Shadow of the Grave


Format Legality
Standard Legal
Commander / EDH Legal
Vintage Legal
Legacy Legal
Modern Legal
Tiny Leaders Legal

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Set Rarity
Amonkhet Rare

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Shadow of the Grave


Return to your hand all cards in your graveyard that you cycled or discarded this turn.

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Shadow of the Grave Discussion

DubiousDanish on Negative Drakes

1 day ago

Even though Soulstinger doesn't look powerful, in a deck like this, it could be a useful way to nuke an opponents creature. As Murphy77 noted above there are some solid additions that make this strategy tick. Ruthless Sniper was tailor-made for this type of deck, it lowers the curve of the deck and gets the engine started. I see that you added the Wasteland Scorpions which should help a lot with early game defense and as a cycler in the late game. I don't like New Perspectives for this archetype because of one fatal flaw, it requires you to have 7 or more cards in hand to function. Yes, it draws you three cards but it would also make you second guess casting anything. I like having Faith of the Devoted as a win condition and it should be considered as an auto-slot for a cycling deck in most cases. In this case though, your deck is leaning toward aggro more than control. FotD could be in your sideboard to swap in for Drake Haven when facing a control deck. You may want to consider cutting Horror of the Broken Lands because I fear that it's cmc is too high and even with cycling it lacks that game-ending quality. If it had a keyword that enabled it to evade (Menace) or overpower (Trample) a defender it would have much more value. Last but not least Shadow of the Grave is another auto-slot to me, it just helps so much! The common argument I hear is "but then you'll end up having to discard at end of turn", isn't that what this deck wants to do? I'll admit that I have not piloted this deck myself, but I have faced it a few times. When they get "free" discards that trigger their other abilities it is devastating to my board-state or life total. Which is why deck brewers were salivating over New Perspectives during spoiler season, but it dropped off drastically once players got their hands on it. The "free" discards from NP are negated by it's steep mana cost of 6 because you cannot pay to activate your abilities that cost mana. SotG can generate a similar turn sequence for cmc 2 which is four activations in this deck. I hope some of the above babbling is helpful with tuning your deck. Good luck and kudos for not net-decking jerkyfiddle.

Murphy77 on Negative Drakes

1 day ago

Playing New Perspectives allows you to cycle at no cost. Shadow of the Grave can then return cycled cards to your hand. I would also look at Faith of the Devoted, Ruthless Sniper, Wasteland Scorpion and all and instants and sorceries with cycle abilities.

n0bunga on Wither Hither and Thither

4 days ago

ArcueidToo both Exemplar and the Belcher seem pretty good; I thought of the latter originally but he feels much more useful in a Zombie deck. That last ability really makes him viable, otherwise he's a 5/4 with menace. I chose the Croc over all these because of the Haste.

The Archfiend and Sniper all make use of Key to the City and Noose Constrictor. You are correct in that I'm not going to be making use of cycling here, but discarding to either outlet enables both.

One thing you have had me contemplate would be to include something like Shadow of the Grave to try and bring back all the cards discarded this way.

Monochromacy on Discarding My Ex

4 days ago

You probably never seem to use the gods, because in your list they're one-of's, and two-of's. In this archetype, The Spicy Savage Dog is very easy to activate. That Snake Dude can also be very easy to activate, and if you don't have a creature that fulfills his requirements, you can just use his activated ability , which on its own is still pretty strong, as it gives the creature trample as well. Another reason you're probably not using the gods is you're pitching them all to the Shadow of the Grave combo. However, if you are going to do the combo, which I suggest you don't, you should bring shadow up to a four-of.

Here is an argument I made to someone who suggested that I use the combo:

Hey, Selcath, I'm not running the Shadow of the Grave combo, because my opponent could have Harsh Scrutiny, or Fatal Push, or T1 Shock on Flameblade Adept, or Lightning Axe on Flameblade Adept, because it doesn't get a toughness boost, or more removal spells, or a chump blocker. The T3 kill with Shadow of the Grave is extremely unreliable, and if something does happen on T3, I'll have dumped my hand, and I'll probably lose the game.

Monochromacy on Discarding My Ex

5 days ago

Oh wait... You're running the Shadow of the Grave combo... I have a deck very similar to this, except it doesn't run the combo Jund Discard

funkyvoodoo on Jund Gitrog.. he isnt done yet!

6 days ago

CreepyDentures thanks for the feedback haha. ive actually used Sylvan Advocate alot i just wanted to give other stuff a chance for a home for play, but ive never used Woodland Wanderer yet. i also think some ramp would to the deck really good too just to be sure i have land in my hand at all times. my goal is to make this deck combo well with Archfiend of Ifnir + Noose Constrictor + The Gitrog Monster + Shadow of the Grave

ChampionWiggles on Help with U/B discard madness

6 days ago

I had thought about using Forgotten Creation in the deck, but for some reason, the thought of using it in combination with Shadow of the Grave never occurred to me. That's an amazing combo.

What do you think about running Throne of the God-Pharaoh in a deck like this?

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