Brass Squire


Format Legality
Noble Legal
Leviathan Legal
Magic Duels Legal
Canadian Highlander Legal
Vintage Legal
Modern Legal
Penny Dreadful Legal
Vanguard Legal
Legacy Legal
Archenemy Legal
Planechase Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Unformat Legal
Casual Legal
Commander / EDH Legal

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Set Rarity
Mirrodin Besieged (MBS) Uncommon
Mirrodin Besieged: Mirran (MBM) Uncommon

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Brass Squire

Artifact Creature — Myr

{T}: Attach target Equipment you control to target creature you control.

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Brass Squire Discussion

Onigma on Kefnet, The Handful

1 month ago

Kudos for building Kefnet Voltron, turning Kefnet sideways is the best! I have a few comments:

Have you ever thought about playing more timetwister effects to fill your hand? you already have time spiral and commit, there is also Time Reversal and Game Plan. If you want to dig deeper still there is also Day's Undoing and Diminishing Returns. It seems like you have enough permanents in your deck to play out your hand, so why not use those to refill your hand? Those incidentally also act as graveyard hate.

Also consider Inquisitor's Flail as a backup for Fireshrieker. Redundancy is never a bad thing.

Brass Squire is a easy way to equip Kefnet, especially if you have more untappers like Vizier of Tumbling Sands, Aphetto Alchemist, Voltaic Key and Fatestitcher

If you are going to consider Training Grounds, also consider Illusionist's Bracers. Again, redundancy is never a bad thing.

I have a considerably higher budget Kefnet Voltron deck Kefnet Savage Beaking (Multiplayer EDH). It might not be everyone's cup of tea but maybe you will find some ideas there that might interest you.

SirKnightDude on Grothama, All-Devouring, All-Drawing, All-Cheating

1 month ago

Remove anything that doesn't say, "you may draw a card when a creature enters" or you might just deck yourself with your all-cheating. Momentous Fall, Soul's Majesty, or Life's Legacy could probably draw much better than Elemental Bond. With all the card draw this deck does, some redundancy with maximum hand size helps a lot. Spellbook, Library of Leng, Thought Vessel

I'm thinking a Brass Squire would be a nice inclusion, especially with some of my suggestions, or just because you move a lot of equipment around. Helm of the Host, can let you copy Grothama and have it fight itself for 20 cards drawn.

There are two big glaring weaknesses of this deck: Flyers, and removal. For removal best to worst: Beast Within, Song of the Dryads, Karn Liberated, Argentum Armor, Steel Hellkite, Spine of Ish Sah remove anything. Reclamation Sage, Acidic Slime, Bramblecrush, Woodfall Primus can slow down your opponents while building your board.

Never go without graveyard interaction, Tormod's Crypt, Scavenging Ooze, or Relic of Progenitus will put an end to the Spore Frog + Meren of Clan Nel Toth combo, Archaeomancer + Time Warp, and other shenanigans

Multani, Yavimaya's Avatar and Ulvenwald Hydra are both giant reach creatures that hang back on D. They can fight Grothama and live too, just be sure to Fog so they don't go attacking with 10 damage marked on them. Tornado Elemental, Whirlwind, or Hurricane can deal with your archetypal Angel, Demon, or Dragon, tribal decks. Alternatively, Deadly Recluse or Hornet Queen will make no one want to attack you

BjarneAlmighty on Isamaru - The Howling Blade

2 months ago

I suggest adding more ways to push your damage through.

Armored Ascension Evasion and big pump

Grappling Hook I favor this over Fireshrieker, it lets you focus fire utility/combo creatures like Blood Artist without burning a Path or StP

Spirit Mantle Evasion

Loxodon Warhammer An auto include in any voltron deck

Unquestioned Authority Card draw and evasion in one

Hammer of Nazahn Indestructible and Sigarda's aid in one

Silent Arbiter Ideal for any voltron deck focusing on control

Memory Jar Second part of the Scroll Rack draw machine

I would drop Kor Duelist, Mirran Crusader, Armageddon(you really don't like others having fun), Hero of Bladehold, Brimaz, King of Oreskos, and Skullclamp. Even if you don't want to put in the enchantments, Brass Squire and Leonin Abunas are better creatures.

