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You and your friends decide to go for your own first ever MTG table. You have never played Magic before, so they slowly guide you through the basics. After they finished introducing the game to you, you grasp a vague idea of what you wish to do best:
"I want a deck with big and hard to play creatures! That cause a huge impact once they arrive!"


Fast forward to your next meeting with your friends, they try and introduce you the Commander format. Here, you can have a single creature leading your deck - your commander. They show you what, at the time, might've been the most impactful and hard to cast creature on the whole format - Progenitus. After they are done explaining the basics of commander, you log in to one of the LGS's PC's. Your eyes shining as you type into google: "progenitus commander deck". The first link that shows up is the one you click, and dive into for the next weeks, or months. The list is as follows:
Progenitus Commander Deck


You have been playing EDH for the past 8 years. A friend of yours remind you of the card Progenitus, which immediately brings warm memories to your heart, that cling into you for the remaining of that afternoon. When you get home, you can't avoid searching for it on google: "Progenitus Commander Tappedout".


"No... that wasn't the right one."


"This one is too recent..."


You gasp with joy as you found the decklist that started it all, after all these years. That decklist, updated here to something personally more enjoyable for my now 25 year-old self (17 when I first saw the decklist), is something that to the general audience might look disconnected and weird. A strategy without a clear strategy - Some hondens and some combos. Nothing really clear on what it does. Let me tell you what it really does.
It really warms up my heart to see these cards again after such a long time.

What, the name of the deck's different? Oh? Right...
What did you say? It sounds weird? Ha, I have NO idea what you're talking about.

-winks at my therapist-

Yeah I did a little bit of an overhaul on this deck lately. More comfortable with it this way, idk.

    So, the thing about being a 26 years old transgender woman that transitioned at 20 and hearing my entire life that women's stuff are comedic stuff meant to be ridiculed and inferiorized (and that femininity itself was for consumption purposes only), is that at my late pre-transition self I became an extremely depressive and toxic fellow. Calling my behavior "incel-like" would be an understatement, honestly, and the only reason I wasn't actively aggressive to anything and anyone deviating from masculine normativity was because depression took all my energy away (in this case, women, since I wouldn't meet queer people until I was 19). Of course, the source of this depression was nothing else other than the cultural-moral conflict existing inside me, that I couldn't even name - until I met my first group of LGBTQ+ people.

In those people I saw freedom. I saw happiness, and I also saw violence. The days of my depression and pre-transition self were getting close to their end, as I got as close as that toxic fellow would allow himself to be to the people that would teach him the way.

    I'm 26 now and undergoing therapy. The last 6 years have been easily the happiest of my life. For pretty much 20 years I have rooted myself on toxic masculinity's perspective of femininity, and it hurted me nearly to the death since my identity always pointed more or less that way (or at least the opposite way from masculinity as it was presented to me, anyway, while not giving me the option to be any deviational). One of the main topics that we touch often in therapy is how to forgive this past self for its toxicity towards femininity and move on, safe enough that my memories don't hurt me anymore. One thing that always ends up being mentioned is that "my past self was never intentious on hurting myself for my femininity, he believed he was protecting himself due to his cultural environment making so emphatically clear that there is no space for such thing - its the culture's fault". And in my head, that often gets rebuked with my memories of explicit violence thoughts against femininity. Its a tough process to go through. Its like I used to be my own abuser, to put it lightly.

    Right, so what the frick does any of this have to do with this deck? You tell me! Kyodai used to be "The One That Has Been Taken", right? As in having her freedom obliterated by some asshole that didn't know any better, and when she finally got free she did all kinds of good things to Kamigawa and ending the Kami War, but most importantly - in this deck she protects herself, A LOT, because she is well fu*king aware of the dangers out there and how dark it can be.

Imagine building a deck while your therapy sessions are kicking in hard, sheesh.


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