You found 17 swords, 3 pairs of boots, 4 headpieces, 2 chest plates, and a warhammer, but you don't want to drop any of it. It's okay being over encumbered is your specialty! Pick up everything you find, throw it into your backpack, and fill it twice.

This list used to be for a casual playgroup but now I've switched to a more competitive voltron play style so a lot information in this primer will be wrong until I decide to update it. Previously this deck would win between turn 7-11 but now it will win almost consistently turn 6 (4 player free-for-all.)

Finally decided to feature this, I'm happy with the list and the primer, if you read through the whole thing (even though it's extremely long and boring (I'm not a writer)) let me know what you think of the primer!

Tl;dr Description:
This is a semi-competitive mono-white equipment voltron deck.

When I built this I had 3 goals in mind

Originally I wanted to make a non-commander damage voltron, but it just wasn't fast enough so I made it true voltron with my boy Sram, Senior Edificer.

I wanted to put every ability ever on one creature. i love attacking and someone says "what are you attacking me with?" well I'm glad you asked a 15/12 with vigilance, double strike, trample, haste, hexproof, indestructible, protection form blue, black, red, green and more stuff I'll tell you about when he hits you.

I wanted to use no Auras.

You should play this deck if

  • You like winning fast
  • You like to pressure your opponents
  • You like making a huge creature stacked with every ability ever
  • You dislike Auras
  • You shouldn't play this deck if

  • You like combos
  • You like playing reactively
  • You like swinging wide
  • The term voltron comes from an old cartoon that was basically about a couple small robots that combined to make a bigger stronger robot. This describes the basic strategy of what as voltron deck is, it's a strong card combined with a whole bunch of other cards to make it even stronger.

    PUNCH 'EM punch 'em in the face!

    But for real this deck wins with commander damage and evasion like unblockable and trample.

    I'm sure if you've looked through most Sram lists you have seen they run all the 0-drop equipment printed but this one doesn't, first off if you've played magic for a while there's no doubt you have read about the Deck Thinning Fallacy article about whether fetches help thin your deck, if you haven't I suggest reading about it through the link. Now why is that relevant? I think running the 0 drops serve no purpose other than deck thinning (unless you are playing a cheerios storm build.) When you draw and play a 0-drop, Cathar's Shield for example, how much closer does that bring you to winning with commander damage? +0. It just cantrips in which case can be replaced by something that draws a card as well as being effective. THIS IS JUST MY OPINION as it's clear most Sram lists run these 0-drops so I could be wrong (though I think most are just mimicking Wes's list from The Command Zone podcast), also remember you must still pay to equip these +0/+X cards and don't do anything on the board besides add to metalcraft or draw an extra card when Puresteel Paladin is out as well. There could absolutely be another reason people do this that I just don't understand and I've tested it and it only slowed what I wanted to do which was to win as fast as possible.
    I've never been a fan of auras in my opinion they make for easy 3-for-1s or 4-for-1s leaving the battlefield when the creature dies, I think equipment are much more resilient than Auras. This definitely depends on your meta so run at your own risk, the only Enchantments I've considered running were totem armors for added protection.

    BUT WAIT I want to run auras!

    Lucky for you under the "Cards Not in the Deck" there's an "add auras section where I make some Aura suggestions to add, I'm not used to running auras so there may be some really good cards I missed and I would love for you to give me those suggestions if you know of any!!

    Dictated by Epochalyptiks Characteristics of a Strong Deck


    Sustainability: 100% a strength card draw is on the commander there's an insane amount of rocks and ramp unless you keep a bad hand or eat early removal you'll always draw an extra card on turn 3.

    Consistency: I's what the deck does, sram on turn 2, some form of protection on turn 3-4, buffs the subsequent turns, when gold fishing it always wins turn 8-9 against 3 opponents.

    Cohesiveness: Almost every card has synergy they're either equipment/artifacts or equipment/artifacts matter cards every card works together.

    Efficiency: "Generally speaking, players understand that it is good to pay as little as possible for as much as possible." Stonehewer Giant = Argentum Armor out AND equipped for 2 mana (or 7 if you wanna look at it that way but still far off from 12). I've never had any unused mana in this deck before, every turn you should be using all of it.

    Effectiveness: Again the redundancy is what helps here it insures this deck always does what it's supposed to to and that's put constant pressure. I view effectiveness the way stated in the guide, it achieves its goal consistently it's meant to make sram big and hard to remove and that happens every game.


    Flexibility: We aren't reactive we want to pressure our opponents so they react to us. while this is probably the weakest part of the deck it has gotten better with more tutors added the ability to search for protection or other things.

    Resilience: With all voltron decks the entire deck pretty much revolves around one card and when that card is removed it can be taxing especially with equipment now there's a lot of protection and ramp and junk but every time sram is removed it gets less and less likely too steal the win.


    Sram, Senior Edificer: Best mono-white voltron commander to date imo. As we all know whites biggest downfall is card draw and with card draw in the command zone for 2 cmc it's all the card draw we'll ever need though a little redundancy doesn't hurt.

    Other Commander Choices

    Balan, Wandering Knight: I really wanted to try this out another great way to play magic is cheating cost and this guy cheats A LOT. the only weakness is the card draw you'll run out of gas fast even with Sram in the 99.

