Declaration in Stone


Format Legality
Modern Legal
Legacy Legal
Vintage Legal
Commander / EDH Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Tiny Leaders Legal
Standard Legal
Frontier Legal

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Set Rarity
Shadows over Innistrad Rare

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Declaration in Stone


Exile target creature and all other creatures its controller controls with the same name as that creature. That player investigates for each nontoken creature exiled this way.

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Declaration in Stone Discussion

Snydog17 on Death and taxes

1 hour ago

Declaration in Stone is strictly better than Blessed Alliance and Immolating Glare, and work to trigger the Strangler. Would having Authority of the Consuls mainboard be a better choice than Thraben Inspector? How essential is the card draw?

Indexxical on Selesbians

10 hours ago

Thanks for the support Pinkie_Satanas it means a lot! It's funny you mention that because this deck does really well against many things, but planeswalkers tend to be a chore for our girls.

Sadly green and white don't have a lot of things to deal with them directly, so we look towards our removal spells like Declaration in Stone, Stasis Snare and Fumigate to eliminate blockers and hit them with our creatures. If I had a way to add trample in here, I totally would, but for now, the only answer I have is to use our sideboard removal to kill the blockers as best you can.

(If you do like the idea of using trample or flying, try Sigarda, Heron's Grace or Maulfist Revolutionary) :D

Indexxical on Selesbians

1 day ago

Thanks for taking the time out to look at the deck! I'm a bit confused though, when you combine side board in looking at our decks side-by-side, we use about the same amount of removal. Only real difference is that I run +2 Fumigate whereas you run +2 extra Declaration in Stone. Should I not run Fumigate?

Anyhoo, I remember back when you were running a clues deck I really liked! I think I +1'd it. Still looks good to me, but I think you could use a Thalia, Heretic Cathar in there; I didn't see her anywhere. Thanks again Ghosty!

BubbleMatrix2357 on I'm Bringing Allies Back, Yeah!

1 day ago

Wyrmweird, yeah I would definitely side in the Fumigate and Fatal Push/Declaration in Stone against an aggro deck. Those plus the 3 Yahenni's Expertise in the main board would definitely help a lot against aggro, and that's what the SB is for ;) My one play against control is that, if my creatures get countered, I have 4 March from the Tomb. Of course, those could be countered, but they can't counter everything. Thanks!

Logics on Boros Aggro Deck

1 day ago

If you want to play angels as a casual deck, I would suggest you play more interaction, as well as some ramp, and less creatures. Mind Stone and Boros Signet will help you get ahead on mana, and be able to drop the cards earlier. I would probably play 4 of each. I would also play 23 lands in the deck, a deck like this cares less about untapped lands, so cards like Wind-Scarred Crag and Temple of Triumph would be useful in the deck.

Then I would add in some good removal. Cards like Mizzium Mortars, Chained to the Rocks, Declaration in Stone, Journey to Nowhere, Incinerate or Aurelia's Fury are all great in a more casual deck. Once you have about I would probably do something like 4 Incinerate, 2 Aurelia's Fury, 3 Mizzium Mortars, 3 Journey to Nowhere, and 1 Chained to the Rocks.

This leaves you about 16 slots for any creatures you want. Of course, you could probably also trim a mana rock and maybe 2 removal spells if you want more room.

Hope this helps, also if you make a new deck, put a comment with my name in it so I can take a look :)

MidnightTrain on Fury of the Angels

4 days ago

And since you've already got shock and lightning, I'd swap Fiery temper for Declaration in Stone

Really like the looks of this deck, though :)

Panzerforge on Marionette Master Infinite Kill (KLD Standard)

4 days ago

Look out for those exile cards like Void Shatter and Declaration in Stone! (Even Lost Legacy would be nasty if they hit your Marionettes.)

I like the build though, and it must be awesome to get all the pieces together.

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