Exile target creature you control, then return that card to the battlefield under your control.

Gidgetimer on Will Skizzik ,returned to the …

1 month ago

That is correct, a Skizzik was not kicked if it is returned via undying, or any other way of it entering without being cast like Cloudshift etc.

NewHorizons on Aurelia's Army

2 months ago

Did you know that if you Cloudshift Aurelia, that you can take an additional combat step afterwards?

Corrosive_Cat on "This isn't a democracy anymore."

3 months ago

Amazing. Think Ephemerate is a strictly better Cloudshift nowadays

Corrosive_Cat on Flickertwist

4 months ago

White is incredibly good for flicker abilities - cards like Ephemerate and Cloudshift for example. If you were feeling cheeky, you could splash for a couple of them over some of the less-efficient blue spells, and maybe could bung in an Approach of the Second Sun package with Divide by Zero or Narset's Reversal? Little wacky but fun, for sure.

Either way, Snapcaster Mage would probably make a fantastic addition here.

Polaris on Cloudshift on blocking Restoration Angel …

4 months ago

Chimney Imp Cloudshift Restoration Angel

Let's discuss order of events on combat for a moment. There are four, sometimes five steps we care about.

  1. Declare Attackers step: the attacking player declares all attacking creatures. Then players get a round of priority to respond.
  2. Declare Blockers step: the defending players (in turn order) declare how they are blocking. Any creatures blocked in this step are now considered "blocked" for the rest of combat, regardless of what happens next. Then players get a round of priority.
  3. Damage step (if there are first/double strike creatures, this happens twice): all attacking and blocking creatures deal damage at the same time. Creatures that left combat do not deal or take damage. Any creatures dealt lethal damage die, then players get a round of priority.
  4. End of combat step: "until end of combat" stuff ends, then players get a round of priority.

So you can declare both creatures as blockers, then during the declare blockers step Cloudshift the angel. When it enters, it's not in combat. Its ETB blinks the Imp, which is also now not in combat (technically they're both new permanents). During the damage step, the attacking creatures are blocked but don't have a blocking creature to hit anymore, so they deal no damage unless they have trample.

RDorothy on Esper Blink

7 months ago

Glorious Protector can exile the controlled creature. I wouldn't want to replace Ephemerate with Cloudshift though.

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