    Eight-and-a-Half-Tails: He could pilot this deck really well I think with a few tweaks and such. I don't think he'll ever get a spot in the main board, he's mana intensive for what he wants to do and I think I have enough protection as it is. but it's the O.G. of mono-white voltron so of course it's a good choice for a replacement.

    I feel like this is a good number for my curve I'm constantly trying more and less though(34-37.) I'm just going to talk about a few lands here and the rest are for utility purposes.

    20 Plains: 20 of the 35 lands being plains it usually gives turn 2 double white. Nothing special not sure why I'm explaining my basics lol.

    Emeria, The Sky Ruin: Great in the late game free recursion is good tapping for white is even better, only down side is it enters tapped but I'd run it in any mono-white deck with more that 6 creatures.

    Reliquary Tower: I run this in every deck, no max hand size and an untapped land doesn't have a down side.

    flgstones of trokair: Saves you from mass land removal not really necessary but I splurged on this deck.

    Darksteel Citadel: Indestructibility just in case there's some LD also helps with Metalcraft as well.

    Ancient Den: Just for Metalcraft. Weak to removal could be swapped out with a plains.

    Shrine of the Forsaken Gods: 2 mana for 38 of my 64 spells on later turns and still functions as a normal land was an auto include.

    High Market: One of the best ways to deal with a deck that relies heavily on its commander is to steal it so having a way to sac it or take it back is a must. Could also add Homeward Path

    Inventors' Fair: I remember I built this deck right before this card came out and being so excited for it, tutor on a land is amazing in the late game when you need an answer and don't need mana.

    Rogue's Passage: Great when you don't have trample or against a big opponent or deathtouch, great utility land always throw it in your deck if you're using creature damage to win. Could also use it politically when in a bind.

    Maze of Ith: Not a land or mana but will save you from other voltron decks.

    Strip Mine and Wasteland: I didn't want to run land destruction but sometimes a Maze of Ith or Cabal Coffers needs to go.

    Petrified Field: Again not necessary but good to recur Inventors' Fair or Wasteland, also good if someone wastelands something of yours.

    Buried Ruin: untapped, colorless, and recurs artifacts great for this deck.

    Arcane Lighthouse: This is just to get rid of pesky creatures so you can Path|path to exile them.

    Ancient Tomb: Two life is nothing and two mana is everything, you can exclude if you're on a budget.

    Mana rocks and mana ramp the bones of every commander deck, if you want to hit all your colors or get your fatties out early you need these two.

    Sol Ring: EDH staple.

    Mana Crypt: More expensive staple not much explanation needed for these. Games don't go on long but there's a bit of life gain here as well to combat the downside but we want to win before it would even matter.

    Thran Dynamo: One of my personal favorite mana rocks out there, it drops a little late for 4 mana but since we curve out around 3 it can still drop an equipment.

    Darksteel Ingot: Survives most wipes, always good for a mana rock.

    Thought Vessel: Rock and no max hand size, I might replace this with another 2 drop mana rock that can draw a card when I don't need it anymore, but the max hand size has helped before and the draw isn't really needed with Sram, plus coughEmpyrial Platecough.

    Masterwork of Ingenuity:

    Sword of the Animist: Best equipment ramp in the game even better in this deck, I get a land every turn even when blocked.

    Knight of the White Orchid: Play on turn 3 before you play a land and then play your land drop for 2 untapped mana can even equip a turn 2 equipment like Umezawa's Jitte or Sword of the Animist. Plus the first strike makes him a viable beater/blocker in a pinch.

    Dowsing Dagger  Flip: I'm loving this card the two plants are irrelevant most of the time, especially if you're sitting down at a table of 3 or more players and turns into a Gilded Lotus that did a DBZ fusion with a land. If this didn't come with the +2/+1 and the two plants I'd still run it.

    Not real ramp but I'm adding them here anyway

    Sword of Feast and Famine: I added this here just because when it hits you have Mana reflections.

    Land Tax: Again not ramp but you hit your land drop every turn as well as thinning out your deck, combos well with Scroll Rack.

    Card draw is necessary in most

    Sword of Fire and Ice: Kind of an auto-include in voltron I guess Pro Blue/red will hit atleast 2 decks on the table and it's Shock on a stick AND card draw.

    Puresteel Paladin: Play tested this deck for months without realizing he drew cards everytime I played an equipment, with his zero equip cost as well arguably the strongest card in the deck.

    Sensei's Divining Top: I consider this Pseudo-card draw being able to choose what you draw and what you can keep on top is great, combos with sram and playing equipment.

    Masterwork of Ingenuity:

    We need to find something to help us win, our tutors will help us do that.

    Enlightened Tutor: Most versatile tutor in the white it can tutor for any utility you need; equipment, Oblivion Stone, or a creature. Downside it tutors to top of the library but it can be done at instant speed.

    Steelshaper's Gift: Tutors to hand equipment, I mainly use this whenever I have extra mana and find what I need at the time. Should probably save this for when it's needed and use it reactive but eh.

    Inventors' Fair: Tutor any artifact when you have metalcraft, I've only used this in a pinch since it take 5 mana 80% of the time I look for Oblivion Stone with this if not then some sort of win-more card.

    Stoneforge Mystic: ETB tutor equipment, I usually play stoneforge turn 2 so I don't know what to look for (usually a Kaldra piece) or Sword of X and Y for the protection, mainly used for cheating in equipment.

