Brass Squire


Format Legality
Modern Legal
Legacy Legal
Vintage Legal
Commander / EDH Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Tiny Leaders Legal

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Set Rarity
Mirrodin Besieged Uncommon
Mirrodin Besieged: Mirran Uncommon

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Brass Squire

Artifact Creature — Myr

T: Attach target Equipment you control to target creature you control.

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Brass Squire Discussion

NV_1980 on Kalemne's Giant Clan

1 day ago

You're right; Puresteel Paladin and Brass Squire would be nice in that regard. However, this deck has a combined voltron/tribe theme and I'm not sure I want to cut any of the tribe elements in favor of these cards.

Fuklaw on Kalemne's Giant Clan

1 day ago

Considering most of your creatures should have vigilance, Godsend should be even better in this deck than in mine, as your creatures won't tap to attack.

Puresteel Paladin and Brass Squire should also be useful to cut back on those equip costs.

rox5tar on The Common Kor

4 days ago

I will try to suggest recent cards as to help with the low prices. (All cards are recommended for the sideboard unless stated otherwise):

Fragmentize: Good for the sideboard as your super-secret-anti-artifact-tactic.

Trepanation Blade: A decent piece of equipment. Don't rely on this one card to much, but it's nice to have.

Rogue's Passage: If your opponent has a decent meat-shield, you can try stacking most of your equipment on one creature (Kor Duelist???) and make him unblockable. It still produces mana, so even if you are unable to use the trigger, it is still a mana producer.

Brass Squire: This card may seem a bit unorthodox at a first glance, but stick with me here. During your early game, you will mostly be trying to spend your mana on your creatures, and trying to get your equipment on the board. You will have very little (if any) mana to cast your equip costs, especially if you decide to transition to equipment with a higher equip cost. This little myr may not be of very much help late game, but during the early game this creature is a workhorse. Also, have you seen how cute he looks?!

Sword of Vengeance: This card fits so much in your deck, I would just try to mainboard it. I can see that because of your mana curve you are trying to stick along the lines of 1-2 CMC, so you are not required to put in four copies of it, but this is a nice card to add in for those punchy-punchy games.

Tormod's Crypt: Anti-Graveyard tactic for 0 mana. Not much else to say about it.

Mask of Memory: Out of all the cards in my list, this is the card I recommend the most. You deck's extremely low CMC means that you are going to pour out the majority of your hand early game. This card allows you to keep your hand somewhat filled, while allowing you to filter out what you do and don't need at the present moment.

I hope my short list helped you. I hope you have great games with this deck!

KALE434 on God sent Anya and her army to destroy

5 days ago

I would suggest Stoneforge Mystic, Open the Armory, Steelshaper Apprentice and Stonehewer Giant if you need more ways to search up equipment. For different equipment I would say O-Naginata and Tenza, Godo's Maul too kinda help with connecting with opponents. Also Kusari-Gama is a good one to help clear opponents boards of pesky flyers. To help with cheaper and faster equip costs Brass Squire and Leonin Shikari. Thats all for now hope those kinda help, also if you wanna check out more I'd suggest my New Phyrexia's Scourge for more ideas!

lagotripha on Poisoned Arrows

2 weeks ago

If this is mostly casual, some stuff like Hunt the Hunter/Setessan Tactics/Ulvenwald Tracker might perform well, Hankyu,Heavy Arbalest, Livewire Lash, Mortarpod, Shuriken, Surestrike Trident and Wolfhunter's Quiver all exist, as does Brass Squire, Basilisk Collar, Gorgon Flail, Gorgon's Head,Vial of Poison which I know has been used for Brigid, Hero of Kinsbaile edh.

If this is a more competitive legacy meta, Animate Land for land destruction might be an option as a dumb one-off deck.

All told, good luck and have fun testing! If you're looking for something particular just say.

Snap157 on If you build it, they will die.

4 weeks ago

Brass Squire, More flying creatures and you're set. +1

DrLitebur on A Doran toughness build. Your ...

1 month ago

With Doran, you want any card that makes toughness something good, I have used cards, in the past, like Spidersilk Armor, Slagwurm Armor, and any other artifacts that can voltron into a huge toughness creature. Give him double strike with Fireshrieker or something similar, and you can easily one-shot an opponent with just one or two well-thought moves. Don't hesitate to use the Brass Squire as well, because adding an equipment to an attack last moment can be a huge advantage. Also, Sigarda's Aid is a must for that kind of build.

These are just my thoughts, and one way to build that kind of deck.

lithium142 on I Equip, You Lose

1 month ago

So i've playtested this a lot. (i really love this as a concept. It's like instant reanimator, but more consistent damage, rather than tap trigger trigger you die.) I have a few things i think you should put some thought into.

first, this deck can be slow. That's ok, but you have no way of stalling; not even any removal.

next, I found that Brass Squire, Metallurgeon, and Steelshaper's Gift could end up being dead draws very frequently. I think you can lose Steelshaper's Gift entirely since 8 cards of your deck constitute that win condition anyway. Brass Squire is trickier since he can accelerate your win condition, he's not something i'd want you to cut. Instead, i think you should run 2 or 3 of him rather than 4. Metallurgeon is in a weird spot too. Both he and Welding Jar do the same thing in your deck. I think going from 6 of that effect to 4 would be excellent; whether thats 4 jars or 4 urgeons, or 2 of each. Doing this will give you space for the much needed removal in your deck.

As for removal/a way to stall; you will potentially be opening 6 card slots for your deck. I dont know how casual friendly you want to keep this. if you wanna go hardcore, Path to Exile (though id wait for mm17 to release before you spend money on them). alternatively, you're also in the right colors for Lightning Bolt. If you want to go really budget, there is Oblivion Ring, Condemn, Sunlance (should really play bolt over that one), Journey to Nowhere, or a personal favorite of mine, Oust.

If you would rather go the stall route, the first card that comes to mind is Ghostly Prison. This is a hose, however, so im not sure how keen your friends would be on it. alternatively, Wall of Omens is amazing, and would actually benefit your deck as a cantrip to draw into your combo pieces more quickly. if you'd like a funnier budget option (though i cant believe this card is actually as cheap as it is), Boros Reckoner was once a $20 staple in boros aggro decks. he's lost his pricetag but is still just as awesome.

On a different note, if you'd like to troll your friends, you could occasionally put in Mana Tithe and Lapse of Certainty. no one needs to know =P

anyway, let me know your thoughts on this proposal

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