Blade of Selves

Blade of Selves

Artifact — Equipment

Equipped creature has myriad. (Whenever ts creature attacks, for each opponent other than defending player, you may put a token that's a copy of this creature onto the battlefield tapped and attacking that player or a planeswalker he or she controls. Exile the token at the end of combat.)


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Format Legality
1v1 Commander Legal
Canadian Highlander Legal
Commander / EDH Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Highlander Legal
Legacy Legal
Leviathan Legal
Limited Legal
Oathbreaker Legal
Tiny Leaders Legal
Vintage Legal
Casual Legal
Custom Legal
Quest Magic Legal

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Blade of Selves Discussion

Eltria on Yosei, the Morning Star

5 days ago

Nice deck. I think that cards that copy the commander would work well in this.

Cards like this may work best because they trigger the legendary rule:

when the copy enters, you immediatly sacrifice it for the legendary rule and trigger its ability. So with Blade of Selves you will get to trigger the commander's ability 2 times each time it attacks, while also tapping down blockers.

The issue with Helm of the Host is that it removes the legendary, so it wont immediatly trigger the commanders ability. Though, extra copies of the commander never hurts if you have the mana to equip the helm

iammute on Wulfgar edh

2 weeks ago

Blade of Selves is a great trigger to copy. Esika's Chariot is interesting too but could only copy Flamerush Rider or Goblin tokens at the moment.

Might be worth including Nylea, Keen-Eyed , Pathbreaker Ibex or Garruk's Uprising as extra ways to get through blockers.

Savage Ventmaw, Radha and Druid’s Repository can go infinite with Aggravated Assault or Hellkite Charger if you’re in to combos

iammute on Wulfgar Attack-harmonicon

2 weeks ago

Blade of Selves and Savage Ventmaw are great triggers to double

LordVonChimp on Champion of Lambholt token interaction

2 weeks ago

Thanks guys, it's the Esix, Fractal Bloom way of things. Also looking at Champion of Lambholt as a target for Blade of Selves , just needed to be sure this was exactly how it works, hoping to pull it off with Doubling Season on the board at some point for added unblockable stupidity!

Guerric on Chatterfang

2 months ago

Yesterday is correct. They key thing he mentioned is that the token creating ability is a replacement effect. Essentially, that means if Blade of Selves would create the tokens, which in this case it is, it adds to tokens to the mix. Once the tokens resolve together there are no more tokens that would be created, and so the token abilities never resolve. Also, even if you had an instant speed ability to make another token of some kind to put on the stack, it would never have a chance to take advantage of the tokens' token creating ability because they would need to be sacrificed as a state-based action, which doesn't use the stack.

Yesterday on Chatterfang

2 months ago

All the token are created at the same time. The replacement effect of the new Chatterfang tokens doesn't apply to the rest of the tokens being created in the same batch.

You'll create 4 tokens total; 2 Chatterfangs and 2 1/1 Squirrels. Each of the regular Squirrel tokens will be respectively attacking one of your opponents alongside the Chatterfang tokens, because they were also created by the Blade of Selves ability.

And then as you said, you'll have to move all but one of the Chatterfangs to the graveyard as a state-based action before anything else progresses.

proterran98 on Chatterfang

2 months ago

It’s EDH and I have 3 other opponents. I have Chatterfang, Squirrel General equipped with Blade of Selves and I attack. Do I get two 1/1 squirrels or do the other chatterfangs double it (so 8?) before I choose the token copys of chatterfang to be sacrificed?

What happens when I attack with the blade equipped.

proterran98 on None

2 months ago

I have Chatterfang, Squirrel General equipped with Blade of Selves and I attack. Do I get two 1/1 squirrels or do the other chatterfang double it (so 8?) before I choose the token copy of chatterfang to be sacrificed?

What happens when I attack with the blade.

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