Awakening Zone

Awakening Zone


At the beginning of your upkeep, you may create a 0/1 colourless Eldrazi Spawn creature token. It has "Sacrifice this: Add "

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Awakening Zone Discussion

dqcoulter on Custom Commander: Atlask, Morass Shaman

2 months ago

I really like the deck and commander, and you made some cool cards. However, I would recommend adding cards such as Life from the Loam, Gitfrog and Dakmor Salvage (already recommended). I also feel that Sowing Rites is far too weak, it is more expensive and does less than cards like Awakening Zone and Scute Swarm. I understand it has synergy with the deck, but since it is a custom card I would recommend buffing it to make it playable, whether that be buffing the mana cost, removing the land drop restriction, or making it a landfall trigger. I would compare it to Felidar Retreat as a similar card. Ayula's Influence wouldn't be too bad either, but I'm not sure if it's what you're looking for. As for lands that synergize themselves, fetches like Verdant Catacombs would work great, as well as the new Neon Dynasty channel lands such as Boseiju, Who Endures and Takenuma, Abandoned Mire. Overall seems like a very fun deck idea, and the custom cards are balanced.

golgarigirl on Praise the Shrine [Go-Shintai, Go!] [WIP]

2 months ago

Making those last 10 or so cuts are always the worst XD

Starfield of Nyx is tricky. The recursion is powerful, but turning your enchants into creatures makes them extra vulnerable to enemy removal. I am used to working around it in my enchantment deck, but I have also accidentally blown up all my own lands with it, so there's that...

Awakening Zone doesn't make enchantments, and colorless mana isn't that helpful in this deck, I feel. The problem will be all the colors.

Bronzehide Lion needing to die, then need mana to activate makes it a weak link to me...

Most of the other cuts I'd make are further personal preference and are a concession to not playing the don't feel strange about testing it out even with a few extra cards (play group willing) to get a real feel of what cards don't perform well.

LB0818 on Attackarmonicon! (Wulfgar - Annihilator)

2 months ago

Added Aggravated Assault removed Awakening Zone. Felt that this ramp was too slow, and deck really needed the other card.

Balaam__ on Balaam__

3 months ago

Chasmolinker I had a question about your latest Jund deck for modern. I’m just going to assume you’re correct in what I’m about to ask, so I guess I’m just looking for an explanation.

You mention that Atog can use the help provided by Awakening Zone, but atog specifies that it must be an artifact that’s sacrificed to pump it. Awakening zone just makes colorless Eldrazi tokens (the card itself doesn’t specify they count as artifacts). Is this a gap in my knowledge of the game rules? Are all colorless creatures or tokens considered artifacts, or am I missing something else here? Honest question; like I said my knowledge of the finer intricacies of the game isn’t all that great so there’s a big chance I’m unclear on something. In any case the deck looks great, well done.

Xenaphix02 on Need some cuts from the …

5 months ago

Awakening Zone isn't really doing anything here. I think you can safely cut Grave Titan, Dragonlair Spider, Solemn Simulacrum, Mazirek, and probably Mayhem Devil as well. You are only going to be sacrificing one thing at a time, so running sac synergies is pretty meh. also, Treacherous Blessing will always lose you the game if you resolve a Primal Surge. The triggers caused by Primal Surge only resolve after the spell resolves, so it will always force you to draw 3 after you've already emptied your library.

For additions, I think Urabrask the Hidden will help you stay ahead on your aggro since he'll force your opponents creatures to come in tapped, that way you don't give them free block with Vaevictis. You might also want Lightning Greaves and/or Swiftfoot Boots since your whole strategy relies on your commander.

GrimlockVIII on Need help finding a focus …

6 months ago

I feel like Junk Winder is very underrated as a card that can easily have a whole deck built around him. I want to keep things budget friendly, though Im not sure which specific direction to take him.

I was thinking of taking advantage of Hero of Precinct One since he's potentially an efficient token maker depending on how I build the deck. I can combine him with Saheeli, Sublime Artificer to potentially generate a lot of tokens, allowing me to summon the Winder fairly quickly and start tapping down permanents.

If I want to focus on an artifact sub-theme, I can instead use Trail of Evidence with Saheeli instead.

There's also Young Pyromancer plus Trail of Evidence for a spell slinger sub-theme. I would use Poppet Stitcher  Flip in place of Trail of Evidence, but, again, I want to keep things budget friendly.

There's also the potential to use static or landfall-based token generators like From Beyond, Awakening Zone, and Rampaging Baloths, but I feel like this route would either be too slow or would function better without Junk Winder taking up deck space.

I would like to keep the deck from needing more than two colors since anything more would be a nightmare for the mana base price-wise.

Eldrazi_Nugget on

8 months ago

Why Paradox Haze? Unless I'm missing something, it only effects 2 cards, Awakening Zone and Eldrazi Monument. And since you're only running 1 of each, (one synergizing well and one not so much) isn't it a dead draw most of the time?

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