Dakmor Salvage

Dakmor Salvage


Dakmor Salvage enters the battlefield tapped.

: Gain .

Dredge 2 (If you would draw a card, instead you may put exactly two cards from the top of your library into your graveyard. If you do, return this card from your graveyard to your hand. Otherwise, draw a card.)

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Dakmor Salvage Discussion

Subtlety on Mono Black Pox Control

1 month ago

Hi Balaam_ and thanks for the feedback.

I have Dakmor Salvage because of this. Smallpox->Sac or discard Dakmor->next turn->Dredge->take hand->play again.

And the next is.. Play Raven's Crime with retrace->discard Dakmor-> next turn dredge play Raven's Crime retrace again..

Do you suggest something else?

Balaam__ on Mono Black Pox Control

1 month ago

Looks good overall. Question, why Dakmor Salvage?

Simerix on Karador

1 month ago

Dakmor Salvage

Golgari Brownscale is really good with torex but probably not worth putting it. Worth a look though

Wozzy on Meren from the Grave

1 month ago

maybe Constant Mists and Dakmor Salvage for a constant creature dmg nullify. what do you guys think?

Apollo_Paladin on Ultra-Budget Speed Dredge (2x 5-Card "Gold Hands")

1 month ago

@ joe_mama_joe

Hey, thanks for the suggestion and for taking a peek at the deck. However, none of the annihilators in this deck are set up to be hand-cast. It's actually much quicker and reliable to dredge them out using this deck's mechanic; and colorless mana doesn't do a whole lot for any of my quick-play combos. Dread Return is the only creature dredge it could trigger, with Exhume still requiring a Black despite being only 2 CMC.

Purely colorless mana also completely prevents me from casting some of my key early-play Combo cards in the deck such as Putrid Imp and Culling the Weak, as well as some key Support/Backup options such as Unearth and Stromkirk Condemned. For that reason alone I'm not a fan since it could throw off Land ratios too much (I was already apprehensive about Dakmor Salvage going in just because it enters tapped; not having a Black option seems really limiting here)

Not saying they wouldn't help at all, but apart from being more of a mid-game focus (which this deck doesn't really need since it tends to have games in the bag by turn 4 or 5 at the latest) this is also something of a budget deck as a concept so singles like Ancient Tomb are definitely out for me unfortunately. Especially, since as you pointed out, you really want multiples in a deck which runs & relies on them).

If you end up doing a clone build of this deck to playtest and toss some in, I'd still be interested to hear how they work in conjunction with the strategies outlined in the deck description.


DeinoStinkus on It looked like fun (Spellchaser)

1 month ago

I like it! I'm glad you've looked into it. A couple of things.

zapyourtumor on The Gitrog's Dark Heart

1 month ago

+1 Cool combo, although Dark Heart of the Wood + Vito, Thorn of the Dusk Rose can't help but remind me of a reverse Valakuet-Scapeshift. Dark Heart is a super interesting card.

Just wondering, is there a reason why you aren't running Dakmor Salvage? It combos well with The Gitrog Monster.

MagicMarc on POLL - Top 10 budget …

1 month ago

Another from future sight for dredge decks. And it's less than US$1.00: Dakmor Salvage

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