    Stonehewer Giant: The strongest tutor in the deck IF it makes it around the table, tutor every turn AND free equip makes it a great card. I usually play him when I have Swiftfoot Boots out to protect him and then I tutor for Shield of Kaldra to save him from sweepers also. People under estimate how strong a tutor every turn is they rarely remove him.

    Open the Armory: Just added this, easier to find a wincon, should have been in here since I built it.

    Recruiter of the Guard: New tutor for me and probably one of the best, can tutor for almost anything in the deck tutors for almost any creature and can hit Stoneforge Mystic. So basically tutor for any creature for 3 mana or tutor for any equipment for 5 mana.

    I put both of these together because protection and evasion are sometimes one in the same I may separate them at one point but for now I think they serve the same purpose.

    Masterwork of Ingenuity:

    Grand Abolisher: No counterspells or instant speed removal, it doesn't see a lot of play in my current group, but I keep it in because blue.

    3 Swords of X and Y: Protection from White, Red, Blue, Green, and Black, tutor for whichever you think you'll run into the most.

    Mask of Avacyn: The mask give hexproof and a phat bottom, the downside is the high equip cost for a seemingly small boost but I needed the hexproof redundancy and shroud hurt way more than it helped.

    Swiftfoot Boots: Mainly used for the hexproof but the has comes in handy when haste is needed or a Stonehewer Giant tutor.

    Silent Arbiter: Doesn't disrupt our plan at all and makes any deck that want's to swing wide. Pair this with Maze of Ith or a vigilant Sram and never see a damage again.

    Karmic Justice: Protection from most artifact board wipes I love dropping it and going destroy any of my stuff and I'll blow up your lands. Either way it gives you a three for one if the want to board wipe, they need single target removal for Karmic Justice and you take say a land then they can wipe your board and you just made them use 3 cards.

    Darksteel Plate, Shield of Kaldra, Hammer of Nazahn: Indestructible redundancy, survive board wipes very specific removal needed for sram.

    Mother of Runes: Recently added thanks to a suggestion, amazing protection (from years of playing burn in modern I always viewed her just as a counterspell now I realized it's indestructibility and unblockable as well.)

    Akroma's Memorial: 7 mana for 7 abilities talk about value! Oh and protection from 2 of the most removal intensive colors. Might be on the chopping block cmc is a little high.

    Rogue's Passage: Just unblockable on a land, no reason not to run it.

    Batterskull and Sword of Vengeance: Vigilance is pseudo-protection it allows you to block and attack.

    Here's what wins us the game after there's a sufficient amount of protection we need to close out the game. I'm not gunna go through all the cards that give buffs because most are in for other purposes and are stronger in those categories. Shout-out to Hammer of Nazahn, Dowsing Dagger  Flip, Champion's Helm, sword of X and Y, Argentum Armor, Mask of Avacyn, and Sword of the Animist.

    Fireshrieker, Silverblade Paladin, and Duelist's Heritage: Sram usually ends up around 11-15 power and we don't want to give people more turns this cuts there time in half.

    Sword of Vengeance: Hard to say exactly why I added this, when play testing these were all the abilities I needed. Trample ignores chump blocks, First Strike wins more exchanges, Vigilance helps protect me from attacks, Haste doesn't matter too much because the cost is pretty high and +2/+0 is just icing, just good all around.

    Nahiri, the Lithomancer: Haven't ult'd her yet but I could imagine it'd be scary and 0 equip costs are my life blood.

    Masterwork of Ingenuity:

    Umezawa's Jitte: Just re-added this, I didn't like playing this because I missed triggers a lot and I was never sure when to +2/+2 or save the counters to -X/-X but there's a reason everyone runs it, it's extremely versatile and ends up in multiple categories.

    Grafted Wargear and Hero's Blade: Both just vanilla buff but both equip for free TM.

    Empyrial Plate: Extremely strong with Sram almost always +5/+5 or more.

    O-Naginata and loxondon warhammer: I was iffy about O-Naginata because of the restriction but you almost always have it. Trample is what makes these cards great.

    Batterskull: The lifegain is nice but the vigilance is what really sold it for me, plus it comes attached to a body which is nice. Could also be considered protection because attack and block.

    Golem-Skin Gauntlets: I recently added this and it works as well as you think it would.

    After we have a beater, some protection, and maybe even some sort of weapon we need to put it all together, we can pay to equip but doing it for free is even better.

    Puresteel Paladin: No need to explain it again, it's arguably the strongest card it this deck.

    Auriok Steelshaper: Cheats cost by one, he's on the most-likely to be removed list.

    Sigarda's Aid: Pretty basic one time cheat cost, once they're down it doesn't help, but it's one of the best cost cheating cards. Instant speed too so if can wait to put something on, might as well do it on an opponents end step.

    Foundry Inspector: Another new add it's pretty good, making 1 drops into 0 is really good it basically allows you to play more equipment and draw more cards.

    Stoneforge Mystic: Cheats equipment INTO play pair this with Sigarda's Aid each equipment only costs 2.

    Stonehewer Giant: I keep saying Puresteel Paladin is the best card in the deck but Stonehewer Giant gives him a run for his money. He does the Sigarda's Aid + Stoneforge Mystic combo by himself as well as a tutor each turn.

    Nahiri, the Lithomancer: -2 puts things into play in a pinch but she's better used to recur or tick up towards the ult.

