Sweltering Suns


Format Legality
Pre-release Legal
Tiny Leaders Legal
Magic Duels Legal
Canadian Highlander Legal
Vintage Legal
Modern Legal
Standard Legal
Leviathan Legal
Legacy Legal
Arena [BETA] Legal
Brawl Legal
Frontier Legal
1v1 Commander Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Unformat Legal
Casual Legal
Commander / EDH Legal

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Set Rarity
Amonkhet (AKH) Rare

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Sweltering Suns


Sweltering Suns deals 3 damage to each creature.

Cycling 3 (3, Discard this card: Draw a card.)

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Sweltering Suns Discussion

lagotripha on Thuds 4 Life

4 weeks ago

The best way to get this working well is to remember your curve and gameplan- without the stabilisation tools that most other tribes enjoy, goblins will usually try and race the opponent, finishing out with grenade and lightning bolt. Its tried, tested, and enough cards have been printed to support that plan that it runs smoothly.

Running matsterwork into Thud as extra goblin grenades is a strong option- no problems with that- it just needs a stronger creature plan to support it.

You really only have 4 1-drops maindeck (the firebrands) so turn 1 plays will be awkward- wardriver and fodder are decent 2 drops, but most of your creatures start the 'go wide' plan in the 3-5 drops slots, and only have haste by virtue of Goblin Warchief. This is gonna be awkward, because this is usually the point where the board gets reset by a Damnation or Sweltering Suns. You should look at masterwork into thud as a 4 drop too, as it really needs your creatures on the board to function.

Boggart Shenanigans is a cute card, but its usually a worse Impact Tremors. It does have its place (hello there Skirk Prospector/Enduring Renewal) but only playable as a redundant combo piece.

I'd look at doing the traditional goblin thing and dropping your curve, focussing in on Foundry Street Denizen, Mogg War Marshal, Goblin Instigator into Goblin Chieftain. This will give you a lot more early game damage, and help immensely with consistancy.

lagotripha on Forcing Temur Midrange

1 month ago

I'd personally keep the ooze (the hate is good right now) and add trackers in place of Spreading Seas, while daredevil becomes a second huntsmaster, swapping remand out for something that more permanently deals with threats- possibly a Ceremonious Rejection given how key colourless cards are in everything I'm playing against, or even Seal of Primordium maindeck. Thats mainly a meta call though- and I'm not an experienced pilot of this archetype. A little higher creature count feels good for me.

The reason I'm looking at swapping spreading seas before anything else is that everyone is prepping for Field of Ruin, so land hate is likely to be less incedentally devastating.

It just feels like against humans and against vengevine its anger or bust, so packing a set of Sweltering Suns/anger might help the list tick over. Knuckleblade might be part of that strat right now- I'd lean into it with a 4 toughness / Anger of the Gods style one sided wipe plan, with counterspells picked to fight KCI/Storm/(possibly tron). Issue is, thats a radically different list, even if the counterspell support is similar. Its difficult to judge without spending a few fridays on it.

Red_X on Imagine a King Who Fights His Own Battles

1 month ago

You can make it modern if you're ok moving into black. Ragged Veins and Spiteful Shadows do the same thing as repurcussion, but for only one creature. Granted, when you're doing 15 damage, you probably don't need all that many times for the effect to go off. If you do go into black, Canyon Slough is a reasonable, although not great, replacement for forgotten cave. I'd move over to snow lands as someone else suggested, both so that you can run skred (which can be used to hit a creature for 8 for 1 mana and kill your opponent with one of the auras) and so that Extraplanar Lens doesn't benefit your opponent. Scrying Sheets can also help dig for your combo. To help survive, I'd run Blood Moon, even if you go two colors, because it can significantly hamper the more color intensive control and midrange decks that your deck will struggle against. To deal with aggro, you should probably replace some of the worse burn (Shock, Lightning Strike) with board clears like Anger of the Gods/Sweltering Suns or Damnation, assuming you go to black. Batterskull might be a consideration as an alternate win condition and a way to gain life after form is out. Like the idea.

SynergyBuild on Vial Smasher & Kraum, the Evil Couple

1 month ago

Rolling Earthquake, Toxic Deluge, Cyclonic Rift, and Sweltering Suns are the most consistently versatile board in your colors, I would argue for any of them over Evacuation

multimedia on Dragon Rulers of Sarkhan

1 month ago

You don't need to apologize for writing a ton :) Look at some of my comments for reference, I write mini novels.

We really need a Sweltering Suns replacement in Guilds of Ravnica, Suns is rotating. A spell like this can give Dragons a big advantage in aggro matchups. Pretty sure we'll get some kind of damage too all creatures red spell in the set. We better get something because all current red board wipes are rotating. Goblin Chainwhirler is currently until we get a board wipe is one of my sideboard cards for aggro matchups.

Chainwhirler is a big reason that nonred aggro is not really viable in Standard, he's the anti aggro card. The problem with Chainwhirler in a Dragon deck is we already have our three drops (Sarkhan, Hoard, Spit). However, Sarkhan and Hoard are not as good in aggro matchups because they can't interact with opponent turn three. Against aggro the three drops you play are better if they interact with your opponent.

