My paper Mono-White board wipe deck, prepare to destroy everything!

The plan is to play Avacyn early, nuke the board, watch your opponents suffer, then win. Typical Avacyn stuff, right?

Well, even with all the protection I have in the deck, it isn't perfect (yet), so if that fails - this deck has a little backup plan: The 5 legal Eldrazi Titans

This deck makes a lot of mana and I mean... A LOT. Games with 20+ mana are not uncommon and since we are white we abide by the rules to hardcast our friends from the other side... if it comes to it. That mana is usually spent to remove all these filthy permantents on the field. Who needs permanents anyway?

You might like this deck if you like:

  • Destroying stuff. Seeing my opponents with no permanents always fills me with tranquility.

  • White as a color. Be a part of the gang - trust me we are no fanatics.

  • Winning (with Mono-White!). It's not a competitive deck, but can hold it's own even in high power metas.

  • Seeing best girl Avacyn in the Command Zone.

You might not like this deck if you don't like:

  • Non-Budget decks. It's... not cheap.

  • Mass Land Destruction (WTF are you even doing here then?)

  • Repetetive games. Unless I am forced to use Plan E for Eldrazi... I'm always going for Plan A for Armageddon.


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