Empowered Autogenerator

Empowered Autogenerator


Empowered Autogenerator enters the battlefield tapped.

: Put a charge counter on Empowered Autogenerator. Gain X mana of any one colour, where X is the number of charge counters on Empowered Autogenerator.

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Empowered Autogenerator Discussion

TypicalTimmy on Criminally Underplayed EDH Gems

4 months ago

A lot of players dislike Sunbird's Invocation because of the fear of wheeling into nothing. For example, you play a Sol Ring. What are the chances your top card has MV 1 or less? Likely quite small. So it feels like it's only meant for big plays, like +6mv. Well, it's not. If you construct a curve properly, you'd be shocked at just how often you find something you can use.

As for Empowered Autogenerator, many players dislike it as it enters tapped and requires multiple turns to "pay back" the mana investment. I wouldn't look at it that way. Consider this: Every time you use it, you net +1 additional mana from previous uses. If you have an opening hand and can play it on curve or even before with other ramp, by mid-game this artifact alone is playing your wincons and pays your full commander tax. It yields serious value. When you tap and add 7 mana, that's definitely nothing to scoff at. Even if you're only at 4 mana, that means you've also produced 3+2+1 or 6. Now you've made 6+4 or 10.

10 mana from one source is HUGE over the course of the game. Absolutely worth considering if you're already at cards with +4MV.

TypicalTimmy on Why Do Some Players Dislike …

4 months ago

Empowered Autogenerator is one of my personal favorites.

KayneMarco on All Hail Zaxara!

8 months ago

Have got some cards ideas to think about possibly adding to your list

Another thing to consider is replacing your counterspells and creature removal with X drop versions for producing more hydra tokens.

arma_gedon on

1 year ago

i like the deck but you have all this artifact untap but no Empowered Autogenerator . i think you could swap it for overflowing chalice. but the deck looks quite good and cheap too.

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