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Tazri's Allied Goon Squad (Budget Ally Tribal)

Commander / EDH Aggro Allies Budget Casual Five Color Tribal



Version 1.2 - - - 4/23/20

Attempt at budget five-color Ally tribal. Definitely an aggro deck with creatures turning sideways. I want the creature count high since it seems like the best way to actually trigger Ally ETBs (as well as thing like Lurking Predators and Icon of Ancestry. Blinking is nice, and I have some effects that do it, but I don't know if all blinking cards are better than another Ally.

I didn't include Conspiracy, Xenograft, or Arcane Adaptation because they'll only work with Turntimber Ranger and I don't want to include a bunch of non-allies and hope I draw one of the those enchantments. Besides, I don't love combo-ing out.

I have a ton of ramp and mana-fixing since it's a budget land-base. Also, 5 CMC generals have a tendency to get difficult to recast, so hopefully the extra ramp comes in handy. If I can get down the Sea Gate Loremaster it will be nice to have the extra mana too.

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Needs shadowed inner sleeves. Needs Elephant token

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