You gain 3 life.

Draw a card.

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Set Rarity
Core Set 2021 (M21) Common
Core Set 2019 (M19) Common

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Format Legality
Oathbreaker Legal
Canadian Highlander Legal
Arena Legal
Pauper Legal
Brawl Legal
Vintage Legal
Tiny Leaders Legal
Magic Duels Legal
Unformat Legal
Historic Legal
Pre-release Legal
Leviathan Legal
Standard Legal
Pioneer Legal
Modern Legal
Frontier Legal
Commander / EDH Legal
Pauper EDH Legal
Penny Dreadful Legal
Highlander Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Block Constructed Legal
1v1 Commander Legal
Legacy Legal
Casual Legal

Revitalize occurrence in decks from the last year


All decks: 0.27%

Revitalize Discussion

MrBoombastic on All in on Speaker of the Heavens

6 days ago

Took the deck for a spin in casual play on Arena, as it does look life fun to make a ton of griffins. Sadly, I could only pull off a single win with the 2x Speaker of the Heavens + Light of Hope opener against a slow deck. Everything else was against mono-red aggro, mono-green aggro, gruul aggro and izzet aggro.

A problem I found with the deck is that it's VERY reliant on Griffin Aerie + Revitalize and/or Light of Hope. The creatures aren't impactful enough by themselves, which means that other aggro decks just run them over and can therefore keep our life total in check. It's also next to impossible to trigger Aerie without one of the two lifegain spells, unless you make unfavorable attacks. Again, because the creatures are all small and don't scale.

I tend to play midrange, so I'm definitely not the optimal player for these kinds of decks, but any kind of "meta" aggro deck seemed close to impossible to beat.

Don't have any immediate ways to fix that, but I think at least some amount of Ajani's Pridemate could make the early game more doable. As you also mentioned, 4x Rally of Wings often left some amount stranded in hand.

Cool idea, but I think it needs some tuning. Hope you can make it work!

MrBoombastic on Garruk Lifelink

6 days ago

Hi there!

  • You seemingly have a lot of cards that have some lifegain, but don't do much for your plan in the long run, i.e. Light of Hope, Consecrate / Consume and Revitalize. Ajani's Pridemate and Bloodthirsty Aerialist want continuous ways to gain life, which is best achieved with early lifelink creatures such as Alseid of Life's Bounty and Speaker of the Heavens - the last of which also cares about you gaining life.

  • Another lifegain card that works well with Garruk, Cursed Huntsman is Tolsimir, Friend to Wolves, as every wolf gains you 3 life and may fight something, if needed.

  • Luminous Broodmoth is a strong card, but it usually wants sac outlets to really shine and it adds no synergy to the lifegain theme.

  • Ethereal Absolution is another juicy card, but again, it has no synergy and often times doesn't impact the board enough for a 6-drop.

  • I get that you want as many lifegain triggers as possible, but playing a ton of lands that enter tapped might make the deck too slow. Having a good mana base and strong synergy between your spells should be sufficient. I'd swap them for shock lands, unless you're running on a budget.

  • Having an avg. cmc of almost 3.5, you normally want 1-2 more lands for the sake of consistency, or lower the curve.

Honestly, most of the good lifegain cards are in white right now, so using that as a base and "splashing" the other colors in would probably be the way to go.

Hope that helps. Good luck with the deck!

BRG24 on Felidae Cult

2 weeks ago

Circuitous Route feels like an awkward card to play, if you’re playing it on curve you’re taking your entire turn off, and since you’re most likely to be playing for tempo this does the exact opposite. If you were planning on playing some of the bigger spells for board pumps or card draw, then perhaps the ramp would be more necessary, but at present I don’t feel it’s the most important thing for the deck to have access to.

Personally, I’m not a fan of Ajani, Caller of the Pride. His -3 can be a nice finisher, but his ultimate is too big of a threat for him to be left alone, as well as taking too long to reach in my opinion, and his +1 also feels very weak. I see him as “three mana, give a creature double strike and flying for a turn”, which feels far too situational for a go wide strategy. He also is pretty hard to protect, since he offers no protection himself, which as I mentioned before is a pretty big thing for planeswalkers.

Consistent, strong draw power however, is almost universally a good thing for you to have. This lets you go dig for your finishers, your answers, your extra lands if you need them, and generally keep up with more grindy, value based decks. Huatli, Radiant Champion gives you this pretty quickly, her +1 meaning that you can hit the emblem quickly and consistently, plus she has a synergistic finisher stapled to her as well. The massive loyalty boost that her +1 can give also means she can be pretty easy to protect against damage, so it will often take a pretty significant effort to get her out of ultimate range.

