Treasure Hunter


Format Legality
Vintage Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Commander / EDH Legal
Legacy Legal
Modern Legal
Tiny Leaders Legal

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Set Rarity
Tenth Edition Uncommon
Exodus Uncommon

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Treasure Hunter

Creature — Human

When Treasure Hunter enters the battlefield, you may return target artifact card from your graveyard to your hand.

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Treasure Hunter Discussion

Force_of_Willb on Ashnod's Fridge

2 months ago

This deck also could use Expedition Map to ensure we always find R&D secret lair (don't want to pay for those drinks ourselves. Also consider Paradox Engine with Salvaging Station it goes infinite drinks.

Also Scarecrone is not useful for this deck as she only reoccurs an artifact CREATURE so it can only get the other copy of scarecrone and the 1x Myr Retriever

How committed to Mono Blue are you? white offers alot os assistance: Leonin Squire, Ritual of Restoration, Treasure Hunter, and Auriok Salvagers

DVLuca on Now hear yee, Nahiri

3 months ago

Hey there, I think you have to lower, even if a little, your CMC. So we have look at cards above 4 mana like Storm Herd, a 10 mana sorcery, that can be replaced by White Sun's Zenith that we can reshuffle and cast at instant speed. Ugin, the Spirit Dragon is excelent BUT in a mono white he needs Grand Abolisher that I dont know if you have never played against it bau is an ingredible pain.... Open the Vaults is great but except for Martyr's Bond the enchantment and majority of artifact can be recovered by Sun Titan, and the other part with Buried Ruin and/or Treasure Hunter (but he is a little bleh). Anyone will pay 2 life in EDH for Norn's Annex and attack with some large fattas so, if you want this card, it can be replaced by Ghostly Prison that we can recover with Sun Titan. The lands: 35 is ok but not all-basic, so you need some cheap land like Buried Ruin from before, Emeria, The Sky Ruin and Terrain Generator is of great help, High Market for False Prophet, Kjeldoran Outpost for tokens, Mirrorpool expecialy to evade counters on your mass removal, Mistveil Plains is never bad reshuffle come cards, Scrying Sheets and Snow-Covered Plains in a mono with are very very good but the snowplains cost some money, Westvale Abbey  Flip I think in a token theme is fitting realy good, Winding Canyons to save mana in your turn for other spell, Blighted Steppe for the token theme. That's what came to mind for changes for cars more or less alike, to improve the equipment part Brass Squire can be of use with Argentum Armor and Batterskull for the most. A little combo I will add is Ashnod's Altar + Nim Deathmantle , these two or nim alone for recall some creature that died on the moment, and Wurmcoil Engine or Knight-Captain of Eos for infinite colorless mana and token. Tell me what you think.

Dohyden on Pure Undying Fury

4 months ago

Hello Beio53

Panharmonicon is certainly a powerhouse in the deck and has actually won me a game thanks to a double trigger off of Karmic Guide.

In regard to Master of Cruelties he does work with Alesha because his ability triggers in the blockers step here is the ruling which means with Entomb or Buried Alive Alesha can get a turn 3/4/5 kill quite easily. However your Brutal Hordechief's first ability does not trigger off of Alesha's res, but I still see the value of his second ability.

The reason I don't play Auramancer And Treasure Hunter is because Sun Titan already gives be back the majority of my enchantments or artifacts, sure I miss out on bringing back Sneak Attack, Smokestack and Panharmonicon but i'd rather use the slot they'd take up for other utility.

I don't play anarchist for the same reason, i just don't have enough power invested into my sorceries, sure it would be nice to Living Death multiple times but that's the only gimmick he would have.

And finally I have never been that interested in self-mill for the deck it seems much better to just draw and play the cards rather than relying too heavily on casting Alesha.

In regards to your deck, I wish I had Big Game Hunter, Hell's Caretaker and Feldon. Those are some sweet cards that have eluded me in the past. I really like your amulet of vigor but I feel Reconnaissance is better because you can untap in the end of combat step after the damage step effectively giving all your creature vigilance, but also to the reanimated ones and you can save Alesha from bad blocks. Flameshadow Conjuring is also really cool. I'm also a big fan of Extinction, I would love to put that in my Wish-Board

Anyway, I'd love to talk deck teck with you so please send me a private message!

