Concordant Crossroads


Format Legality
Noble Legal
Leviathan Legal
Magic Duels Legal
Canadian Highlander Legal
Vintage Legal
Vanguard Legal
Legacy Legal
Archenemy Legal
Planechase Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Unformat Legal
Casual Legal
Commander / EDH Legal

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Set Rarity
Masters Edition III (ME3) Rare
Chronicles (CHR) Rare
Legends (LEG) Rare

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Concordant Crossroads

World Enchantment

All creatures have haste.

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Concordant Crossroads Discussion

Kiyomei on 京 An illusion? What are you hiding? (CEDH-STAX) 京

3 days ago

Hi KongMing ,

So about Concordant Crossroads, it is definitely a solid option for this deck and very mana efficient at the cost of only one indeed... The card allows for some insane explosive turns and that is very tempting for this deck as you can push out more hate pieces faster and earlier with a lot of cool haste tricks and untaps or like you mentioned instant toolboxes that go live. Basically, if you want to run this you should!!!

But the reason I've put the Crossroads in my "sideboard" is a Meta call. We have a few too many decks in our meta whom benefit very hard from this card and can win faster when I put it down. I also run this card in Selvala and it can backfire on you more often in a Stax setting than when I play Combo Selvala for example (In my meta that is)...

If you are looking to cut a card for this my list has some Meta calls that might not apply to your meta so it shouldn't be too hard to leave a hate piece out for this :).

KongMing on 京 An illusion? What are you hiding? (CEDH-STAX) 京

3 days ago

What about adding Concordant Crossroads? I know, it seems like a weird move in a Stax deck, but you're already forcing a lot of opposing creatures to enter play tapped anyways, and stuff like Linvala keeps them from using their abilities at all. Meanwhile, cards like Yisan, Selvala, and Sisay benefit A LOT from Haste, and it also gives you the opportunity to trigger Derevi's untap ability with creatures on the turn they enter the battlefield. And at G, it has a super-low mana cost that allows you to play it on the turn you're able to end the game with your Haste-infused combo.

IAMtheBW on [Primer] Momir Vig Hackball

2 weeks ago

I would suggest something along the lines of Concordant Crossroads or Lightning Greaves to make your mana much more efficient.

Blackerlotus13 on Fish Out Of Water

1 month ago

The only real criticism I have is the low number of lands you are running for this kind of deck. Im not entirely sure Tatyova as a commander is the best choice for a control deck, but that decision is all on the deck builder. Perhaps with the Coralhelm/Meloku combo, you could add a Concordant Crossroads to end the game on the spot. I just happened to build my deck in a more "timmy" style so I cant give much advice on control/lockdown strategies. Cards like Tangle Wire, Mana Web, Opposition might interest you a little.

@bwanabeast5 Regarding the budget, this deck didn't actually cost me anything. I have a competitive gitrog monster deck that I was able to put on rest to make this deck. I already owned a Gaea's Cradle, and I managed to trade off resources to pick up a Tropical Island.

Regarding the "Effort" Part, that comes with any deck building process. Why wouldn't you want to play a deck that has good synergy, and play how you envisioned it? Group hug cards are great so I do run a few, but usually its a big no no giving your opponents the tools to end the game before you can. Believe it or not, my deck is actually NERF'd due to the cards im NOT running in it. If you notice there's no infinite combos, no instant win cards, no extra turns, no counterspells, just cards that work well with each other, and cards that are only as good as your opponents decks.

DrkNinja on Elven Magic

1 month ago

Wirewood Symbiote is a must in an elf deck as it is suedo hexproof. Also Coat Of Arms I think works against you in this deck, sure it's good for you but it's also good for the enemy. If you are playing cEDH then that means there will be a Krenko deck and all your doing is helping them.

Cut Doubling Season & Mana Reflection, you don't need them honestly because with Elvish Archdruid, 3 other elves and Staff of Domination/Paradox Engine you have infinite mana. With 5 other elves you can draw out your deck, and have infinite life. As far as doubling season goes you don't need to make double tokens you are gonna put like 6 elves out give them Ezuri-run (Ezuri's Overrun) 3 times or so and win. Go wide doesn't often work in cEDH.

