Format Legality
Legacy Legal
Vintage Legal
Commander / EDH Legal
Duel Commander Legal

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Nemesis Uncommon

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If an opponent controls a Forest and you control an Island, you may play Submerge without paying its mana cost.

Put target creature on top of its owner's library.

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Submerge Discussion

ventergh on Into the Roil

2 weeks ago

I'm a fan! This is the Noyan list that matches the playstyle I am looking for the most. I have a few questions though.

You have a few quite narrow answers. Do these kinds of threats and situations come up often enough in general to warrant a slot or are they just a meta call for you? For example, Hushwing Gryff, Submerge, Hallowed Moonlight, Mental Misstep, Squelch. I'm also on the fence about Teferi's Response but I can see the blowouts it can create.

Is Pristine Talisman's little life gain worth it over something more efficient? Would you consider Gift of Estates a suitable budget replacement for Tithe or Wayfarer?

Is Cataclysmic Gearhulk strong enough compared to other boardwipes? Flashing it in with Scout's Warning must be fun, but I feel like letting my opponents choose ruins the card.

Aside from regular counterspells, are Sacred Ground and Teferi's Response enough protection for your lands? Asking because your mtgsalvation list had Terra Eternal, Trade Routes and Mother of Runes as well.

One last question, despite Deep Analysis being pure value, does the sorcery speed not mess with you too much?


Oxman_451 on Legacy Fish Sideboard Help

2 months ago

I'm going to try not to sound redundant, but Back to Basics and Graveyard hate really are musts. I personally like Grafdigger's Cage. Submerge is great against a lot of decks. Also, Mindbreak Trap is very good against storm, and doesn't get countered by your own Chalice of the Void

Emzed on cEDH: Mazirek Combo-Control

3 months ago

All of those suggestions are essentially 3-card combos (2 cards generating infinite mana means you need a third card to actually win from there, etc), but this deck already has several perfectly fine 2-card combos. So why bother with anything else? It would just bloat up the deck with cards that are useless outside of a very specific context.

@ Triton: Why Yahenni, Undying Partisan? I can't see a good reason to run it over a cheaper version (Carrion Feeder), a more versatile version (Sadistic Hypnotist) or one that you can tutor more easily (Varolz, the Scar-Striped is green which matters for several tutors). Indestructibility just doesn't seem very attractive in a format where a lot of removal gets around it easily (Swords to Plowshares, Path to Exile, Dismember, Toxic Deluge, Submerge, Duplicant, Pithing Needle).
You depend on Tooth and Nail heavily, but maybe you could include some alternatives that can do a similar job, such as Pattern of Rebirth, Defense of the Heart, Birthing Pod or Eldritch Evolution. For the latter two it's very relevant that sacrificing Mazirek to them can find either piece of Mike + Trike.

Shadowwarrior346 on Legacy Fish Sideboard Help

3 months ago

I would definitely run some graveyard hate for decks like Reanimator, Storm and Dredge in the form of Relic of Progenitus, Grafdigger's Cage or Tormod's Crypt. I think you need 3-4 pieces of graveyard hate.

I personally would also run 2x Back to Basics to punish greedy mana bases like Eldrazi, Lands, Mud, Bug etc. Just be aware that you play it when it does not hurt yourself too much.

I also think that you want 2-3 Dismembers in your sideboard against Tarmogoyf, Gurmag Angler, Stoneforge Mystic or any creature that might prevent you from getting damage through in the matchups, where your islandwalk is irrelevant. They are also very useful against Death & Taxes, which is one of Merfolk bad matchups.

You can also run Echoing Truth against decks that play annoying enchantments/artifacts like Meekstone, Ensnaring Bridge, Moat, Engineered Plague. It is also useful against tokens from Empty the Warrens, Monastery Mentor tokens, Young Pyromancer tokens and Entreat the Angels tokens.

Against Death & Taxes and Stoneblade decks, you could add 1x Manriki-Gusari to the sideboard to destroy their equipments. You can easily find it by copying their Stoneforge Mystic with your Phantasmal Image.

