Prismatic Omen

Prismatic Omen


Lands you control are every basic land type in addition to their other types.

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Prismatic Omen Discussion

drwombat on My edh dragon deck

1 week ago

I have a dragon deck I love tweaking. I may use your ideas of Monastery Siege and Prismatic Omen for mine. Great stuff.

I will say for a commander deck you may want to think bigger - Burst Lightning and Lightning Bolt are very limited removals for a big game. And I say that where Lightning Bolt was one of my favorite cards for a long time when I first started playing - but so much has changed since Lightning Bolt was the go-to burn spell. You won't hurt a player in edh with 3 damage. And you won't be able to kill most creatures. Maybe look at things like Putrefy or Hero's Downfall that, while CMC cost is 3, offer you much better value in effect.

Meanwhile, check out my dragons - appreciate any thoughts you might have: Ramos's Dragon Horde

Unlife on Jund Dwarven mining company

2 weeks ago

If your already running Scapeshift, I'd recommend Valakut, the Molten Pinnacle and Prismatic Omen/Dryad of the Ilysian Grove as a backup wincon

KingZukk on Win with the RAINBOW!!!

1 month ago

How about some Prismatic Omens?

NV_1980 on Jodah Cascades

3 months ago

Hi m8,

I've play-tested this a few times and its main problems is its speed. In seven out of ten games, I could not do anything useful until turn 5. To improve on this, I would definitely include Chromatic Lantern, for similar reasons you've already included Prismatic Omen and Dryad of the Ilysian Grove. Also, I would replace some of the cards in your deck with some more ramp spells or land-fetching of whatever sort. Some more opportunities for card-advantage would also really help out. I'm thinking Phyrexian Arena, Rhystic Study or something similar.

I should also point out that Jodah is instrumental in your strategy (at least in the early-mid game, until you have something on the board that allows you to cascade for free), but you've not included any protection for him. In my play-group, this guy is a primary target as soon as he hits the battlefield. So stuff like Lightning Greaves, Swiftfoot Boots, Mother of Runes or other cheap stuff like it would be highly recommended too.

Hope the deck works out for you.

Kind regards,


Polaris on Does Pact of Negation / …

4 months ago

Pact of Negation, Sudden Substitution

Yes, this works. It's evil, but it works. Pact of Negation sets up a delayed triggered ability when it resolves, so if it resolves under another player's control they'll have to pay the cost.

However, there are a few ways around it. Once upon a time this would be a guaranteed kill on a player that didn't have blue (assuming Pact resolves, of course), but under current Commander rules, lands or creatures that can tap for mana of "any color" (i.e. Archway Commons), Treasure tokens, an effect that gives lands all types like Prismatic Omen, or an effect like Chromatic Orrery will let them pay the in the cost.

nbarry223 on Darude - Landstorm (Turn 2 Win)

4 months ago

I mean if you want a land based wincon, the closest thing I can think of is The World Tree + Maskwood Nexus, but that would require adding in an artifact that doesn't do too much for you otherwise.

Alternatively, I guess you could do the overdone Valakut, the Molten Pinnacle route with some unassuming cards like Dryad of the Ilysian Grove or Prismatic Omen. Dryad of the Ilysian Grove actually ramps you, so that's probably one of the better options.

Unlife on The King of Wakanda [CENTURION]

7 months ago

I think the biggest thing to consider with a Lord Windgrace deck is that he, primarily noting from my own experience, is best as a midrange deck. Taking the first few turns to just ramp and get supports in place so that you can use him to start filtering your deck to find a wincon. To keep it under budget? A lot of changes you can do, start by replacing the fetches with cheaper alternatives, things like Evolving Wilds and Jund Panorama so you get landfall triggers. You'll probably have a lot more basic lands, so things like Cultivate , Kodama's Reach , and Boundless Realms can all help. A general wincon could be Scapeshift , Valakut, the Molten Pinnacle and Dryad of the Ilysian Grove / Prismatic Omen . You generate a ton of mana usually, so pairing something like Zendikar Resurgent with a life drain effect such as Exsanguinate / Torment of Hailfire could also work. If you want to keep yourself safe early on, bump up the number of removal/board wipes to 10-12, they will generally be a bit cheaper in terms of $$ and you can use them in between ramping. I'll link my own Lord Windgrace deck below. It was build over a few years and is pretty expensive, but I usually have good sucess with it, and hopefully you can pull out some ideas.

Lord Windgrace EDH Lands

Commander / EDH Unlife


Good luck, I hope this helps.

BrassLord on Wooly zoo

9 months ago

Looks like an upgraded pauper land type matters deck! Prismatic Omen , Lush Growth , and Nylea's Presence all have synergy with your lands matter creatures!

I've seen Loxodon Smiter put in a lot of work, even if you put it in from the sideboard in some control matchups.

Not sure what your budget is, but Knight of the Reliquary is another decent card gets bigger overtime as well as fetching any needed land types.

While not modern legal Green Sun's Zenith is a staple in a lot of legacy naya deck, enabling you to fetch a Dryad Arbor from your deck for 0.

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