    Hammer of Nazahn: New card, super good when Wizards releases a new set I like to skim through all the artifacts and this one immediately caught my eye. Now I can't stop tutoring for it.

    Masterwork of Ingenuity:

    No plan is perfect and people are going to be scared of our board presence, naturally a lot our stuff is going to end up in the graveyard so we'll just bring it back.

    Petrified Field: Brings back a lands you can winmore and bring back Inventors' Fair or bring back Emeria, The Sky Ruin because mid game it's broken.

    Masterwork of Ingenuity:

    Nahiri, the Lithomancer: This is her main use in this deck but she can do anything.

    Emeria, The Sky Ruin: A creature every upkeep? To the battlefield? Mana cost doesn't matter? Sun Titan pls. Mid to late game it's broken however we are short on plains and games don't tend to run long HOWEVER you always want to be prepared. Interacts uniquely with Sun Titan, Stoneforge Mystic, and Silent Arbiter.

    Sword of Light and Shadow: Brings back a creature to hand pretty nice might get removed though.

    Buried Ruin: Returns artifacts usually I grab something I can't get with either Sun Titan or Emeria, The Sky Ruin.

    Sun Titan: Might be a white staple if not it's still great in this deck since it grabs most artifacts and grabs lands too so more Inventors' Fair tutors or more Buried Ruin recursions. Just amazing over all and super versatile.

    Roar of Reclamation: Brings back all artifacts however it helps everyone but it'll help you way more than everyone else. (unless you're versing Daretti, Scrap Savant)

    Open the Vaults: Again brings back all artifacts but this time all enchantments as well, it will most likely help you more than anyone else. Just hope you're not play Zur the Enchanter or you have Karmic Justice in the grave.

    Every deck needs board wipes when something isn't going our way we can just wipe everything and the ones I run typically are one sided.

    Oblivion Stone: The only sweeper that hurts us, I only run this one for when I'm in a pinch. It can be tutored for by Inventors' Fair or Enlightened Tutor.

    Austere Command: Destroy your choice of Uril, the Miststalker enchantments or creatures with a higher CMC than yours, the most versatile Wrath in white.

    Elspeth, Sun's Champion(Praise the Sun!): She does more things but I usually use her to wipe, afterwards I flood with tokens to distract my opponents. Plus a PW is seen as a huge threat so they'll be more likely to hit her than me giving us more turns.

    Ugin, the Spirit Dragon: Again a constant threat but mostly used to wipe the board, he hits less than half the permanents in this deck so he almost never wipes your own board. Dat ult doe, uniquely interacts with Sigarda's Aid

    All Is Dust: Again this time it saves colorless like just like Ugin almost never disrupts your board presence besides Sram.

    Swords to Plowshares and Path to Exile: Best white removal spells in the game.

    Argentum Armor: High CMC and Equip but it destroys ANY permanent, downsides it can't hit indestructible but +6/+6 ends the game fast.

    Masterwork of Ingenuity:


    Sword of Kaldra: Megadeathtouch, exile anything that chump blocks it. Can have added redundancy with Godsend but we run a significant amount of pro-white that Godsend has fallen off multiple times.

    Basilisk Collar: Yeah just deathtouch nothing special.

    Ugin, the Spirit Dragon and Sword of Fire and Ice: Lightning Bolt and Shock on a stick once a turn.

    These are somethings that don't really fit into a category but still very useful.

    Basilisk Collar, Loxodon Warhammer, and Batterskull: These were already talked about but I just wanted to say lifelink.

    Masterwork of Ingenuity: If you understood my bad joke through out the deck description then you would know this card does EVERYTHING!

    Serra Ascendant: Thissssss is a tough one in this deck it doesn't do much, however this is such a good card I don't want to remove it. i don't want to talk about this card to much because I'm going to rant and whine about how not overpowered this is, there are wayyyyyy worse cards.


    This section is just to document unique/unintentional interactions between cards I didn't realize worked while making this deck.

    Karmic Justice + Open the Vaults/Karmic Justice + Sun Titan: Not too unique but I was playing a match and my friend destroyed all artifacts and enchantments while I had Karmic Justice out so I blew up a lot of his lands and the next turn I just recurred them all. It was funny to say the least.

    Emeria, The Sky Ruin + Sun Titan: Two recursions, I was versing an annihilator deck, my opponent had annihilator 1 so I sacced a land to the annihilator trigger and chump blocked with Sun Titan on my upkeep I brought back Sun Titan and then the land.

    Fireshrieker + Sword of Fire and Ice: Just double card draw some added value I didn't notice.

    Emeria, The Sky Ruin + Stoneforge Mystic + Grafted Wargear: Sac into recursion into tutor into repeat.

    Emeria, The Sky Ruin + Silent Arbiter: This was great when I realized it my friend was swinging with lethal voltron and no trample, I just brought Silent Arbiter back every turn to buy time.

    Sword of Feast and Famine + Sigarda's Aid + Fireshrieker: After the first strike step you untap all your lands and attach more equipment, from sigard's aid, to your creature for more damage and triggers. Hilarious with Sram, Senior Edificer or Puresteel Paladin out, top decking more equipment feels like you're playing a combo deck.

    Land Rack + Scroll Tax: During upkeep Land Tax trigger for 3 lands still during upkeep activate Scroll Rack and put the 3 lands on top to Ancestral Recall and move to untap and draw one of the lands. Credit: Daedalus19876 and his Judgment Day: Avacyn the Purifier EDH | PRIMER

    Empyrial Plate + Masterwork of Ingenuity: Double the amount of cards in hand leads to a lot of damage.

