Promise of Bunrei


Format Legality
Pre-release Legal
Noble Legal
Leviathan Legal
Tiny Leaders Legal
Magic Duels Legal
Vintage Legal
Modern Legal
Casual Legal
Vanguard Legal
Legacy Legal
Archenemy Legal
Planechase Legal
1v1 Commander Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Unformat Legal
Pauper Legal
Commander / EDH Legal

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Set Rarity
Saviors of Kamigawa (SOK) Rare

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Promise of Bunrei


Whenever a creature you control is put into a graveyard from play, sacrifice Promise of Bunrei. If you do, put four 1/1 colorless Spirit creature tokens into play.

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Promise of Bunrei Discussion

Xica on Call The Reinforcement!

5 days ago

So lets pick the deck apart in detail:
1# If you don't have removal resistant creatures (like Slippery Bogle) you don't run cards that have "enchant creature" (with exception of enchantments like Rancor that don't go the grave). Because you should not allow your opponent to trade + Fatal Push for your 2 cards, and 2+ mana.
(and 2 cmc cycling cards like Angelic Gift are not much better)

2# Playing very dumb beaters is a bad idea. Especially if they need you to have a large board presence to do ANYTHING at all.
People tend to call these "win more cards" because they won't help you if you are in a bad position, and if you are winning already, what is the point in playing them?
I am talking about Crusader of Odric & Seraph of the Masses.
And even if we disregard the problems described above, when tokens are board wiped thy will self destruct.(since they will have 2-3 damage marked on them until end of turn, and when your tokens leave the battlefield, their toughness will fall below 2/3 - so they will swiftly follow)

3# Seller of Songbirds < Precinct Captain - so you shouldn't play 4 bird traders & 1 captain, but the reverse.

4# Akroan Horse is terrible - it only exists to reference the Trojan horse, for more greekish impression for the set. Artifact creatures are dangerous, to the player who plays them as they are hit by both artifact and creature removal/hate cards.
And the wooden horse is bad even without this fact, its so bad that you wouldn't even want to Harmless Offering it to the opponent, as its simply not worth the time and mana investment.
(it takes time to get to 4 mana in a 19 land deck that lacks filtering)

6# Mausoleum Guard is a worse Promise of Bunrei, the latter is an enchantment (thus very few people have stuff that would exile it unlike the guard which has high chances of meeting Path to Exile. The enchantment is also 1 mana cheaper, and if its played all your creatures will have the effect, so if any 1 of them dies you get the bonus (its much easier to not block a 2/2 tha to not block even a single one from the incoming horde of tokens)

7# Paragon of New Dawns; Phantom General < Honor the Pure, Intangible Virtue, Spear of Heliod & even Glorious Anthem. (honorable mention goes to Archetype of Courage because first strike is awesome if your are defending your life total from a weaker board position)

8# this deck simply doesn't have enough lands to support its (unnecessarily) high mana curve.
You are playing 11 4cmc cards in a deck with 19 lands, and you neither have ramp, nor card filtering to help you get to the necessary mana.
This means that those cards will likely just sit in your hand while you are being beaten to death by Tarmogoyf, Reality Smasher, or even a mono white token deck that runs a proper curve and/or the same effects for cheaper costs.

Giving your board indestructibility is the least of your worries, but you could theoretically accomplish such (or similar things) in modern (of course not with your mana source density):
Selfless Spirit, Frontline Medic, Knight Exemplar, Eldrazi Monument, Avacyn, Angel of Hope (Privileged Position)

You don't use google, you use this site to search magic cards...

superhuman21 on Sacrificial Spirits (Modern Budget Weenies)

1 month ago

So it may not have as many opportunities to combo but Strionic Resonator could be a bit ridiculous in this deck. It can combo with Promise of Bunrei to put 8 instead of 4 on the field. If this sounds like your kind of 'thing' then Voltaic Key should be considered as it can further bring it from 4-->8-->12 when you combo it with resonator and promised.

Sikter on Sacrificial Spirits (Modern Budget Weenies)

2 months ago

Can you tell us how the deck performs in terms of FNM results, your view of matchup percentages agains other common modern decks etc. Also if you were to make some non-budget improvements what would they be (aside from fetches ofc.)? More copies of Promise of Bunrei, maybe some Fatal Push, etc.

Btw. really great looking deck. Love the flavor and uniqueness of the deck. Just entering the Modern format and thinking of making this my first deck :)

Naksu on Sacrificial Spirits (Modern Budget Weenies)

3 months ago

Pretty much what PickleNutz said. Souls of the Faultless is not a bad card, but ultimately does nothing here. I could see a possible build with Souls of the Faultless, Promise of Bunrei and Devouring Greed.

Malchi on Sacrificial Spirits (Modern Budget Weenies)

3 months ago

Hi fellowsI was thinking to make a new BW deck (without exort) and your spirit build are my prefered choice right now, looks really fun with Promise of Bunrei (I am in love with that art). But there are some cards like Selfless Spirit or Bontu's Last Reckoning that are a bit expensive to me. Do you think I can use Souls of the Faultless in here? It's not a token but still a spirit. What other cool spirit cards would you use in a spirit deck? Even though it gets less competitive

Managem on Sacrificial Spirits (Modern Budget Weenies)

3 months ago

This is an awesome token generator deck I must say. I am familiar with a lot of the cards, with the exception of a few hidden gems I will have to pay attention to such as Dash Hopes, and Promise of Bunrei

Straight forward deck, but efficient!

Potential SB cards I would suggest, and of course this depends on meta but, Spirit of the Labyrinth, Kami of False Hope, Spirit of Rhetoric. Awesome deck! +1

Naksu on Sacrificial Spirits (Modern Budget Weenies)

3 months ago

Thanks Silver__Core for your insights! It indeed seems like a solid choise. I havent updated the deck in MTGo yet and I'll try both cards when I have time. Promise of Bunrei sure looks promising after your demonstrations! How many copies would you consider, and would you cut Midnight Haunting for them ? I also don't see the need for being instant speed, as all of my other stuff is always played on my main phases and I never really have mana lingering around, unless I SB the counterspells in.

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