Armory Automaton


Format Legality
Commander / EDH Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Vintage Legal
Legacy Legal
Tiny Leaders Legal

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Set Rarity
Commander 2016 Rare

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Armory Automaton

Artifact Creature — Construct

When Armory Automaton enters the battlefield or attacks, you may attach any number of target Equipment to it. (Control of the Equipment doesn't change.)

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Armory Automaton Discussion

KylerStar on Rancor, Mycosynth Lattice, Bludgeon Brawl

2 weeks ago

Thanks!! We were playing commander. I had played Mycosynth Lattice. The Next turn Zurgo played Bludgeon Brawl and attacked with his Armory Automaton. We were very unsure what this meant for Karametra's Auras. xD

deltonesan on

1 month ago

Update: This deck underwent its first playtest today. The results were overall a substantial improvement over the previous iteration (a plain bad deck that used Kambal, Consul of Allocation as a commander, and thus had none of my versatile blue cards).

Things I was happy about:

Game 1:

-It was quick. I was caught by a situation where he seemed to ramp much more efficiently than I, and he was using my artifacts against me by way of Armory Automaton. I summmoned a zombie army with Army of the Damned but he was able to off me before they untapped despite my Fog Bank.

Result: LOSS

Game 2:

-He ramped extremely ineffectively, because he simply couldn't manage to draw one of his deck's colors. I built up past 80 life at one point and finally broke through his defenses to win this one. My victory was a much slower, gradual process than his abrupt win in the first game.

Result: WIN

Game 3:

-Longest game of MTG that I've played in a long, long while. This game was probably well past 3 hours long and ended in a stalemate, with both of us trading off board superiority multiple times in epic ways.

-Dropping Phylactery Lich and Fog Bank on the same turn, effectively freezing my opponent's attackers in their tracks. This allowed me to claw my way back into a match that was as good as lost. I built up to army superiority following that and then he board wiped me.

-He had a nasty setup, again including Armory Automaton and at one point was operating with my Lashwrithe equipped getting +9/+9 from the Lashwrithe alone. This is with multiple artifact buffers equipped as well, and a red attacker that gave his Automaton doublestrike and lifelink. But I answered him with a steady card draw mechanism in Oloro, eventually growing my mana pool enough to exile twice using Dark Impostor in a single turn with mana left over.

This lead to him board wiping me, and the game finally ended in a stalemate when we both simply ran out of time that we had allotted to magic cards for the day. Needless to say this was an exciting end to the day.


So my deck's new iteration went 1-1-1 on the first day of play, and I'm not too disappointed.

krysto2012 on Size doesn't matter, it's how you abuse it~ Alesha

2 months ago

Here are a couple silly cards that have good interactions with Alesha:

Amulet of Vigor - will untap all reanimated creatures and has the added bonus of speeding slowlands.

Silent Arbiter - in addition to being a reanimation target, he lets you cheat a second attacker into play while still only letting the opponent have one blocker - also conveniently helps keep aggression under control.

Armory Automaton - wow, it's only a 2/2.

Clockwork Dragon - 6/6 flier, Alesha won't trigger his counter removal effect. There are a handful of other 0/0s worth considering as well, just for the sake of general value.

feyn_do_alduin on Judgment Day: Avacyn the Purifier EDH | *PRIMER*

3 months ago

you could try Armory Automaton, it sounds real scary imo

MegaMatt13 on Voltron-with-a-Senior-Edificer (Sram Equipment)

3 months ago

Love this deck. It helped inspire my own: Sram's Workshop

A few suggestions on cards that are working great for me:

Armory Automaton: Cheating equip costs is busted in this deck. He gets massive very quickly with the added bonus of equipping opponents' stuff they may have out.

Sword of Kaldra: Even if you don't run any of the other "kaldra" equipment, the sword is great. Huge voltron buff that can exile blockers.

Smuggler's Copter: Since being banned in Standard, this card's price has tanked. It's incredibly efficient card draw that will draw you a card upon entering the battlefield and then filter cards as it attacks.

I agree with the previous commenter about Cataclysmic Gearhulk. I think with this deck you would just be blowing up a ton of your equipment.

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