Flickering Ward


Format Legality
Tiny Leaders Legal
Noble Legal
Leviathan Legal
Magic Duels Legal
Canadian Highlander Legal
Vintage Legal
Vanguard Legal
Legacy Legal
Archenemy Legal
Planechase Legal
1v1 Commander Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Unformat Legal
Casual Legal
Commander / EDH Legal

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Set Rarity
Tempest (TMP) Uncommon

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Flickering Ward

Enchantment — Aura

Enchant creature

As Flickering Ward enters the battlefield, choose a color.

Enchanted creature has protection from the chosen color. This effect doesn't remove Flickering Ward.

(White): Return Flickering Ward to its owner's hand.

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Flickering Ward Discussion

Kogarashi on What happens if Pristine Angel, ...

5 days ago

And in fact that will happen with any auras you control that grant protection from their own color, such as Flickering Ward or Floating Shield (if you choose white). While these auras contain clauses or rulings that specify that they don't cause themselves to fall off if you choose white, if the enchanted creature gains protection from white in any other way, including Concerted Effort duplicating the protection from white from those auras, they will fall off as a state-based action because the "this effect doesn't cause this enchantment to fall off" clause is not copied over, same as with Pristine Angel's "must be untapped" clause.

This also applies to Spectra Ward. Even though it doesn't cause any auras already on a creature to fall off, you can't add new ones afterward, and Concerted Effort will give the enchanted creature another instance of "protection from all colors," which will make Spectra Ward fall off.

In short, Concerted Effort is basically a non-bo with many protection-granting auras.

Barrysaurus on Eight-and-A-Half Tails budget.

1 week ago

Are you still taking C&C? If so you may want to run Mass Calcify, Glare of Heresy, and maybe Flickering Ward. More specific kinda budget-y white removal this list is sweet btw

Cloudius on Sram, the auramancer

3 weeks ago


Flickering Ward effectively reads "Pay , draw a card" if either Sram or Mesa Enchantress is in play. Protection from a certain color may also path the way for your Commander to swing in for lethal commander damage.

Cage of Hands is a weaker substitute of Ward above but can used to lock an opponent's creature.

Cessation it recurs itself when put into the graveyard from the battlefield is useful.

Curse of Exhaustion not exactly strong but it's an aura nonetheless, and a single player "Rule of Law" can be hilarious (for you at least).

Pariah combos well with Darksteel Mutation.

Pentarch Ward Cantrip effect and grants color protection to Sram.

There are plenty of white aura that buffs a creature's P/T and grants a bunch of abilities like flying, first strike, vigilance, lifelink, etc. Those are personal choices so will leave it to you to pick and chose the best combination. I'd prefer those with in-build cantrip effects to help with card draw.

Frd123 on Estrid, Hit and Run

1 month ago

Your deck have one more card than allowed. It is 100 cards including commander. The way you are listing you have 101 cards.

Wouldn't Kestia, the Cultivator be better for the build you want to make? You can run other cheap enchantment creatures in order to trigger its effects.

You could run Curious Obsession, Ophidian Eye, Curiosity, Sixth Sense, Keen Sense and Snake Umbra. And for a global effect Coastal Piracy.

I suggest using Mesa Enchantress.

Another good suggestion is using prowess creatures such as Seeker of the Way and Monastery Mentor. Or even Myth Realized.

Another good enchantment for providing unblockability is Flickering Ward.

BMHKain on

1 month ago

Anything I should cut? & if so, for what? I'd like some protection from some colors, though all I can think of is Flickering Ward...

DukeSteele on Estrid's Twilight Sanctum (Enchantress/Fort)

1 month ago

The deck has now seen action in a couple of FNM's and a few showings at my game club..

It. Kicks. Ass.

I'm aware that i may need to wittle and change a few things, i may be a little too heavy on pillowfort pieces, i'd also like to test Elephant Grass but not sure what to sub out for it.

I discovered the hilarity of having multiple enchantresses in play, with Omniscience and Sigil of the Empty Throne on the board while repeating Flickering Ward. I basically played my whole deck until i hit my squirrel combo, and had 16 angels on board as well. Good stuff.

In the lore Amgels defend the realm of Bant, so also a flavour win.

Considering Approach of the Second Sun too.

LVL_666 on The Song of Phyresis

1 month ago

_Delta_, thanks for the additional suggestions. I'm definitely going to give your deck list a once over and give my two cents. Phyrexian Scriptures is so cool, and I forgot it existed. The only problem is that hardly any of the creatures in this deck are artifacts. Only 5 of the 20 creatures in this list are artifacts, so potentially I could save more than one creature on the board once mode 2 of the enchantment takes effect. I just want the card anyway so I think i'll pick one up.

lordkunai, thanks for the suggestion of Sejiri Steppe. Its a cool card, but I think the deck has enough evasion at the moment. Blighted Agent is my hardest hitter for the deck, and just having him out (especially early in the game) really wrecks the board. Cards like Apostle's Blessing and Flickering Ward are also pretty decent, but again I think the deck has all the evasion it needs. I just decided to include Vines of Vastwood because it's both the protection and damage boost infect creatures need all in one. I want to try and work in Become Immense but I don't know what to cut. Vedalken Orrery is just too much off theme to include, but it is a great card.

"... does this deck seem a little mana and creature light? 33 lands is pretty light and only 20 creatures?"

I do agree with you that the deck does seem a little light on creatures and land. Personally, I'm not going to run too many creatures because of the extremely high CMC of most of them. Of the 20, 12 creatures have a converted mana cost of or more. Currently I'd prefer to use more powerful creatures as opposed to just having more. As for lands, I'm aiming for something around 34 - 36 lands but again, i'm trying to figure out what to cut.

Again, thanks for commenting/posting on my deck page and keeping the conversation going. I'll try to respond as soon as I can, and eventually i'll figure out what i'd want to do with the page style wise.

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