Greenweaver Druid

Greenweaver Druid

Creature — Elf Druid

: Add to your mana pool.

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Greenweaver Druid Discussion

Grind on Salty Maxter Gruul TrollScepter

6 months ago

Fun deck!!!
Your combo is cool but very unlikely. You would want to add a few ways to tutor up the artifacts to get better consistency.
Hoarding Dragon , Kuldotha Forgemaster , Inventors' Fair and Gamble could help.
Shared Summons could get forgemaster and toymaker. Crop Rotation can get inventor's fair.
Also you might consider a few more instants to make scepter more useful if he doesnt happen in to vitalize. Ancient Grudge and Fog seem good.
Also you may want more mana dorks to enable the combo with vitalize scepter. Palladium Myr works as would Fyndhorn Elder , Greenweaver Druid , Nantuko Elder , Whisperer of the Wilds , these are also decent ramp cards in general.

ZugzwangKG on Ghalta, Primal God of Elves

1 year ago

Have you considered replacing the Greenweaver Druid with Llanowar Tribe?


  1. They have the same CMC (3)

  2. GD cost 2G, but LT is GGG, so it gives you +2 green devotion

  3. GD taps for GG, but LT taps for GGG

  4. GD is 1/1, but LT is 3/3 which gives you +2 power for Ghalta's cost reduction

  5. Since LT is literally 3 Llanowar Elves stapled together, the artwork is 3 historic artworks of Llanowar Elves standing side by side


  1. GD cost $0.13, but LT cost $0.51

Inkmoth on Nylea, Shoot for the Stars (cEDH)

1 year ago

GrizzlyAtom: Just wanted to say that I absolutely loved the list! Safe to say you hit the nail on the head on almost all of your choices. However, I do highly recommend you make a couple of changes for the general consistency of the deck.

These won't be direct swaps to the cuts and more of a series of cards that you should highly consider as I don't want to cramp your style.

I hope this helps, I love the deck, will be keeping up with it. Final recommendation would be to use a similar categorization that I used in Yeva for your list as it helps you visualize your deck based off function and see where it is lacking.

Girafferage on Omnath Elves copy

1 year ago

Omnath as main damage outlet (Go Tall)

Elf synergy as secondary source of damage (Go Wide)

Protection for both commander and high value Elves

Win Condition enablers

bryanedds on Double Dragon

1 year ago

Replace Greenweaver Druid with Argothian Elder . It's better mana and can create inf. mana with Wirewood Lodge .

lamocomp1 on Dusk's Maelstrom Wanderer

2 years ago

You play green, man!

Leave all this silly fixing with lands to colors that don't know how to ramp and color fix.



Kodama's Reach

Nature's Lore


If you are willing to spend a bit and don't mind to play creature ramp:

Greenweaver Druid

Rattleclaw Mystic

Shaman of Forgotten Ways

Somberwald Sage

Sylvan Caryatid

Also, there are better cheap alternatives to some cards. Jace's Ingenuity -> Urban Evolution Cathartic Reunion -> any blue draw spell

Counterspells are bad in maelstrom. You never want to see them from cascade, its the worst. Or at least play counterspells with some alternative upside. Also, 4 mana counters mostly suck.

Cut Overwhelming Denial Cancel Dispel

Add Mystic Confluence Swan Song Stubborn Denial

Also, some cards are mostly useless

Gaea's Blessing

The Unspeakable

Zo-Zu the Punisher (good card, wrong deck)

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