Dire!Vae deck, with some emphasis on creatures.

Opening hands: +2 lands and at least 1 sac fodder/sac fodder enabler (Mana Vault, Awakening Zone, Ramunap Excavator etc.).

Use ramp and haste so that you don't have to wait until T7 to attack with Vae. Dockside Extortionist, Grim Monolith, & Mana Vault are basically rituals that you can feed to Vae after you've cast him. Rocks stolen with Treasure Nabber can be used for the same purpose, as can Heartless Summoning if the -1/-1 is getting you down.

Have tried to keep the average MV from becoming too uncastable. The MV 0-2 cards are fairly high-impact, so that when you bring them in with Vae, they don't feel like too much of a whiff either.

Note that when an Aura is put onto the battlefield without being cast, it doesn't target, so you're free to e.g. put a revealed Rancor on Vae even if he's wearing Lightning Greaves.

Slight trick: You can activate Chainer's ability, sac him with Vae, then cast him from the graveyard with his own ability.

Wincons are Primal Surge, endless combat steps, and commander damage.

Inspired by Baevictis & Friends, do check it out.


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