Format Legality
Noble Legal
1v1 Commander Legal
Vintage Legal
Modern Legal
Casual Legal
Vanguard Legal
Legacy Legal
Archenemy Legal
Planechase Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Unformat Legal
Pauper Legal
Commander / EDH Legal

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Set Rarity
Modern Masters 2015 Edition (MM2) Uncommon
New Phyrexia (NPH) Uncommon

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Tap target creature.

Metalcraft — if you control three or more artifacts, exile that creature.

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Dispatch Discussion

Clawsun73 on Kemba Kha artifact deck

1 week ago

Masterwork of Ingenuity for Herald of the Host. Masterwork of Ingenuity is any equipment on the battlefield for 1 mana. Herald is a cool card, but doesn't really fit the deck.

Explorer's Scope for Worn Powerstone. Worn powerstone is pretty bad...

Strata Scythe for Slagwurm Armor. This card seems insane since you are playing mono white.

Spear of Heliod for Infiltration Lens. Makes people not want to attack you if you have 3 mana open. You are trying to make sure your commander is not blocked, that makes this useless.

Stoneforge Masterwork for Accorder's Shield. You summon a lot of cats, this makes Kemba thicc.

Inventors' Fair for Plains. It's just good and there is no reason to have a plains rather than this. (I can trade you one)

Dispatch for Bandage. Don't see bandage being too useful. Dispatch is extremely cheap removal in this deck. (I can trade you this too)

Trailblazer's Boots for Kitesail. Basically unblockable, better than flying.

Golem-Skin Gauntlets for Ring of Thune. This gives more attack than Thune and costs basically the same. (2 play, 1 equip vs. 1 play, 2 equip)

Oblivion Ring for Hold the Gates.

Sandblast for Second Thoughts.

Swords to Plowshares for Aura Blast. Don't need Aura Blast and Erase.

Open the Vaults for Cobbled Wings. If someone casts Vandalblast, you don't automatically lose.

Skullclamp for Staff of Nin. Staff is too expensive mana wise for 1 extra card and 1 damage per turn. Skullclamp is much better draw.

Selfless Spirit for Gorgon's Head. Deathtouch isn't good on a voltron, seems not worth it.

Rogue's Passage for Plains if you don't already have it since you don't have lands listed.

Unlife on Arahbo's Purring Machine Shop

2 weeks ago

Just looking over the deck, you need a lot more ramp than Cultivate\Kodama's Reach. You may want tolook into Rampant Growth, Burnished Hart Solemn Simulacrum Skyshroud Claim Expedition Map Selesnya Signet and Selesnya Cluestone. Sigarda's Aid, Puresteel Paladin Leonin Shikari Sram, Senior Edificer and Kemba, Kha Regent could all easily fit into the deck. If you want to slow your opponents down, things like Swords to Plowshares, Dispatch, Path to Exile, Wing Shards Ghostly Prison and a couple more board wipes can help.

Oloro_Magic on Aryan race will reign supreme

2 weeks ago

By running Dispatch you are hurting yourself even if it is a placeholder instead use Banishing Light, Cast Out, or Declaration in Stone as those don't require a ton of artifacts to be useful. In terms of the creatures I would remove everything but Champion of the Parish, Boros Elite, Thalia's Lieutenant, Hanweir Militia Captain  Flip, Glory-Bound Initiate, and Knight of the White Orchid. everything else is really surplus to requirements and can be replaced by better cards that synergize better with your deck and agro plan, for example Thalia, Heretic Cathar is not agro she is control.

Personally I would run 4x Boros Elite, 4x Champion of the Parish, 4x Thalia's Lieutenant, 4x Hanweir Militia Captain  Flip, 3x Glory-Bound Initiate, and 2x Knight of the White Orchid. The rest can be filled out be other creatures that work with the deck like Bygone Bishop, Student of Warfare, Gisela, the Broken Blade, Doomed Traveler, Frontline Medic, and maybe even a couple eldrazi.