Beio53 on Pure Undying Fury

4 months ago

This is the first Alesha deck I've looked at since kaladesh came out, and I'm drooling about Panharmonicon and Recruiter of the Guard because I've been thinking the same thing for my own Alesha deck haha. Your enchantments and avacyn are very nice for keeping your creatures out on the battlefield and i think Goblin Sharpshooter could be great if you have deathtouch, so maybe Archetype of Finality could be useful? If I may though, I'm curious why you chose Master of Cruelties since his ability won't trigger if he's recurred with Alesha. He can still be used but I doubt he'd be attacking alone unless you worked some board wipe shenanigans first. Also, for as many enchantments and artifacts you have, I'd recommend something like Auramancer and Treasure Hunter. If you want your deck to "cycle" as you say, then you'll want as much as you can to be recurrable which is why I imagine you have Anarchist. As one of the other comments was saying, running sac outlets is always nice with etb effects because you have to rely on echo effects and combat to reload. I just got Undercity Informer for that purpose and dredging out creatures. Anyway though, you obviously are willing to put the important cards into your deck and I'll give you the upvote for your creativity. If you'd like, feel free to check out my Alesha deck Alesha's smiling ear to ear and we can talk more deck tech!

Force_of_Willb on Nahiri, the Lithomancer

7 months ago

I have a deck that uses all the "swords of" and my favorite creature in it is Kor Duelist.

I don't see many ways to get artifacts back from your graveyard. Have you considered trying: Treasure Hunter, Razor Hippogriff, Sanctum Gargoyle, or Refurbish

MagicalHacker on [List - Multiplayer] EDH Generals by Tier

10 months ago

The LED one (Lotus Bloom doesn't work) involves fewer pieces. In addition, all three of these combos require 0 cards on the field. As for using Ashnod's Altar/Phyrexian Altar to get infinite mana (to win with Goblin Cannon probably), you can combo off that way if it's your graveyard if Angel of Glory's Rise can get Treasure Hunter, but I'm not a fan of having to wait to pay the extra to get an altar.

ChiefBell on 3 Card Deck. What Would ...

1 year ago

3 Card Blind is a type of magic where each player starts the game with 3 cards in hand and no other cards at all. Each player plays open handed and the game is not lost if you try to draw a card and fail (due to the fact that there is no library). Matches consist of 1 player going first in the first game, and then the other player going first in the next game. There is no third game - only two games!

Bare in mind Black Lotus is legal.

Some examples, as given by MTGS:
Black Lotus, Black Lotus, Visara the Dreadful
Black Lotus, Treasure Hunter, Aura of Silence
Golgari Rot Farm, Treetop Village, Putrefy

What would you pick? See if your choice of 3 beats my choice which is below:

There are actually loads of interesting combinations.

Siq6Six on Making Eight-and-a-Half-Tails Great Again!

1 year ago

So I brought in the greaves & Iona. Both saw play last night. As usual, Iona brought the salt. Lol.

So I showed up late last night, after Marchesa made for a rough night (I'm usually burning resources to keep her in check). Well the player of Marchesa had changed over to Mizzix of the Izmagnus. The deck is known to go Enter the Infinite+Laboratory Maniac. Ok, long story short, I had a Quicksilver Amulet out, cheating in Iona, Shield of Emeria, naming Blue. That shut down Mizz, Riku & Horde. Followed that up with Sword of Fire and Ice. Already had Eight-and-a-Half-Tails, with the greaves. I equipped the sword to Iona, and began attacking Mizz. He already had Tamiyo, the Moon Sage on board, so I was shocking her w the sword.

Well, now these guys decided I was the big bad guy. Forgetting my deck has to work for the win & Mizz will pull it out of his ass. Horde pulls Desert Twister, gets all excited & says he's going to blow up Iona! I responded with a laugh & said, "Nope!" Tapped 3, turned the spell white with 8's ability, then giving Iona protection. "That's bullshit! Screw it, I'm done. I'm going home...." I couldn't help but laugh about it... He could have took back the spell (yes, we allow that).

After he left the guys said his deck wasn't doing shit all night. Riku & Mizz agreed to just scoop. The "new" guy, playing Teysa, Orzhov Scion was looking at them like a bunch of quitters :D I told him it's understandable as I had a pretty strong board state.

Next game - Mizz auto wins. Basically he sat there drawing cards. Zur Grasp of Fate's my Gauntlet of Power & I couldn't draw 6th land for shit. Mizz pulls off an Epic Experiment for 20, getting Enter the Infinite. Lab Man was still in the deck, so that's was that.

Iona has to stay tho. I need to have ways to deal with Marchesa, even if it is unfun. It's unfun when 1 deck gets to pull off too much shit and easily gets around spot removal & board wipes. Now I need to figure out where to slide in It & RIP. I'm thinking probably pull Marshal's Anthem for RIP.

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