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Vaevictis Asmadi, the Dire

Commander / EDH* BRG (Jund) Multiplayer



Fell for this fun dragon when it was spoiled and went Timmy with a side of Johnny on him.

General idea

  • Only permanents for 100% synergy with commander
  • Benefit from attacking, sacrificing and topdeck shenanigans
  • Provide a fun game for myself and my casual meta, not being too oppresive

Unexpectedly well performing cards

  • Aspect of Mongoose : Consistently provides value as both protection and sac fodder
  • Garna, the Bloodflame : This was a surprise to me, but Garna has performed really well. I've flashed her in multiple times at the end of an opponents end step just to be a haste enabler for huge attacks on my turn. I've once made sure she's on top of the library and sacced a creature to Vaevictis for the value of getting it back with Garna
  • Arlinn Kord  Flip: Protects herself with both directly available abilities, where one is a haste enabler which lets the attacker stay untapped with vigilance and the other doubles as sac fodder
  • Maze of Ith : Can be used not only to protect oneself from attackers but also protect Vaevictis from attacking into sudden dangerous blockers or untap a creature for semi-vigilance
  • Oath of Druids : I've had so many fun games with this card; I play to have fun so it's definitely a winner in my book
  • Dragon Breath : Absolute beast of utility for this deck! It's a cheap haste enabler, it recurs itself for free (it can even put itself on my opponents creatures and be sacrificed by Vaevictis when choosing a card I control!) (which makes it a perfect sacrifice fodder!) and as a cherry on top it is even able to pump


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