Daybreak Coronet

Daybreak Coronet

Enchantment — Aura

Enchant creature with another Aura attached to it

Enchanted creature gets +3/+3 and has first strike, vigilance, and lifelink. (Whenever it deals damage, its controller gains that much life.)

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Daybreak Coronet Discussion

buildingadeck on [Community Discussion]: Modern Chat

2 days ago

Boggles can kill us that quickly, yes, but Repeal is your best friend in this matchup. Bounce their important enchants (Daybreak Coronet, Spirit Mantle, etc). You can take damage down to about 7 before doing this, but then you'll need to draw the right stuff. It's a very challenging matchup, but I think it's more winnable than Infect.

SwaggyMcSwagglepants on [Community Discussion]: Modern Chat

2 days ago

Yes, but that requires a serious nut draw. I think 3x Rancor, 1x Slippery Bogle, 1x Daybreak Coronet, and 2x Land on the play will do the trick.

Regigigas23 on buildingadeck

1 week ago

Alright then, it felt like a bit of a stretch xD. How about Hero of Iroas on top of the Daybreak Coronet, Deadeye Navigator and Peregrine Drake? That way it'll be practically equal on both sides (14.24 me, 14.42 you)

Regigigas23 on buildingadeck

1 week ago

Hmm, anything up to the Daybreak Coronet? We're technically a little over half way there.

lipedias on GW Aggro

2 weeks ago

Hi, Wirox, thank you for the response!

  • Daybreak Coronet this card is only listed, i haven't bought it yet, and it seemed to my like a good combo on Rancor, since i have a lot of medium-sized creatures, that side combo could turn them into really freaky beasts. But it is a fair point that it is a fragile card to run in the context of the entire deck;

  • Nykthos, Shrine to Nyx have never played with it, but since i have the cards from another deck, i could test it and see if it's not that impactful card.

  • Dauntless Escort this is a very good suggestion, wich i will use! Board wipes really hurt me! This alongside the Qasali Pridemage i will attend.

cybinary on Arrogant Bastard Zur's hate magnet

2 weeks ago

The other combo your missing with a ZUR deck is Rest in Peace and Web of Inertia Once these are on the field nobody will be able to attack you, board wipes are still a thing though so Vanishing & Flickerform are all must includes to your deck.

Also, I agree with others that have said your list is too creature heavy. Once you get Daybreak Coronet + Ethereal Armor on Zur you should be able to swing and kill people with ease.

Wirox on GW Aggro

2 weeks ago

Daybreak Coronet will most likely be just a dead hard in your deck, I have no idea why you run it at all.

Nykthos, Shrine to Nyx, is not a good card here as vincilios thinks. Most of the time it'll just work as a colorless mana source and when it actually gives you some bigger amounts of mana... it means you've already emptied your hand and don't need that extra mana. I'd just return the lands you've just cut. Nykthos belongs to EDH and casual decks, period.

Wilt-Leaf Cavaliers is just meh. Since board wipes hurt you really much, I'd add Dauntless Escort and fourth Wilt-Leaf Liege instead.

Also, Qasali Pridemage seems like a nice way to deal with artifacts and enchantments in the mainboard.

DreadnoughtMTG on Slippery bastards (Bogles Primer)

2 weeks ago

I would likely swap your second basic forest for a plains. Blood Moon is painful and being able to cast Daybreak Coronets through them often decide the game.

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Format Legality
Modern Legal
Legacy Legal
Vintage Legal
Commander / EDH Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Tiny Leaders Legal

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Modern Masters 2015 Edition Rare
Future Sight Rare

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