander. Maybe even a Rhystic Study or even a Smothering Tithe for some good value?

^EDIT: I missed your $ exclusions regarding fierce gaurdianship

I would love your thoughts regarding your thought process. I'm scared to ever come across this deck.

darkemoji on Titans, The Clean-Up Crew

2 months ago


Appreciate the feedback!

  1. Fantastic little combo with built in utility from either card, however I've been leaning towards keeping the deck towards high power in casual. So that's why the current list only has one combo so far which is Forsaken Monument + Basalt Monolith.
  2. As above.
  3. This is an interesting land. Was considering Clock of Omens at one point for tapping artifacts. May test how well Blinkmoth Well works with Winter Orb and Trinisphere as I've been favoring stax lately in colorless.
  4. Have never seen this little artifact before and it's hefty in utility. Synergy with Emrakul, the Promised End and some recursion sounds spicy. Will test this in the future.
  5. Considered Karn, the Great Creator + Mycosynth Lattice in the original decklist, however I found that the cards were too niche when played separately and decided to cut them for some fun/win more cards such as Helm of the Host and Mirage Mirror. Even keeping Rise of the Eldrazi in the decklist.
  6. I was wondering about adding some recursion in and missed this little include. Arch of Orazca -> Buried Ruin

One question from me to you is: how do you feel about Chimil, the Inner Sun? On paper, I like its utility in preventing counterspells and discovering cards off the library the same turn it comes into play, but I have yet to play test it.

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