Orcish Lumberjack

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Format Legality
1v1 Commander Legal
Canadian Highlander Legal
Casual Legal
Commander / EDH Legal
Commander: Rule 0 Legal
Custom Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Highlander Legal
Legacy Legal
Leviathan Legal
Limited Legal
Oathbreaker Legal
Pauper Legal
Pauper Duel Commander Legal
Pauper EDH Legal
Premodern Legal
Tiny Leaders Legal
Vintage Legal

Orcish Lumberjack

Creature — Orc

, Sacrifice a Forest: Add three mana in any combination of and/or to your mana pool.

Stardragon on Card creation challenge

3 weeks ago



Destroy all forests on the battlefield gain for each forest destroyed if X is 8 or more add two mana of any color combination for each forest destroyed

Bringing back old land hoses like Acid Rain or Boil. Plus took some inspiration from Orcish Lumberjack (which I'm sad he's not in plaid)

Create a legendary a card based off the last villain you watched or beaten

Squee_Spirit_Guide on Pre-Y2K Panic Button

5 months ago

Thanks for the comment and the upvote DreadKhan! Orcish Lumberjack is a great suggestion. I actually had it in the original version. I loved how quickly you could ramp with it and Tinder Wall.

Weirdly, I mostly used it to cast Jokulhaups, but you're absolutely right that it has the ability to help get Lhurgoyf out in a hurry after wiping the board. Needing it to be in play for a turn before I cast Jokulhaups is a little scary because people will know I'm up to something, but I'm definitely going to test it out again and see how it fits in this version. I think the mana base will support it since I don't typically have trouble getting the for Jokulhaups.

Thanks for your thoughts! I appreciate it!

DreadKhan on Pre-Y2K Panic Button

5 months ago

I feel like it'd be pretty sweet if you could get Orcish Lumberjack in here, but I'm not sure how consistently you could cast it. Not sure if you really want to 'rush' to cast your Jokulhaups, but this would help wipe with mana up to cast a Lhurgoyf, which is what the deck wants to be doing.

wolfhead on Commander without the Legendary Rule

8 months ago

Drogskol Reaver for sure

Monastery Mentor if they had partner

Mantis Rider for fun.

Orcish Lumberjack for even more fun.

If there's already strict upgrades actually out there then I'll just claim it's for nostalgia's sake,

But also let me know what they are haha

PlupFan on Omnath, Very Upset Locus (2021)

1 year ago

rwn1971 They are both interesting cards. Orcish Lumberjack is cool, he seems like he can ramp Omnath out quickly. I probably wouldn’t run him just because he seems like he can be a bit of a nonbo with a bunch of the cards I love, like Field of the Dead, Scapeshift and Scute Swarm. My playgroup runs a lot of removal, and if someone removes him, you will have put yourself in a bit of a hole. If you run him, you have to be reaaally careful.

Lotus Field Goes well with stuff like Titania, but is a bit on the slow side. Also, a single bit of land destruction would really mess you up.

I haven’t tried these cards out, but best of luck if you decide to! These are just my opinions

lagotripha on 8-Hack

1 year ago

This is an interesting idea. Wild Cantor type lists are always kinda cool, the question is what makes them tick. This one really wants to infernal plunge to 8 mana.

Going into Red / Black for Pentad Prism, Culling the Weak and Burnt Offering would be my take. Another option would be green for Orcish Lumberjack & Tinder Wall. There are a bunch of cards that let you cheat mana for one turn, but those sets are the closest to the rest of this build.

I think I'd just go 3/3 on crusher/devastator to increase reliability. I'd also give a little thought to It of the Horrid Swarm (though emerge is a neat mechanic that I'd want to check the cathodion ruling on).

GrimlockVIII on Dream Tribal Commanders

1 year ago

Oh wait shit legendofa already beat me to the punch.

@seshiro_of_orochi I was actually trying to cobble together an Orc tribal deck a few weeks ago, but it mainly consisted of me just shoving all the good orcs and some ogres together into Dune colors cuz I really wanted to use Orcish Lumberjack and Ruric Thar, the Unbowed . Ended up giving up halfway through because I legit had no idea what I was doing and I felt like I was going nowhere with it.

But, like, if there was going to be an Orc Commander, I was thinking Wizards could maybe base him around equipment or vehicles, but more specifically making explicitly shitty equipment and vehicles a million times better, but only when orcs are wielding them. Like, vehicles and equipment could get extra key words and abilities depending on what kind of orc is piloting said vehicle while the hypothetical orc commander is in play.

I based this idea on how orks from the Warhammer 40k universe make their vehicles and weapons work through sheer psychic willpower alone. I just find the concept of painting a tank red to make it go faster pretty funny, and I think translating that into a commander mechanic would give the orc tribe something unique and flavorful.

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