Format Legality
Tiny Leaders Legal
Noble Legal
Leviathan Legal
Magic Duels Legal
Canadian Highlander Legal
Vintage Legal
Modern Legal
Penny Dreadful Legal
Vanguard Legal
Legacy Legal
Archenemy Legal
Planechase Legal
1v1 Commander Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Unformat Legal
Casual Legal
Commander / EDH Legal

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Set Rarity
Modern Masters (MMA) Uncommon
Future Sight (FUT) Uncommon

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Creature — Elf Shaman

When Riftsweeper enters the battlefield, choose target face-up card that's removed from the game. Its owner shuffles it into his or her library.

Riftsweeper Discussion

Control_Train on Meren’s Thousand-Eyed Army [Primer]

3 days ago

@Ripwater: Welcome to the dark side! I'm humbled that my list inspired you to actually build the deck. She is very hard to properly disrupt and that's why I love her so much. I'll answer your questions as best I can and hope that it helps! If you have any more questions don't hesitate to ask here or in a pm.

  1. Dealing with stuff getting exiled isn't generally a problem, except for mass graveyard hate like Rest in Peace or Leyline of the Void. Sacrifice outlets can save any creature from targeted exile effects or even something like Merciless Eviction. At first I tried playing lots of cards to counter these kinds of cards, but in time I realized that just playing conservatively until you can find windows to take big turns is much better than having slots dedicated to reacting to being on the back foot. I've also learned that even having key pieces of the combo exiled or a huge chunk of value creatures getting removed isn't necessarily game over. The deck has a lot of built in resiliency and redundancy, so if a RiP hits a few value creatures, don't be afraid to blow it up and keep chugging along. However, if you are running into these types of effects a lot, and you need to be proactive about it, there are a few cards I've tested to help mitigate the damage done.

Loaming Shaman can help at sorcery speed if you anticipate a Rest in Peace coming, or can be flashed in with Chainer to really dampen the hurt.

Bone Harvest , Footbottom Feast , and Gravepurge are instant speed Loaming Shaman style effects that can save at least your creatures from this sort of thing. I don't run them because it requires you to both have them and hold up mana for them, but again if you're experiencing a lot of graveyard hate these can help. They also don't target, so they get around things like Grafdigger's Cage.

Corpse Churn , Grapple with the Past , and Sudden Reclamation are cards that can be used to help fuel your graveyard or to protect key pieces against targeted or mass hate. I ran Grapple for a while and cut it because it wasn't a great card for filling the graveyard, and I rarely needed it to stop a Rest in Peace, but it could be much better for you.

Riftsweeper can also help dig important pieces out of exile if they get hit, but I cut it because it was dead outside of these graveyard hate interactions and not furthering my own gameplan when I'm already on the back foot didn't feel great.

(1 Continued) Why I'm only running Plaguecrafter and not the other similar effects. Plaguecrafter is quite clearly the best of these style of effects, second maybe only to the C18 card that picks a different mode for each opponent. I cut the others mostly because Plaguecrafter puts in so much work for me, but also because they're bad against wider aggro strategies like Elves or Goblins, and they're hard to reliably use en masse. If you like this style of effect, Butcher of Malakir is Grave Pact on a body, or you could just slot in Grave Pact and Dictate of Erebos. They're fantastic cards, just not my style. I don't like having too much creature removal because when I'm ahead they don't do much of anything.

  1. (2) The way the deck is setup now, you can go infinite with Izoni, Savra, Chainer, Earthcraft/Pitiless Plunderer, and enough creatures in the graveyard. The old combo relied on World Shaper I just haven't updated that section of the primer too much. I cut Bitter Ordeal purely for the fact that I just don't need a win condition because people scoop so often. Plaguecrafter can empty their hands, Izoni makes a mass of tokens, and Mikeaus makes it hard to truly get rid of anything I can stick. I'll update that section of the primer more in depth in a day or two when I've got some more time and have both the infinite and non-infinite win conditions listed.

  2. (3) I don't have any alternative win conditions, but I also don't have any real win conditions either. Izoni is essentially my way to say "okay here's how I can finish the game" but as I stated above I mostly just get concessions when my opponent's are all topdecking and I've got 90% of my deck on the battlefield. Creature beatdown is viable, and if you're looking to go the fairer route like that you can add stuff like Pathbreaker Ibex or Avenger of Zendikar to really lay the smackdown on your opponents. You could also add in something like Exsanguinate or Torment of Hailfire as a "real" win condition with Cabal Coffers/Urborg and Pitiless Plunderer. There's a ton of ways you can tweak for your meta and playstyle so don't be afraid to toy around with spots. Just because I cut something in the past doesn't mean it's bad. I've gone back to old cuts numerous times. For example I recently re-added flip Liliana from Origins. It was never great for me before, but the first game I landed it after I put it back in Liliana won me the game by herself. The deck itself has gotten better since then, so that helps, but the point stands. Sorry for this really long-winded reply, just wanted to cover everything I could while I've got the time so sit down and give a thoughtful reply. Thanks again for the interest and I'm glad you like the deck! :)

Hi_diddly_ho_neighbor on Advice for dealing with settle ...

6 days ago

In my experience, the best way to combat a card like Settle the Wreckage while playing mono-green is to stop opponents from being able to cast spells on your turn. City of Solitude and Conqueror's Flail are your best options here. Dosan the Falling Leaf is a third, but fragile option. You can also run Riftsweeper to get important exiled pieces back.

multimedia on Advice for dealing with settle ...