I see what you’re saying with cards like Revitalize, but I would say probably try and find cards with a stronger primary effect. Since the draw on these cards only replace themselves in hand, if you’re running them mainly for the card draw then it’s basically a card that is there for deck thinning, but does so very inefficiently. Instead, you could have something like Verdant Rebirth as a cantrip that can also serve as some protection for an important creature, or perhaps Bond of Flourishing, which gives you the ability to pick the best cards from the top of your deck, rather than having it left more to chance. Alternatively, Elemental Bond might be a cheaper draw engine that you can set up, since your lords will make most of your creatures big enough to trigger the ability.

Hope these suggestions are helpful.

9-lives on Felidae Cult

2 weeks ago

But what do you think of Circuitous Route? Isn't that a great card for land draw? If I need drawing power itself I'd rely on lesser cost cards. Revitalize is nice. I don't plan on using a 5 mana card for drawing power, so I'm stuck between Huatli, Radiant Champion and Ajani, Caller of the Pride. Which one is better? Sheer attacking power, or drawing power? I imagine I need more drawing power than attacking power.

9-lives on Felidae Cult

2 weeks ago

Heya BRG24!

I take no offense, I know you're trying to help me! <3

What about Revitalize? Lifegain and drawing a card for only two mana! I got rid of Fountain of Renewal and replaced it with Oketra's Monument. I just wanted it because it's a guaranteed +1/+1 each turn for my Ajani's Pridemate, and to replace the lifepoints lost to Temple Garden. Return of the Wildspeaker would be an amazing draw card, but the problem with it is that its mana cost is so high. I'd have to wait until my 5th turn, which on that turn I should be eternalizing Adorned Pouncer or casting Regal Caracal if I casted Anointed Procession on my fourth turn! I'm thinking about putting in Sylvan Caryatid as a ramp card, but then again, it's a creature, and I don't want too many creatures. At least Sylvan Caryatid is a hexproof card, so people won't classically 'bolt the bird'. With Sundering Growth populate would be incredibly useful with Adorned Pouncer's eternalize ability, or even multiple Anointed Procession and send a few 1/1 lifelink cats onto the battlefield, and Sundering Growth doesn't rely upon the player to take damage. I imagine that in opposing an aggro or creature-heavy deck I'll have a very hard time attacking the player himself, and if I have big cards, they might be deathtouched or destroyed or hated to death or countered. This is why I want a G/W Aqueous Form type of card, as when I get big creatures they can smack the player instead of the creatures. Do you know of any like that? Prowling Serpopard will be very useful against control decks, but I'm afraid to put it into my deck, as it costs 3 mana, and isn't that great. I guess i'm trying to make a cats tribal toolbox deck?!

InDirectX on The Ginger Princess

1 month ago

Nice description. Consider Mazemind Tome over Revitalize - it doesn't provide life right away, but has a way longer effect on the game.

9-lives on Aeviternal Bloodshed

3 months ago

golgarigirlTriusMalarky the point is that with 2xFountain of Renewal, 1x Ajani's Welcome, 3x Revitalize and 4x Chaplain's Blessing I'll either use them to gain health or use it for storming with tokens. This also works with Archangel of Thune. If I get rid of Chaplain's Blessing I will have to have some sort of lifegain card, and with Resplendent Angel this card works perfectly, as it gives 5 health. If I were to run Angel of Vitality, I would have to waste a turn playing her in order to gain 1 more life per lifegain, and it won't even guarantee that i'll have over 25 health, while I could be casting Resplendent Angel. Relying upon enchantments and artifacts for lifegain could go wrong in being destroyed by a spell, while an instant is an instant. Sure, no one can protect against hand control, but regardless i don't think chaplain's blessing would be their first choice if they knew my strategy and saw my anointed procession in my hand. Hedron Crawler are like Pillar of Origins but not as good for angels. So, I would rather add more Pillar of Origins than Hedron Crawler; also Hedron Crawler is a creature which is more susceptible to being bolted or destroyed while Pillar of Origins is an artifact. Certainly Ajani's Pridemate would be very useful, but if I don't have something like 4x Healer's Hawk and multiple lifegain events triggered, it won't be a big card. However, that's why I have so many lifegain cards! So, yes, I'll consider Ajani's Pridemate!

9-lives on Aeviternal Bloodshed

3 months ago

TriusMalarky I plan on spamming 4/4 Angel Tokens with Anointed Procession and Angelic Accord and Resplendent Angel.will allow me to have a 4/4 angel token each turn with Chaplain's Blessing and Fountain of Renewal with Revitalize and Bishop of Wings. Resplendent Angel costs just as much as Angel of Vitality, and is a 3/3 without needing to be over 25 health for a 4/4 of Angel of Vitality. Chaplain's Blessing is the best mono-white lifegain card for 5 health for 1 mana.

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