    Empyrial Plate + Puresteel Paladin + Sram, Senior Edificer + low cost equipment: Gets crazy fast can I've had 11 cards in hand with this combo it could get bigger later into the game.

    This is a list of cards you can add that I choose not to run either because of meta or personal choice or just didn't make the cut, I will try to add a brief description on why you can run it depending on meta and what not.

    You can also click this (link)[] to be directed to Sram on EDHREC the best website for building commander decks.



    Prying Blade: Ramp and small buff.

    Skullclamp: Small buff with card draw when it dies.

    Leonin Abunas: Nice mass protection.

    Armory Automaton: Combat tricks and you can steal other peoples equipment.

    Restoration Specialist: Recursion for equipment but can hit things like Duelist's Heritage.

    Brass Squire: Cheats costs.

    Solemn Simulacrum: Ramp and draw.

    Auriok Windwalker: Cheats costs.

    Return to Dust: Removal.

    Oblation: More removal.

    Elspeth, Knight-Errant: Buff and evasion.

    Steelshaper Apprentice: Reusable tutor.

    Rebuff the Wicked: Because lol.

    Argivian Find: Recursion.

    Crib Swap: Removal.

    Trailblazer's Boots or Prowler's Helm: both evasion I considered running or something that gives flying.

    Inquisitor's Flail: double strike but quadruple strike if you have double strike.

    I don't run auras but you might find it silly so here's just a list of cards I WOULD add if I was to run auras. I'm not going to explain these choices because I haven't tested them these are just some good ones I would test out.

    Serra's Embrace, Daybreak Coronet, Gryff's Boon, Indestructibility, Angelic Destiny, Spectra Ward, Pearl Medallion, Helm of the Gods, Three Dreams, Umbra Mystic, Mesa Enchantress, Heliod's Pilgrim, Battle Mastery, Hyena Umbra, Holy Mantle, Ethereal Armor, Armored Ascension, Daily Regimen, Asha's Favor, Mammoth Umbra, Kithkin Armor, Celestial Mantle, Flickering Ward, griffen guide.

    Mox Opal: This seems like it deserves a spot in this deck I almost always have metalcraft and it's just free ramp. I'm worried because too early it won't tap for anything and too late I might not need it anymore it's something I have to test irl before I spend $80

    Metalworker: Another card that seems like it would be great in this deck it would probably eat a removal spell but the mana ramp is insane. I'm just going to buy this because it's only $30 I just have to find one near mint. Which is proving to be difficult.

    Mishra's Workshop: Boy oh boy do I want this card Definitely not getting a near mint one once I got $800 spare dollars I'm gunna start looking I think this would be amazing in this deck, in opening hand though it seems bad. Going to play test with a proxy before I make my decision.

    Mox Amber 0

    Legendary artifact

    T: Add one mana pool of any color among legendary creatures or planeswalkers you control.

    I'm pretty interested by this at it's worst it taps for nothing at it's best it taps for white Sram is almost always out so I think this is a card I would want to add. When I first read this I thought it said legendary permanents but it's actually just legendary creatures so it's not as good as I thought, this would basically just take up a land slot and is probably not worth running.

    Blackblade Reforged 2

    Legendary Artifact - Equipment

    Equipped creature gets +1/+1 for each land you control.

    Equip legendary creature 3

    Equip 7

    I really like this card, it seems like a stronger Strata Scythe imo. this is probably a no question add.

    Forebear's Blade 3

    Artifact - Equipment

    Equipped creature gets +3/+0 and has vigilance and trample.

    Whenever equipped creature dies, attach Forebear's Blade to target creature you control.

    Equip 3

    When I first saw this spoilers this one got me the most excited these are two of the most important abilities, but now thinking about it it seems a bit lackluster. The last ability is irrelevant it definitely could go in place of Loxodon Warhammer and would require some testing the lifelink isn't super important but I haven't noticed when it has helped me.


    Just a list of cards I may remove/add throughout play testing. Pretty much nothing I want to add right now


    Akroma's Memorial: So I really like this card and when I first built this deck it was an all-star but now it's just so high up on the curve I'd rather just play two equipment, on the other hand it has saved me in the late game multiple times, there's times I need flying for blocking or protection from black to get around deathtouchers or I needed vigilance to be aggressive when at low life. While there are plenty of cards that do all of these(except flying) this one does all of them.

    Sword of Light and Shadow: This shouldn't be on the remove list I just hate that it gives protection from white, it turns off a few cards like Duelist's Heritage and Sigarda's Aid and if I ever add Godsend that too. Protection from white however is also the reason it stays in, it's the only sword that does it and white weenies are everywhere.

    Ugin, the Spirit Dragon: Insanely good card his -x wipes about everything and his ult in most decks is a game winner. The reason he is on the chopping block is his cost I mainly cast him for his -x and either at -7 or -6 and someone pings him in the next 2 turns. I was considering replacing him with a lower cmc board wipe.

    Elspeth, Sun's Champion: One I don't really want to remove but she really just says destroy all creatures power 4 or greater for 6 mana, and most of the time it hits Sram unless he has indestructible. I want to kep her because she produces 3 bodys... and that's it, if she's ever around long enough to ult I'm either super close to winning and flying wouldn't help or I'm far behind and I'd benefit from either -3 or just making more blockers.

