Avacyn's Judgment


Format Legality
Modern Legal
Legacy Legal
Vintage Legal
Commander / EDH Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Tiny Leaders Legal
Standard Legal
Frontier Legal

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Set Rarity
Shadows over Innistrad Rare

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Avacyn's Judgment


Madness (If you discard this card, you may cast it for its madness cost instead of putting it into your graveyard.)

Avacyn's Judgment deals 2 damage divided as you choose among any number of target creatures and/or players. If Avacyn's Judgment's madness cost was paid, it deals X damage divided as you choose among those creatures and/or players instead.

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Avacyn's Judgment Discussion

Arthas1397 on Refined Madness in Standard

1 day ago

Heretical_Majestic I did try Lupine Prototype but, maybe it was just my luck, it's a complete dead drop in the early game. I do use Avacyn's Judgment in Magic Duels but I didn't manage to make space for it in Standard since it's more of a control card and I plan to not go into the late game with this deck as it would get smashed by other decks anyways. As for Furyblade Vampire I must say that it's an interesting card I didn't think of, I'll try it instead of Ravenous Bloodseeker even though I like the flexibility of activating madness whenever you want instead of a set time in the turn as waiting for the declaration of the blockers and then making my move is better in my opinion, but maybe a 4/2 with trample will make me change my idea.

Orion93 on NOT GRUUL THEN DIE!!!! Green Red Revolt

1 week ago

Evolving Wilds for mana fixing and additional revolt trigger though you have a lot already.

Distemper of the Blood and Avacyn's Judgment are good madness cards. Though avacyn's judgment doesn't fit this deck because you aren't running Rishkar, Peema Renegade so you don't have a ton of mana to dump in.

DanaBarrosReincarnate on Mono-Red Tempo/Control

1 week ago

honestly I would mainboard the Chandra's if I were you (take out 1x Avacyn's Judgment, 1x Bedlam Reveler, & 1x Goblin Dark-Dwellers to do this).

also I'd drop the 4x Incendiary Flow & 2x Avacyn's Judgment for 2x Dynavolt Tower & 4x Harnessed Lightning

I have a couple izzet burn decks you might wanna check out if you get a minute (for sideboard ideas)

hope this helps!!

X-Factor11105 on R/B Vampires V 1.1

1 week ago

Thanks oblivionshadowknight!

  • Asylum Visitor: I hear what you're saying but I'm concerned about being caught flat-footed after a madness play or two. I'm exploring some other draw options and will update when some of the cards come in. I think that's where Key to the City will come in - I ordered a few!

  • Smoldering Marsh: Agreed! They're on their way and I'll update when they're in :)

  • Collective Brutality: I'm not sold on this one. I see the Madness generator and potential for a larger late-game combo with multiple discards but I wonder if I'm going to be sitting on this too long. At least with Avacyn's Judgment I can strengthen that to be of value in the mid-game for 3 - 5 damage.

  • Aethersphere Harvester: Interesting! Have you played this? What kinds of combos have you setup here? Or is it just a big blocker?

DanaBarrosReincarnate on Nyquil & Xanax

3 weeks ago

hilarious timing--as SOON as i posted this deck, yrs popped up somewhere on my page & i read through like, the entire history of the comments & changes you made on it over the last 2 months or so hahaha

life is weird

i do love the idea of Thermo-Alchemist, but tapping & untapping & tapping a pinger 400 times a turn tends to make both me & my opponents very angry lol. i DO like the idea of Hungry Flames tho! i've cracked that card a handful of times in aether packs but for some reason i haven't thought of actually using it for this deck!

i might drop Avacyn's Judgment/Fall of the Titans to the sideboard (& drop Contingency Plan altogether) to get me some shocks in there (4 of them perhaps?)

drugs r cool, but spending $$$ on magical cardboard is cooler

(p.s.-- i'm fairly new to this website & i'm not entirely sure if yr gonna see this response, so i guess i'll do this lol >>> hardhitta71194)

thanks fr yr help!!

Heretical_Majestic on Refined Madness in Standard

1 month ago

Have you considered Lupine Prototype? I know it's not a vampire, but if you're looking to play with an empty hand it's cheap power that a Aggro vampire deck could benefit from. Other notable maybes could be Alchemist's Greeting, Avacyn's Judgment, and Furyblade Vampire (especially on turn 3 to trigger Stensia Masquerade for a 4/2 first strike with a possible +1 counter.)

MrAptronym on Olivia's Ragtag Army

1 month ago

While it doesn't have to be a theme, I am rather surprised to not see any madness here at all. Much like reanimation, it's an easy way to recoup any card disadvantage from Olivia' ability.

I'd look through all of them, but Big Game Hunter seems like an overall powerful addition. A reanimatable/copyable kill spell, easily cast off Olivia or through looting. If you find your hand empty by mid-turn often then Bloodhall Priest should be considered. For non-creatures, Avacyn's Judgment seems solid, Call to the Netherworld or Dark Withering are interesting but maybe not worth playing.

Stephencliffe on

1 month ago

I feel like you might actually have too many madness enablers. Most of your madness outlets are permanents, so I really don't think Lightning Axe is needed. Key to the City also seems not great, since none of your creatures have enough power to outright end a game in one blow. And Collective Brutality is great, but maybe not a 4-of. I've gotten pretty tired of constantly casting it before, only so many creatures have 2 toughness, ya know. Maybe replacing the aforementioned cards with something like asylum visitor or Bloodmad Vampire would work well. Throwing down tons of threats seems good.

On a secondary note, your sideboard isn't very diverse. Perhaps you could substitute one or two yahenni's expertise for something like Avacyn's Judgment. Seems pretty good in your deck. From there, I would put in at least a few Shock just incase saheeli combo comes up, and perhaps Metallic Mimic to buff up either zombies or vampires, whichever you feel like picking. Heck, maybe run the mimic in the main board. Also, a few cathartic reunion seems not bad against control matchups where you need some card advantage. Hope this helps.

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