Child of Alara

Child of Alara

Legendary Creature — Avatar


When Child of Alara dies, destroy all nonland permanents. They can't be regenerated.

Child of Alara Discussion

King_marchesa on Deck concept: indestructible

1 week ago

God tribal with Child of Alara at the helm?

Rzepkanut on Bro, could you not?

2 weeks ago

You actually don't need to reanimate Child of Alara anymore. They changed the way death triggers work for commanders a little while you can have it just go to the command Zone and still get the death trigger.

EleshNornsFs on Fixing White in EDH

3 weeks ago

I had a Child of Alara deck that used reanimation to repeatedly boardwipe before the death trigger change. As it turns out, boardwiping at least once a turn breaks the social contract or something.

Stardragon on Avatar Commander? 5 color

1 month ago

So im make an avatar tribal deck was wondering if i should go good old Progenitus or should i go Child of Alara, since Karona, False God is a unfaithful slut that never stands by your side (and is kinda bad unless you build around her) and both Scion of the Ur-Dragon and The Ur-Dragon care only about dragons and Niv-Mizzet Reborn cares about non-mono colors and 90ish% of avatars are mono colored

Monomanamaniac on New commander rules makes my …

2 months ago

EleshNornsFs that's funny because the change was supposed to help cards like Child of Alara be useful. That would be a headache because of you were in a strong position with it in play you could choose not to blow up the battlefield when it died, but now that choice is gone. FSims81 there are a few commanders that come stock with indestructible, mostly gods or Avacyn, Angel of Hope or playing voltron with Hammer of Nazahn, but it's still not full proof enough to justify running Avarice Amulet for most of them. The theros gods aren't creatures all the time and an effect like Toxic Deluge can still kill them pretty easily

EleshNornsFs on New commander rules makes my …

2 months ago

That became the problem with my Child of Alara reanimator deck. I could sacrifice or kill it to the engine and choose whether or not to board wipe. Opponents would never know if I was going to wipe or just put it in the command zone. Now, I don't have the choice, so I just converted the deck to Meren.

EleshNornsFs on None

2 months ago

Child of Alara gives you access to all 5 colors and can be an emergency board wipe as well as a face-beater. I love using board wipes in super friend due to the fact that emblems are untouchable and having the mono-blue Tamiyo emblem let's you recast your walkers. I like to combine that emblem with any walker that has a potent minus ability (non-ultimate), for example, casting Liliana Vess and using the tutor a few times, killing her and then recasting her.

DeinoStinkus on OddBalls Challenge

3 months ago

Mardu Ramp OddBalls challenge!

Now do a monocolored commander deck with a WUBRG identity commander (e.g. mono-black Child of Alara)

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