Format Legality
Tiny Leaders Legal
1v1 Commander Legal
Magic Duels Legal
Canadian Highlander Legal
Vintage Legal
Leviathan Legal
Legacy Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Casual Legal
Commander / EDH Legal

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Set Rarity
Commander 2013 (C13) Rare

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Creature — Human Shaman

At the beginning of each upkeep, if you control no Snakes, put a 1/1 black Snake creature token with deathtouch onto the battlefield.

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Ophiomancer Discussion

bigtooth on sacrifice everything

3 days ago

I find Ophiomancer a bit to slow and restrictive compared to the others. Revel in Riches could be good, however I used to use Black Market and ended up taking it out. I think the upsides of revel of being able to use it whenever instead of only first main phase might be able make it useful though. Plus another win con but I hate winning when a card says I do.

Rule_Britannia on Yahenni, Suicide Black Aggro-Control V2

3 days ago

I really recommend Ophiomancer. It has great interaction with Blade of the Bloodchief + Yahenni, Undying Partisan .

If your interested, you can take a look at my version Yahenni EDH

kamelyan on sacrifice everything

4 days ago

Ophiomancer also provides a token every turn; and Revel in Riches can get you a quick win.

Gidgetimer on Douchey Deck Help?

1 week ago

It's a little expensive if you are paying face value for it instead of cheating it in like I do, but Possessed Portal sounds like something you would like. You can break parity with just Ophiomancer or both Myr Turbine and Unwinding Clock if you want to make it a hard lock; or you can just be irritating for a few rounds until you are forced to sacrifice it.

Saharez on Living Death [[Jund Token Madness EDH]]

1 month ago

This deck is super sweet, at the surface level is pretty hard to see how it's gonna pull off wins, but then suddenly it just explodes into massive draws and a bunch of 3/1, possibly boosted with beastmasters ascension for lethal damage.

I love that there is an alternative win strategy in the form of a milling the opponent out with Altar of the Brood

Have you considered Ophiomancer instead of the more expensive, CMC 3 versus CMC 5 with a stronger deterrent against attacks.

It doesn't keep providing value unless there is a sac outlet and the snake isn't as scary as the saproling with the +2/+2, you do not run any alternative saproling generators so the cheaper CMC and other advantages might be worth it.

ShreddedByCrows on Black Devotion

2 months ago

lance4224130 Hey, as we are playing exactly the same colours EDH decks, I had to come here too!

I started EDH with a Drana, Kalastria Bloodchief deck (which is on my page if you want to have a look, it may give you some ideas).

As experienced, I don't really like Magus of the Coffers. Even if you got the boots to directly equip him (and you don't play them, which is understandable with Erebos as commander), it's really slow. If you're looking for a card with a similar effect, you could put in a Doubling Cube (a bit greedy though, but I love this card), an Extraplanar Lens (play snow-covered swamps if you go for it, so your opponents won't get any benefits) or Jet Medallion.

Consuming Vapors feels badly slow and only affect one dude. Even if it has rebound, I won't play it. I play Choice of Damnations in my Rakdos, Lord of Riots deck because I have the ability to down everyone life totals quite quickly... in a hard control deck as this one, I think it's just not good enough. Your opponents will often choose to lose something like 9-10 life points on the best cases, and you will spend all your mana in a useless card. Same reaction for Consume Spirit, Soul Burn and Drain Life. Except maybe in some greedy Jeleva decklists, Curse of the Cabal seems like a bad card for EDH.

If you want to play devotion, Phyrexian Obliterator and Necropotence are staples. Erebos's Titan is not bad either (and flavorful). Dread Shade at leat deserves some testing playtime. Even if it's not your initial strategy, Grave Titan is huge and ugly - so it's definitely everything you like in his kind of deck. Kokusho, the Evening Star is a great tread to take advantage on your opponents.

If you want to stay on a more ''creatureless'' devotion version, you could try out Kuon, Ogre Ascendant which is hard to flip, but pretty damn effective.

All Is Dust makes out as a great board-clear, but you should keep in mind it also forces you to sacrifice your enchantments. Phyrexian Scriptures are nice in synergy with The Abyss, but it's quite a slow card. Massacre Wurm is a nice card to control the board (hum... to destroy every token deck), healing you and giving you a strong body on the battlefield.

Grim Tutor and Increasing Ambition are another good tutor options.

Bitterblossom with Contamination and/or Attrition is op - Bloodghast / Ophiomancer serve the same purposes, and you will also love to add Skullclamp if you go for it, having access to a nice sac outlet is what makes monoB that strong in my opinion (also with cards like Ashnod's Altar, Grave Pact, Dictate of Erebos (flavorful!) etc.).

Painful Quandary is an insanly powerful card in Control decks. For other cruel cards as this one, you have Lethal Vapors, Oppression, Death Cloud or Capital Punishment.

Waste Not could fit if you add some mass discards effects (like Bottomless Pit (not the best example as you also discard AT RANDOM, meh...), Vindictive Lich, etc.).

You have the Lich's Mastery which seems funny.

I certainly forgot a lot of cards, but I'll let you know if something else come to my mind. Have great fun building it up!

kamelyan on Torgaar, Famine Incarnate

2 months ago

I think I've been putting Bitterblossom and Contamination in all of my recent mono-black decks; and if you don't want to use Contamination, Bitterblossom will still offer fodder for your commander; likewise with Ophiomancer -and it provides a deathtouch blocker.

kamelyan on Karlov Life Gain EDH

2 months ago

If you don't want to combo out with Exquisite Blood, or alt-win with Felidar Sovereign or Test of Endurance, or even one-shot someone with Aetherflux Reservoir, maybe you'd like a Crested Sunmare. I would also recommend Ophiomancer for the ETBs, sacs, and blocks, as well as Phyrexian Arena and Syphon Mind for the draws.

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