Rebuff the Wicked


Format Legality
Noble Legal
1v1 Commander Legal
Vintage Legal
Modern Legal
Casual Legal
Vanguard Legal
Legacy Legal
Archenemy Legal
Planechase Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Unformat Legal
Pauper Legal
Commander / EDH Legal

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Set Rarity
Planar Chaos (PLC) Uncommon

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Rebuff the Wicked


Counter target spell that targets a permanent you control.

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Rebuff the Wicked Discussion

DrK4ZE on Biracial Budget (BB)

3 weeks ago

@Ballzanya this is the budget list of a much more competitive modern deck also based around tainted Remedy. There's a link to it in the description.

In regards to the cards that do not appear in either list:Blessed Alliance isn't bad, and it's still in the maybe board for the main deck, and will probably replace Oust in this list.

Lingering Souls is great, but in the main deck I replaced it with Timely Reinforcements because unless there's a lot of affinity in the meta gaining 6 life is more valuable than being able to chump flyers in most games. It will most likely make it onto this list soon though, replacing Vampire Nighthawk.

I don't think I will get enough use out of Mana Tithe or Dismemberto run either. If tainted remedy is out at the same time as Tree of Perdition then I can reuse it's ability to drain my opponent further. (Opponents life is 20 then 13 then 6 then 0) and it does this without the need of extra card.

I will have to think about Rebuff the Wicked, its a solid card, I just need to think of something I could cut for it.

Ballzanya on Biracial Budget (BB)

3 weeks ago

I used to play a black/white tainted remedy deck in modern. You definitely need to play four Blessed Alliance, and two Beacon of Immortality. Lingering Souls is optional in this deck, but I found that it gives you blockers to help you survive long enough to kill with the remedy out. For the sideboard you could play Mana Tithe, and Rebuff the Wicked to stop attempts to destroy a tainted remedy.

SpelllingChamp on Sram EDH: Way Better Than it Should Be

1 month ago

Nice Sram list... I didn't realize that Inspiring Statuary would be really good in Sram.

Check out Pentarch Ward, Angelic Gift, Cho-Manno's Blessing, Cartouche of Solidarity, Cultivator's Caravan, Rebuff the Wicked, Reverent Mantra. I haven't tried Empyrial Armor and Empyrial Plate yet.

Spectral Grasp is a great political card if your meta plays fatties- it makes opponents beat each other up and draws you a card. Swords to plowshares doesn't lead to opponents beating each other up or drawing that card.

If you go with an aura-heavy build, check out: Pentarch Ward, Ethereal Armor, Sage's Reverie, Retether. Retether is ridiculous.

If people in your meta play Kor Haven or Maze of Ith, add land removal like Ghost Quarter, Tectonic Edge, Strip Mine, Scour from Existence, etc. etc. You might also want land removal to deal with stuff like cabal coffers, gaea's cradle, etc.

Jagd_Tallgeese on Saiyan's Landing

1 month ago

Since Shu Yun benefits from a lot of noncreature spells, some counter spells and exile effects would be useful. Enchantment and artifact removal like Forsake the Wordly and Solemn Judgment would be useful. Norn's Annex, Propaganda, and Ghostly Prison can make it harder for opponent's to swing at you. Counter spells like Swan Song, Essence Scatter, Rebuff the Wicked, Mana Tithe, and Countermand provide protection and the necessary control aspect you might be looking for. Other creatures with Prowess and similar effects would benefit from what you have in mind. Monastery Swiftspear, Pristine Skywise, Cunning Breezedancer, and Pyre Hound to name a few. The Ravnica bounce lands you will want to add would be Azorius Chancery, Izzet Boilerworks, Boros Garrison, and the tricolor land Mystic Monastery. You can also add the other dual lands, Tranquil Cove, Wind-Scarred Crag, Prairie Stream, Irrigated Farmland, Inspiring Vantage, and Spirebluff Canal. Some must have artifacts are Elixir of Immortality, Venser's Journal, Chromatic Lantern, Jeskai Banner, and Argentum Armor. Hope this helps!

coloneldark on Humans and Soldiers: Go for the Face

3 months ago


Thraben Standard Bearer make human soldier tokens, but discarding a card is what I am trying to avoid. Aegis of the Gods may help slow down cards like Inquisition of Kozilek. I'm not entirely married to the swords if there are cheaper (both money and mana cost) options to buff and even protect creatures. But Rebuff the Wicked and Dawn Charm would be good to try out until I have money to buy the swords.

coloneldark on Humans and Soldiers: Go for the Face

3 months ago

Thank you for suggesting Dawn Charm. It is more flexible than angel song. I also switched up Rebuff the Wicked and Luminesce a tiny bit.

The swords are to combat the numerous discard and fatal push effects (admittedly late game). Plus, it gives me an almost guaranteed swing directly at the player in some cases. What cards do you suggest for buffing all of my creatures in place of Ajani? I agree that the swords are expensive (both money and mana cost).

TheRedGoat on Humans and Soldiers: Go for the Face

3 months ago

So mainboard I'm not sure where yo'd cut for it, but Rebuff the Wicked seems like the better answer to death's shadow than Luminesce in your sideboard at least. If you want a more well rounded answer, maybe you could try Mana Tithe?

Also, why the use of the swords and Ajani? Wouldn't there be a cheaper option to utilize that could buff all your creatures? Or else I could at least name a few mass reanimation spells in white that could replace the B/W sword (if that is why you have it I mean). Bear in mind I am not seeing the swords as costing just the 3 to play and then 2 another turn. I instead view them as being held back for surprise damage, but that puts them at costing 5 to utilize instead.

KongMing on

3 months ago

You need some surprise factor in here with low CMC that will protect your Lab Maniac from a last-minute Swords that will end the game with your untimely demise.

I recommend Rebuff the Wicked and Turn Aside. They're both 1 CMC, and Rebuff in particular will catch opponents off-guard. Not many people expect a counterspell when you only have one white open.

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