DrkNinja on The name's Andre of Astora

4 weeks ago

@LordNazahn So I took a look at your deck, and there's a few things I'd like to offer (as per the rules of this thread). First I'll say that the deck is overall really good, you have a really great card selection and there's not many cards I don't like. The only card I would say isn't nessecary is Grappling Hook it's just way too expensive, for doublestrike? I don't think it's worth honestly. I would like to offer a few card suggestions though:

  • Dispatch: I know it's already in consideration but honestly it's too good, it's a path with no benefit to your opponent you should definitely be playing this.
  • Darksteel Plate: This card is really resilient because the only way to deal with it or a creature attached to it is by exiling the artifact and there aren't many cards that exile artifacts.
  • Scourglass: this is a much better board wipe for artifact decks because it clears the board of crap that you don't want and keeps all your voltron pieces on the table.
  • Nim Deathmantle: This card is basically you get to pay 4 instead of your commander's casting cost, and the commander tax that comes along with voltron based commanders.
  • Remember the Fallen: this card is versatile because it lets you get back a creature and artifact, and it's just a great toolbox card.

Overall great deck man!

LordNazahn on The name's Andre of Astora

1 month ago

DrukenReaps Thanks for pointing out the exclude colors, I modified that for the future.

Now looking through your suggestions.

I shall consider Sram and Raksha, but each has it's downsides. Without being your commander I feel i might not get the same value out of Sram, great card draw for sure, but I do have Puresteel Paladin in already who has a similar effect in the deck, but Sram is a consideration. As for Raksha, by the time i will be casting him I feel there is a lot better things to do then throw an equipment on this cat for a +2/+2 to the 3-4 cats I have, not a bad choice but i feel his cost is to high for the deck overall.

Dispatch looks like good value, I'll add it to my maybeboard and see where it could fit in, though with 2 targeted exiles and 2 boardwipes as it is, not sure if it will be needed, I'll need to find a spot and test on a 3rd targeted removal.

As I already have the Sword, I'll have to consider the shield and helm, they seem like fun equipments, just have to figure out where my weak equipments are and cut what is needed. In all honesty though I cannot see myself creating the avatar in a game unless jsut for shiggles.

I'm gonna say no to Vedalken Orrery, aside from the Flash i have, I don't see this deck really needing a crazy amount of flash, it helps in some cases, but not needed.

As for the final three, I was considering Darksteel, but need to find a spot, Kuldotha is nice, though a bit situational, I already have a good bit of equipment fetching in the deck, if anything Conjurer's Closet is better as i can 'blink' Stoneforge mystic or Nazahn in order to fetch some more. Finally Blinkmoth Urn could work, maybe replacing basalt or Grim monolith as it could give quite a bit more mana

Overalll thanks for the suggestions and informing me of my error XD I'll update my maybe board with some of those cards, will need testing to spot my 'weak links' in the deck.

DrukenReaps on The name's Andre of Astora

1 month ago

You told the website to ignore white from your deck instead of red for some reason.

Sram, Senior Edificer- great card draw

Raksha Golden Cub- buffs your commander as well as himself and a few support creatures you have to ridiculousness, though quite costly mana

Dispatch- another path to exile if you need more removal, you should almost always have metalcraft

Shield of Kaldra, Sword of Kaldra, Helm of Kaldra- I'm biased but these are great fun

Vedalken Orrery- unlikely to be needed, you have a bunch of flash already

With so many artifacts you could consider a few artifact shenanigans. I wouldn't do very many but a few could work.

Darksteel Forge- losing equipment is a potential disaster

Kuldotha Forgemaster- for the "you don't need those you need that one" moments

Blinkmoth Urn- more silly than useful because green but a thought

Not a clue what to take out... the deck looks scary to me. Just play it and write down anything that under-preforms. If you write it down 3 times consider replacing it.

Airakk on We are Myr. Resistance is futile.

1 month ago

okay! what you say about Welding Jar is right! i use it because i have some boardcleaner in my deck an i forgot it X)

Dispatch is the same like Thoughtcast: there are other cards doing the same but more consistant... in this case Silkwrap, Journey to Nowhere or classic Oblivion Ring.

before you reach the point where Tempered Steel becomes usefull, you need more than just Myr Battlesphere to get more than 1, maximum 2 myr each turn. for this reason Myr Matrix becomes much more interesting than Myr Turbine... Ring of Three Wishes or Citanul Flute are better (in my opinion) than Myr Turbine because you dont need to tap a lot of creatures which are needed for more important quests... and there are a lot more cards which let you search your library for a creature.

here is a small list of cards you should know and maybe you can make something awesome out of it ;)

Soul Foundry

Prototype Portal

Sculpting Steel

Ghostfire Blade

Myr Welder



Buried Ruin

Darksteel Citadel

i notice that there are not so much cards who throw out myr weenies other than Myr Matrix, Myr Turbine and Myr Battlesphere... or crap cards like Myr Sire

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