Daybreak Coronet

Enchantment — Aura

Enchant creature with another Aura attached to it

Enchanted creature gets +3/+3 and has first strike, vigilance, and lifelink. (Whenever it deals damage, its controller gains that much life.)

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Daybreak Coronet Discussion

punchbattle on Auras and Enchantments: The Movie

19 hours ago


Aah, no worries. The "Budget" tag's only there because, when the deck was finished, it just so happened to not cost a whole lot of money. But damn, I had no idea Daybreak Coronet was so expensive...

kiy251 on Glorious Basterds

1 day ago

You're welcome :)Second advice block inc:

Personally I feel that Shielding Plax and Hero of Iroas . I'd try to slide a Elspeth, Knight-Errant or two in there, I actually rather her to Ajani, Caller of the Pride

Remand is one of the better modern counter spells, it stops whatever your opponent is tapping out for on the turn, it lets you draw which helps you find your better creatures/enchantments.

Journey to Nowhere and Oblivion Ring are close enough to removal while counting as enchantments for your Ethereal Armor . I'm not sure about how they will run in your deck.

Circle of Protection: 'Insert color you'll have issues dealing with' can be a handy sideboard card if the situation comes to it.

I'd also drop Cranial Archive because it just seems to be lacking, it works against strats that rely on their graveyard as you can shuffle it away while getting a draw out of it but there is just better cards.

Dryad Militant can be alright against decks that are running Treasure Cruise and/or Snapcaster Mage it also stops spells with flashback. I'm not sure how good it is in those matchups, just speculating.

Maybe you could find use for Aura Finesse it lets you draw as well as moving aura's about. For example if you're attacking with 2 creatures, one has spirit mantle so creatures can't be assigned to block it if they block the unenchanted creature then you can in theory move the spirit mantle to your blocked creature to avoid the damage dealt to it (Proc creatures is too good). and maybe even just get a one for nothing. It also draws you a new card which is super useful.

Not sure what you think of Brave the Elements it can help but if you're running blue then it won't always cover all your creatures.

Daybreak Coronet is easily the best aura when you've got an aura based deck because of just how much value it gives you. (+3+3, lifelink, first strike and vigilance, f*ck yeah :D )

Serum Visions Awesome card in blue, helps you dig, not 100% sure how good it is in this deck, just playtest and see what you think. :)

Soldier of the Pantheon is awesome against so many decks, personally I love him, don't know if he's any good in the current meta with things like jund falling in popularity.

You kinda lack affinity hate, things like Stony Silence and Kataki, War's Wage work wonders against affinity. (I play affinity and scooped when my friend turn 2'd a stony followed by turn 3 Kataki)

Ohh my, just noticed how much I wrote, sorry, hopefully it isn't too long. :P

CrovaxTheCursed on Auras and Enchantments: The Movie

2 days ago

Greater Auramancy , Umbra Mystic , Indestructibility , and Daybreak Coronet would all be good in here. Maybe even Mesa Enchantress if you want more card draw.

Nixin72 on Ethereal armor

3 days ago

Also, have you seen Eidolon of Countless Battles ? Think that could definitely find a place in this deck as a 1 or 2 of. You should also run Daybreak Coronet assuming budget would allow for it.

D044 on G/W Budged Hexproof

1 week ago

You're right, the manabase wasn't really budged I think substituting Sunpetal Grove for Horizon Canopy is a good idea. I basically brought down the price by cutting the Kor Spiritdancer s and the Daybreak Coronet s. Is Armadillo Cloak modern legal?

PepsiAddicted on Can't touch this (Naya Hexproof)

1 week ago

hey, these kinds of decks are awesome +1!

a few suggestions:

with an avg. cmc of 1.45 or less most Bogle deck lists cut down to a 19(20) land setup that looks something like this

the arbor is in there for specific reasons, not as a free creature and it actually doesnt really support your mana base (summoning sickness).with extra splash red that will be a bit harder and is actually more complicated to maintain against Blood Moon etc. you still want as much room for auras as you can and 3 lands are enough to have a bogle deck going at maximum speed, adding Horizon Canopy for card draw improves consistency.2 keen sense as your only card draw seems a bit low imo. 8 hexproof creatures are enough as you only need one in your starting hand (mulligan alot, its ok with this setup) that makes room for Kor Spiritdancer which you would play only for the card draw even tho it is tempting to boost it and deal a few large hits. the risk of losing many auras on a single removal is too big. IMO you should run 2 or more Spirit Mantle in your mainboard and ofc 4 Daybreak Coronet . I dont think cmc 2 hexproof creatures are raliable in competitive play, they have set up their counters before it hits the board.

kaboomeow on Too many lands? Better enchantments?

1 week ago

So, I'm wondering if I should drop a land or 2... I'm not sure. I'm working on getting more shocks and pain lands now. Am I missing some really good enchantments? (P.S. I want to make it competitive. I know I need Daybreak Coronet


Can't touch this (Naya Hexproof) Playtest

Modern kaboomeow

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$21.7 $26.95 $39.98 $43.95

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11.15 TIX 15.05 TIX
Color(s) White
Cost WW
Converted cost 2
Avg. draft pick 1.29
Avg. cube pick 1.66


Format Legality
Legacy Legal
Vintage Legal
Commander / EDH Legal
Modern Legal

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Future Sight Rare


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