Shrine of the Forsaken Gods

Shrine of the Forsaken Gods


: Gain .

: Gain . Spend this mana only to cast colourless spells. Activate this ability only if you control seven or more lands.

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Set Rarity
Commander 2019 (C19) Rare
Battle for Zendikar (BFZ) Rare

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Format Legality
Commander / EDH Legal
Highlander Legal
Frontier Legal
Pioneer Legal
Vintage Legal
2019-10-04 Legal
Casual Legal
Block Constructed Legal
Unformat Legal
Modern Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Canadian Highlander Legal
Leviathan Legal
Legacy Legal
1v1 Commander Legal
Tiny Leaders Legal
Oathbreaker Legal
Magic Duels Legal
Penny Dreadful Legal

Shrine of the Forsaken Gods occurrence in decks from the last year

Commander / EDH:

All decks: 0.02%

Shrine of the Forsaken Gods Discussion

TypicalTimmy on Infinite Superfriends

3 months ago

I just discovered a very complex but solid method to gain up to 15 activations of all Planeswalkers you control. But it requires a lot of pieces - something I just happened to fall into while playtesting my new deck.

DISCLAIMER: In my text, I use Sol Ring as my example of a source you tap to generate mana. Any source works that does this: Mana Crypt, an online Temple of the False God, Shrine of the Forsaken Gods, Ancient Tomb, etc. It doesn't matter, as long as it is a single source that produces at minimum mana. There is one caveat in which the source can not ask for a payment to generate it. This means Rakdos Signet, as an example, does not work. You want to be +2 mana ahead, not +1 and color fixing.

If you can get TWO sources that produce , this will be far easier. This is considering you don't have it and going off of bare minimums.

The number of activations you have in total will be explained in text: It is up to you, the player, to responsibly remember to activate all activations of other Planeswalkers as you see fit.

You have 1 normal activation of all Planeswalkers

You have 1 normal activation and 1 bonus activation of all Planeswalkers

You have 1 normal activation and 2 bonus activations of all Planeswalkers

Now that you have the abilities setup, you'll do the following:

  • Activate all desired abilities of all Planeswalkers you see fit, saving Teferi, Temporal Archmage for last.
  • It is important you use all activations of all other Planeswalkers right now. If you don't, you may forget just how many you have left as this can become quite complicated. When in doubt, activate all other Planeswalkers 3x and save Teferi, Temporal Archmage for last
  • When you finally get to Teferi, you'll use his -1

Teferi now has 2 bonus activations left and will be at 4

Now you have The Chain Veil untapped again, sources of mana ready for use, and two more activations left on Teferi, Temporal Archmage.

  • Using 1 of Teferi's bonus activations, you'll want to -1 a second time. This will give you back the additional land that can produce , as well as any other things you may want to untap.

Teferi will have 1 bonus activation left, and will be at 3 right now with all required permanents untapped.

  • Tap Sol Ring and the two lands you just untapped. This will add worth of mana to your pool. Don't worry about the colors; Again, we don't care about those just yet.
  • Activate The Chain Veil again, tap your land for and copy the ability just like you did before.

All of your Planeswalkers now have an additional 2 bonus activations, and Teferi now has 3 total bonus activations. The 1 from just before we did this and now 2 more from doing this.

At this point, you're back to having all of your required permanents tapped. Teferi, Temporal Archmage will be at 3 left and will have 3 total activations allowed to him.

To make this easy, you will +1 him. Get your card, bump him up to 4 and bring him back down to 2 bonus activations.

  • Activate all loyalty abilities of all other Planeswalkers two more times again. You've now activated all other Planeswalkers five total times in this single turn. All of them should be able to use their ultimates, if they haven't already
  • Activate Teferi, Temporal Archmage for -1. This will untap your Sol Ring, The Chain Veil and two lands again

Teferi will now be at 3 and have 1 activation left.

  • Activate Teferi, Temporal Archmage again for -1. This brings him down to 0 activations left for the turn and down to +2 left.
  • There is no symbol for 2 initial loyalty, sorry :(
  • You already have the other permanents untapped, so use this to untap everything else again and generate another .
  • Spend and tap The Chain Veil
  • Copy with

All Planeswalkers now have an additional 2 bonus activations

  • Teferi, Temporal Archmage is at +2 and has 2 bonus activations again, as do all other Planeswalkers you control.
  • Again, no symbol for 2 initial loyalty
  • Use him to untap Sol Ring, The Chain Veil and your two lands
  • Use his last activation on -1. This brings him to 0 and kills him off, giving you 2 more bonus activations of all other Planeswalkers

In total, you have now been able to activate ALL Planeswalkers you control 7 total times in a single turn.

