Ephara, God of the Polis


Format Legality
Tiny Leaders Legal
Noble Legal
Leviathan Legal
Hero Legal
Magic Duels Legal
Heirloom Legal
Canadian Highlander Legal
Vintage Legal
Modern Legal
Custom Legal
MTGO Legal
Vanguard Legal
Legacy Legal
Archenemy Legal
Planechase Legal
1v1 Commander Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Oathbreaker Legal
Unformat Legal
Casual Legal
Commander / EDH Legal

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Set Rarity
Born of the Gods (BNG) Mythic Rare

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Ephara, God of the Polis

Legendary Enchantment Creature — God


As long as your devotion to white and blue is less than seven, Ephara isn't a creature.

At the beginning of each upkeep, if you had another creature enter the battlefield under your control last turn, draw a card.

Ephara, God of the Polis Discussion

Azeworai on Chulane, Teller of Tales

1 week ago

I'd recommend the addition of Fleetfoot Panther , Kor Skyfisher , Ephara, God of the Polis , Whitemane Lion , and/or Stonecloaker . Glimpse of Nature is banned. Glowrider is a cheaper Thorn of Amethyst for budget and drawing cards. Land-based ramp tends to be more defended against removal such as Vandalblast and Austere Command , so Kodama's Reach and Cultivate would be a worthy inclusion. Chulane himself is a massive target on board, so Soul of the Harvest and Primordial Sage are worthy backups. Rest in Peace could be replaced with Remorseful Cleric , but that's personal preference.

jconeil1988 on *Primer* Alela, Fast and Furious

2 weeks ago

What about Ephara, God of the Polis ? seems to be a decent body and card draw.

Would you mind taking a look at my deck? I've decided to take a different approach and could use thoughts and opinions. If it's not too much trouble that is, Alela, Tinker Faerie Extraordinaire.

jconeil1988 on Alela, Enchantress of the Fae

2 weeks ago

I think a card that alot of people are sleeping on in the Alela builds I've been checking out is Ephara, God of the Polis . Just bringing her out triggers Alela, with the amount of enchantments and artifacts Alela decks run, It is hard not to trigger Ephara, she's Indestructible, and often she will be a creature. Not quite sure what to replace it with in your build, maybe Cover of Darkness since your creatures will already have evasion in the form of Flying.

If you want to check out a take on Alela that seems to be different from the norm everyone is taking, I'd appreciate the look on my deck Alela, Tinker Faerie Extraordinaire. Still trying to work things out, and maybe you'd have some Ideas that could help shape it. :)

Zerraphon on The Jenara Effect

4 weeks ago

Bababad Thanks!! I really appreciate you taking the time to look at my list!! I have felt with my play through of this that I have felt like using Derevi, Empyrial Tactician but I feel that her popularity will get me hated out of the game out of principle! So that’s why I run jenara, though there have been some shitty cards that just seem VERY lackluster, Vanquisher's Banner Herald's Horn seem to be very good, but in practice aren't as good as you may think! I also think that I have a lot of ramp cards that I never really see,especially after having 10 whole dedicated ramp cards! And cards like Sephara, Sky's Blade seem kinda ‘win-more’ and the one time I had her out on the battlefield I had another angel that was an indestructible, and couldn’t black with sephara, so a lot of damage went through, so I think she’s a bust.

With learning how this original list works, I feel that I need to add some better and more value focused cards, such as Wood Elves , Sun Titan , Stonecloaker come to mind. And I’m actually going to add Mystic Confluence and the masterpiece Cryptic Command to the list here. I think cards like the elves and such will do me better than all the sorcery spells that I have currently. I also think I’m going to add in either Ephara, God of the Polis and/or Kruphix, God of Horizons / Karametra, God of Harvests as they might make a fit here. Most likely when my cards come in I’m going to swap the Vanquisher's Banner for Ephara, God of the Polis will do me much better than a +1/+1 effect.

Overall this deck needs a lot more fine-tuning and alterations before I’m turkey happy with it. As I feel I just added in too many lack-luster instants and sorcories and should put those slots for more impactful and long-term value/recursion engine(s). But once my new cards come in, I’ll defiantly update this list and see what you think!!

Bababad on Kruphix and the Value Town Toolbox (Pantry Raid)

1 month ago


I super appreciate that :)

we are gonna update our primer soon, getting our other decks on here and updated with primers first.

Restoration Angel , Ephara, God of the Polis , and Brago, King Eternal spring to mind...the deck would shift soo much if I had access to white...especially care package-wise( Return to Dust , Ojutai's Command possibly, Eerie Interlude most assuredly)

I dont have too much experience with etb angels, just whap/midrange angels (bruse/tymna). you cant go wrong by slapping a ton of mana rocks in and sneaking in Brago, King Eternal as an honorary angel and just keep dropping fun angels:p

NinetyFish on Heaven’s Wrath

1 month ago

Cool deck idea!

Ephara, God of the Polis could provide some card draw in the deck and synergize with the token generation to make sure you have a creature drop! Turn 3 Geist of Saint Traft into turn 4 Ephara, with an attack from Saint Traft to create an angel token and trigger Ephara (thus drawing a card on the next upkeep) sounds like a great way to start a game!

If you want more flying tokens, Emeria Angel has always been really effective for me too! She does work in my own white/blue tokens deck (mine is using Ephara as the commander).

ToxicTsunami on Kykar

2 months ago

ADD: Narset, Parter of Veils For your wheel theme Rout Cheap alternative to Cyclonic rift Sphinx's Revelation Card draw and life gain for your durdle needs Mana Geyser Big boi ramp Distant Melody Card draw naming spirits

CUTS: Diminishing Returns Clunky cost, it exiles ten cards from your library Spirit of the Labyrinth Its a Nuke on your hand too Ephara, God of the Polis You really dont have that many instant speed spell to completely utilize her ability Mind's Desire Seems like a pet card in a deck lacking any removal... Any of the ritual effects for the mana geyser Consider adding in more removal like Swords to Plowshares Path to Exile Generous Gift boardwipes, and other sweepers.

redace10 on A Lone Bird in a Raging Storm

2 months ago

Skullclamp draws cards hard in token decks, especially ones as stormy as this.

I would think that 2-drop mana rocks would be better than their 3-drop counterparts, like commander's sphere, if only because it ramps on curve correctly to Kykar for a turn 3 cast. Signets in particular are good for their mana filtering as well. You have a fair number of 0 cost artifacts, Mox Amber would fit nicely in that list.

I'm not sure I get what Dracogenius Niv-Miz brings to the table. I think an X-spell like Jaya's Immolating Inferno , Expansion / Explosion , or Sphinx's Revelation is more bang for the buck. If those aren't your style, Ephara, God of the Polis is a greatly undervalued draw engine, especially if you like doing things on other people's turns.

+1 for playing in a dreamy meta, and going heavy on haymakers in this build :)

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Ephara, God of the Polis occurrence in decks from the last year

Commander / EDH:

All decks: 0.01%