    Auriok Steelshaper: Definitely not as strong as he could be, cheating the cost by one is nice but it just seems weak in the early game it's just better to pay the cost but in the late game say Sram dies with 6+ equipment on the field drop Auriok Steelshaper and then Sram will save us a 6 mana. So again one I have considered cutting but it would have to be for somethign really good.

    Serra Ascendant: I don't want to go off on a tangent about this card so I'll try to stay focused this is an insanely good card (not overpowered though.) If played turn 1 it will gain you around 6-18 life (never once has it gained me more) and drain each opponent 6 each. Reasons to keep it: it's just value early game and life gain. Reasons to remove it: it doesn't help our game plan of winning with commander damage, it makes the whole table groan, meh late game.

    Darksteel Ingot: Turn 3 and 4 are kind of important in this deck (4 more than 3) and turn 3 for a mana rock is eh but idk this will probably stay and it's more to go in the swaps section.

    Silent Arbiter: One of the cards I don't think I'll remove the only reason is he hasn't been useful as of latebut I still think he could add some value.


    Bastion Protector: Indestructible redundancy and another creature which I feel I need more of, only reason I don't want to add it is I already have 3 cards that give indestructible and she can't be tutored by Recruiter of the Guard.

    Leonin Shikari: This was on my notable exclusions list forever and still might be, I see the value in being about to switch around my Swiftfoot Boots or when I go to equip on Sram and someone casts removal I can just equip again it in response. It can be tutored by Recruiter of the Guard and it's another creature on the field. I probably have some personal bias against it or something but I can't add it I see the value but it just doesn't seem like it adds much.

    Relic Seeker: Another card still on my notable exclusions but have been considering adding it, tutors are just great always I just know it will become a huge target once it hits or will just get blocked I haven't tested it yet and it'll be hard to test since I just goldfish most of the time but I know if I saw it I would want to use removal on it It's essentially Steelshaper's Gift that can be "countered" by blocking, definitely need to hear a good reason to add this.

    Bloodforged Battle-Axe: INCREMENTAL GROWTH!!!! This is one I thought was extremely interesting when I saw it spoiled and I really liked it. I tried it out in Sram and found it under-whelming it gets extremely mana intensive and doesn't make his butt any bigger, now I can play stuff to give him a butt but then I can't equip more axes I think this would go good in one of those Sram lists that run all those 0 drops that only buff his toughness. Well all you did was trash talk this why is it on your potential adds? Well with Sigarda's Aid, Hammer of Nazahn, or Puresteel Paladin it's godly, especially with Puresteel Paladin(draws on enter not cast.) It's just wow with those cards but if I don't hit those it's eh mana intensive. Again this is one I'd have to play test with and not just goldfish.

    Cloud Key or Semblance Anvil: Both seem really good almost like a better Foundry Inspector I just like the fact that he is another creature on the other had he dies to more removal this is more in the swap section but it's also here because you could add them along side of Foundry Inspector.

    Inquisitor's Flail: I didn't want this because of the extra damage but indestructible doesn't care the problem is sram doesn't often have a big butt so I'm eh about it.


    This is just some cards that I think provide the same function and could easily replace one and other depending on the meta or you can run both.

    Sensei's Divining Top and Scroll Rack: It's hard to say what's better personally I'm bad at Scroll Rack I'll put stuff on top that I want but then I get a tutor and I'd have to shuffle it away I'm just bad at it. Downsides you can only do it once per turn and dies to removal, however it is godly with Land Tax. So I'd say a stronger player could use this way better than I could. Or you can put them both in the deck

    Ancient Den for Plains: This is up in the air Ancient Den dies to a lot of removal and can set you back a mana, but also it triggers metalcraft so it's up in the air.

    Conqueror's Flail for Grand Abolisher: This one I'm really iffy about, Conqueror's Flail is only spells and Grand Abolisher is also abilities one is only 2 mana the other is 4 and Conqueror's Flail onyl buffs +1/+1 on Sram so it's not a lot but it's card draw so eh something I should test.

    Homeward Path and High Market: Both fulfill the same purpose (no one stealing Sram) both have very niche exceptions (Homeward Path doesn't stop Lignify and could help opponents out but High Market makes Sram cost more.) It might be worth running both but again like all my land issues I like having double white turn 2. Personal preference I guess or meta choice if you don't want to run both I guess.

    Darksteel Ingot for Commander's Sphere: So these are close Darksteel Ingot survives a boardwipe but Commander's Sphere will just draw a card. Late in the game Commander's Sphere draws you a card Darksteel Ingot doesn't nothing but make mana. This is something I will definitely have to play test off the top of my head I can't decide which is better.

    Darksteel Ingot for Everflowing Chalice: These are lower than Commander's Sphere but they ramp for more than one mana but it's only colorless Everflowing Chalice gets better later in the game but to tap for more mana it'll sit in the 4 mana slot so eh.

    Cloud Key or Semblance Anvil for Foundry Inspector: All do the same thing and Foundry Inspector dies to way more removal I wanted him in for another body but I might just replace him just need to decide between the two, Cloud Key cheats by one and is basically just a more resilient Foundry Inspector and Semblance Anvil cuts cost by 2 however costs an additional card this seems like the stronger one but in my mind I over-think it "What if my hand is all cards I like?" "What if I draw it and there's nothing else in my hand?" I'll have to test between the two and decide.


