Sunscorched Desert


Format Legality
1v1 Commander Legal
Vintage Legal
Modern Legal
Standard Legal
Legacy Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Casual Legal
Unformat Legal
Pauper Legal
Commander / EDH Legal

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Set Rarity
Amonkhet (AKH) Common

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Sunscorched Desert

Land — Desert

When Sunscorched Desert enters the battlefield, it deals 1 damage to target player.

: Add to your mana pool.

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Sunscorched Desert Discussion

VeggiesaurusRex on Flames of Passion: Mono-Red Burn

1 week ago

FullmetalWes, thank you for the +1 and your comment, but I'm working on other decks right now and Eidolon of the Great Revel is too expensive for me to just buy on a whim. That said, I'll definitely keep it in mind when I cycle back around to this deck.

As for Ramunap Ruins and Sunscorched Desert, I like the idea of running them together, but replacing 4 of my 18 lands with colorless sources seriously hinders my chances of starting off strong with a T1 Lightning Bolt or Lava Spike. I would, however, be willing to consider a 4/2 split between the two.

FullmetalWes on Flames of Passion: Mono-Red Burn

1 week ago

I see this is supposed to be budget but Eidolon of the Great Revel is great, at least in the sideboard against other fast decks. I'd recommend running playsets of Ramunap Ruins and Sunscorched Desert as great sources of extra damage and they're budget friendly!

spiderjesus on Favorable Pirates (Ultra Budget <$15)

1 week ago

Only suggestion I would have is Sunscorched Desert

Furani on Standrad - Mono Black Vampires

1 week ago

Hey, nice to see that ppl play the only and true color... Black Dominance! (No pun intended)

The card that I would like to suggest is: Gonti's Machinations which does the same yet better as Dark Nourishment (also it's CMC is way to high to be effective)

If you would like a bit more competitive mana base; you might want to take out 10 swamps for: 2x Scavenger Grounds, 4x Ifnir Deadlands and 4x Sunscorched Desert.

And to max the value of Yahenni, Undying Partisan's sac ability, Bishop of the Bloodstained and Skymarch Bloodletter ETB effect, as well as Gifted Aetherborn's deathtouch (To kill treats w/o losing creature value and gaining 4 instead of 2 life, if not more). I highly recommend a playset of Supernatural Stamina. Only for and on instant speed.

Hope these upgrades help, and they should be rather cheap.

multimedia on Ramunap Red Black

2 weeks ago

Hey, Black Red Aggro is currently a good archetype in Standard. It uses the interaction between Night Market Lookout and Aethersphere Harvester to make your opponent lose a lot of life. This archetype however is base dominate black and just splashes red for Strike, Hazoret, Bomat ability as well as some sideboard cards that black can't provide. It's dominate black because of the number of good black one drops as well as good sideboard cards that red can't provide. Lookout and Dread Wanderer are the stand out black one drops, you want to play either one turn one and the only way to do this is to play a lot of Swamps.

This deck is different and I can appreciate that, brewing is good, but if you want to be competitive, playing tournaments, then I suggest using an already established Black Red Aggro list or just playing Ramunap Red.

Aggro feeds off consistency and playing a bunch of 3 ofs of a lot of different creatures is not consistent. You already have the best red one drop here, Bomat, but it's the only creature as a 4 of. I suggest cutting quite a few creatures and make the better ones for this strategy 4 ofs. Start by cutting the two drops, Aetherborn and Captain. Aetherborn is double black which is not going to work unless your manabase is dominate black. A dominate red mana base can't support double black for a two drop. There's no other Pirates in the deck, Captain is very much wasted. Earthshaker is the best two drop here play it as a 4 of.

