Malakir Rebirth


Malakir Mire

Malakir Rebirth


Choose target creature. You lose 2 life. Until end of turn, that creature gains "When this creature dies (is put into the graveyard from the battlefield), return it to the battlefield tapped under its owner's control."

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Malakir Rebirth Discussion

Omniscience_is_life on Bubonic Rat Epidemic

1 month ago

Exiling can be prevented by hexproof, as long as the exiling effect is targeting :/

Desert is not legal in Pioneer, so I would suggest a Malakir Rebirth  Flip in its spot. If you're intent on a land that kills stuff, maybe a Sunscorched Desert?

I'm wondering if replacing Sign in Blood for a permanent that draws cards is worth it--do you think being able to recast a Golden Egg or Spare Supplies or something is good enough?

Hav0cD3m0n on Toshiro Umezawa, Death-slinger

1 month ago

Sorry, some of the cards won't be so budget. But they could help you a lot I think.

Gisa, Glorious Resurrector, Chainer, Dementia Master and Grave Betrayal for mass reanimation.

Army of the Damned, Rise of the Dread Marn, Exsanguinate and Torment of Hailfire are good wincons.

Hellish Rebuke can really hurt the token or aggro deck

Nighthowler can make your commander lethal.

Malakir Rebirth  Flip is just great protection and can be a land if you need it.

BrassLord on Mono Black Devotion

2 months ago

Love it when Gary gets some time in the spotlight! Malakir Rebirth  Flip and any similar effects pair really well with your ETBs. Fiend Artisan could give you more access to your toolbox of creatures as well as continuing to contribute to your devotion. A few copies of Lashwrithe or Nightmare Lash might also do you some good, pairs really well with your lifelink bodies, as they offset the equip cost!

In the current state, the deck feels a little removal light, though I don't have a whole lot of experience playing with Dictate type effects. If you're looking for something a little spicy, Skull Collector is an interesting card from Kamigawa. It's a decent resilient beater with regeneration, and it enables some fun ETB interactions with cards like Chittering Rats. Granted, you're deck looks more like a beat down sort of strat, but it's some food for thought!

BrassLord on Necromancy

2 months ago

As for suggestions... Malakir Rebirth  Flip, Undying Evil, Supernatural Stamina, Abnormal Endurance, and Feign Death are all ways to double down on ETB triggers or responding to opponents removal, allowing you even more venture!

Giving your commander evasion can also come in handy! Things like Hot Soup, Trailblazer's Boots and the like will help give you consistent adventuring!

Some weird low cmc cards that I think you'd like are Kami of False Hope and Gift of Immortality. Alone, Kami is like a spore frog, and has saved my butt more times than I can count. Gift of Immortality is just that, it makes it so your opponents effectively need to kill your creature twice. When paired together or with your commander, the Kami puts a soft lock on combat damage, allowing you to continue to grind out the game for advantage!

Gravebreaker Lamia and Silversmote Ghoul also form a neat little engine when paired together, also helps set up your graveyard! Speaking of grind Desecrated Tomb can easily turn into a win condition if your commander goes online early!

Daxos, Blessed by the Sun is a decent life gaining trigger that fits with your theme! Bounty Agent is a repeatable commander destruction card! Alseid of Life's Bounty and Selfless Savior are both cheap cmc guys that can give your commander protection and you can still fetch them from the grave!

The deck does look a bit light on removal or interaction, so I'd recommend adding any plethora of options for creature removal in black and white!

All in all though, play with the cards you have! Have fun refining the deck, and don't be afraid to lose! It helps you see what your decks strengths and shortcomings are, and you're able to make changes! Hope these recommendations give you some ideas to work with! May your she dwarf beard grow ever long!

Valengeta on Scorched Earth

3 months ago

Thank you, glad you like it!

Malakir Rebirth  Flip is nice but I don't think it triumphs over Supernatural Stamina in this deck, because it saves me two life (I'm not playing Death's Shadow so no sense losing life when I can avoid it), it contributes to attack power and, although the Land is a nice option (tho it enters tapped), this deck doesn't need much mana to work

Pillage is versatile and I just might include it on the sideboard. Blood Moon is a tried and true Land killer, although it might backfire because I also have a lot of non-basics. Still, a copy on the sideboard can't hurt that much

wallisface on Scorched Earth

3 months ago

Nice build! Some thoughts:

Holmhollow on STONEQUILL // Solitary Scribbler

3 months ago

Hey zapyourtumor, thanks so much for the detailed look! The deck is definitely still in the first iterations, so all these comments are super useful.

Sejiri Shelter  Flip has been pretty good to me, but I did shave one off to the side because of that exact reason (ETB tapped land). The most useful thing about the MDFC's is that they can be pitched to the Incarnations, but Malakir Rebirth  Flip is clearly superior for this deck. Protecting a Germ from an Archmage's Charm or giving Kaldra pseudo-unblockable has definitely saved my bacon a few times, though.

I generally stick to 2 max of a legendary creature in any given deck, but being able to pitch extra copies of Mavinda, Students' Advocate to Solitude makes it not nearly as bad to draw multiples. She's definitely a card I want to see every game and I've found 2 to be a little to infrequent to draw them consistently. Her being a flyer also makes her wield a Sword extra well.

Damn is mostly good to clear the entire board sans Kaldra Compleat, them being indestructible of course. Having the option to cast it single-target is nice, but yeah, Push and Solitude tend to cover that field generally well. Definitely like adding a Kaya's Guile to the mainboard though, I might be able to make some space for that. I agree that 2 yard hate cards in the entire 75 is too little. I was also looking at Thoughtseize but the problem I kept running into is that in no time, both decks run out of hand and then we're just topdecking, and I'm drawing all these cute synergy pieces one by one and the opponent just presents threat after threat and I lose. I'm trying for the more sustained value of blinking things and having a bit of recursion and card advantage, focusing more on sticking Kaldra and protecting them/clearing the way for them, than on the turn 1 Grief Ephemerate rip hands now I have a 3/2 and we both have no cards strategy. Maybe some more discard in the sideboard would do?

As for the hate cards:

Chalice of the Void looks real sweet and I might spring for two of them if they ever drop in price a bit. Chalice on one would kill most of my decks :')

Void Mirror kind of shoots my Incarnations in the foot, and I feel like Tron just gets around it by fetching a single Forest. I've considered Drannith Magistrate against Cascade though, and if I go back up to 3 Kaya's Guile I might be hedging enough to have a chance against Living End...

Stony Silence looks sweet and I should really get a few.

Kaya, Orzhov Usurper seems super strong. I can't believe I missed her when RNA came out!

Engineered Explosives is a card I run in CHARON // Seldom Headed Upriver, and it is absolutely bonkers with Lurrus. I got them when they were cheap though... When that reprint hits, I'm definitely getting some more!

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