Treasure Hunter


Format Legality
Noble Legal
Leviathan Legal
Magic Duels Legal
Canadian Highlander Legal
Vintage Legal
Modern Legal
Penny Dreadful Legal
Vanguard Legal
Legacy Legal
Archenemy Legal
Planechase Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Unformat Legal
Casual Legal
Commander / EDH Legal

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Set Rarity
Tenth Edition (10E) Uncommon
Exodus (EXO) Uncommon

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Treasure Hunter

Creature — Human

When Treasure Hunter enters the battlefield, you may return target artifact card from your graveyard to your hand.

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Treasure Hunter Discussion

NensouHiebara on Balan, Wandering Knight | Equipment Voltron

1 week ago


Treasure Hunter and Salvage Scout are good budget replacements for Argivian Archaeologist. Restoration Specialist is also an option if enchantment recursion is desired.


Eternal Dragon is a card that does a handful of small, helpful things, relying on the utility it offers than raw power:

  • It's a tutor for a Basic if I'm missing a land drop. Never disappointing to see it in the opening hand.
  • It's a tutor for Mistveil Plains.
  • Provides an inconsequential shuffle effect to refresh my library for Sensei's Divining Top.
  • It's a 5/5 flier in a pinch. Great base body for Equipment.

Eternal Dragon is an underwhelming creature by today's standards, but it does just enough for me to keep it around.


What you should be scared of is Stoneforge Mystic being unbanned in Modern, and the price spikes that will result from it. I've had this nagging feeling that this unban is close. And if it happens, Sword of Fire and Ice will be the first Sword on everyone's radar and can easily jump past $100 from hype alone.

Regardless, WotC has been gun-shy with powerful Equipment since New Phyrexia. The likelihood of a reprint making the Swords' prices tank is minuscule. Their power level from a Standard perspective is so high it causes nosebleeds and strong, efficient Equipment are problematic in Limited environments. It's hard to see the Swords be reprinted outside of another Masters set, which won't affect their prices that much anyway.

Buying the Swords now seems very low-risk IMO. At worst, their prices hover around the same value for the foreseeable future. At best, they explode from Modern hype.


Mana Crypt is an overglorified second Sol Ring, and can be substituted with pretty much any good mana rock. It's one of those cards that you use it if you have it and not worth the money to acquire one unless you really want it.


Rafiq of the Many is a pretty powerful Voltron option. He's a 3-turn clock with just the exalted trigger, and doesn't need much more to tighten that clock. Green and Blue open up access to stronger ramp, countermagic, card draw, and a plethora of other utility cards.

Ca1m_down on A Rebirth of Steel (Teshar Primer)

1 month ago

I've been loving Teshar brews. I feel like you're missing out on the infinite combo potential of all of the bounce or recur creatures. For example Treasure Hunter, Glint Hawk, Aviary Mechanic, Emancipation Angel, Kor Skyfisher with a sac outlet and any 0 cmc artifact goes infinite.

Also I feel like Altar of Dementia and Blasting Station deserve a look as additional creature sac outlets.

greatdevourer on Human Trinkets

2 months ago

Here's some ideas.

Replace the Butcher's Cleaver or Slayer's Plate with a Loxodon Warhammer. Same Cost, same equip, same damage bonus, but not having a restriction on the creature type and the additional trample are pretty nice.
I've always felt that Bonds of Faith is better in a 60 card deck than Commander. Too many threats and it suffers from the same problems that all Auras have.
The Citadel Siege feels out of place. I get the point of the two +1/+1 counters each combat, but if the board is empty, it becomes useless.

Please consider the following equipment (in no particular order):
Vulshok Morningstar
Illusionist's Bracers
Sword of Kaldra
Konda's Banner
Umezawa's Jitte
Basilisk Collar
Argentum Armor
Nim Deathmantle

Creatures to consider:
Auriok Salvagers
Sanctum Gargoyle
Treasure Hunter
Sun Titan

Additional cards to look at:
Forbidding Watchtower
Sejiri Steppe
Kjeldoran Outpost
Dread Statuary

babushkasara on Hixus and the Jailbreakers

2 months ago

I don't love Springjack Shepherd because tokens don't count toward devotion. Even though it has an etb it doesn't seem like it would necessarily net you all that many tokens/life (depending on your board state at the time obviously).I'd also maybe consider replacing Treasure Hunter with Open the Vaults for a couple reasons. First, more than half your artifacts can be hit by Sun Titan already. Plus, Open the Vaults returns enchantments as well, something you'd have trouble with outside of, again, Sun Titan. Playing mono-white, it'll benefit you more, on average, than it'll help other players. The consideration I suppose is if some of your artifacts care about their own cast triggers but I doubt it?

