Hyrax Tower Scout

Hyrax Tower Scout

Creature — Human Scout

When Hyrax Tower Scout enters the battlefield, untap target creature.

Hyrax Tower Scout Discussion

lloydsmith28 on Vannifar Jank 2dh: 40$ for turn 4 combo kill.

3 days ago

What would be your suggestions for a brawl version of the deck? I made one on MTGA and got consistent wins with only 2 losses i think, what really messed me up was Hushbringer even though i may have been able to win i conceded preemptively. Also with the new theros set they added a 3 cmc untap creature Hyrax Tower Scout so i can get a cmc 4-5 creature out like turn 4, i inculded 2 hexproof cards for protection and Spark Double to copy vannifar in case she gets killed

BodhiQL on Mono Green Pump-Storm

1 week ago

Wow, I've never seen that card before. I do have plans to take out Sword of the Paruns once Theros: Beyond Death releases. Hyrax Tower Scout is really great in this deck, it is tutorable and only 3 mana, plus it can be bounced with Temur Sabertooth , etc. I will definitely try and work Malachite Talisman in somewhere, at least to try it out, but unfortunately there aren't a lot of flex spots.