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The Elves of Mirkwood (T2 infinite combos)

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Here's my old Modern deck from probably 2-3 years ago I never wrote a great description for it but I'm curious to know what the modern community thinks of it now. I'm re-writing the descprition since I have a better handle on how to play/how to describe what it does. Without any disruption this deck will almost always have lethal on turn 4.

I used to play elves when it was considered laughable now that it's back I've been working on my own version without Collected Company and Chord of Calling. So here it is my infinite mana, damage, draw, and health deck all possible on turn 2! In modern! Whaaaattt! (Now with infinite elves!)

I'm trying to write some sort of primer or decent description but I just can't be bothered since modern isn't my passion any more. Though this is one of my favorite decks so I'm going to try.

The deck!

This will be a brief (hopefully on topic) overview/faq for the deck.

"First what does the deck do?" It combos off between turns 2 and 4 either infinite or just enough 18-50 life.

"How do you play it?" I've been playing it for years and it's all about getting the right hands you want 1-2 lands (never more) a few one drops, and hopefully the all star of the deck Heritage Druid

"Does the deck win?" Absolutely, I've 4'd several times at my store (either because the meta isn't meant to handle elves or they tried to out pace me.)

"How does this deck win?" Hopefully by outpacing the opponent, it happens all the time, they don't feel threatened by it turn 2-3 so they tap out allowing us to win.

"This deck seems very fragile." Not a question but yes it absolutely is, it's a glass cannon, it can be shut down pretty easily and against any disruption we'll be slowed down immensely.

Turn 2 Infinite Combos!

These are all very specific each requiring 7-9 cards each so you're probably thinking this isn't likely to happen, but there's so many combos and slight variations of each for this to happen that I can get one at least 1-3 games per night. Every combo needs Cloudstone Curio

Infinite Mana (infinite damage and infinite health) Show

Infinite mana #2 + infinite untapped tokens (infinite damage and infinite health) Show

infinite mana #3 + infinite draw (infinite health) Show

After turn 2 there's so many combos you can do some infinite some not, there's no point in listing it all but you can preform all of them if you know how to do any of the turn 2 combos.


The deck is also undergoing some tweaking like what should be 3 ofs and 4 ofs


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