Also, and I realize this is more suggestions without removals, you don't have much in the way of non-creature removal. Things like Disenchant or Leave No Trace (especially good in a mono-colored deck because 4 of the options don't touch you). Even Valorous Stance could provide good utility. (I know you might have some creatures that destroy on etb but I'm on my phone so it's hard to check.)

chosenone124 on The Ultimate Budget Way to Troll EVERYONE

8 months ago

rodsters, you hit it on the money. Since the combo requires you to generate infinite black mana to cast Conspiracy before you can retrieve the infinite rainbow mana piece Gemstone Array, we can't use Arcane Adaptation.

That said, the reason we use Conspiracy over Arcane Adaptation is rooted in my arbitrary obsession with the word Hippogriff. If you replace Razor Hippogriff with Treasure Hunter, you will be able to recur Gemstone Array before casting the card that turns your graveyard into humans.

If you use swap Razor Hippogriff for Treasure Hunter and Conspiracy for Arcane Adaptation, you may replace Xenograft with any tutor or cantrip you wish.

zuharran on False Banishment

9 months ago

By the cards you've added, it's clear that you're conscious of your mana curve, however, I'd say that even with the 2 ramp cards you have, it probably isn't enough for how high your mana curve is. I would also say that you're going to want a lot of creatures and, because of that, I feel like the addition of conjurer's closet actually slows down your deck rather than making it more efficient. There are a few cards that I would add, namely Eerie Interlude and/or Ghostway.Eeerie Interlude is helpful for the large number of creatures you'd want to run with this deck, as it would proc everything, and with panharmonicon on the field, it gets really nasty. Ghostway is helpful to dodge board wipes like wrath of god. I would also suggest Long Road Home, though it returns at the next end step, which can slow the deck instead of helping you tempo. Flickerwisp would also find a very pleasant home here, since it can also combo with panharmonicon. I'm not sure how, but if you could find a use for mycosynth wellspring, it could help the ramp.

Some creature/artifact suggestions:

  • Kitchen Finks:
  • this has life gain and persist, so it can be used as a blocker for the flicker effect. And, if it has the -1/-1 counter and you remove it with cloudshift, you would remove the -1/-1 counter as well and give it more survivability.
  • Trostani, Selesnya's Voice:
  • The life gain effect triggers with panharmonicon, on top of that, a cheap token production of enter effects could be very useful in the deck.
  • Fiend Hunter:
  • can be used to permanently exile creatures abusing the way the stack resolves triggers. If you activate cloudshift in response to fiend hunter's enter the battlefield effect it causes a permanent exile effect. Once cloudshift resolves the new enters the battlefield trigger goes on the stack once you choose a target (if possible). Then the old leaves the battlefield trigger goes on the stack (Assuming this resolves, it does nothing because there's nothing to bring back). Then the new enters the battlefield trigger resolves (When fiend hunter next leaves play, this is the card that will come back). Finally the old enters the battlefield trigger resolves, presumably, exiling something for good. (This explanation comes from Kahedron on mtgsalvation forums)
  • Blade Splicer:
  • a 3 cmc creature that drops a 3/3 golem and gives golems first strike? Yes, please. This card is way more efficient than trostani's summoner and definitely a good addition to the deck.
  • Elvish Visionary:
  • The deck desperately needs to maintain card advantage in order to stay relevant later in the game (if it gets to that point), so card draw is important. Having a creature that can proc panharmonicon and give you more card advantage is very useful.
  • Eternal Witness:
  • Good creature return for relatively cheap, and can proc panharmonicon. Can help maintain card advantage in the late game as easily as card draw does if you are having trouble keeping creatures alive.
  • Sigil Captain:
  • This would require you to structure your deck more around 1/1's instead of having larger creatures, but could be a useful addition. Would work well with blade splicer, cathedral sanctifier, farhaven elf, and sylvan ranger.
  • Treasure Hunter:
  • A useful card in the event your opponent destroys panharmonicon. I wouldn't put in more than one or two, or sideboard them, as they are only useful if your opponent is destroying your artifacts.
  • Wall of Omens:
  • Helpful for maintaining card advantage and a strong defender, if needed.

Sorry for the long post, but I like the deck idea and it gave me some ideas of my own. Hope this helps!

xSKINCOLLECTORx on Death of a Thousand Pits

11 months ago

I used to have to run Treasure Hunter and Auramancer until they printed Restoration Specialist I love that card. I bought five foils and use it in any edh deck with white, and recommend it frequently. It's so good with its single use, but having Alesha, Who Smiles at Death or a Sun Titan in your deck just makes it better

Force_of_Willb on Ashnod's Fridge

1 year ago

This deck also could use Expedition Map to ensure we always find R&D secret lair (don't want to pay for those drinks ourselves. Also consider Paradox Engine with Salvaging Station it goes infinite drinks.

Also Scarecrone is not useful for this deck as she only reoccurs an artifact CREATURE so it can only get the other copy of scarecrone and the 1x Myr Retriever

How committed to Mono Blue are you? white offers alot os assistance: Leonin Squire, Ritual of Restoration, Treasure Hunter, and Auriok Salvagers

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