K1ngMars on New Squee Voltron (NO COMMANDER TAX)

2 months ago

Fun concept! I'd suggest adding ASAP these cards (or at least to consider them): - Blinkmoth Urn for huge mana ramp (who cares if your opponents will get 2 mana, you'll get ∞ mana). - Cranial Plating is too good not to have in a 41 artifact deck. - Argentum Armor is really good for removal, but I understand that you don't need to care about protection.
- Bloodforged Battle-Axe for super easy snowball. - Trailblazer's Boots because everyone runs at least 1 nonbasic, and this means unblockable. - Great Furnace for artifact count interactions. - Inventors' Fair and Buried Ruin feel like they can be useful here. - Brass Squire could come in handy. - Godo, Bandit Warlord because tutoring is never enough. - Etched Champion, Hellkite Igniter and Armory Automaton could feel useless, since you don't need protection, nor alternative win con creatures, but I like them, so there we go.

I hope you'll find this useful. If you are interested in EDH, consider looking at my decks ;)

5c0r910n on Valduk Voltron

2 months ago

I too am building voltron for the first time, i'm gonna throw down a couple of categories for cards to cut, cause im too lazy to type out individual reasons.

Too small: These artifacts arn't very impactful to the board state, as they provide very little stats wise. I can see why you would want to run these, for they let you get 3/1s on the cheap, but you need 14 3/1s to connect to face per person to win, so try taking these out, and adding in more high value equipment. I think you'll if you keep these cards in you will end up with an empty hand in the later game. -BoNeSaW

-Bladed Bracers


-Sai of the Shinobi

-Armory of Iroas

-Ring of Valkas

-Thornbite Staff (You have to pay 2 to activate it,)

-Jhoira's Familiar (This guy probably won't get you much value, as nothing in your deck is that expensive, and your not drawing or anything whenever you are playing artifacts, I can see why it looks good, but i think you'd rather have any other card in your hand at any stage of the game.

-Sword of the Animist this card is questionable, and its totally your opinion to run it or not. I would advise against it, as you are ramping into few impactful cards, and you'd rather have a strong buff for valduk.

-Inspiring Statuary (this card seems strong because of the pure amount of artifacts you are running, however your average card cost is under 3, and even you high end card are most 5-6.

-Darksteel Forge (as mentioned before, your average CMC is below 3, and a random 9 cost card is questionable. Although never allowing your artifacts to be destroyed is a great effect, this card will be dead in you hand for most of the game.

-Elixir of Immortality / Silent Gravestone (don't know why you run these, if it works in your meta fine, but otherwise i don't see a real appeal to running it)

-Flamespeaker's Will just a low impact card

-Ghitu Firebreathing

-The Brute Rarely will you be saving mana, as you want to build as big a valduk as possible, let alone RRR. and the +1/+0 is very un-impactful.

-Comet Storm as the highest cost card(ignoring the forge) is 6, thats around the amount of mana you'll have by the time that your best option is to cast this card. Assuming you have 3 opponents, it will cost 2 mana to start, and two extra to target to second and third opponents, leaving you with 2 mana for the X cost. This deck fails to capitalize of this card because it has such a low mana curve, therefore this card is a dead card for most if not all of your games.

-Kazuul, Tyrant of the Cliffs a weird card to be running in this deck. It'll be hard to find a deck more aggresive then this one, therefore you opponent's will usually be saving their creatures to be blocking not attacking.

-Brass Squire try this card out in your deck if you want, as I'm not sure how it will preform.

-Armory Automaton/Kazuul's Toll Collector These cards serve as mini valduks, not much room for them for your opponent's ability to remove valduk shouldn't be very consistant as he has shroud alot of the time. Maybe run the Armory Automaton, as he could easily replace valduk should he get removed, swing big, and then you can reattach your stuff to valduk.

Thats all I got for now, don't take any of this personally, just my opinion. Good luck!

ReaperDrek on Godo, Bandit Warlord | Equipment Voltron

2 months ago

Hello mate, you have a nice deck there, but one card can increase its power level absurdly. I'm talking about Helm of the Host, which is an insta win equipment with Godo, and you can fetch it with him. So its absurdly broken 1 card inf combo. However, it might make your deck more boring, as it effectivly makes 11 mana win you the game on spot, or you can cheat equipment costs with Brass Squire to make it even easier, and the combo will outshine other cards in your deck.

LuxCannonator on Strong CotF

3 months ago

Looks like a great start ahve a +1.

Here's my two cents:

I would drop Aegis Angel, she's good but to slow for Legacy. Put Kemba, Kha Regent and/or Balan, Wandering Knight in her place and add more equipment

I would drop Scourge of the Nobilis for Consuming Fervor

Some goodstuffs: Angelic Destiny, Basilisk Collar, Captain's Claws, Empyrial Plate, Fireshrieker, Masterwork of Ingenuity, Sigil of Distinction, Umezawa's Jitte, Blackblade Reforged, Brass Squire, and Vulshok Battlemaster, Silver-Inlaid Dagger

TypicalTimmy on Design your own Plane

3 months ago

If you could design your own set, what would you put in it?

