Leonin Abunas


Format Legality
Noble Legal
Leviathan Legal
Magic Duels Legal
Canadian Highlander Legal
Vintage Legal
Modern Legal
Vanguard Legal
Legacy Legal
Archenemy Legal
Planechase Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Unformat Legal
Casual Legal
Commander / EDH Legal

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Set Rarity
Archenemy (ARC) Rare
Mirrodin (MRD) Rare

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Leonin Abunas

Creature — Cat Cleric

Artifacts you control have hexproof. (They can't be the targets of spells or abilities your opponents control.)

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Leonin Abunas Discussion

Nicoblack on Ferocious Kittens

1 month ago

Instead of Relic Crush you could use Return to Dust, does almost the same thing if it's on your turn, but maybe it's just me that prefers to exile something rather than to destroy something.

You could put an Adorned Pouncer or an Ajani's Pridemate insted of an Initiate's Companion.With the equipment sub-theme you could use a Leonin Abunas just for shit and giggles. Also, kind of situational, but Shamanic Revelation is usually better than Harmonize (Or use both).

Swords to Plowshares is never a bad option.

All of those cards are not that expensive and are really good, I guess.

Acute19 on Arahbo, Xenagos... for Cats EDH

2 months ago

By itself, Krosan Vorine is hot garbage, no doubt about it. However, with Arahbo, Vorine is an absolute monster. In this deck, it might as well read, ": destroy target creature with power and toughness equal or less than 4/4." That's an insane ability! Then it gets completely out of control if buffed any further. With Hammer of Nazahn, it'll take down an 8/8, and it's pretty much game-over if you can also give it Hexproof somehow.

Even without equipment, just think about the COUNTLESS smaller creatures in EDH that only exist for their overpowered abilities, not to mention commanders. People never plan on attacking or blocking with those weenies, just using their abilities. Well, they all become lunch for as long as Vorine is allowed to roam the battlefield. Not even tapping can save them!

My playgroup has learned to fear the Krosan Vorine. The first time I played it, they shrugged and so I proceeded to kill Animar, Soul of Elements on the following turn. Now it draws instant removal in most games lol. I now try to hold it until I have an equipment with Indestructible/Hexproof. It'll win you games if allowed to run wild - easily one of the strongest cats in the deck.

I would just cut Sylvan Library in favor of Sensei's Divining Top. I've cut all my enchantments to maximize the impact of Leonin Abunas and Austere Command (targeting creatures and enchantments). There are also a bunch of sourceries that "destroy all enchantments" that you could include.

PartyJ on Sram's Paradoxical Draw Engine | Sram EDH

2 months ago

Then I would highly recommend Leonin Abunas if you are looking for protection of your valuable assets.

Hybrow on Thundercats Ho! - Arahbo EDH

2 months ago

so bought

Press the Advantage - 2 creatures getting through. Awesome.

Steelshaper's Gift - Figure i can easily replace a piece of equipment with it.

Umezawa's Jitte - Expensive, but didnt own one, every nice.

Leonin Abunas - hexproofing all my equipment is nice.

Sundering Growth - Figure i am going to swap out Relic Crush right away.

Hybrow on Thundercats Ho! - Arahbo EDH

2 months ago

Hi JAPuckett85 . Thanks for your suggestions.

As far as mana goes, yahh I actually have 3 Savannahs, got them in a purchase of someones old cards. They were the only duals he had, which was funny, cause up until now I didnt really play . And they are very rough shape, the images are half rubbed off. He played without sleeves and was a smoker, so all his cards are a little yellowed on the edges as well. But they do the trick.

With Terramorphic Expanse and Evolving Wilds my thought was to change the mana mix in my deck slightly, as I have found I dont need a bunch of mana. The reason I didnt and any of the first bunch of lands you suggested is because they enter tapped. I hate that, most of the entered tapped I have in here are conditional, and usually dont end up entering tapped. That being said though, I do like Scattered Groves for the cycling ability later game, so will probably throw one in.

As for the mana artifacts, I havent found I needed a ton of mana with this deck, and wanted to try Paradise Plume because of the secondary life gain, but its really not working out for me, and will probably switch it out for the either Selesnya Signet or Thran Dynamo.