    Lightning Greaves: I was running this for the longest time however I rarely have 2 creatures so it makes you not able to pile more equipment on a creature because equip targets.

    Temple of the False God: I everyone runs this everyone one which means it's clearly a good card, however it has never helped me. Ever. It's either in my opening hand and doesn't do anything until turn 5 or it's my fourth land and now I can't play my Sad Robot. No matter what deck I play it in it has always hurt me. I also don't want to go down on anymore white mana because I really like have 2 untapped white lands on turn 2 each match.

    Weathered Wayfarer: I like this card I just don't think it will add much to the deck there aren't many non-basics I want to search for.

    Argivian Archaeologist: Only reason I didn't have this was because it's SO hard to find a copy but now that I've been playing without it I don't find it necessary plus it recurred to hand, I think I have enough recursion in the deck I'll continue play testing it however.

    Leonin Shikari: I found this to be niche and just a vanilla bear without Puresteel Paladin or Auriok Steelshaper I can see how it helps but I just don't like leaving mana up, if I have 2 mana to put Darksteel Plate on, someone will just instant speed removal it in response anyway. If it was 0 equip I'd do it no doubt but it doesn't work on its own in my mind. Really torn with this card I think it would be better if we swung wide for checky Quietus Spike combat tricks but normally we swing with 1-2 creatures.

    Relic Seeker: If people know what they're up against this won't make its way around the table even with haste it'll just get chump blocked so I can't search. A sorcery tutor is better.

    Solemn Simulacrum: The sad robot, basically a staple in all decks but much stronger in 2+ color decks in mono he's just ramp plus a little card draw. He sits in the 4 cmc spot and that's probably the trickiest spot in the deck. We want to ramp turn 1 and 2 turn 3 at the latest turn 4 though we want to be playing and equipping our stuff and he just doesn't do much to help that game plan besides ramp us for turn 5 (I would say he's still stronger than Hedron Archive in this deck I believe though.) The reason I can't remove him but kind of want to is because I see the value he brings it's just that darn turn 4 slot. I see him in my hand and think "aw I really want to do X but I should play the Sad Robot to ramp out." If there was another artifact like Thran Dynamo it would easily replace him.

    Now I know not every one has an infinite budget or even a light one right now the deck is around $800 with some swaps I think you can get it around $200-$300 without hurting it too much I'm going to try to remove anything over $10 some cards I'll tell you to remove won't have replacements in that case you can add any equipment you want. Even cheaper is possible but that is probably a drastic change. I might add a budget deck list at some point.



    Akroma's Memorial $18: There isn't any functional replacement I can think of I would just remove it and and any equipment or aura for it.

    Batterskull $18 for Daybreak Coronet $10 or Iona's Blessing less than a dollar: Another one I can't think of a replacement for swap for an equip that either gives vigilance or buffs it

    Champion's Helm $12 for Ring of Evos Isle less than a dollar: Just replace this with something that gives hexproof

    Darksteel Plate $10 for Shielded by Faith $2:

    Mana Crypt: Just replace with a land or Hedron Archive.

    Sensei's Divining Top $15 for Crystal Ball less than a dollar: At this time it is $15 I wouldn't remove it.

    Sword of Feast and Famine $32 for Spectra Ward $1: Should be in any Sram deck that runs auras.

    Sword of Light and Shadow $32 for Flickering Ward $2 or Floating Shield less than a dollar: This deck runs other recursion effects so this replacement is just for protection.

    Sword of Fire and Ice $50 for Pentarch Ward or Rogue's Gloves both less than a dollar: one doesn't draw a card but has protection one draws with no protection run both.

    Umezawa's Jitte $20 for Inquisitor's Flail less than a dollar: just replace with something that gives a decent buff.

    Ancient Tomb $41: just replace with an Plains or with Temple of the False God but I recomend a plains because you should be running temple anyway.

    Flagstones of Trokair: replace with a plains.

    Maze of Ith $10 for Kor Haven $6 or Mystifying Maze less than a dollar: plus they both tap for mana.

    Petrified Field $7: I can't think of any functional repalcement off the top of my head just replace with plains.

    Strip Mine $25 for Ghost Quarter $2:

    Wasteland $28 for Dust Bowl $11 or Tectonic Edge $2: Dust Bowl is still expensive but is cheaper than wasteland and strip mine.

    All Is Dust $20 for Soulscour less than a dollar: basically the same thing for 3 more mana.

    Enlightened Tutor $13 and Recruiter of the Guard $10 and Stoneforge Mystic $20: can't think of anything specifically but any tutor will do some suggestions Kuldotha Forgemaster $2, Skyship Weatherlight, and Taj-Nar Swordsmith both less than a dollar.

    Path to Exile $7 for Condemn or Oust or Dispatch all less than a dollar: all functionally the same pick your poison.

    Serra Ascendant $7: just remove it not worth it.

    Land Tax $25 for Oath of Lieges $2: helps opponents

    Ugin, the Spirit Dragon $36 for Hallowed Burial less than a dollar: any board wipe will do.

    Elspeth, Sun's Champion $10 for Rout less than a dollar: any board wipe will do pick your favorite.

    I can do cards that are over $5 as well but that's a lot of work let me know if that's something you want.


