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Tazri's Allied Goon Squad (Budget Ally Tribal)

Commander / EDH Aggro Allies Budget Casual Five Color Tribal



Version 1.1 - - - 1/13/19

Attempt at budget five-color Ally tribal. Definitely an aggro deck with creatures turning sideways. I want the creature count high since it seems like the best way to actually trigger Ally ETBs. Blinking is nice, and I have some effects that do it, but I don't know if a blinking cards are better than another Ally.

I didn't include Conspiracy , Xenograft , or Arcane Adaptation because they'll only work with Turntimber Ranger and I don't want to include a bunch of non-allies and hope I draw one of the those enchantments. Besides, I don't love combo-ing out.

I have a ton of ramp and mana-fixing since it's a budget land-base. Also, 5 CMC generals have a tendency to get difficult to recast, so hopefully the extra ramp comes in handy. If I can get down the Sea Gate Loremaster it will be nice to have the extra mana too.

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Audited 5/26/18

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Updates Add

Added Kindred Summons and Lurking Predators , as I had them and this is my most creature-heavy deck that runs Green. Also, only tribal deck that runs Green (Fochlucan Lyrist -- (Yisan Elves) is tribal and runs green but I don't think it would make as good of use of these cards).

Deck is looking less and less budget now that I've physically built it but oh well--this is a personal deck so I'm not necessarily trying to stay under a budget for build reasons.


63% Casual

37% Competitive