Banisher Priest

Banisher Priest

Creature — Human Cleric

When Banisher Priest enters the battlefield, exile target creature an opponent controls until Banisher Priest leaves the battlefield. (That creature returns under its owner's control.)
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Banisher Priest Discussion

SirFowler on My first EDH

1 week ago

With Banisher Priest, it has the reminder text saying that it returns under its owner's control. However, since Fiend Hunter's ability is split into 2 groups, you can have it enter (possibly pair it with Deadeye Navigator), then flicker him so his second ability won't come into effect yet. Since the ability is on the stack, the flicker happens first, THEN the creature is exiled, leaving the return ability nonexistent. That means you can make him a permanent exiler for your opponent's creatures. This has been debated at tournaments when Fiend Hunter + Restoration Angel was legal in standard, but trust me, it works. Just as long as you flicker him right after he enters.

Mdrief on My first EDH

1 week ago

I'm not sure I understand how Fiend Hunter's ability works any different from Banisher Priest's ability that would allow it to permanently exile.

SirFowler on My first EDH

1 week ago

You can permanently with Fiend Hunter if you want to replace the Banisher Priest. I'd also suggest you include at least 3 basic Islands because sometimes in EDH people play hug style cards like Collective Voyage that only gets basic lands. It may seem odd since you have so many dual/tri lands, but it could help if you're desperate to get the blue mana.

Tata on The Lion, The 'Quips & The Wardrobe

1 week ago

How does this do vs. removal intensive decks? So few creatures means a wrath could be fatal. Have you thought about adding more creatures by removing a few equipments?

I don't see how you can tailor monowhite against Ezuri. Your deck just doesn't seem fast enough. Your general is also slow. By refusing to run cards like Fiend Hunter, you limit yourself to swords and path, everything else being expensive. I actually like things such as Banisher Priest vs. Ezuri, since monogreen only has Beast Within and fight cards.

I think sword of x and y actually gives you decent reach against Ezuri. Fire/Ice and Feast/Famine in particular. Light/Shadow would be great if you ran a few more creatures, though it's bad against elves.

Phyrexian Revoker is a great creature maindeck. It's also an artifact, and that's really good for you. Stops Ezuri.

maxami868 on green white angels

2 weeks ago

Sorry to double-post, but Path to Exile is better than Banisher Priest.

lagotripha on Death & Taxes

2 weeks ago

Cloudshift?... I've seen decks with this theme run Akroma, Angel of Fury as a 1-of to be tricked out. Banisher Priest sideboard, possibly not the most effective.

markkster on 2015-08-21 update of Elesh's army

3 weeks ago

I like the deck a lot, I just feel that it would be worth your while to focus on either infect or not infect. There are plenty of two-cost white cards that could take the place of Lost Leonin, such as Grand Abolisher (which fights counterspells and helps with the devotion thing more) or Precinct Captain (which helps you build tokens to block against aggro decks). To replace Priests of Norn there are always strong removal creatures like Banisher Priest or just strong creatures like Mirran Crusader.

+1, I love norn and the deck!

creature_of_habit on 2015-08-12 update of The Lion, ...

3 weeks ago

As an Ezuri player, I can tell you that any kind of neutralisation effect is key. The main plan of the deck is to play its hand out by turn 4 and hope to swing for game almost instantly, but it needs Ezuri in combination with Nykthos or Priest of Titania/Elvish Archdruid, so effect blockers such as Arrest, or plain old exile such as Path to Exile, Banisher Priest and Oblivion Ring should work, though you're than likely to run into enchantment removal in Elvish Lyrist or Reclamation Sage. Fog effects such as Angelsong are also useful, provided you have a solid counterattack

Martial Coup might be worth a shot, although that very much depends on how fast your local Ezuris are; if they can consistently win by turn 5, it might be tricky.

I know a Kemba player in my local area, and in my experience the Ezuri matchup is all but unwinnable, but fine-tuning your deck to specifically deal with it might give you a chance. I bid you good luck.

PS. If they play Winter Orb, then include at least one way to deal with it. It will end you every time

Power / Toughness 2/2
Color(s) White
Cost 1WW
Converted cost 3


Format Legality
Noble Legal
Legacy Legal
Vintage Legal
Commander / EDH Legal
Modern Legal
Duel Commander Legal

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Set Rarity
Duel Decks: Elspeth vs. Kiora Uncommon
Magic 2014 Uncommon
Promo Set Uncommon

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