Daybreak Coronet

Daybreak Coronet

Enchantment — Aura

Enchant creature with another Aura attached to it

Enchanted creature gets +3/+3 and has first strike, vigilance, and lifelink. (Whenever it deals damage, its controller gains that much life.)

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Daybreak Coronet Discussion

JrHexer on Building Budget Bogles Brick by Brick

5 days ago

I have tested it a few times and was pleasantly surprised by the number of wins.

The mana base looks like a bigger problem than the missing spells. When I get a good early start with any kind of Auras, that usually puts enough pressure. But even with aggressive mulligans, that only happens about 35% of time with this mana base, because I usually need both Plains and Forest (and the other cards). And the bad starts are really bad, with 4 sub-optimal cards.

I am considering Brushland and City of Brass as a temporary solution. I could probably get 4x of those and the Daybreak Coronets as well with the next upgrade. The Path to Exile would have to wait though.

PepsiAddicted, sylvannos, anyone - any advice on this? Am I missing any good mana fixing options?

theConspiracy on Now You Don't See Me, Now You Still Don't

1 week ago

The feeling you get when you play Daybreak Coronet and it doesn't get countered. Oh, and..KITTY IN A SCARF!!!!!!!!!


sylvannos on How do pros do their ...

1 week ago

I usually build around what my plays each turn are going to be, based on what archetype I'm playing.

For example, if I'm playing an aggro deck, I want to curve out and use all of my mana each turn. That means I need to cast something on turn 1, start dealing damage/playing more threats on 2, and then brace for Wrath of Gods and removal on 3 and 4 while maintaining pressure. This means having lots of low mana creatures and burn spells. If I'm casting something after turn 2 that costs more than 2 mana, it needs to be either resilient or game-ending (Collected Company, Etched Champion, etc.).

So in the case of control and midrange, I'm not always looking to play a threat on turn 1 as much as I am focusing on taking out my opponent's threat. Or I'm building up my resources. Playing Godless Shrine into play tapped on turn 1 when I'm going first is perfectly fine if it means I have Path to Exile or Abrupt Decay available on turn 2 with Liliana of the Veil ready to go on 3. If my opponent doesn't do anything, I'm okay with sitting on my removal and just playing lands. Even though I'm not casting spells, I'm still advancing my board state.

That being said, you have to consider what it is you're doing each turn. Even though Cloudshift is one mana, it's not a turn one play because it likely won't even have a target on turn 1. Likewise, you may not always cast Lightning Bolt on turn 1. You probably shouldn't cast it on turn one unless you're killing something with it or you're playing the aggro role as a midrange deck vs. a control deck (but in that case, you still want to cast your hand disruption/creatures first).

So when I'm making a deck, I'm more concerned about what my lines are. This is especially true outside of Standard and Limited where games in Modern are much faster. If my 1-drop is Cloudshift, my 2-drop is Daybreak Coronet, and my only creatures are 3 or more mana, I'm likely going to lose each game because I haven't done anything for the first several turns! Even worse, now my 4-drops are fighting with my "1-drop" and "2-drop" because I can likely only cast one of them in a turn. My Cloudshift and Daybreak Coronet in this shit-tier deck are essentially 4-mana spells, because I won't be able to do anything with them until turn 4 and they tie up all my resources.

wartortleguy on Masters of the Auras

2 weeks ago

No Slippery Bogle or Gladecover Scout? Ethereal Armor? Daybreak Coronet? I mean yeah, one of your enchantments give them protection, however the deck might work better if your creatures already had the protection.

Wazzut on Bant CoCo Knightfall

2 weeks ago

smackjack Undergrowth Champion is ridiculous, I tried Loxodon Smiter before, and the thing that makes undergrowth so powerful is being run alongside Courser of Kruphix. In the end, having a big beefy guy that can afford to swing and never trade, or block anything huge, or anything that has deathtouch, lifelink, first strike, double strike, trample; and prevent the damage is HUGE. Especially with lifelink against say Vault Skirge in affinity, or Daybreak Coronet in bogles, or Wurmcoil Engine in Tron. The same goes for all of infect, since infect still is technically dealing damage. The deck seems to be steady with enough fetches to turn him on without the combo pieces pretty early if I play my land right. It also gets grabbed with Collected Company which is again insane, and it's a win more if I combo off with one out which is a nice perk :) I definitely will check yours out, also! I love this deck!

JrHexer on Building Budget Bogles Brick by Brick

2 weeks ago

sylvannos wrote in a related thread:

Daybreak Coronets and Path to Exiles are the immediate things you'll want to grab. Fetches and Dryad Arbor are next so you don't get blown out by Liliana of the Veil.

sylvannos on Help with local meta: going ...

2 weeks ago

Daybreak Coronets and Path to Exiles are the immediate things you'll want to grab. Fetches and Dryad Arbor are next so you don't get blown out by Liliana of the Veil.

Have you started buying this deck yet? The reason I ask is because R/G Tron would do really well against that meta. Infect is the only match-up I'd say is a serious problem. Burn can be difficult game one, but you're much better off once you can board in Platinum Angel/Platinum Emperion and Spellskite. Other than that, you get to beat up on fair decks and Pyroclasm your way past Tokens, Elves, and Affinity.

frusciante7 on 2016-01-24 update of brUna voltRon ...

2 weeks ago

Woah that's some nice feedback! :)

Tbh, when you playtest it, Ephara's Enlightenment ends up being really helpful. Since Kor Spiritdancer and Mesa Enchantress are both 0 power guys, and since most of your creatures are ground ones it can really help vs aggro/midrange. We might remove it though :)

However, Burning Anger ends up being surprisingly good. 5 is a little overcosted for sure, but we have nothing else in that spot so it's ok. Plus with vigilance (Bruna or Daybreak Coronet) it's actually beast. Let's say you have Kor Spiritdancer + Ethereal Armor + Daybreak Coronet. The guy's a 9/9 already. Say you Burning Anger him, he gets to be a 11/11. Worst case scenario, your opponent chump blocks. You still get to deal 11 EOT thx to vigilance. If your opponent can't block, you basically deal 22. That's just insane. On Bruna it's MINIMUM 5 health. So it's an expensive spell indeed but very rewarding in a format where ppl fetch, probe and thoughtseize like hell :) it's kind of a must answer card honestly. I think we should keep it! It's casted more than cheated in, unlike Conscription.

Sure Gift of Immortality lets the creature die, but it beasically says 'exile me or you'll never get rid of me :>'. When you think of Grixis Control for example, they have nothing but destroy effects (Murderous Cut or Terminate). It's the type of deck that'll never deal with it cuz it can't hit enchantments, and surely wouldn't make you discard it. However, we could definetly save us a spot by removing it.

Faithless Looting is about the best card in the deck. Fits the selection/discard strategy of the deck incredibly well. Easy to cast (compared to Ideas Unbound), flashbackable if needed. I wouldn't remove it honestly :)

Hammerhand is indeed much better. Denies a blocker, and buff a little. I had seen it but didn't actually realize how good it was ahah, it'll make it in ;)

I must say I digged a little to find Shielding Plax. I knew the card but just don't straight think to play it lol. The card draw is good, and it's much better (although more expensive) than Robe of Mirrors since the creature is still targetable :) quite expensive too however

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Format Legality
Modern Legal
Legacy Legal
Vintage Legal
Commander / EDH Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Pauper Legal

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