Banisher Priest

Banisher Priest

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Creature — Human Cleric

When Banisher Priest enters the battlefield, exile target creature an opponent controls until Banisher Priest leaves the battlefield. (That creature returns under its owner's control.)

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Banisher Priest Discussion

Buckminsterfullerene on Sideboob

21 hours ago

+1 for both the title and building a stellar Bogbrew deck. The only thing I can think of that might make an improvement is pulling two copies of Bubbling Cauldron in favor of Strionic Resonator. The resonator allows you to double up on Banisher Priest's exiling (allowing only one to return), search for two targets with the witch, kill two birds (or one big bird) with the Festering Newt, or even damage all opponents for eight with the cauldron. The reason I suggest removing the cauldron is that it's harder to remove than creatures, while being easy to find with your six potential tutors. Feel free to scope out my Bogbrew deck and let me know what you think: Double, Double, Toil and Trouble

SpartanCEL on Modern Budget Ideas

2 days ago

Haha yea! And Banisher Priest was mean

Weltbild on White Weenie

2 days ago

I haven't tried the token route yet. It looks like Increasing Devotion would work great with Champion of the Parish and Geist-Honored Monk! Although, the mana costs seem a little high for White Weenie (correct me if I'm wrong).

I like the control aspects of Leonin Arbiter, Ghost Quarter, Path to Exile and Banisher Priest so far. I'll consider tokens, should I feel the need to speed up my deck. Thanks for your input!

Weltbild on 2015-05-21 update of White Weenie

1 week ago

Thanks for your suggestion! Isamaru, Hound of Konda seems like a fine addition to the deck. I'm afraid to be packing too many 1-drops though as 11 seems like a decent amount already and there's also no synergy with Champion of the Parish. Am I not fielding too few 2- or 3-drops? And is there no need for a finisher besides Brimaz, King of Oreskos? How about 2 Banisher Priests to remove annoying blockers and threats? Or rather Flickerwisps? Do I run enough support spells?

I'll certainly think about removing some Relic of Progenitus, but wonder whether the card draw and graveyard hate wouldn't rather prove useful.

I am grateful to anyone who is willing to help me with any of those questions.

Nef on 2015-05-18 update of Open Skull ...

1 week ago

If the creature's etb effect is to exile a creature then Turn Aside won't work. Ex: Banisher Priest

PierreThePlaneswalker on 2015-05-12 update of The Good ...

1 week ago

Oblivion Ring exiles a premenant, Banisher Priest is only for creatures.

Also Fiend Hunter is more flavorful.

Rocknj06 on 2015-05-12 update of The Good ...

1 week ago

Also, what about Banisher Priest instead of the Oblivion Rings? It does have a better flavor feel and boosts your champion.

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