Daybreak Coronet

Enchantment — Aura

Enchant creature with another Aura attached to it

Enchanted creature gets +3/+3 and has first strike, vigilance, and lifelink. (Whenever it deals damage, its controller gains that much life.)

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Daybreak Coronet Discussion

Jp3ngu1nb0y on What archetype will they do ...

7 hours ago

I doubt storm, it's a little too complicated to be an intro deck. My bet is Bogles because it's simple, cheap, effective, and has good reprint potential (hello Daybreak Coronet ).

Quadsimotto on Encantamiento

17 hours ago

I know its expensive but Daybreak Coronet ? Its wicked good for this type of build.

thewyzman on Sleeving my deck

1 day ago

Right now the deck is under daily (re)construction, so I'm hesitant to double-sleeving for the extra hassle... but I suppose I oughta just do it and keep those Gladecover Scout , as well as Daybreak Coronet , in Near-mint condition!

aznb01777 on Enchanting Destruction

2 days ago

You realy don't need to play those creatures, only creature justifiable is thasa and aegis. There are better pump enchantments for zur add Battle Mastery , Phyresis , and Daybreak Coronet . Check out my build Zur, Offensive Defense.

Subject134127 on Lance Armstrong Naya -- Please Advice!

6 days ago

Many of your suggestions are way out of my budget! Daybreak Coronet , Kor Spiritdancer , shocklands and Path to Exile make my wallet cry in a corner for this budget Naya Hexproof deck :(. The current mana base often works out fine too even though it's not mix/maxed optimal, so apart from shifting around the color representation, that'll stay the same for now.

Keen Sense and Spirit Mantle are really nice. Magma Jet is also useful for the scry besides clearing a path / dealing with flying creatures. I'll consider running Spirit Mantle instead because removal is not necessary if I can simply avoid them altogether. I'll put Retether in the sideboard and use the freed space for these nice Aura's. Spider Umbra is a nice consideration as well, I have so far mostly avoided it because I have it in a Harry Potter themed deck and I don't like doing the same thing twice when I make something.

Thanks a lot for the recommendation of the Silhana Ledgewalker ! Fleecemane Lion I always found to be lacking because it took so long to get hexproof but I didn't know a good replacement. Those will be swapped!

Boros Charm is a nice replacement for Mage Slayer , as the opponent doesn't see it coming and it costs less. Probably more than 1 double swing is often unnecessary.

Your comment was very helpful, I really appreciate the time you took to respond :)

HaazdaGerfson on Lance Armstrong Naya -- Please Advice!

6 days ago

Hey Subject, I like the Naya Hexproof deck you've got here! I've played against one in a tournament and they can be potentially scary! Here are some things I've noted from tournament versions of this which could make yours better:

For creatures, I think having Kor Spiritdancer 's would make more sense instead of the Fleecemane Lion 's. In this kind of deck, Kor is really a necessity (I mean just look at her abilities!). I realize that you probably had all of your creatures be at least partially green in order to benefit from Favor of the Overbeing . The problem is that Fleecemane Lion 's monstrous ability is far too slow to wait for, and until then, he doesn't match the hexproof or aura theme. Yes, Kor isn't hexproof either, but she does ramp extremely fast from aura's, and the lack of hexproof is solved by the Umbra's. On that note, you could replace the Favor of the Overbeing with Spider Umbra .

I like the idea of the Mage Slayer , but again I think it's waaay too slow for this deck. I think because you have the Naya version of the Aura Hexproof style deck (and not just the Simic), you can take huge advantage of some Boros Charm 's! All three of its abilities would be uber useful! If they only have 4 life left, end them! They try to destroy your Kor, make it indestructible! Or, the best yet use would be to give your huge creature double-strike to end things faster!

Some other things I noticed:

I'm not sure if I would run the Retether in the mainboard (if at all), and I also wouldn't run either of those burn spells. With a scary and cheap creature, all of their creatures are going to get thrown into blocking it to slow down trample damage.

Another great creature option against opponents without flyers is Silhana Ledgewalker .

In terms of other aura options, here are 3 depending on what you need:

Spirit Mantle allows your creature to not be blocked, targeted, or dealt damage by their creatures.

Keen Sense is great if you find yourself needing card draw.

Daybreak Coronet would be probably your best aura option hands-down... except it's really expensive :/ so I understand if that isn't a viable option.

Another thing I see a lot of is Path to Exile . I run these in my Orzhov tournament deck and I love them. They are super nice creature removal for 1 white mana if you need that. Another viable options instead of Path is Chained to the Rocks if you were to get the shock lands Stomping Ground , Sacred Foundry , and Temple Garden (which I would recommend anyways).

On the note of lands, if you feel like scrying would benefit you, the temple lands (Temple of Plenty , Temple of Triumph , and Temple of Abandon ) would be of great use. In union with the shock lands (which have basic land types), you could probably benefit from Clifftop Retreat , Rootbound Crag , and Sunpetal Grove . These lands (aside from the scry lands) would speed up and diversify your lands so that you could get rid of Evolving Wilds and Jungle Shrine which are just too slow and have no benefit that comes from entering tapped like scry lands do. Brushland isn't terrible, but it's not as good as these other duel lands and would no longer be needed. By simply changing the land base you have, you can speed this deck up tremendously!

Anyhow, I think that should be enough to consider for now! I hope my advice is all for the best, and hopefully you'll find my this as useful as I found your comments on my deck page!

If any others are interested and want to check out my deck, go take a look! +1 and comment!:

Dimir Tron Win Con Playtest

Modern* HaazdaGerfson


benfig1127 on Bant Auras

6 days ago

nice deck, first of all your an agrro deck u need to cut ur lands, cut both Razorverge Thicket and a Glacial Fortress , they are just not worth it in your deck because you are looking to kill your opponent as fast as possible with overloading auras on a non removable creature, i would advise Gladecover Scout instead of Geist of Saint Traft it is just too slow it won't come out till turn 3 and it will prevent you from playing any auras that turn for example you could have played Unflinching Courage instead. Also cut Angelic Destiny its just too expensive. definitely add Daybreak Coronet playing that on turn 3 with a rancor already on a Gladecover Scout and then adding Ethereal Armor , ur opponent might as well give up. hope this helped. Price

Low Avg High Foil
$23.43 $27.0 $39.98 $44.13
Color(s) White
Cost WW
Converted cost 2
Avg. draft pick 1.45
Avg. cube pick 1.81


Format Legality
Legacy Legal
Vintage Legal
Commander / EDH Legal
Modern Legal

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Set Rarity
Future Sight Rare


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