Banisher Priest

Banisher Priest

Creature — Human Cleric

When Banisher Priest enters the battlefield, exile target creature an opponent controls until Banisher Priest leaves the battlefield. (That creature returns under its owner's control.)

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Banisher Priest Discussion

crunchybreakfast on Mono-White Humans

4 days ago

I already had Banisher Priest in my deck which is kind of similar, but eventually came to the conclusion that I don't think that I need to "exile" many creatures of my opponent if I want to win the game in just a few turns. So I think i'm better of putting more cheap creatures into the deck that will empower my other creatures. I'm also planning on removing Celestial Flare for Path to Exile as soon as I can get my hands on it, so I think I have enough "exile" cards.

You're right about Mana Tithe, maybe I'll remove 2x Sunlance and put Mana Tithe right into my deck instead of the sideboard since I don't think that I'll need sunlance that much, but I'm not quite sure.

Thanks for your help, really appreciate it!

enpc on Somebody stop me!

1 week ago

You cannot setup a recursion loop with Fiend Hunter and Reveillark in the same way that you could with Sun Titan. Let's look at this example for a second to break down exactly what is going on here:

So, let's assume you have Sun Titan in play along with Blasting Station. Let's call this state (A).

So Fiend Hunter enters the battlefield (either cast or brought back by Sun Titan). Now his first ability goes on the stack and targets Sun Titan. This ability resolves and Sun Titan has been exiled. Now there is only Fiend Hunter and Blasting Station in play. Let's call this state (B).

From B, we sac Fiend Hunter to Blasting Station. This puts Hunter's second ability on the stack. It is very important to note that unlike Banisher Priest's ability, Fiend Hunter's is broken into two separate abilities. Fiend Hunter goes to the graveyard before the ability resolves. This is also very important to note.

So now we let the ability resolve. This brings back Sun Titan, which in turn puts the Blasting Station untap trigger on the stack, as well as Sun Titan's return from graveyard trigger. We can stack the triggers as we like (since we control them both) so Lets set it up so that Blasting Station untaps and then Sun Titan returns something (so techincally you stack them in the opposite order). Notice that this is effectively (A).

One thing to note though is that Sun Titan's ability needs a target at the time it's put on the stack. Because Fiend Hunter is in the graveyard, we can pick it as a target.

So from here, we can easily loop between (A) and (B).

Now let's look at what happens with Fiend Hunter and Reveillark:

We start with Reveillark and Blasting Station in play. Fiend Hunter enters the battelfield and his first ability goes on the stack.

Now, if we were to let it resolve, this would put Reveillark's ability on the stack, allowing us to reanimate up to two creatures. Don't get me wrong, Fiend Hunter fulfils the criterion required, but the key thing to note is that it isn't in the graveyard when the ability goes on the stack. Therefore, it can't be a target for reanimation and straight away the chain is broken.

So to make it a legal target, we sac the Fiend Hunter to Blasting Station. Note that Fiend Hunter's first ability hasn't resolved yet or Reveillark would have already left play.

So sacing Fiend Hunter puts his second ability on the stack, above his first (with Blasting Station's ability between the two. Now, atch what happenes when we let the stack resolve.

Fiend Hunter's second ability resolves. Nothing has been exiled by this instance of him so nothing comes back into play.

Now we can deal 1 damage to something from Blasting Station.

And lastly, Fiend Hunter's first ability resolves, exiling Reveillark. Here's the problem though - because Fiend Hunter is currently in the graveyard, there's no way to un-exile Reveillark, meaning that not only is the combo dead in the water, but you've just exiled your own Reveillark with no way of getting it back.

windexnose44 on Mikaeus, the Human

1 week ago

So I'm bored and I literally just Gatherer searched for white humans :) I'm basically just throwing things at you and hoping some will stick. There's more humans here than you'll know what to do with, but I'm confident that you'll find use out of some of them.

So, without further adieu, here are 51 out of the 644 humans that I looked through.

And that's it :D

NotSquishedYet on BW Eldrazi and Taxes

1 week ago

I don't suppose I'm explaining very well; using an Eldrazi Processor on the card exiled by Tidehollow Sculler and other such cards removes their drawback. Banisher Priest can exile a creature, then Wasteland Strangler can use the exiled creature to kill a second one. If you use Eldrazi Displacer on Banisher Priest after that, the creature won't be brought back and you get to repeat it.

NotSquishedYet on BW Eldrazi and Taxes

1 week ago

Fair point with the Displacer. I've merely had issues with landing it turn 3 for the best effect, when I've tried to use it. Tidehollow Sculler and things like Banisher Priest seem like they would be favorites for use with it... Could more of that style of effect be used here well?

dakota.cowart on zombie sisters

2 weeks ago

The reason Fiend Hunter is better is because of how his ability is stated. At face value, it looks like he and Banisher Priest are basically the same card except for a difference in base stats. However, banisher has one ability; hunter has two separate abilities. When fiend hunter enters the battlefield his ability goes on the stack, when he leaves his ability goes on the stack. Thus, with instant speed sacking (or -bouncing) effects you can permanently exile your opponents creatures.

For Example:I cast fiend hunter, he resolves. He enters the battlefield, I choose to exile their Tarmogoyf. While that ability is on the stack (before resolving) I Altar's Reap the fiend hunter. Regardless of whether or not it actually resolves, Fiend hunter's second ability hits the stack. Now, since the stack in magic works like LIFO (last-in-first-out), the fiend hunter's second ability resolves first. Then the original ETB trigger will resolve. In essence you flip the ability of the fiend hunter; in your deck, he becomes a 3 drop exile creature. It works better with bouncing since you can spam it, but it would work for you.

dakota.cowart on zombie sisters

2 weeks ago

Hello, I really like this idea that you have. You may want to take out the "illegal" Tainted Fields and the two Evolving Wilds from your deck for two more Isolated Chapel and a playset of Marsh Flats. In addition, if you are running permanent sac mechanics like Dictate of Erebos then I would cut the bone splinters. The dictate effect would resolve first, and most opponents would just sac the creature you originally targeted with your bone splinters. I do love the Altar's Reap as an instant speed response to exile and such and adding value of your creatures that would die anyway; The Loyal Cathar  Flip really gives you synergy with that card.

I suggest that you run Fiend Hunter over the Banisher Priest since you can exile their creatures for good because of the split triggered ability. In addition, cut Odric, Master Tactician, Unruly Mob, and Blood Artist. You could run Skirsdag High Priest like Arnez mentioned which would allow you to instantly sac in response. Dark Confidant would net you so much advantage in this deck. You could also run Small Pox to grind out your oppenent. Lastly, if you are willing to go outside of the human tribal, Nantuko Husk.

As for sideboard, Blind Obedience could be really fun; and Rally the Ancestors or Immortal Servitude.

sliversftw on Everyone has a tiny price

3 weeks ago

Steady Progress and other proliferate cards seem like they would be broken in this deck also Fog Bank because its very good at dealing with aggro decks Banisher Priest or Fiend Hunter whatever you prefer and Meddling Mage for combo deck or decks that really really need there commander (cough cough doran cough cough) hope this helps :).

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