    These are all cards you can add to in place of something else to fill its role. They are also all $1 or less.

    draw: Infiltration Lens, Mask of Memory

    ramp: Mind Stone, Prying Blade

    removal: Oblivion Ring, Disenchant, Oblation, Return to Dust , Disenchant, Crib Swap

    board wipe: Mass Calcify

    Sram buffs: Darksteel Axe, Bonesplitter, Ring of Thune, Grappling Hook, Piston Sledge, Armory of Iroas

    evasion: Neurok Hoversail, Trailblazer's Boots

    cheat costs: Auriok Windwalker, Brass Squire

    Mulligan: You'll want to keep a hand with at least 2-3 lands 2 is more acceptable with a mana rock, no creatures is okay to keep because turn 3-5 we can make a token with Heliod, God of the Sun if we don't draw one but only keep a no creature hand if you have a good amount of equipment. Obviously mulligan if your curve is too high. See "Sample Hands/Turns" for some examples.

    Turns 1-2: We have several routes we can go Sol Ring, Mana Crypt, any 1-3 drop equipment, or a utility creature like Sram, Senior Edificer, Stoneforge Mystic. Pillowfort cards we can save until there's a threat to us.

    Turn 3-4: Heliod. We want vigilance as soon as we can if we don't have any equipment that gives vigilance we play Heliod.

    Turn 4-6: We play a fatty if we don't have a small creature down, if we have a small one out we load him up with the equipment we have out and swing. If we do have a creature down just keep whatever creatures you have in your hand to bounce back removal/wipes.

    Turn 6-7: We continue to pressure our opponent by playing whatever equipment we draw and by tutoring for whatever we need Quietus Spike/Fireshrieker for more pressure. (At any point between turn 3-7 we sweep if someone seems like they're doing decently.)

    Turn 8-11: We win? We should have a creature with at least indestructible between 7 and 15 power/toughness and maybe double strike and Quietus Spike or a myriad of other abilities.

    Every deck likes to show off it'a earliest, though unlikely win. Anyway this is my God hand (0.00126% chance (though 30 seconds of math so it's probably most likely wrong.))

    Cards needed: 2x Plains, Hero's Blade, Sol Ring, Mana Crypt, Sigarda's Aid, O-Naginata, Masterwork of Ingenuity, Fireshrieker, and of course Sram, Senior Edificer.

    So we're relying on the perfect opening hand and 4 card draws to get this and of course, as voltron, it will only kill one player. So here is the sample:

    Opening hand: Plains, Sol Ring, Mana Crypt, Hero's Blade, (these next cards can be replaced by any piece in the "cards needed part" but I'll just choose 3 at random) Sigarda's Aid, O-Naginata, Fireshrieker.

    Turn 1: Draw Plains, play Mana Crypt into Sol Ring into Hero's Blade, then play a Plains into Sram, Senior Edificer and Hero's Blade equips.

    Turn 2: Draw Masterwork of Ingenuity, play Plains and tap all for 4 colorless and 2 white mana, play Sigarda's Aid, play O-Naginata draw off Sram and equip, play Fireshrieker draw off Sram and equip, play Masterwork of Ingenuity copying Hero's Blade draw off Sram and equip. Attack for 11/6 double strike for 22 commander damage.

    Like I said this is magical Christmas land but you can replace of any of the card draw with a combo piece, but this is only a turn 2 win which isn't a big deal because this deck can likely win turn 4-5.

    WIP (good suggestions/reading the full primer added)

    yeaGO For running this amazing site.

    Daedalus19876 and MagicalHacker for their suggestions and primers.

    Epochalyptik for his Characteristics of a Strong Deck and How to Write a Primer articles.

    Here are some other deck I've built and are currently working on while most need a revamp the basic gist is there, so if you have any suggestions for them I would love to hear it.

    Super-Duper Superfriends V2

    Super-Duper Superfriends

    You are Over-Encumbered Voltron Edition

    Trump Presidency

    Zendikars Parallel Univrse

    Masters of Your Mind

    Mirror Match

    (modern) The Elves of Mirkwood (modern)


    Updates Add

    I tested out all the new cards from my last update and the deck is much more consistent.

    I'm also testing (though probably just adding) some other cards

    -1 Elspeth, Sun's Champion +1 Divine Reckoning this will hit sram 100% less often then elspeth did plus lower curve.

    -1 Akroma's Memorial +1 Avarice Amulet Akroma was just too high on the curve plus this has some card draw and if this works the way I think it does sending Sram to the command zone won't give the amulet to an opponent.

    -1 Silent Arbiter +1 Metalworker not a functional swap but metalworker seems insane if I have 5 equipment in my hand it usually pays for the cast and equip cost. While goldfishing it was an over performer.

    -1 Grand Abolisher +1 Conqueror's Flail suggestion from a commenter, the ability is kind of week so might as well have it on something that synergies with Sram. If I ever need space I might take it out all together.

    -1 Serra Ascendant +1 Inquisitor's Flail unless you're doing a dedicated lifegain strategy Serra is nowhere near as good as people make it out to be in EDH I think a 6/6 flier turn one intimidates people. Anyway double damage seems nice this is definitely more on the test side and not guaranteed to stay

    -1 Plains +1 Mox Opal This one is iffy I've been testing it and sometimes it just sits in my hand before I get metalcraft and I need a land to get it so this is another primarily testing change.


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