Rakdos the Defiler demon tribal is my favorite deck I have ever built or played, by far.

This demon is just what you need in your life. "But he makes me sacrifice things!" Listen, Rakdos is a six mana eldrazi with annihilator 8 and trample. He doesn't force you to run only colorless like an ordinary eldrazi god would, instead giving you access to tutors, fast mana, removal, recursion and haste. Sure, he's a demon, so there's a steep price for his servitude. But we're black- we don't play fair. 1 land is all we need to cast reanimate and bring an It That Betrays, Rune Scarred Demon, or Hellcarver demon under our control. He's boardwipe, mass land destruction and a three hit kill just sitting there waiting to go. Every single game is memorable, the lines of play are as unique as the cards, and the balls to the wall reckless abandon you need to adopt as a mindset is unlike anything else. There will be death, at any cost.

Special thanks to the the primer created by Silenciaco on mtgsalvation.

The deck was adapted to work better in my meta, which punished life-loss strategies. It is designed to power up to the mid-game as fast as possible while playing fast and loose with risk. The deck's ability to win out of nowhere keeps it a threat at all stages of the game with little warning to your opponents.

Lich + Repay in Kind =

  • Your life is set to zero without dying > Everyone's life is zero > Sad opponents

Treasonous Ogre + Repay in Kind =

  • Not an insta-kill, but makes for a quick finish with demons on board to attack with. Treasonous ogre allows for extremely explosive turns in the deck and generates the mana and life-loss outlet for Repay in Kind all by himself.

Hellcarver Demon + Doomsday + Extra Combat Phases, Haste, Big beater, or Lich + Repay in Kind Combo =

  • Hellcarver demon is twice the fun when you've stacked the deck. Put the insta-kill Lich and Repay in Kind combo on top, or stack beaters like Archfiend of Despair, haste and extra combat spells to close out the game with a bloody splash.

Rakdos the Defiler + It That Betrays =

  • Get everything your opponents sacrifice. What's not to love?

Rakdos the Defiler + Savage Beating/World at War =

  • Rakdos hurts your board and destroys your lands, but make sure the opponents get it twice as bad with double strike. Extra combat phases ensure that your suicide missions ruin multiple opponent's days. Many decks fold to a single connection by Rakdos, but a double tap keeps them down.
No. Of course not. It's demon tribal. The deck isn't focused on cheating out eldrazi with Rakdos, Lord of Riots but instead on going down swinging, dragging the table to hell alongside us. Make enemies, ruin their day, or make some truly lopsided demonic deals. Sit in the corner with a Rakdos the Defiler nuke and punish those foolish enough to doubt our crazy.

Rather than building a linear path to victory, the deck limits tutors to on flavor tutors (or potentially suicidal options like Demonic Consultation). The philosophy of the deck is that every single draw should have the potential to add a twist or throw a wrench in a plan. Every draw should be an exciting spin of the rakdos roulette. The deck is rather light on removal, which was a personal choice to force the mindset into aggressive swings with Rakdos the Defiler. Go big or go home with the demon. Reading an opponent's body language and guessing what's in their hand becomes life or death when risking half our boardstate with a swing. Guess correctly and tear an opponent's game plan and board state to tatters.


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