If you have TWO sources of , such as both a Sol Ring and a Mana Crypt then you'd be able to go a lot further as with each activation of Teferi, Temporal Archmage's -1 you'd be able to untap the following four permanents:

Each -1 will net you +2 bonus activations on all Planeswalkers. With Teferi, Temporal Archmage starting at 5 this becomes a grand total of 12 bonus activations of all Planeswalkers.

With their original activation all Planeswalkers are granted, this grants you a grand total of 13 activations of all Planeswalkers you control in a single turn.

You can go even further if you +1 Teferi, Temporal Archmage twice, first. This brings him up to 7. This leaves him 1 final bonus activation, and a total of 14 additional bonus activations from using his -1 7x in rapid succession.

Doing this, you get a grand total of 15 activations of all Planeswalkers during your turn.

Kazierts on Blind Eternities Summoning

6 months ago

Coax from the Blind Eternities is an interesting card and seems really fun to build around it. However, your deck looks like it's trying to do a lot of stuff instead of focusing on the Eldrazi plan.

Sideboardwise, no reason to have those lands in there. Spawning Bed is just a bad and slow card. Shrine of the Forsaken Gods while not and amazing card, can help you cast some of your big eldrazi after fetching them from the sideboard. Maybe one or two on the main board should help.

Still regarding the sideboard, just cut out Endless One . If you're gonna get and Eldrazi from your sideboard, that Eldrazi must win you the game or enable you to win the game, and Endless One does neither. Speaking of winning the game, wouldn't it be better to search for some of the huge Eldrazi instead of Eldrazi Conscription . The conscription is a fabulous card that can definelty win you the game, but it's also easily removable by killing or ou bouncing the creature it's attached to and it provides no protection. Also, Garruk Wildspeaker should be mainboarded. It's an amazing ramp card and sort of is a combo with Shrine of the Forsaken Gods since you can tap two of these for 4 mana and untap with him for more 4 mana, which would really help to cast and Eldrazi.

Now, speaking of cards that win you the game. Spawnsire of Ulamog can be an option to fetch so you can cast all of your other Eldrazi without having to fetch with a sorcery. Kozilek, the Great Distortion can help you refill your hand and enables you to counter an opponent's spell if you can discard a card, which can be useful if you think your opponent has a Path to Exile or a card that could deal with an Eldrazi. Void Winnower just locks your opponents out of hopefully half of their spells and makes it easier to attack with your creatures.

Rampwise, replace Eyeless Watcher with Kozilek's Predator since the Predator has a bigger body, is the same cost and produces the same amount of mana. From Beyond is not a bad card since the tokens could, technically, block attacks for you. However, regarding mana ramp, Awakening Zone is better since it drops one turn earlier, but it more expensive moneywise. From Beyond can also have other uses but I'll suggest other things later. Deathcap Cultivator helps you toward your goal of casting big things, even enabling you to splash black in the deck, while can also get deathtouch thus helping you to block. Just cut Heir of the Wilds for Deathcap Cultivator .

I still have other things I can suggest but I'd like to see what you think of what I said before continuing.

Gidgetimer on Eldrazi returning?

11 months ago

I've got to disagree. The statue on Idol of Oblivion looks like the one on the left of Shrine of the Forsaken Gods . The armored and helmated one that looks like Ulamog, the Infinite Gyre . Not the robed and "crowned" one that looks like Kozilek, the Great Distortion Although you can see the spikey halo that the "crown" evokes better on Kozilek's Return . If it is one of the three Old Gods of Zendikar it is definitely Ula.

TypicalTimmy on Ajani Vengeant, and his signature ...

1 year ago

Commenting here rather than on your page.

I don't mean to sound so overbearingly critical, but your deck is overall lacking in substantial board presence. Oathbreaker is a format in which you want to protect your Planeswalker at all viable costs. You have four creatures. That does not make for a very strong base. I'm going to rip into this deck, but I am also going to offer you suggestions on how to greatly improve upon it :) I hope that you don't take offense to anything I am saying, but I felt like I can do you some good here.

Next, I notice that a lot of your lands are either bounce lands or lands in which you can sacrifice them to get an additional mana for that turn. I am concerned with this style of play, because the bounce lands sort of equal out to the same amount of mana for the turn, and in some cases don't even move you ahead. Sacrifice the lands for extra mana sets you back. Allow me to explain:

  • T3: You have two lands out. You tap both to add to your pool, then play Boros Garrison . The rest of the turn doesn't matter, we are merely focusing on land presence and mana potential.
  • T4: You replay the land you just bounced last turn. Now you have a total of three lands that can produce a total of 4 mana.

The issue here is that you set yourself back on tempo on T3 to become caught up on T4. Rather than producing 3 mana on T3, you only produced 2; And for your efforts on T3, you are no better off on T4 than if you had just played a basic land.