Elvish Guidance is basically another Archdruid, highly recommended.

Also lack of haste will be the death of you so I'd suggest Concordant Crossroads and only play it once you are ready to go in.

If you want to take a look at my cEDH Elf deck, Elven Fury, feel free too. There are a lot of cards in there you don't have and they do things that you might need your deck to do. +1

elgosu1337 on marwyn?

1 month ago

Really like the deck idea. From testing, you have too many Forests, and you probably need more card draw to storm off. Cut some of the Forests for 1-mana Elves, since those can accelerate the deck while also putting a +1/+1 counter on Marwyn. They would also give you the option of using Skullclamp for card draw. Adding a Traverse the Outlands should also thin the deck a lot. Grothama, All-Devouring lets you draw lots of cards by attacking with Marwyn, as long as you have something to untap her. Greater Good also works well if you can float mana first. Temur Sabertooth is great as well especially with Paradox Engine.

Swiftfoot Boots is a great way to protect Marwyn and give her haste so you can recast her, though you do need enablers like Greater Good or Temur Sabertooth. Concordant Crossroads is another great haste enabler if you only play it when you want to storm off. Akroma's Memorial is worth a shot.

You could try Primeval Bounty as a way to pump Marwyn even more. Also, creatures that pump on ETB, like Wolfir Silverheart, Verdurous Gearhulk, Yeva's Forcemage, and Briarhorn. With enough creatures, Soul of the Harvest, Primordial Sage, and Regal Force can also provide card draw.

Naj187 on Dump em and Pump em

1 month ago

@Pervavita Thanks! I didn't think about the card draw aspect, but it makes sense. A lot of my creatures come with abilities that sort of double as card draw as well. I definitely have Fumigate and Hour of Reckoning on my radar as board wipes and Intangible Virtue as an anthem i need for sure. I'll update my "needs" list.

Wilt-Leaf Liege is definitely a nice card i'll try to get. I knew there was a land that pumped too, i forgot what it was, thanks for reminding me.

I knew I needed a way to give my creatures haste on the turn they came in. So i did think about Concordant Crossroads i also thought about Akroma's Memorial

The rest of that is a bit expensive(mana wise) to me, I'm really considering adding the Devoted Druid and Vizier of Remedies combo to get infinite mana. As long as i have a skull clamp and a 1/1 and a token producer i can go through my deck and get my haste enchantment and make infinite tokens. I like that as a wincon more than infect.

Pervavita on Dump em and Pump em

1 month ago

With your commander card draw isn't something you need too much of as his ability is effectively card draw (not the best but it works). As such I would cut Harmonize, Smuggler's Copter, & Rishkar's Expertise. The last two more then Harmonize as they don't synergies with what a token deck wants. Smuggler's Copter doesn't make tokens or pump the team and Rishkar's Expertise is so expensive and only draws you a few cards... if it draws you more you should just swing out and win. But what do we replace them with? Well use Rhys' ability more and more effectively. What I mean is his 6 mana ability that doubles all your tokens in play we make sure we have some larger tokens and that will give you much the same effect as card draw. Armada Wurm for example gives you a 5/5 with trample or Giant Adephage gives you 7/7 tramples. Hornet Queen gives you 4 1/1's with deathtouch making it hard to attack you. Rampaging Baloths also turns your land draws into 4/4's that you then double. Shamanic Revelation is however a vary good card draw here.

Fumigate & Hour of Reckoning are great board wipe's in this deck.

Concordant Crossroads could help a lot with when you have a large board state (just doubled your tokens) to get in with haste... it also works for your opponents so only drop it when you know you can swing out and win.

Wilt-Leaf Liege pumps your team and Rhys will for 3 mana make 3/3's at the least. Intangible Virtue gives you another anthem.

Triumph of the Hordes & Throne of the God-Pharaoh can steal a game with ease.

Gavony Township also is a land that doubles as an anthem

You can also look over my son's Token deck for other ideas.

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