Daybreak Coronet

Daybreak Coronet

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Enchantment — Aura

Enchant creature with another Aura attached to it

Enchanted creature gets +3/+3 and has first strike, vigilance, and lifelink. (Whenever it deals damage, its controller gains that much life.)

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  $23.99 $28.82 $37.18 $42.22
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  13.96 TIX 16.75 TIX

Daybreak Coronet Discussion

WovenNebula on W: 4x Daybreak Coronet H: ...

3 hours ago

Looking to get a playset of Daybreak Coronets.

For trade I have:1x Fulminator Mage1x Spellskite1x Thrun, the Last Troll1x Splinter Twin Foil1x Blood Moon Black bordered from the Dark and Italian3x Mutavault M143x Electrolyze Guildpact

I may have a few other cards for trade, going through my cards as we speak.

thewyzman on The Fencers Might [Help Convert to Modern]

21 hours ago

I wouldn't run blue or green. More than two colors is hard to pull off in true Modern. Hyena Umbra is a really good card as it can buy your creature an extra life unless it's exiled instead of destroyed. In the bogles deck Lit was talking about they run Daybreak Coronet, arguably one of the best auras in the game, but quite expensive and difficult to find!

Here's a Gatherer search for 1-drop Auras in U/W. . You can modify the search however you need if you like.

EmblemMan on addaff

2 days ago

Ok cool. So I also forgot to mention that I have a third voice if by chance you want that if not its fine ill keep it but if you want it and will get use out of it then thats cool. Anyway if you do not want a third voice then I am interested in the current trade adding pod on my end and 2 steel overseers on your end (assuming they are m11) which are priced at 8.06 a piece. That would put the current offer at

My end: 1x Birthing Pod, 2x Voice of Resurgence 1x Five-Alarm Fire 1x Windswept Heath Total: 54.72 via tcg player

Your end: 2x Steel Overseer 1x Bloodstained Mire and 1x Daybreak Coronet Total: 55.40

So if you want that third not listed voice let me know and I would probably end up asking for the third overseer if you do not want it that is totally fine just let me know if you are interested in my previously listed current offer. If you do want to go with this offer you are more than welcome to find a dollar card from my binder to make it right about even if you can find anything you would like. Thank you.

addaff on EmblemMan

2 days ago

I do have an unlisted Daybreak Coronet. Would you be interested in this trade?

My - Daybreak Coronet & Bloodstained Mire ($39.35)

For your - Windswept Heath, 2 Voice of Resurgence, Five-Alarm Fire($47.25)

<_< i didn't have 2 in my list...Is there something in my binder that can make up the $8 difference?

slemulv on TrystonSpencer

3 days ago

Damn. I'd do that trade for your Daybreak Coronet but my Spellskites are in a trade atm for some Cavern of Souls. Sorry.

TrystonSpencer on slemulv

3 days ago

Hey slemulv what do you think about this?


1x Daybreak Coronet 28.82+ anything you can find for 4-5 dollars in my binder

For your

1x Spellskite 18.00

1x Sorin Markov15.00

Let me know what you think!

Programmer_112 on Got some Auras on my Gnarlid

6 days ago

Hexproof needs 4x Slippery Bogle, 4x Gladecover Scout, and 4x Kor Spiritdancer. That's the best creature base. Aura Gnarlid is bad, because it's 3 mana that just gets Path'd. As for enchantments: Ethereal Armor, Rancor, Hyena Umbra, Unflinching Courage, Daybreak Coronet (out of budget, but still awesome), and possibly Spirit Mantle should all be four-ofs. Keen Sense and Spider Umbra are also good. Path to Exile deals with things, and I personally like Mana Tithe to catch people off-guard. For lands: Brushland, Sunpetal Grove, and Razorverge Thicket are all pretty good without being too expensive. Temple Garden, Windswept Heath, and Horizon Canopy are expensive, but also really good.

There is absolutely no reason for Rancor not to be a 4-of, Spirit Mantle is better than trample, but Rancor also gives +2/+0 and is one less mana, which is huge because T1 Gladecover Scout, T2 Ethereal Armor, Rancor is devastating and allows for T3 wins with other Ethereal Armors. Spirit Mantle is good, but Rancor is better

Orvos101 on Got some Auras on my Gnarlid

1 week ago

CrovaxTheCursed I'd have to splash blue for Invisible Stalker I don't know if GWU would be spreading my color base too thin or not. I do have a play set of him though... and I'm really actually considering him...

jraynor that is actually what I've been considering. I like that someone else had that idea too. Rancor is just lac luster in this deck in my opinion. But oh how I wish I had the money for 4x Daybreak Coronet

Others have suggested that I put in a Gladecover Scout in place of my Phalanx Leader. I like how she is less "devoted" to her color and that she is a turn one drop with hexproof, What do you think of that?

Color(s) White
Cost WW
Converted cost 2
Avg. draft pick 1.29
Avg. cube pick 1.66


Format Legality
Legacy Legal
Vintage Legal
Commander / EDH Legal
Modern Legal
Duel Commander Legal

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Set Rarity
Future Sight Rare

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