6 days ago

Genesis Wave , Duskwatch Recruiter  Flip and Riftsweeper are more synergistic budget cards to play in an Elf deck when against Settle. They won't stop Settle, but they will help to recover from it. Wave and Recruiter are ways to use the extra mana you will get from lands that you get after a Settle to get more Elves/creatures/permanents. Riftsweeper is an Elf and she can remove a creature who was exiled by Settle from the exile zone and put it back into your library.

Eternal Witness and Regrowth are good cards that can recur Overwhelming Stampede so you can cast it again when you have recovered from Settle. Evolutionary Leap and Greater Good are ways to sac your creatures so they will not be exiled. Leap costs one mana per creature to sac and Greater is a free sac, but requires discarding cards after drawing. It's easier to recur Elves when they go to the graveyard rather than being exiled.

semsandberg on Sidisi's Milkshake

1 week ago


seems like you have an awesome sidisi deck here. :D

I really like cards like Teferi, Mage of Zhalfir , Necrotic Ooze and Alchemist's Refuge . If you like the Basalt combo, I can highly recommend you Aphetto Alchemist . Also Life / Death , it can be really helpful after a board wipe.

What exactly does Riftsweeper here?

But great deck! +1

hkhssweiss on Carny Ghave, Lord of Leaches [cEDH/In Progress]

3 weeks ago

Heya goldlion, I personally love the idea. My friend uses Carnival of Souls in his tuned Teysa, Orzhov Scion deck and it's pretty degenerate.

In regards for tuning for competitive play, if going all out the fast efficient mana rocks. The standard usual Mana Crypt , Mox Diamond , Chrome Mox , Sol Ring , Mana Vault should be included. All tutors for consistency ex. Vampiric Tutor , Demonic Tutor , Diabolic Intent , Imperial Seal , Grim Tutor , Enlightened Tutor , Worldly Tutor , and I would also include Idyllic Tutor .

Next would be your main avenue for balancing your combo pieces. You need the life gain, so running all your soul sister effects are priority. I would run pretty much only the one drop ex. Soul Warden , Essence Warden , Soul's Attendant , and Deathgreeter . Both Blood Artist and Zulaport Cutthroat doubles as your win cons when you have every thing set up. You also need to set up ways to proc Ghave when your Carnival is on the field so in goes Ivy Lane Denizen , Elenda, the Dusk Rose , Juniper Order Ranger , and Champion of Lambholt . All of these ones can lead to infinite triggers and than infinite tokens.

Card draw is fairly important, so the usual engines are in ex. Sylvan Library and Necropotence . With having non-token creatures dying, you have them listed but they will also go in, ex. Midnight Reaper and Dark Prophecy . Dark Confidant will also go in with the low CMC curve. Skullclamp will also be an outlet for you as well to draw out your whole deck. You can test it out but Mentor of the Meek can be an outlet as well.

Protection for your combo pieces are important. Riftsweeper should be included and Pull from Eternity only if you are dealing with a lot of exile effects. Silence has always been super helpful, and since there will be a lot of enchantment type effects you can consider running Greater Auramancy in conjunction with Sterling Grove . Sterling Grove also helps tutor for Carnival when needed.

The rest of the cards can be filled with either similar effects, interaction, or advantage.

Now going for your "Carousel" effect with Athreos. For this you would have to go with the infinite mana route, I would be adverse in going this route as it dilutes too much of the "Carnival" route. With the infinite mana you would need to add in cards like Phyrexian Altar , Ashnod's Altar , or Earthcraft in order for you to gain infinite mana. With that as well you need cards that will bring your creatures back to the battlefield or hand, so Phyrexian Reclamation , Corpse Dance , Disturbed Burial can be considered.

There can be probably more things I can think of but accept this short response before I take a more indepth look at it when I not sleepy lolol

CyborgAeon on Gitrog Dredge Combo [Primer]

3 weeks ago

Legion564 During the loop to create abundant G mana ( Riftsweeper + Necromancy + Elvish Visionary + Culling the Weak ) it's shown that you can create abundant reanimations of Riftsweeper . By casting Beast Within on your own Necromancy you can generate 3/3 beasts to your heart's content.

Ishi_lives on Secret Agent Jodah

1 month ago

Thanks, SentientRhombus for your feedback. After some ghost testing I had come to the same conclusion as you regarding equipment digging. I had considered adding some alternate equipment to fall back on; such as Helm of the Host . I like your recursion ideas as well, and your thoughts on some control. I had also thought of Riftsweeper , so Pull from Eternity makes a lot of sense. Although it is not in the list, I had planned to add Magnetic Theft as a way to go off with Eradicate . The mana base is made up of cards I already have, so it wasn't a big concern of mine. I had borrowed it from my other Jodah deck, but I am considering some alterations since the balance of colors and costs is considerably different. I do appreciate your suggestions and will be taking many to heart.

Gorbah on Meren, Reanimator of Clan Nel Toth

1 month ago

Magus of the Abyss is a nice stax piece ! The Abyss on a stick, I have much love for this card and imo i would still cut a sac outlet! U run plenty enough of them now, and with Meren's recur it's easy to just bring them back!

I feel your fear for graveyard hate.. My meta runs it aswell since thats the only "weakness" of Meren, but in the last games we played my Riftsweeper has saved my ass multiple times ! Even bringing back Spore Frog from my exiled graveyard ( Bokuja Bog ) I just love that little amazing creature !! Why aren't you running him mate ? He is fantastic against combat based decks, Drop a frog and they just fight another opponent and leave you alone :)

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Riftsweeper occurrence in decks from the last year

Commander / EDH:

All decks: 0.02%

Golgari: 0.17%