Turn four is the crucial turn for aggro, your opponent is trying to win this turn therefore what you play turn three needs to slow down your opponent's aggression. You slow aggro down turn three by playing a creature, board wipe or creature removal. Chainwhirler is both of these. Chainwhirler is a viable card with primary red Dragon decks like this one. To play turn three you'll want 20-23 sources of red in the manabase which this deck has. Unclaimed Territory is the not the best land with Chainwhirler, but you can still name Goblin if you need too.

Because of Dragon's Hoard a one drop removal spell is very good to have for aggro matchups. If you can turn three play Hoard and then use it on your turn or opponents to make one mana to cast Shock, this is doing what you want turn three. Because of this Shock is my other sideboard card for aggro matchups. Shock also potentially lets you cast two removal spells turn three, Shock and Lightning Strike. Being able to do this to kill two of your opponent's creatures turn three is huge, getting aggro off your back. In aggro matchups I've been taking out Sarkhan for the very reason that Hoard can make mana to cast a removal spell and Sarkhan can't. I've also been taking out all six and seven drop Dragons, too high of mana costs to risky to potentially draw them against aggro.

Another three drop to consider is for aggro matchups is Dragon Egg. I haven't playtested with it yet because I feel Spit Flame is a better three drop against aggro and it's already in the main deck. I'm a big fan of The Eldest Reborn for post rotation especially against mono green because it can potentially make my opponent have to sacrifice Vine Mare or Vivien Reid.

The current decks I'm building for post rotation, the main decks are designed to be able to beat mono green midrange. I feel this deck is going to be the go to deck at the beginning of new Guilds of Ravnica Standard. Spit Flame is a good removal spell against mono green because it can kill Steel Leaf Champion. If aggro however becomes a bigger problem than mono green then I can see removing Spit from the main deck in favor of Shock and instead sideboard Spit.

Pheardemons on Moltenheart (Skred-Dragons)

1 month ago

How competitive are you trying to be? Would you prefer to play with what you like, or are you trying to work up to playing in competitive tournaments? Here's a list to take a look into for Skred dragons that won an open:


A couple points I want to say is that I disagree with what people are saying about Blood Moon. It is an amazing card that can completely hose some decks. It can seem like a wasted card sometimes (mono-colored decks, they fetch their basics before it's played, ect). However, look at the list I sent you and let me know just how competitive you want to be. I may have better suggestions after that.

Dragonlord's Servant, Sarkhan's Triumph, and Lathliss, Dragon Queen are too slow for modern. The desert lands are also pretty bad being that Blood Moon turns them off.

Being that your playing big dragons, you will probably need to go to 23 or 24 lands. One of the biggest problems you will have is keeping a hand. Dragons' weakness is that you will most likely only be playing one a turn, and you have no early game presence. One of the ways around that is to play early game removal in the form of Lightning Bolt, Skred (if you play Snow-Covered Mountain), Draconic Roar and Anger of the Gods or any variants of those (Sweltering Suns, Kozilek's Return, ect).

Another problem you have is if you hand becomes empty, you start top-decking. Red is not known for drawing well. Some of the ways around this are Relic of Progenitus, Mind Stone, Chandra, Torch of Defiance, Chandra, Pyromaster and of course the best thing for dragons Sarkhan, Fireblood.

Dragon Tempest is a spicy include. I'm not sure how I feel about it, but I like the thought of it. I think it would be interesting to playtest. One of the reasons that makes it obsolete is that the most playable dragons already have haste.

As far as dragons go, the ones I think that are the most competitive for modern are Stormbreath Dragon, Thunderbreak Regent, Thundermaw Hellkite, and potentially Glorybringer. I know that some people are saying that Glorybringer is too slow, and the exert is something that isn't worthwhile in modern. I disagree. The 4 damage has become much more relevant with the newer decks. Granted, I wouldn't play 4, but one or two may be viable. Also, I believe Stormbreath Dragon is superior to Thundermaw Hellkite. I play my own version of Skred red, and I cannot think of any situation where the 1 damage was more relevant than the pro-white. I have won A LOT of games because my opponent's Path to Exile was as dead card because of Stormbreath Dragon.

I think you should take into account all the suggestions thus far and remake your deck, proxy (or buy) and playtest. Go to your LGS on whatever day they play modern and start trying your deck. That will show you what works and what doesn't. If you have any questions just ask. Here's my Skred deck that I've been playing for over 6 years now. This list isn't the same list I started (I've gone through many transformations), but it is a decent competitive mono-red list. I'm not dragon specific though.

Screaming rage, unbridled fury, unparalleled power

Sorry if this was too long. Just laying my initial thoughts.

Grubbernaut on Competitive Izzet Control

1 month ago

I think you'll have a veeeeery hard time with humans. I'd consider some sweepers for this reason; yes, they're a nonbo with Pyro, but it's better than losing. I feel Sweltering Suns is grossly underplayed in modern, but most would choose Anger of the Gods; both are good, having some of each may be preferable to get around Meddling Mage. There's also Pyroclasm, Firespout, Kozilek's Return.

I like the deck overall, my man! I think 2-3 manlands could be beneficial, as well -- doubly so if you're adding sweepers.

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