  • What culture(s) would it be based upon?
  • What sorts of lore would you incorporate?
  • What abilities would you use?
  • What kinds of lands would you have?
  • What races / tribes would you support?
  • What color combinations would you include?
  • If you made a Planeswalker for the set, what would they look like?

I'm curious as to the creativity aspect of this group.

I'd love to make a Scandinavian themed set. I know Coldsnap was closely tied to those people, but I'd like to see much more of their rich culture explored.

For races, I'd bring in things like Spirits, Giants, Elves (I know, I'm just as surprised as you), Dwarves, Faeries, and Humans. There would be an occasional honorary mention such as Witches, Horrors, Horses, Trolls, Dragons, perhaps even a single Hydra and Leviathan with some Insects. Those are mostly for filler, in order to flesh out the world a bit more.

Supported tribes would be Warriors, Archers, Artificers, and Spirits. Of course, others would exist but those would be the big ones. They are chosen so you can have supported aggressive combat, combat-control, a decent boon toward buffs (Think about Artificers being able to make equip costs less or even free like with Brass Squire or equipped creature getting larger bonuses), and with bringing back Spirits you get a nice handout to Control players.

I'd have it feel like Khans of Tarkir, using Jarls in their place. I'd like to see the following Shards / Wedges;


Jund : A powerful style no doubt. I'd want Jund involved because that'd give us access to powerful keyword abilities (Listed in a moment) and would encourage fast and reckless gameplay, paying homage to the Norse style of combat where it was brutal and savage. Often, they would indulge in drugs and charge into battle lusting for blood.

Esper : Because not all players are so violent, and because there is a hefty amount of magical artifacts in the real-world lore, I'd love to bring ties back to the old kings of artifacts; Esper. This would open up powerful control for players who are more inclined to end the game before it even begins.

Based on these, Black is already a heavily themed color option. To balance black, we need something that cares a bit more about using resources to their fullest potential, rather than causing self-harm in the service of itself.


Temur : What Temur brings to the table (unintentional pun was intentional) is a keen sense of manipulation of the game, whether it is through potent counter spells, strong growth spells, devastating disruption and burn spells, or all-in large creatures that bring the hurt when used properly. Not quite as fast as Jund, but just as reliable if built right.

For the last one I am torn between Mardu and Abzan . However, considering I am already set on using Jund, I'd have to pick Abzan so that there aren't two strong combat-oriented slices.

With Abzan, you have access to your non-combat manipulation such as spells to gain life while taking from others, means to make creatures stronger or return them to your hand / battlefield, and the ability to boardwipe with ease.

Given these four; Jund, Esper, Temur, and Abzan you would find yourself flexing a dynamic power struggle between playing reckless, playing manipulatively, playing cautiously, and playing defensively.

Many people know about the Jarls of old Norse Governing, but what few know of is that the Jarls served under Kings. The Kings used the Jarls almost like Mayors - to watch and guide over a township and land. Jarls would often get plots of land, but would go to war over limited resources. This is why Viking raids were so important. Their soil was poor and their minerals were weak, so in order to survive they must venture out of their homes. Vikings were only a small part of the Norse legacy and were more akin to pirates than anything, though they did venture into other lands to pillage.

If we were still using three-block sets, I'd incorporate Gods - only just a few though, merging several Norse Gods together in order to save space and incorporate the Shards / Wedges. However, with there being two-block sets now I'm not entirely sure if that's a good idea.

The story would almost have to be intermediate as the fridge landscape would be of no use to Bolas. In fact, it could serve as a side-step where the Gatewatch could catch their breath. Having fled from Bolas yet again, they find themselves in a desolate wasteland so cold and so foreboding that not even Nissa can sense a lifeforce among the Planes. After being ambushed in the thicket of snow and dark by Trolls, the Gatewatch is saved by one of the Jarl's kin who bring them back to their village.

Once there, an argument breaks apart where the Gatewatch begin to question Gideon and Jace's leadership. The argument turns hostile and the Jarl sees to put a stop to it. He banishes half of the Gatewatch through powerful magic, exiling them to the wastes. The other half have his full cooperation. They are told that without working together, both of their parties will parish.

