Divine Reckoning


Format Legality
Tiny Leaders Legal
Noble Legal
Leviathan Legal
Magic Duels Legal
Canadian Highlander Legal
Vintage Legal
Modern Legal
Penny Dreadful Legal
Vanguard Legal
Legacy Legal
Archenemy Legal
Planechase Legal
1v1 Commander Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Unformat Legal
Casual Legal
Commander / EDH Legal

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Set Rarity
Commander 2017 (C17) Rare
Innistrad (ISD) Rare

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Divine Reckoning


Each player chooses a creature he or she controls. Destroy the rest. Flashback {5}{W}{W}

Divine Reckoning Discussion

Mj3913 on Skywatch of Ravnica

1 week ago

Divine Reckoning is amazing for Isperia, I will have to include it in my own so thanks for that. :)

Speaking of my own, Isperia's Flying Circus of Tools if you'd like to have a look for ideas. I've tried to make suggestions but I'm not quite sure where you're going... I don't see a lot of cards that gain you information to use Isperia reliably.

I see in the comments that Telepathy paints a target, and at times I agree it can. However if you hold onto it until you're in a position to use it; it works better. Sometime having cards that allow you to 'Look at' rather than 'Reveal' a hand can be better as it doesn't give away secrets to the other opponents. You can find these cards in my build I linked rather than me posting a big list.

To end it looks decent with the creature effects you have, so +1 from me. I hope you find some ideas from my share and if you have any ?'s let me know. Happy Tapping!

Gorky on The Queen says you're TOO HECTIC!! Varina EDH

2 weeks ago

Thx for the comments guys, very much appreciated! :D

Gadianten I considered Army of the Damned but I honestly did not like it in here, it would create too many Zombies. Divine Reckoning , Deep Analysis and Big Game Hunter are really cool, I will consider it. The other cards are have been considered already, but as I mentioned I don't like to play Tutors or too many reanimator effects.

Skulloelegy Wow I did not know this existed, thank you I will add it immediately!

dbdrummer7 on Curious Control -- Kestia Enchantress

1 month ago

I recently hopped back into Magic after a short break, and Kestia definitely caught my attention for similar reasons to you it seems! Rather than throwing tons of enchantments into the deck, the value-midrange-control approach that she allows looks like a ton of fun. Good job on the primer, it is well laid out!

I'm planning to build a similar deck, potentially with more value creatures/hatebears initially to see how well that approach works. If it doesn't, I'll probably work it over to something more like this. Definitely agree with cutting Augustin, and I think Heliod would be the best replacement. His activation draws extra cards from Ephara's ability.

Mother of Runes might help push heavy hitters through to end the game quicker, as well as blanking spot removal. If you can't accelerate your game plan enough, you could try slowing others down with Thalia, Heretic Cathar (and she's solid for putting auras on as well with her first strike). I also included Divine Reckoning for when I have Kestia bestowed. I get double protection for her while others' creatures are vulnerable.

I'll probably look into this more, as I want to push damage a bit quicker as well, so I'll let you know if I find anything else! Either way, really cool deck! All the best!

ZendikariWol on A Deck I Take Great... PRIDE In!

2 months ago

Rishkar's Expertise is one of my favorite cards, can I thought it was already in the deck. Good eyes, sir.

Wrath of God (since Day of Judgement decides not to link right) is very good. I am putting in Divine Reckoning and will certainly add it in as well.

Sigarda's Aid is bomb but if I do include it, maybe I should change my commander?? Cuz Hammer of Nazahn does the same thing so Nazahn's only real purpose it to tutor it up.

Oketra's Monument doesn't feel like enough value for this deck. Doesn't synergize, ya know? Pearl Medallion isn't great because I have so many colorless spells, so few whites.

Radiant Destiny is good, but what to cut for it?

SP3CTR3_chelts on Saint Elenda Reborn

2 months ago

Divine Reckoning would work well a board wipe that lets you keep Elenda (and they keep 1 thing each but your don't care so much because elenda will be huge :P)

Also Tymna the Weaver, Grim Haruspex and Midnight Reaper are good draw cards!

Hope I helped,


KingofCorns on Geist of Saint Traft

3 months ago

Digging the spice and the mana curve, Hannah, Ship's Navigator and Divine Reckoning were good picks

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Divine Reckoning occurrence in decks from the last year

Commander / EDH:

All decks: 0.21%

White: 0.13%

GW (Selesnya): 0.1%

RBW (Mardu): 0.07%

RUW (Jeskai, America): 0.25%

RGW (Naya): 0.08%