Sanctum of Eternity

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Format Legality
1v1 Commander Legal
Archenemy Legal
Canadian Highlander Legal
Casual Legal
Commander / EDH Legal
Commander: Rule 0 Legal
Custom Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Highlander Legal
Legacy Legal
Leviathan Legal
Limited Legal
Oathbreaker Legal
Planechase Legal
Quest Magic Legal
Tiny Leaders Legal
Vanguard Legal
Vintage Legal

Sanctum of Eternity


: .

, : Return target commander you own from the battlefield to your hand. Activate this ability only during your turn.

seshiro_of_the_orochi on Chiss-Goria, Forge Tyrant

1 month ago

This looks pretty fine, good job! In the last game I had with my Chiss-Goria, Sanctum of Eternity gained me so much advantage. My dragon had been removed like five times in that game, and even though it was still doable to recast him from the zone, the mana advantage of avoiding command tax changed quite a lot for me in that game.

SufferFromEDHD on

3 months ago

Cut Sword of Once and Future. Surveil is for reanimator strategies and you only have 2 spells that it can target. Add Staff of Compleation

Sceptre of Eternal Glory is a better Thran Dynamo.

Sanctum of Eternity reuse and abuse your commanders ETB.

Profet93 on How to lose your friends (Kozilek Edition)

3 months ago

Junjun1216 +1

Blinkmoth Well - Synergy with blinkmoth well + interaction

High Market > Gallifrey Council Chamber - Same tapland argument as above. You mention you wanted a way to destroy your commander to destroy more cards, this does that easily, with a sprinkle of light. It is also synergystic with Klayer of loyalties and even wurmcoil engine.

Maybe Phyrexia's Core - High market for artifacts/Sac outlet for Mana vault, blinkmoth urn and the one ring. Also prevents artifact theft.

Sanctum of Eternity > Zhalfrin Void - Synergy

What does Vesuva copy, an opposing Cabal Coffers? Another card to potentially add is Thespian's Stage, perhaps for The Grey Havens? Seems unimpactful. You mention you want a lot of ramp and it's a early-mid game deck but these tap lands (particularly Havens) seems to go against that. Do they really warrant an inclusion/provide that much benefit to the deck?

Karn, the Great Creator > Portal to Phyrexia - Portal costs 9 mana and IMO, doesn't provide that much impact. It needs to survive a turn to be able to provide value which doesn't always happen. How has your experience been with it? Karn is great because 1) 1 sided null rod to slow down faster decks for when you don't have ramp early game 2) Animate opposing artifacts to eventually remove + politics, 3) Recursion for the exiled artifacts that buried ruin can't recur. Not to mention it's cmc is much lower. Would love your thoughts.

Gerrard's Hourglass Pendant - Synergy with Emrakul + mass recursion for artifacts get destroyed from a wipe. Anti synergy with your extra turn card.

How has The One Ring been playing for you? I see only Kuldotha Foremaster to remove it should it deal too much lifeloss to you.

I disagree yet respect your decision to exclude rings, I understand it's not what you're going for. A quick note, in your description, you mention it combos with manifold/voltaic key, however, it only combos with voltaic given manifold states another artifact, not allowing you to untap it with rings. Not that it matters given you're not running it but good to note. I do think that you should definitely test rings a lot and see if it eventually warrants an inclusion.

This is a great deck, I love Kozilek Distortion and have always wanted to build a deck around him. I look forward to your response to each suggestion.

seshiro_of_the_orochi on [Yoshi and Roger] Legndawy Good Boi

4 months ago

With that pairing, Sanctum of Eternity seems incredibly good. In general, each way to bounce Rugrat would be massivelybeneficial for Doggo.

Wurwilf on Beledros Supernova

5 months ago

Heartbeat of Spring at only 3 mana can set up some nasty tempo turns.

Skullclamp and Lightning Greaves are probably still worth it even if you mostly try to win the turn you play Beledros.

Sanctum of Eternity is a funny little guy with commanders that untap lands.

Kozilek, Butcher of Truth is good in all decks that can cast him.

Defense of the Heart is a meta call, I guess, but it's usually reliable. Boring card though, to be honest.

Azoth2099 on Chun - li countless tokens

7 months ago


Ohh yeah man, Crystal Shard is great here for sure. As many economically feasible ways to reset Chun-Li as possible is a must here, certainly. Unsummon, Vapor Snag, Fading Hope, Rescue, Curfew, Chain of Vapor, Alchemist's Retrieval, Unsubstantiate, Familiar's Ruse, Geistwave, Call to Heel, Snapback & of course Capsize (so much utility here) are all worth a thought here imo, seeing as how they are also instants that can easily be recurred via the Commander's ability.

