Banisher Priest

Banisher Priest

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Creature — Human Cleric

When Banisher Priest enters the battlefield, exile target creature an opponent controls until Banisher Priest leaves the battlefield. (That creature returns under its owner's control.)

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Banisher Priest Discussion

Drago_Lion on Help with shitty heroic deck is needed!

1 day ago

My question is, is this trying to be standard? The only things in your list that aren't standard are Brave the Elements and Banisher Priest. If it is going to be standard I would suggest Akroan Skyguard instead of Abzan Battle Priest, Brave the Sands over Dragon Bell Monk, Seeker of the Way over Brave the Elements, up Phalanx Leader to 4.

I would also cut Divine Favor add 2 more Ordeal of Heliod and I would try to fit Defiant Strike in here some where.

Has a lot of potential. Let me know if you want some help making it modern of just kitchen table.

imarockyou on Anafenza Tiny Leaders

2 days ago

Fiend Hunter over Banisher Priest, Harder to kill, Pyroclasm can't kill it, blocks Geist of Saint Traft and requires more mana/ life from things like Black Sun's Zenith and Toxic Deluge. While mainting same mana cost and human subtype

Epochalyptik on Legitimate abilities?

1 week ago

Removal is still being worked on. I currently have a destroy equivalent of Shard Volley for and a couple -/- effects. There's a Banisher Priest with veterancy 1. I'm not sure whether I want to reprint an existing removal spell or create a new one.

I may modify Blackwatch Paladin to have a or activation cost on the last ability.

Axthen on 2015-03-29 update of Hokori, Rage ...

1 week ago

Thanks again for the suggestion. I'm definitely adding Lotus Vale just because I have so many ways to play lands from the graveyard with this deck.

Banisher Priest I don't know about this, as I don't want to remove anything now. Angel of Serenity does a better effect, and Admonition Angel does that same effect except with every land hitting my board.

illumfolly on 2015-03-29 update of Hokori, Rage ...

1 week ago


Needs Banisher Priest(-like effects) and maybe... Lotus Vale?

Mangara of Corondor if you don't have him

Oh, and Containment Priest

koth_of_the_bummer on The Church of Athreos

1 week ago

Replace Banisher Priest with Fiend Hunter. With a sac outlet, you can sac the hunter in response to its own ability to exile the target permanently.

GoofyFoot on So I started picking this ...

2 weeks ago

let's break down the cards you mentioned.

Loxodon Smiter: this is a relatively effective card, especially in modern right now. With Liliana of the Veil the most expensive she has ever been and abzan running rampant, this is a strong card to have.

Scavenging Ooze: again, a really powerful card in modern. It makes snapcaster terrible, and can be a great answer to burn decks. Most people can look at this guy and agree it's amazing.

Experiment One: a strong card in standard, he has lost a lot of favor in modern. He still sees play in a single tier modern deck, but that is Green stompy/devotion, and therefore a bad example. overall he's a weak creature that too often doesn't go higher than 3, and dies to all the removal in the format. His regenerate is terrible for the modern format, as the only way to keep in useful is to keep him big.

Sunpetal Grove: G/W checkland. not much to say here. It's a good land, it's not better than a Temple Garden, but it's certainly great in addition to them if you are committed to G/W.

Valorous Stance: Great in standard, OK in modern. it's removal mode is far too specific for a format based on 3 or less mana cards. It does kill Siege Rhino, Restoration Angel, and Deceiver Exarch, but it doesn't kill Geist of Saint Traft, Snapcaster Mage, or Pestermite, and that's important. It's better to have more vague removal. Indestructible is nice, but singleton targeting isn't the best, seeing as you get all creatures with Boros Charm. overall, it is subpar compared to other mode cards you could be using.

Shamanic Revelation: simply put, it's way too expensive for modern. It's very rare you'll ever break even, much less get value off this card, and you shouldn't be playing it for the life gain option. lifegain is fine, but if that's your reason, it's a bad card. your strictly better off with cards like Timely Reinforcements.

Now, Let's break down your deck. First, there is no sideboard. If you are expecting to top 4, you better have a sideboard to prepare you for the tier decks you'll be facing.

Second, if you are serious about actually top 4'ing a modern event, you need to "netdeck". Now, I don't mean you need to copy and paste the abzan decks that top 8'ed the pro tour. I mean you need to recognize what the best version of certain cards are and use them. If you're on a budget, then expect to get budget results. that frankly is the name of the game.

Banishing Light, Banisher Priest, and Journey to Nowhere should be Path to Exile and cards like Celestial Flare.

Advent of the Wurm is way too much mana for a 5/5 vanilla creature in modern. In a vacuum, Advent is great, but on board, a 5/5 that doesn't do anything other than turn sideways isn't going to win you much games. Thrun, the Last Troll is amazing here. He is a 4/4, but literally every color other than black can't really deal with him other than combat damage, which he usually can regenerate through.

Nemesis of Mortals, Nylea, God of the Hunt, and Saffi Eriksdotter are frankly just bad cards in modern. There are tons of amazing creatures that get so much done in modern. See Great Sable Stag, Restoration Angel, Aven Mindcensor, and others.

You also need to figure out how to deal with certain cards. how do you come back from an opponent who uses multiple Wrath of Godeffects, while beating you to death with Celestial Colonnade? How do you stop Scapeshift, Splinter Twin, titanbloom or Ad Nauseam combos? If you can't answer these questions, you won't beat tier decks.

I would really consider what kind of deck you would like to play, then check out Mtgtop8.con and and see what you can find. It's possible to do well on a budget, but not if your deck isn't prepared for your opponents, and certainly if you aren't.

I Tried to be as concise as I could. I didn't want to sound harsh, and I hope I provided some good feedback to think about. good luck!

DERPLINGSUPREME on Boros Midrange [ help ]

2 weeks ago

this REALLY doesn't look like midrange. try more control, like O-ring, Fiend Hunter and Banisher Priest.

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