Many sideboards also run some additional counterspells and here there many available options.One of these options is Flusterstorm, which is good at winning counterwars and which is also good against combo decks like Storm and Reanimator.
You can also use counter spells like Negate, Swan Song or Spell Pierce. Personally I would not run 1 mana counterspell due to Chalice of the Void other the Flusterstorm, where the copies does not get countered by Chalice of the Void.

Other that these, you have some flexspots which can anything you need like: Pithing Needle which can name a ton stuff like Sensei's Divining Top, Wirewood Symbiote, Stoneforge Mystic, Grindstone, Sneak Attack etc.

Tidebinder Mage which is good against Deathrite Shaman, Tarmogoyf and elves.

Submerge which is a free bouncespell against decks with forest lands. It is sometimes even a removal spell, if you use it, when they use their fetchlands.

I hope this is helpful for you. :)

Samuel-Frederick on A little damage here, a little more there

5 months ago

Alright then, this deck just got a bit tasty! If you're running them, my favourite is running just 8 creatures, four one drops and four two drops. So two Delver, and two Young Pyro. Then every now and then you can change them up to change the feel of the deck, so you can go a bit more machine-gun style and run Thermo-Alchemist, have some prowess with the ever popular Stormchaser Mage, or go big with Thing in the Ice  Flip. Or, if you've just won the lottery, you can always run Snapcaster Mage of course... Monastery Swiftspear if you want to get in quick, or Ninja of the Deep Hours if you want to draw more cards and be a bit more, ninjary, or Grim Lavamancer if you want to slow it down a little, and be a bit more, lavamancery.

Moving on from creatures, you're running 20 land (which is bold), and curving high. You have draw power, but not enough to justify it. So, do I think you should run more land? Hells no, personally, I'd go down to 18-19 land, and curve at two. It has a faux storm feel, draw, counter, burn, draw, hit you with an insect, melt my ice, make some elementals etc. You're curving high when you really don't need to, I'll throw some low mana sweets your way;

Gitaxian Probe lets you run a really shy amount of land, because you can draw for 0, prowess for 0, melt ice for 0, literally anything you want for 0 mana, as long as it involves casting a sorcery and drawing a card.

Brainstorm wants to be a four of, and Ponder is sweet as well. Both these cards stack your library, and you know what cards love that! Temporal Mastery, and Thunderous Wrath, and I guess Vanishment, Devastation Tide, and Reforge the Soul, but mainly extra turns for two and 5 damage for one.

Counterspell is obviously awesome, get that in there if you can.

Smash to Smithereens, Sulfuric Vortex, Pyroblast, and Submerge are sweet sideboard cards.

Anyway, that's enough for now I reckon lol, something there to think about for you.

Daedalus19876 on Stitcher Geralf, Necromancer of the Moors

7 months ago

Flusterstorm is pretty bad in EDH except in the highest tiers, TBH. I have a copy and I'm struggling to find a deck for it.

Looking at your description, here are some things that might interest you: Anchor to the Aether, Chronostutter, Ether Well, Forced Retreat, Grasp of Phantoms, Griptide, Metamorphose, Repel, Spin into Myth, Submerge, Sweep Away, Temporal Eddy, Whisk Away. There are also a million Control Magic effects, though they usually center around 5 mana (Mind Control, Treachery, Spirit Away, Volition Reins, etc).

You might also want a Braids, Conjurer Adept in here. It should help you get some of those big fatties out of your hand.

Happy deckbuilding! :)

LeaPlath on The RUG is Out to Dry!

10 months ago

It looks like you are trying to do RUG Delver without the expensive stuff, which is fine, but you are running lots of suboptimal choices.

I mean the Green might as well not be there.

Drop down to 4 Mongoose, 4 delver and add in 4 Werebear or Delve-apes.

Cut down on the duals to like 3 steam vents, 3 pool. Up fetches, run maybe 2 basics. Helps turn on spells faster.

Brainstorm and Ponder to smooth out draws, Daze, Bolt, Counterspell, Fire/Ice, Stifle, to let you catch people out.

Get wastelands, that helps so much. lets you run on a low mana count.

For sideboard, drop Thing, drop Smash, play Ancient Grudge (2 for 1), play Tormod's Crypt, play Submerge, Krosan Grip, Trygon Predator

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