One of the reasons to play black with aggro is Scrapheap Scrounger which is amazing with aggro strategies because it's 3 power for two mana and can keep coming back even at instant speed by exiling one of your dead creatures from your yard such as Bomat. I suggest adding 4x Scrounger as the second two drop. Since it's an artifact it makes Unlicensed an even better removal spell. Black also gives you a nice three drop in Yahenni, Undying Partisan. This guy is deceptively powerful because he can project himself from removal and board wipes by free sacing another creature you control. He combos with Scrounger because Scrounger can be reanimated using other creatures you sac to give Yahenni indestructibility and you can sac Scrounger to protect Yahenni and then reanimate Scrounger. He can also save Scrounger or Earthshaker from exile removal which is how your opponent can stop them.

What Standard is currently telling us is if you want to play aggro red and black together than it's best to use black as the dominate color and just splash red or just play mono-red. This is because the best cards that black has to offer for aggro are one drops and two drops and you need black as the dominate color in the deck to consistently play these on curve.

If you want to be "different" consider this list:

I've cut Sunscorched Desert for Slough because Slough can make black mana. Sunscorched with Ruins is a powerful interaction, but there's no room for Sunscorched in the manabase because black mana is more important. Ruins is a far superior card. There isn't a dominate color instead I've gone with an equal amount of black and red, with only one extra black source than red. I've cut the energy strategy (Hub, Siphoner, Harvester) and Lookout to be different than current Black Red Aggro.

I've cut Soul-Scar Mage in favor of Wanderer because I think Wanderer is much better one drop creature because he can come back from your yard. Both Aetherborn and Captain have been cut and replaced with Scrounger and Yahenni. Scrounger is nice on the manabase because it's colorless which is good to be able to consistently play it turn two.

Chandra has been cut for a fourth Hazoret, but if you don't have a fourth Hazoret then just play your 1x Chandra. I think Chandra is better in the sideboard because she is good in some matchups, but Hazoret wins games and you always want it turn four. I've add Push because it's so good with an aggro strategy because your opponent is going to have to at some point have to kill your aggro creatures. When they do you it makes Push a very good removal spell.

Overall this list looks okay, but it's really a much worse version of the already established Black Red Aggro and is much much worse than Ramunap Red. If I were you I would just play either of those decks.

At some point you need a 15 card sideboard because that's how Standard works. 4x Duress is your best sideboard card, there's also Kitesail Freebooter who is Duress with a body, Abrade, Doomfall, Magma Spray, Rampaging Ferocidon and Bontu's Last Reckoning.

Good luck with your deck.

zandl on Favorable Pirates (Ultra Budget <$15)

3 weeks ago

-4 Island, +4 Sunscorched Desert for a bit more reach?

Also, I think Chart A Course is your best noncreature spell. I'd try to bump it up to a full playset.

mmcgeach on Breya Ad naus

3 weeks ago

Hi Dake, thanks for the tip. I'm glad to hear you like Breya, and that it works for you in your meta. You must really be kicking ass for people to resort to playing Nevermore on your general. :) I haven't gotten around to trying Sunscorched Desert but I appreciate the report - I'll definitely try running it. Actually I didn't realize the desert ETB'd untapped. That's better than I thought. I think if I drop Bazaar I'd also drop Deep Analysis. And maybe Urborg.

But, demonicgrizzly, that scenario works with Bazaar of Baghdad, too. It's described above. (But, it mills your whole deck, then you can move the animate dead onto lab man, then you win off the last bazaar activation.)

plakjekaas on Mono-Black Aggro Ixl

3 weeks ago

Ramunap Red plays it because it's another desert to sacrifice to Ramunap Ruins, the namesake card of the deck. Since this deck has no desert payoff, I'm not sure about Sunscorched Desert. However, you could always play Ifnir Deadlands if you expect to go into the long game anyway. As an aggro deck, paying 1 life is not that much of a downside, especially not with 4 Gifted Aetherborn in the main deck. It will do more for the purpose of your deck than Field of Ruin, that card is played in control decks to activate Revolt on fatal push.

If you don't have the Heart of Kiran to play, you could also consider putting Aethersphere Harvester in the main deck, and with Glint-Sleeve Siphoner and that, you could play Aether Hub for some bonus energy payoff.

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