Other less synergistic synergies like Vedalken Mastermind, Waterfront Bouncer, Trusted advisors, Shrieking Drake, Faerie Impostor, Seal of Removal, Turbulent Dreams, Aether Spellbomb, Otawara, Soaring City & Sanctum of Eternity could potentially help the deck push through to victory as well!

And then there's Intuition, which is obviously just insane lol.

MrHighscore on Annihilate with Rocks

11 months ago


I'm still assembling the deck (expect the last pieces to be in my hands this week)


  1. I like Mazemind Tome, but will need to playtest it before making a cut call on that. If that goes out, I'll probably replace it with Rise of the Eldrazi.
  2. Don't want to get rid of Karn Liberated. I like him, and I have a borderless version I want to see table time.
  3. Blinkmoth Well, does not seem that important to me. Arch of Orazca is for sure a cut candidate. Could make room for Sensei's Divining Top.
  4. Yeah, no change
  5. Not win more. Adds a nicely scaling ramp at X >7, would not be without it. Voltaic Key combo is just a bonus, but cutting it would reduce value of adding Voltaic Key in the first place. 
  6. Not going to cut Rogue's Passage. I feel I owe the table (and myself) some way to make those Eldrazi count! But I may be able to drop lands, just not too happy about it
  7. Budget is not a real concern, and I do have a metalworker somewhere. I don't think it will add enough to the deck, as I want my artifacts on the table and not in hand. 
  8. Drownyard Temple is for sure not important. Can also do without Sanctum of Eternity though. 
  9. I can't really find a good use case for Rise of the Eldrazi. I do think Artisan of Kozilek carries its weight with Annihilator 2. But could be a valid swap. They are both candidates for swapping in ulamog, the ceasless hunger

I guess potential changes could be:

Other thoughts:


Profet93 on Annihilate with Rocks

11 months ago

Very detailed response, thank you!

  1. Top > Mazemind Tome - Tome is okay but best cast you get it out early game and pay 4 mana to replace the maze or 6 mana to draw an extra card. Scrying is eh IMO whereas digging 3 more cards works with Kozilek quite well.

  2. Controversial: Voltaic Key > Karn Liberated - This one is a bit controversial given you need removal in the deck. Its expensive removal, a better version of Scour from Existence. How often do you find yourself using it? Maybe voltiac key is overkill, but whether you add Key or not, Karn is high CMC should be cut to reduce the avg cmc of the deck.

  3. Blinkmoth Well > Arch of Orazca - Costs way too much and war room is better redundancy. Ask yourself, how often do you even use it? I know you need draw but its weak

  4. Reviewing your list further, I actually believe Liberator, Urza's Battlethopter is not needed anymore. I didn't realize you had Skittering Cicada as your redundancy. Could swap out skittering for Liberator but thats personal choice should you wish.

  5. Controversial: You could take out doubling cube because it's winmore, not sure how your experience with it has been. This could make room for Oblivion Sower as it's "Ramp" so to speak, is less artifact based so you don't put all your eggs into a basket of Vandablast/artifact removal.

  6. Ulamog Ceaseless Hunger > Rogue's Passage - I usually hate cutting lands but in a deck like this with lots of artifact ramp, I think you could cut 1-2 and still be perfectly fine, definitely worth experimenting with. I understand a potential consideration could be not drawing enough lands given your land of draw. The way I see Kozilek is sort of a glass cannon. You either ramp yourself into your commander for card draw, or die trying. Having more lands which you need more interaction or ramp is not ideal. Rogue's passage costs a lot and your commander has evasion anyways.

  7. Metalworker - Is this in your maybeboard due to $? I see no mention of budget in the deck and I see some expensive cards so I'm unsure. Land of your choice could be potential cut.

  8. Sanctum of Eternity > Drownyard Temple. Perhaps I'm missing something but I don't see the value in drownyard aside from scorched ruins. Sanctum allows you to refill your hand with your commander and respond to removal (on ur turn) should they attempt to removal it in response to equipping greaves/boots.

  9. Controversial: Rise of the Eldrazi > Artisan of Kozilek. Artisan seems good on paper but isn't ideal under certain scenarios ..... A) Your creatures are mostly cast triggers, not ETB. Yes, powerful creature to return is nice, but paying 9 mana? I want something more. B) GY hate/Eldrazi Shuffle triggers. Very often in my meta people respond to GY recursion by destroying Kozilek or making me sac Ulamog to shuffle grave. Rise of Eldrazi provides you with A) Draw which you need B) Removal C) Extra turn/"haste"

Let me know what you think :)

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