Format Legality
Noble Legal
1v1 Commander Legal
Vintage Legal
Modern Legal
Casual Legal
Vanguard Legal
Legacy Legal
Archenemy Legal
Planechase Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Unformat Legal
Pauper Legal
Commander / EDH Legal

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Set Rarity
Magic 2014 Rare
2010 Core Set Rare

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Enchantment — Aura

Enchant permanent

Enchanted permanent is indestructible. (Effects that say "destroy" don't destroy that permanent. An indestructible creature can't be destroyed by damage.)

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Indestructibility Discussion

HobbyGamer007 on So I heard you like board wipes.

1 week ago

I think you'd like Nevinyrral's Disk + Indestructibility/Darksteel Forge since then the disk won't die through using it's ability and you can wipe the board in every one of your turns for just 1 mana :)

You also might want to test out Second Sunrise and Faith's Reward

stoivanich on A True Biblical Experience

2 weeks ago

Love how the only win condition is the 13 life one I too am looking to make a troll zur deck. Some of my combos areDarkest Hour and Absolute Grace
Intruder Alarm and Season of the Witch and Indestructibility
Mana Vortex and Oath of Lieges

I am certainly going to steal a bit of your deck

freakingShane on Bruna, Antithesis of Sympathy

2 weeks ago

I honestly recommend not going for a graveyard strategy solely because if you get any graveyard hate you can get shut down. I think have a teeny bit of stuff isn't bad, but I definitely wouldn't recommend the whole "dump half my library into my GY" strategy, haha.

That being said, I am in complete support with your game plan here. Bruna can be played a few different ways, but the smoother variation is the Control/Stax shell. That's the build I made for my wife, and it is brutal...if you'd like to see her's for reference/inspiration, I'll link it here. Also, I made a budget version that shares a lot of the same cards if you'd rather see that!

Okay, so now onto the fun stuff!

I would say that the deck should probably have around 20-30 enchantments. You don't want to have too many, but you want to make sure you hit the auras and such that you need.

Here are some card suggestions: Show

And here are some overall recommendations/advice: Show

I would include pretty much every Stax piece that doesn't really affect you.

Other good inclusions, although they affect everyone, would be: Show

1.) Battle Mastery + Eldrazi Conscription = 30 Commander Damage

2.) Battle Mastery + Corrupted Conscience = 10 Poison counters

3.) Eldrazi Conscription + Corrupted Conscience = 15 Poison counters

4.) Pariah + Indestructibility / Shielded by Faith / Inviolability = Damage immunity

5.) Rest in Peace + Helm of Obedience = Completely mill opponent

This is all my opinion though, so obviously keep everything you like! I'm not trying to tell you that anything is bad or that you have to do anything! It's your deck and you should enjoy it! :)

Let me know if you have any questions or anything!

redace10 on Ever Vigilant

2 weeks ago

Love this deck, +1 from a fan. I do have some suggestions but, I like the theme of the deck a lot.

While I think the pool of cards WU can draw from for aura is deep, the one thing painfully lacking is haste. Swiftfoot Boots and more specifically for Ojutai Haunted Cloak are musts, mostly because haste is incredibly valuable in a Voltron deck. Don't shrug off the cloak because of it's 3 CMC; it's the far stronger card for Ojutai. I know it cramps on the aura style of the deck, but the ability to hit with Ojutai on the turn you cast him is too good to ignore from my view.

I noticed you only run one enchantment that give double strike and one for indestructiblity. Indestructibility may be a tad costly, but getting that ability is worth it. Duelist's Heritage is one of my favorite cards to play. So politically awesome, you'll probably get offered deals from other players to borrow the ability, like not attack you or not target you, which is hilariously great.

I'd also suggest adding in mana rocks to speed getting Ojutai on the field but, at the least, Myriad Landscape is a ramp card in a land, which is super convenient with your tight selection of cards you already have.

I run an equipment version of Ojutai, one that only runs two counters though. Take a look on my page if you ever get a chance.

Mandalorian on Kithkins {W}

3 weeks ago

Any deck can win on any given day! To help though I would cut the Sun Titan, He probably cost too much with 21 lands.

You're missing the best Kithkin! Gotta have Springjack Shepherd! He gives you goats eaqual to your devotion to white, gotta be a 4 of. You combine it with Mirror Entity and you can pump your whole team to high heaven. The best part is that he counts as a Kithkin too. Galepowder Mage can flicker the Shepherd too for even more goats.

Other than the addition of Springjack Shepherd+Mirror Entity, I think you should work on the removal. O-Ring is very slow and while its great that it can hit anything, its probably not fast enough. If you don't have money for Path to Exile, which is the best option, you can play Journey to Nowhere. I know it looks worse than O-Ring but the fact that is cost 1 less is probably important in an agro deck like this. Otherwise you have to use conditional spells like Reciprocate or Valorous Stance.

My suggestion would be this:

Brigid -1

Gideon's Avenger -2

Cenn's Tactician -2

Sun Titan -1

Ballynock Trapper -4

Oblivion Ring -4

Indestructibility -2

Surge of Thoughtweft -2

Mirror Entity +4

Springjack Shepherd +4

Path to Exile/Journey to Nowhere +4

Brave the Elements +2 (can protect from removal and sweepers like Anger of the Gods or push through blockers)

Honor of the Pure +4 (good for all those goat tokens if you don't have Mirror Entity out)

Good luck getting your Mutavault!

Immortalized on Hanna, the Pillow Fort Builder

1 month ago

anyway, a mix of effects like Indestructibility, Gift of Immortality and Ghostly Possession on things like Palisade Giant. Pariah also works like a charm. Don't underestimate Gift of Immortality on Children of Korlis either.

freakingShane on Mono White Marshmallow

1 month ago

This is a lot better, but I would recommend getting rid of Expedition Map unless you plan to run Serra's Sanctum in here. I guess Nykthos, Shrine to Nyx is good to fetch, but other than that there aren't any lands worth using a whole slot for fetching only.

Speaking of lands, Temple of the False God is soon bad when it backfires. I would not consider it a staple. I will conclude this micro-rant by stating how mono-W does need all the ramp it can get, so if you insist on running it, go for it.

Sigil of the Empty Throne is still a great card. As well as Shielded by Faith and Indestructibility. The latter two combo with Pariah to prevent taking damage. Look, I get it. Avacyn, Angel of Hope gives everyone indestructibility, but what if you have Shielded by Faith, Pariah, and Angel of Jubilation by turn 5? Stall the game and win through the long game.

Overall the deck is significantly better. I approve. Especially because you through in Magus of the Moat, Crackdown, and Spelltithe Enforcer with all of the other tax and penalty cards.

CaesarSalad on Planswalker protection combo?

2 months ago

Give Palisade Giant an Indestructibility... that is all I can come up with. However the combo will work almost always, even if you don't have Gideon, so it really shouldn't count

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