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Banisher Priest

Creature — Human Cleric

When Banisher Priest enters the battlefield, exile target creature an opponent controls until Banisher Priest leaves the battlefield. (That creature returns under its owner's control.)

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Banisher Priest Discussion

tastyichigo on Defeat at Iroas' hands is inevitable...

13 hours ago

You should replace Banisher Priest for Fiend Hunter if you want your infinite combo to work.

Slycne on (Standard) Mono-white sideboarding vs U/W/x ...

1 day ago

Actually, I would strongly advice against Heliod, God of the Sun as a good sideboard plan against control. The base idea is strong, a threat that doesn't die to Supreme Verdict and gives you something to do when the game goes long, but you need to think about more than just your side of the board. You're, basically, not ever winning the long game against the deck with Sphinx's Revelation and Elspeth, Sun's Champion . Heliod, God of the Sun is just way too slow, throwing down that card in a match against UWx control is just playing further into their gameplan.

A better plan against control? Run more threats. Another set of one-drops or some good two drops would really push the deck into high gear. Bringing in certain cards is fine, but it's still ultimately an attrition game and I think you're mainboard isn't properly tuned for that. You can only afford to become so reactive in the match-up, you're still the beatdown deck and need to kill them before they start Sphinx's Revelation ing for relevant amounts or can put down win conditions on the stable board.

More Mutavault s - It's one of your best cards in the match-up and you're basically mono-white so color concerns are not major.

Less mainboard removal - If it was burn it would be fine, or a versatile piece of removal like Orzhov Charm , but you're running 2-3 pieces more of removal than I think you really aught to. Since you mostly need them to get through big blockers, a better method is to wrap that into bodies. Imposing Sovereign , Banisher Priest or Azorius Arrester let you get year team in without being dead cards. Similarly Keening Apparition is another good card to consider, it can blow up enchantments, but can still be an attacking body when needed as well.

Less anthems. - If we had Honor of the Pure I would say go for it, but 4 slots for a bunch of 3 mana and clunkier anthems is not doing you any favors.

If you really want to reliably beat control with mono-white, splash red for Boros Charm instead of blue. It's cheaper to protect your team with, meaning you can more easily continue to develop your board while holding it up and it goes to the dome for a big chunk of life.

thispersonisagenius on planeswalkers are JUNK

2 days ago

Like hell it doesn't. Every deck could use tweaks. Yours could use renovations.

20 lands is not going to consistently cast 11 combined four five six and even seven drops. You need to go up to 24, probably 25 or 26 lands to be able to do that. Eidolon of Blossoms may help drawing into lands, but you really need more. The mana dorks help, but they are prone to dying.

Banisher Priest isn't a particularly strong card, and I recommend cutting it for desperately needed lands.

Epochalyptik on Will Turn to Frog stop ...

3 days ago

Banisher Priest 's ability creates an effect with a defined duration. The exile lasts as long as Banisher Priest remains on the battlefield. Remember that when a card uses its own name in its rules text, unless it's in the context of "a card named ~," the mention is self-referential and means "this object right here." The exile effect will end as soon as the permanent that was/is the source Banisher Priest leaves the battlefield.

Fiend Hunter is different because it relies on a second written triggered ability to return the exiled card. If Fiend Hunter doesn't have that ability at the time the ability would trigger, then the ability can't trigger, and the exiled card will remain in exile.

keyno on Will Turn to Frog stop ...

3 days ago

When Banisher Priest enters the battlefield, it exiles a creature with itself. Later, that creature was dealt a damage, and was hit with a Turn to Frog which reduced it to a low enough power that it died. I know that if this were a Fiend Hunter that creature would be lost, but I thought the Banisher Priest affect will always "check" for the priest even if its effects were negated. Can someone advise?

corruptgargoyle on Devotion to Soldiers

4 days ago

Post rotation edits Swap out 2x Banisher Priest for Banishing Light and swap out 2x Precinct Captain for 2x Kinsbaile Skirmisher and 2x Precinct Captain for 2x Launch the Fleet

brokendwarf on New M15 Slivers, yay or ...

5 days ago

Constricting Sliver makes all your slivers Banisher Priest , which is pretty useful.

Maybe Venom Sliver . First sliver to grant deathtouch

Belligerent Sliver is simply a more expensive Two-Headed Sliver .

Probably not Diffusion Sliver . It's EDH, so players have mana to spare and generic boardwipes.

Probably Not Leeching Sliver . Only affects one player.

dsil88 on Devotion to.....white?!

5 days ago

No love for Heliod, God of the Sun ? He might be side board against board wipes. Giving all your guys vigilance seems good in a mid range white deck. Also Banisher Priest gives you more devotion and deals with creatures. So then you can nykthos quicker and get an Elspeth, Sun's Champion online.

Fun list, I've been wanting to play around with more mono white myself. Price

Low Avg High Foil
$0.06 $0.3 $1.01 $2.68
Power / Toughness 2/2
Color(s) W
Cost 1WW
Converted cost 3
Avg. draft pick 2.37
Avg. cube pick 1.69


Format Legality
Noble Legal
Standard Legal
Legacy Legal
Vintage Legal
Commander / EDH Legal
Modern Legal

Printings View all

Set Rarity
Magic 2014 Uncommon
Promo Set Uncommon