The group which was banished encounters the Temur group who have learned to live off what little the land has. They learn that the Esper group has been plundering resources and stealing the means of survival. In response, Jund sought war and Abzan backed off in defense. All four Jarls want each other dead, and that there is concern that the Gatewatch won't be able to side with just one.

The group that stayed in the village learns, from the Abzan, that the Esper group came to power about 200 years ago and has done everything they can to crush anyone beneath them. Abzan wants to live in peace, which is the reason for their group's partial exile. They see they can not reason with Jund, so they hope that the Gatewatch can make a deal with Temur to form a junction.

A miscommunication occurs when Jund raids both villages, and both believe that the other sent Jund after them. The reality is that Esper planted this notion and forced Jund's hand.

The first set would be about the internal civil wars between these three groups, and the second set would be about the banding together of Temur and Abzan to take on Esper while Jund goes rogue. The story would conclude with Esper nearly defeating Temur and Abzan until Jund shows up, realizing they have been betrayed, and kills Esper entirely. With Esper gone, their resources can be divided and their lands shifted. Temur sees over livestock and farming, Abzan sees over construction and military, and Jund sees over protection from outside forces.

Because the set would be heavily based on Norse lifestyle, I'd need mechanics that are appropriate for that theme.

Raid would make a hefty appearance, encouraging violent combat. As a result from the high potential of loss of permanents, Revolt would make it's way in during the second half of the set.

Rampage would see an honorary mention in the way of the Berserker Staff, a legendary artifact said to drive the wielder mad with rage. Berserkers in real life were extraordinary violent beings who would use drugs and fight to the death, seemingly unphased by pain or emotion. Those few with Rampage must attack at all times or be sacrificed at the end of combat.

In order to appropriately strengthen conflicts, Totem Armor would see a return. This gives us access both to decent equipment and auras and ties Raid and Revolt together nicely.

Since you can expect permanents to leave the battlefield quite frequently in this war-torn set, some sort of graveyard tricks would be required. So Delve would see an appearance. This helps pay for Temur's costs, but could also be used in powerful Jund creatures and strong Abzan spells.

Along with exiling cards from graveyards to pay for costs, playing spells directly from the graveyard would also benefit players as well. Flashback would be seen in Temur mostly, with strong mention in Esper. This gives control players an easier time with deck construction since it'll be hard to find 60 cards to work consistently over three colors.

Between all of these; Raid, Revolt, Rampage, Totem Armor, Delve, and Flashback you have a set that encourages constant combat without fear of what happens, and a means to continue playing even after the permanents have been destroyed and spells have been cast. This makes any combination you make both highly flexible, very versatile, and a pain in the ass to work around.

A fun little nod would be to include Snow-Covered Lands. However, these would be non-basic lands. Some spells would have an additional "snow" ability where if you cast them using mana produced from a snow-land, something additional might happen.

For example;

Blizzard's Wake


Prevent all damage target creature would deal this turn. If it isn't tapped, tap it. If mana from a snow-land was used to cast this spell, that creature doesn't untap during it's controller's next untap step.

"It isn't the darkness that should worry you, it's the cold that lurks within it."

I'm not entirely sure what type of rare lands would make the cut. To be honest, I wouldn't even know where to begin. I feel like that since we're using three-colored slices of the pie, having lands entering untapped is a huge deal. I feel like Fast Lands would be the best option. This lets you start off playing spells with ease, and as the game progresses and you begin to go on the lower end of your mana curve, having a land enter tapped isn't as big of a deal anymore. If you play on par, you should be fine. This allows your flexibility early rather than later. I know that usually you want more flexibility as the game progresses, but with this being a fast and aggressive set with Jund and Temur being involved, you'd want your mana sooner rather than later.
I'd absolutely have one of the Jarls be the Planeswalker of the set. What might come as a surprise would be who it is.

Esper might sound like the right choice; Being the "villain" that came from nowhere to disrupt the way of living, but no. The real Planeswalker would be the Jarl for Temur.

Coming from a land similar to this one, she would have seen conflict many times over. She would have known what it means to live on only what you can carry on your backs, how to survive in a multitude of environments, how to deal with conflict, and how to unite a people under common goals. She would be based around the need of control over the need of bloodshed.

At the end of the story, she decides to remain. Her people need her, but she understands the threat that is looming over the world. She creates an Oath to protect, but denies the Gatewatch's help in actively seeking an end to it.

For now, her place is with her people. And with that, the Gatewatch learn the valuable lesson of putting aside their differences and focusing more on their strengths to overcome the violent nature of temptation that arises from a power struggle.

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