And yes, Strip Mine should be in every deck, or at very least Tectonic Edge or Ghost Quarter because I dont think I have any extra Mines currently.

My original thought with keeping Condemn was that I could bury my own attacking creature for life if there were shenanigans from the other player, but has really not played out, so going t switch it out for Path to Exile. You are right, Crushing Vines is garbage, same with Relic Crush going to switch out those for better options, Sundering Growth is so much better. But Wing Shards has worked out in the past, wiped out 3-4 attacking creatures with the storm.

With Hunter's Prowess, its the trample that is more important to me, I figured I would replace it with Press the Advantage, its cheaper and hits 2 of my creatures. I also like the ability to play it in multiplayer when 1 of my opponents attacks another one.

Yahh, as far as equipment goes, this deck is definitely a work in progress. I thought that with Grappling Hook I could force blocks with that key creature, but has been terrible. And I just happened to own a Sword of War and Peace so tossed it in, dont think I have seen it in play yet, but yes, the pro-white would be a problem. Unfortunately, I cannot justify the $50 price tag on a Sword of Fire and Ice. Also dont own a Umezawa's Jitte but might be worth a purchase, cause it is pretty good in this deck. I will put Steelshaper's Gift into my deck, but dont think I want to add any non-cat creatures, trying to keep this super theme-y.

Creatures: Yahh, Arctic Nishoba is TERRIBLE, I am sure I removed it from my actual deck last time I played, just cant remember what I put in its place. Alms Collector has under-preformed for sure, Brimaz, King of Oreskos is on my list for adds, just dont have one currently. After looking, Leonin Abunas and Prowling Serpopard may have to make it in as well.

Thanks again for the comment, I have a lot of takeaways from this.

JoeBlondie on Voltron-with-a-Senior-Edificer (Sram Equipment)

2 months ago

I really like Worldslayer if you can set it up semi-reliably, you probably need Shield of Kaldra as a second Darksteel Plate for that, so you can establish a devastating hard-lock and make everyone scoop. Of course the best would be doing it at instant speed with Stonehewer Giant or Sigarda's Aid. If your meta is small the trick could get old pretty quick though.I am hesitant at trying it in mine because all the cards involved are a bit slow and I don't have the mana base that you have.

For the Leonin Abunas thing, of course it's your call, if you need a second source of the effect (you say that often you wish you'd have it) you could try the angel. The metalcraft shoul be almost free in your deck and it flies which can be helpful.

The thing with the equipments is that the very good ones are few, so if you want the critical mass,like you do, of course you have to include some that are not optimal (but maybe are fun!). That being said, I see people running Quietus Spike but I don't like it very much, doesn't help with commander dmg and it's effect decreases a bit if the creature becomes larger.

Actually I think that, with the amount of stats boost that you already have, the most effective thing is to just have more double strike sources: Battle Mastery is on theme and nets you a card, Silverblade Paladin I saw that you cut him in the past, but I really like him. Sure, it doesn't cantrip, but it's functionally a Fireshrieker that does't need to be equipped. Plus, there are upsides for running a little more creatures: it's mostly a meta call and maybe you don't bother, but usually black decks are heavy on edict effects, which completely bypass your protections if you only have Sram on the field. I'm also saying this because I run much less voltron support (less than half of yours) and still I can reach lethal or near-to-lethal damage without too much effort. Inquisitor's Flail + any double strike source and a little random boost is lethal, Empyrial Plate + flail or double strike is probably close to lethal. With the amount of tutors that you have it should be pretty easy to assemble any of this combinations every game.

Of course, as you say, people will destroy your things if they cannot kill Sram. You have two options to work around this issue. Either you have a critical mass of equips that replace the ones destroyed, like you do, or you have ways to recur them. I prefer the latter option because this allow me to run only the best cards. People become pretty upset when they kill your sword multiple times but it keeps coming back. I personally recommed Restoration Specialist and Ironclad Slayer because they can bring back both auras and equips, the specialist can be also card advantage (and is a dwarf :) ). They are also targets for Sun Titan for additional value and that's why I run them and not Remember the Fallen.

Then, a card I really like is Mask of Memory, it doesn't help with damage but if you can connect with Sram, it filters the topdeck like crazy.