Dormant Volcano and Karoo are even worse, because you have 16 of your 26 lands that contain specific subtypes, each one only being represented on 10 Plains and 8 Mountains. So if you have a Dormant Volcano in your hand but you don't have any lands with Mountain as their subtype, you literally can not play it. Even worse, it has to be an untapped land you return AND it still enters the battlefield tapped. So not only do you lose a land, you don't even get the mana from it and it's highly more restrictive than Boros Garrison .

Additionally, Temple of the False God literally does you no good if you get it out before you have five total lands. Shrine of the Forsaken Gods is better absolutely all around because at least it produces you something.

Now we need to discuss your "pay-to-play" lands; Crystal Vein , Dwarven Ruins & Ruins of Trokair . The issue here is that you may have immediate access to ramp, but you trade that for immediate downfall as you slip farther and farther behind because you no longer have lands on the battlefield. These cards should never go in any deck that doesn't have some means to return them, such as Crucible of Worlds / Ramunap Excavator or Wrenn and Six .

So overall I called out Boros Garrison , Dormant Volcano , Karoo , Temple of the False God , Crystal Vein , Dwarven Ruins & Ruins of Trokair . So let's find some replacements!

This sets you down to 22 lands, which in all of my playing of Oathrbeaker is ideal. This also increases your stones up from 4 into ~6. We will be working on this in a moment.

I get it, you want to blow up lands so your opponent can't play the game. But do you need 10 cards that do that? 11 with Ajani?

Cut out the following, for their listed reasons:

As mentioned before, you want more artifacts that produce mana. You currently have the following:

Remove both.

We added in Heart of Ramos and Tooth of Ramos . We also added in Boros Cluestone and Boros Signet . We now need to look for stones that cost less than . Here is what you add:

Now we still have four card slots open from before. We are sitting now at a total of six stones. We want eight. We will use two slots to add the following:

We now have 22 lands and 8 stones. 30 mana producing cards in a 58 card deck. This means you will SERIOUSLY ramp in Boros.

We still have two slots open. Use these to fit in draw spells. Keep in mind that with Mind Stone and Boros Cluestone , you already do have two cards that can draw if you need it.

  • Faithless Looting : Because it can be played twice, due to Flashback
  • Dawn of Hope : Another 2 CMC permanent that can be used in conjunction with Ajani Vengeant 's -2 for card draw on non-specific colors of mana. Then you can also use it to create tokens with self-fulfilling conditions since they have lifelink. This means you don't have to rely on Ajani going down, and you can still progress the boardstate.

As for a win condition outside of Form of the Dragon , there is also Martial Coup . Since you are snuffing out all of your opponent's lands anyway, as well as their creatures, why not create a literal army of tokens that now stand unopposed?

There is also Curse of Bloodletting , which makes your Form of the Dragon deal 10 damage instead.

You may also want to consider replacing Mudhole with something more viable. Perhaps Lightning Helix ? It burns and gets you life. Acts as another win condition, makes it harder for your opponent to win in the process as your life totals grow farther and farther apart, and plays nicely with the aforementioned Dawn of Hope .

This took me like 40 minutes, so I hope it helps.

Jack-Frost on A To EldraZi

1 year ago

Recommended Land Cuts:
Bojuka Bog - Not worth it. It comes out tapped and unless someone is both running a graveyard deck and has enough good cards in it at the same time, you're not going to get enough value out of this, or if you want to save it for that, then you have a dead land in hand and there would be far better cards like Rest in Peace and such.
Evolving Wilds - Replace with better fetch lands (see suggestions)
Gateway Plaza - Comes in tapped, costs an additional mana to play, and only gives one mana. Too slow and not good enough.
Ruins of Oran-Rief - You're running Eldrazi. You really don't need one more +1/+1. A colored mana would assist you more here as it would also help you pay for and colored spells you would like to cast.
Shrine of the Forsaken Gods - Too weak. If you don't have 7 lands then it's pretty bad. Run dual lands instead for increased versatility and reliability.
Temple of the False God - Bad overall. It's a dead draw until you have 5 lands. Unreliable and not worth it. Run dual lands instead. More versatile and reliable

Daedalus19876 on [Primer] Urza's Mox Factory!

1 year ago

Deck seems...okay overall? Could still use some optimization, but you've got some neat tech.

Your interaction seems relatively lacking here - You're running Disallow and Arcane Denial , neither of which really sees any cEDH play, but no Spell Pierce , Dispel , Delay , or even Counterspell proper.

It lacks Timetwister (I'd expect it given that you ARE playing Tabernacle, so price doesn't seem to be a concern) and I'm not sure why Mindslaver is in here. Shrine of the Forsaken Gods should be a Strip Mine , and I'm honestly rather astonished at the lack of powerful stax pieces such as Grafdigger's Cage and friends.

(I also generally don't tag my decks as a primer until, you know, the primer is written, but...)

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