Exile target creature you control, then return that card to the battlefield under your control.

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Cloudshift Discussion

ghostmode on Historic Party Bus

2 weeks ago

I had a lot of fun with Bant Party Bus lol, but this brings up some cool ideas! Hostage Taker seems interesting if you could squeeze the use out of him, and Blood for Bones seems great. I wonder if there's a Scholar of the Ages brew with Blood for Bones.. that combo is awesome lol.

The Battlement is awesome. I was using lots of Elvish Visionarys and Llanowar Visionarys (ramps a bit too!) and the main idea of the deck was Leyline of Anticipation. It's hilarious flashing in Battlement to scoop up blockers and then instant-speed Shatter the Sky to draw a card, sweep the board, and get my entire board back drawing 5 more cards lol. Elite Guardmage seems pretty good here, maybe I'll have to try that!

Yorion, Sky Nomad and Thassa, Deep-Dwelling are really great inclusions that both fit into your Esper colors as well. And Cloudshift can do some stuff! I found less use in Long Road Home but it exists and can also target the opponents creatures last resort if you need to eliminate a certain effect temporarily.. I've had that happen.

Iamdune on Golos, Timeless Shenanigans

1 month ago

Essence Flux,Ephemerate and Cloudshift do the same (or better in some cases) than Flicker of Fate, Justiciar's Portal and Teferi's Time Twist for 1 less mana.

DeepestTrashThing on Can you use Ephemerate to …

1 month ago

Flickering with Cloudshift exiles a creature and returns that card to the battlefield regardless of if the card is still a creature or not.

Does flickering with Ephemerate work the same way or does the manifested card remail exiled because Ephemerate expects a creature to be returned to the battlefield?

GearsGames on 2020 Modern Abzan Midrange

2 months ago

I like what Abzan is capable over Jund this list seems to be pulling too much from Jund play style for me though. Have you considered using white or even some green to have more interaction? Cards like Abrupt Decay, Abzan Charm, Eldritch Evolution and Murderous Cut come to mind. Some good creatures you could play around with as well even if only as a Sideboard option for some match ups Cloudshift for protection/extra ETB's, Kitchen Finks, and Orzhov Pontiff.

HairsofBears on How does flicker work with …

2 months ago

Say someone used Assassin's Trophy on one of my creatures and I used Momentary Blink or Cloudshift on my creature in response. Would the blink save my creature from the destroy permanent effect?

Balaam__ on Interdimensional Initiative

2 months ago

I’m glad psionictemplar mentioned the specificity of Bane Alley Broker’s rulings. It prompted me to look it up in Gatherer and yup...they’re right. So I definitely agree with Templar in that if you’re designing the deck to revolve primarily around the Broker, you’re going to want as much protection as you can afford card slots for. Hexproof/Shroud are good as was mentioned; so is preemptive protection in the form of removal (Doomblade etc). Be wary of blinking him, he’ll become a new object upon reentry and you’ll lose the exiled card(s). Cloudshift type spells are to be avoided.

PhngluiMglwnafhh on El Chupacabra, the Goatsucker

2 months ago

Balaam__ That's a good point. I put in Flicker of Fate just as a generic response to opponents' enchantments like The Ozolith or Ominous Seas, but that's pretty niche. Cloudshift could be useful if you cast Stormwild Capridor or Brash Taunter before Marauding Raptor and you want to get that damage onto those creatures.

Balaam__ on El Chupacabra, the Goatsucker

2 months ago

Nice build. Unless I’ve overlooked a specific interaction, I think you might want to consider replacing Flicker of Fate with Cloudshift. You don’t have any enchantments in this deck as of right now, (and I’m assuming you’ll be flickering your own creature and not the opponent’s) so Cloudshift is the all around better card for the job.

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