Format Legality
1v1 Commander Legal
Vintage Legal
Pauper Legal
Legacy Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Casual Legal
Commander / EDH Legal

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Set Rarity
Commander 2013 (C13) Rare

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Creature — Human Shaman

At the beginning of each upkeep, if you control no Snakes, put a 1/1 black Snake creature token with deathtouch onto the battlefield.

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Ophiomancer Discussion

NV_1980 on Meren's Returning Army

2 days ago

Hi Brightest_Day,

Thanks for your input. Ophiomancer is nice but compared to my other creatures he isn't strong/useful to replace anything. An extra 1/1 with deathtouch is nice to have on the field, but then I'd actually prefer Hornet Queen (even if her CMC is a lot higher).

Ramunap Excavator is a great card ... if you're worried about land destruction or lots of milling (from the opposition). Land destruction is no concern of mine. I don't use many sac lands and my playgroup frowns upon any land destruction cards. We've not banned them, but people will tell you you're a dick/cunt if you use them. As for milling, meh ... if it happens, it happens. I've got Life from the Loam to compensate if needed.

Savra, Queen of the Golgari is a great card and it was in this deck a while ago. She definitely is powerful but I don't feel like I really need her. The deck already contains plenty of ways to force sacs and gain life; often in more powerful ways.

Winding Constrictor is definitely an option and one I overlooked until now (mostly because I just recently acquired one). I'm not worried about infect; my playgroup has banned this broken mechanic (especially in EDH). I think I'm going to replace Catacomb Sifter with it.

Thanks again for your feedback; greatly appreciate it. If your comments are always this useful, I can't wait what you have to say about any of my other decks. If you'd like me to have a look at one of your other decks, please let me know.

Happy gaming!

Brightest_Day on Meren's Returning Army

3 days ago

Hi NV_1980, I was somewhat comparing our Meren decks were built, and while they are very different I do have some cards I might recommend, however take them lightly as i have not been able to play test them, they are just ideas.

Ophiomancer has some good defensive capabilities, due to her putting a token onto the field on anyones turn, keeping them from swinging at you with their things they dont want to die.

Ramunap Excavator is basically Crucible of worlds on a dude, something Meren can recur. I find that having him allows you to be a lot more generous with your draw/self mill, who cares if a land hits your grave if you can just play it from the grave.

Savra, Queen of the Golgari is one of "Unique" cards I want to add into mine. She isnt a staple, but she is far from bad. Sac a black creature and pay two life to make your opponents sac a creature, and if a green one dies you get the two life back, removal and lifegain in one.

Winding Constrictor also give you two experience counters per sac vs just one, turning your clock up by two each time, however infect is also something that will kill you faster as well.

Just some food for thought, Im not 100% sure how well the upgrades ive given mine will work, but I feel like the cards I mentioned are better in general.

whatskraken on Yahenni

2 weeks ago

Sengir Autocrat and Marsh Flitter produce tokens in black, along with the more expensive Ophiomancer and Bitterblossom

djewell on Power Devour Pounding Hour

3 weeks ago

Sounds good! I have a few suggestions... this is always the hard part of deck building xD

Let's first go through and look at things that are not pertaining to your two win conditions, (Prossh or devour creatures)

We could take out Charnelhoard Wurm because it really doesn't help you out that much. All the creatures you sacrifice now (as opposed to the original deck list) are going to be tokens so you really don't need to much recursion. If a creature dies, just move along! Same thing with Hua Tuo, Honored Physician, Sek'Kuar, Deathkeeper (as far as the whole "you aren't sacrificing non tokens" thing)

maybe take out Endrek Sahr, Master Breeder, I just feel like you can do much much better with a token creation engine. The sacrifice thing kinda turns me off to it.

Hellkite Hatchling is a bit underwhelming for a devour creature.

Ophiomancer is a very fun card but is just slowing you down.

Shattergang Brothers is just not quite good imo. You aren't going to sacrifice anything else but a creature except on very rare occasion.

Quagmire Druid is not bad, but is a slot taken up in your deck. Keep it close by just in case you need more enchantment removal.

Smothering Abomination is good in a vacuum but I feel like if you get it out.. that you'll find its hard to have things to sacrifice at the beginning of your upkeep as you fuel devour and prossh.

Stronghold Assassin and Viscera Seer can come out if you're getting picky. They are good utility cards but if you're looking to cut fat out of the deck, they are viable options.

Foster I think is going to skip over some of your token producer cards.. and we don't want that happening xD

Vile Requiem is really really slow removal.

Hunter's Prowess because I think you are going to draw WAAAAAY too many cards off of that and not be able to hold on to them.

Also switch out the Borderland Ranger and put in a Caravan Vigil! That basically guarantees you an untapped land with all this token sacrificing that's going on.

Davidjameskeenan on Ghave Tokens and Taxes

3 weeks ago

Hi eddywaters1 thank you for checking out my deck! Secure the Wastes is an excellent idea. I will have to include that one. I'm glad to know I'm not the only one who likes to control the game with hate cards. One of my favourite scenarios is to have Ophiomancer, Dictate of Erebos, and Viscera Seer (or equivalent) and control the board. Sometimes it feels good to be bad!

I'll keep tweaking my deck and I will definitely use yours as a guide.

Cheers, David

eddywaters1 on Ghave Tokens and Taxes

3 weeks ago

Sorry still working on learning the formatting. Tried to hyper link my deck. If you look at my decks it's the one called "Ghave a Little Bit (of my Hate to You)".

As for your deck, I really like the inclusion Rishkar, Peema Renegade and Hornet Queen and Ophiomancer. I also came to the conclusion that having lots of tokens out is a greater benefit to the deck than just getting out extra plus one counters.

Have you considered running Secure the Wastes as a token generator? Pretty efficient and instant speed so you can hold it for when your opponent taps out or something.

Sun Titan is another favorite in my deck, as it brings back hatebears and control enchantments like Contamination and Aura of Silence.

Davihelio on gitler did nazin gron

1 month ago

A ver, veo que estas centrandote mucho en incluir criaturas que tengan mecanismos naturales de recursin, pero sinceramente, la mayora de esas cartas no son suficientemente buenas o poderosas como para justificar su inclusin. En su lugar, hay un buen nmero de cartas que te permiten devolverte cosas a la mano de forma mucho ms eficiente y sin sacrificar poder en el proceso.

En primer lugar, sacara cosas como Ovalchase Daredevil, Nether Traitor, Pyre Zombie y Dread Wanderer por cosas como Phyrexian Reclamation, Skullwinder o Seeds of Renewal.

En segundo lugar, hay cartas caras como Lord of Extinction facilmente sustituibles por algo como Nighthowler que adems te da versatilidad (sacrificable tanto como encantamiento como criatura, o si no, usable como finisher).

En tercer lugar, debes considerar cartas que generen tokens como "carnaza" para las habilidades de comandante. Curse of Opulence o Tamiyo's Journal puede generar una gran cantidad de artefactos, From Beyond y Ophiomancer crean ejercitos de criaturas...

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