Unfortunately, two of my favourite equipments Skullclamp Deathrender don't fit well here.

For the Batterskull thing, I'd just keep the Loxodon Warhammer as a lifelink source to tutor if you are really desperate since it's more easy to cast and the trample helps too. But again, I don't run a Batterskull so I've never really tried it.

Finally, about Cultivator's Caravan, the reason I don't like it is that I find 3cmc rocks that only offer one mana really awkward. I usually keep hands with 2 lands because it's enough to play Sram and hopefully draw quickly into more lands, but I'm also ok having 2-lands + a 2-cmc rock and delaying Sram by one turn. The thing is that spending your 3rd turn tapping out for the caravan with Sram out and unprotected is questionable, other deck with much more ramping power by that time have finished ramping and will start to leave you behind, I think that we should focus on what we are better and establish a board position while they ramp. And even if you draw the caravan later, are you willing to slow down a turn to play it when the game is in a possibly hot phase? These are the reasons why I don't like the caravan or things like Commander's Sphere, instead I like things like Thought Vessel and Mind Stone, which I saw you cut.

But again, maybe I am overthinking it, I am a bit more driven towards 1v1 scenarios and I have a weaker mana base.. with metalwalker, the moxen, crypt and vault you probably can afford it. I would still cut it because it's weak compared to those.Also I am surprised that you don't run Ancient Tomb.

PartyJ on Voltron-with-a-Senior-Edificer (Sram Equipment)

2 months ago

Hey JoeBlondie,

thank you for your honoust opinions. I always appreciate people who add something valuable to an ongoing deck discussion.

Let me respond on your points in the same order as you posted them.

O-Naginata : I can understand your point about it being 'dead' in your opening hand. But as a Voltron player it brings more than just this backdraft. For 1 mana it draws us a card and it brings us 3 extra commander damage and the trample ability to make sure that commander damage gets through. I've had several games where the extra 3 damage added midgame made a difference to reach 21 commander damage. And with double strike/damage present it is even more impactful!

Sword of Light and Shadow : I have been running it for the +3 +3 and the protection yes. But I am aware that this is the weakest of the swords in my build. Till the moment I was solely aiming for lethal commander damage without a MLD backup plan it was there since there was nothing relevant for me to pick as replacement. I feel that Worldslayer could be a interesting substitute, now that I play with MLD. Do you agree on this?

Batterskull : Its a card I have a love-hate affair with. It saved me from dying a few times because of the lifelink and being able to cast it at instant speeds as a blocker with Sigarda's Aid. But on the otherhand it can feel clunky indeed. For now I do not know what relevant replacement I would even pick.

Bloodforged Battle-Axe : It proved the use in a few games I had the opportunity to use it. My opponent went nuts when 2 versions triggered and said GG to me. With Sigarda's Aid in play gives this piece of equipment a strong Voltron feeling.

Trepanation Blade : It is a gimmicky card for sure :) But the random lottery part brings some spice to the table; do I get the fatal blow THIS turn already? ... insert evil smile

Golem-Skin Gauntlets : It's a placeholder card which performed in a few games and was lacking in other games. What would you suggest as a replacement?

Conqueror's Flail : This is mainly a meta call. Lots of blue decks are present here and they all would love to counter any of my MLD spells.

Sword of Vengeance : It's a fine card that helped me several times. I do not think that there is any other equipemnt that will fulfill a better role at this place.

Leonin Abunas : You will be surprised how many times I wished I had this card present on my battlefield. People tend to 'breakdown' my voltron equipped commander just too often, removing vital pieces from it just to stall me long enough. It would be best if it was a non creature spell, but that is not the case. Why bother with another creature with the same cmc that needs metalcraft to be active?

Cultivator's Caravan : It is a mana rock for 3 cmc and lets me draw another card when he is cast. The crew ability I never used. I feel it is a decent pick, but which manarock could replace this spot?

Godsend : You nailed it spot on! I have the exact same feeling with this equipment. I can't reason it better than you did. But the fact remains that we need a valuable substitute for this card. I will finalize my opinions regarding possible changes at the bottom....


Also thanks for answering Gleeock. You are always truely welcome in here!

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